Posted by Tori Geloso on October 23, 2019
Would have been Cathy’s 65th birthday this year. Wow so young still! Missing you always. My grandson is 15 tomorrow, can’t believe how time goes by but our love for those no longer with us doesn’t change.
Posted by Tori Geloso on February 29, 2016
Five years!!!! Can't believe it. Yesterday I looked through the pictures and the stories here but couldn't write anything. Just the day before Mike was in emergency and had to have surgery. He is okay now but it was a scare. Love and miss Cath, wishing I could tell Cath all about my kids and our wonderful trip to Panama.
Posted by Michael J. Ford on October 27, 2015
57 seems to be a bad number for the family. I wish I'd known it before so I could have changed her luck because I'd really love to sit down with Cathy & Steve over a few and tell them more about our family. Luv u Cath.
Posted by Tori Geloso on October 24, 2015
Hoping there really is a place we all meet again and hoping Cath and Steve have found each other. Time goes by so quickly however still missing my sis.
Posted by Vicki Noyce on March 1, 2015
It's been four years, so much time has gone by but never a day without a thought of you Cath. Missing you gets a little easier each year. Gone but not forgotten.
Vicki, Gerald, Kirk and Nicholas xo
Posted by Tori Geloso on February 28, 2015
I can't believe it has been four years! And now Steve is gone as well. Only Mike and I remain. Missing Cath and now Steve forever. Love to my sister and my brother. Stephen William Ford passed away November 14, 2014.
Posted by Tori Geloso on October 23, 2014
It's Caths 60th birthday today. Still missing her every day. As I get older I realize how young Cath was when we lost her. would love to have a beer and sing loudly from the Carole King a Tapestry album with my sister!!!
Posted by Tori Geloso on February 28, 2014
Three years have passed but I think of Cath everyday. Miss her so much now and forever. Tori
Posted by Tori Geloso on October 24, 2013
It's Colin's 9th birthday today and a day after what would have been Cath's 59th. Miss my sister so much. Cath and me should still be drinking beers and singing Carole King Tapestry together ". ..just want to be home again."
Posted by Tori Geloso on February 28, 2013
I can't believe that 2 years have gone by since Cath left us all. I think of her so often it is hard to remember that she is gone. I know she was with us when Carolyn was married this year and for sure she was there when her great niece Brianna was born.
Will miss you forever and ever, love you sister.
Posted by joe swales on February 24, 2013
Tomorrow marks 2 years since my Cath left us RIP baby Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts Love you for ever
Posted by Vicki Noyce on April 5, 2012
Cath was a great friend to me my husband Gerald and our two sons Kirk and Nick whom she new since they were babies, she was like their Aunty Cath and they loved her dearly. Not a day goes past without Cath being in my thoughts. We have hundreds of great memories of this Great woman which we hold close to our hearts. Always missed but never forgotten,Vic, Gerry,Kirk and Nick xx
Posted by Mark Easton on March 31, 2012
Cath was a good buddy, and a great supporter of my music, we always had a laugh, and I was totally devestated when she passed away!
Cath was a true blue Aussie Canadian blues lady!
See ya on the flip side!
Posted by joe swales on March 31, 2012
Life doesnt get any easier without my baby by my side Every day I miss my Cath but find a way to keep going I would do anything to have her back by my side Miss you forever babe Your soulmate Joe xxx
Posted by Tori Geloso on March 28, 2012
Well it really has been a year since we found out Cath was no longer with us. I know she was physically along way away from us for years but Cath's spirit was with us always. I think of her often and so many things that occur in my life remind me of her and what I have lost. Like letting her know that she would be a great Auntie again - this time its a girl!!!! Missing Cath like crazy
Posted by Tori Geloso on March 1, 2012
A year has gone by since Cath has been gone. But for me and my family it was a month after this date that I found out about her death. I was with my children in Ottawa when my brother called to tell me he had been informed of her death. We all cried together and each of the kids remembered her as they could. There was a part of me that was gone and the void was so evident. It sill is.
Posted by Tori Geloso on October 23, 2011
It is Octover 23rd, 2011 and Cath would have been 57 today. I miss you so much Cath and I still cannot beleive you are gone from my life. Love you forever, Tori.

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