Charles A Tippett has been in our memories for 6 years now! Leave a love note or a message honoring his grace!
  • 83 years old
  • Born on November 3, 1929 in Columbus, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on May 18, 2013 in Houston, Texas, United States.
Charles' ashes were interred at the Houston National Cemetery on 6/7/2013, following a service including 21 gun salute by VFW and taps on cornet by Steve Tippett.

A Memorial Service was held on Tuesday May 21, 2013. Thanks to everyone who attended, you helped make it a wonderful celebration of Charles Tippett's life.

A written copy of the Memorial Service Eulogy is at the "Stories" tab above.

For information contact Steve Tippett at 713-939-1440, or via email at

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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Charles Tippett, 83, born on November 3, 1929 and passed away on May 18, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Darla Northrup on November 6, 2019
Dad T.
I think of you all the time! Such fond memories!
The circle of life encircles the world with Angels from you!
Love you always!
Posted by Darla Northrup on May 18, 2019
Hey Dad
Seems like yesterday we had our after noon coffee! May the Angels of positive spiritual energys be with all of us forever!
Love you unconditionally,
Alway love u babe!
Posted by Steve Tippett on May 18, 2019
Well it has been 6 years since your passing, and we still think about you every day. As you know, mom lost her 5 year long battle with ovarian cancer, and passed away 3/4/18. Now you are together in heaven. Love you both forever.
Posted by Steve Tippett on November 4, 2018
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I know you are enjoying being together again. Love you both forever.
Posted by Steve Tippett on November 4, 2018
Happy 89th birthday Dad. We love you and miss you every day.
Posted by Darla Northrup on November 4, 2018
Happy Anniversary to Dad & Mom,
I know you are having a happy marriage celebration today!
I saw you two enjoy so many delightful years together!
Shine on with the Angels!
Love & blessings!
Posted by Darla Northrup on November 3, 2018
Sweet Dad
I'll always admire you. So brave,funny, smart & loving.
I know you are having fun with Mom! Happy 89 th birthday.
Your legacy will live on foever! Be with the Angels, I love you,
Posted by Dono Tippett on November 4, 2017

Happy 88th birthday. Grandma, dad, mom and now my wife and I live on as well as many others in your memory. We will always remember your warm smile and wise mind. Forever we love you, Dono
Posted by Steve Tippett on November 3, 2017
Happy 88th birthday Dad! We miss you everyday, and you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love you forever
Posted by Darla Northrup on May 21, 2017
I see you living forever as an Angel Spirit!
I had so many wonderful memories as we went
Through your house!
I love you comletely, Darla
Posted by Steve Tippett on May 19, 2017
Everyone is doing well. We talk about you all the time Dad.
Mom is now living in a retirement community, Brookdale West University.
If anyone would like to contact mom ( Barbara Tippett), her phone number is 832-831-0990.

Love you always Dad.
Posted by Darla Northrup on November 5, 2016
Angel Dad,

Happy Birthday! Stop by for a cup of coffee!

All my Love,
Posted by Tom Ruprecht on November 3, 2016
Charlie's legacy lives on. Love to Barb, all family members, and friends.
Posted by Steve Tippett on November 3, 2016
Happy Birthday, Dad.

We all love you and miss you, but know that you are watching over us.
Posted by Dono Tippett on May 19, 2016
May God lift us up in remembrance of Charles A Tippett. Not a day passes that I don't think about how much of an influence he had on my life. Living on in your footsteps of climbing the corporate ladder as a Nurse and a person. Love You Grandpa!
Posted by Darla Northrup on May 19, 2016
Hi Dad, Your Spirit & Angels surround me always! I have so many fond memories of you.... I miss your dear being with me. Let's have our afternoon coffee, It was so enjoyable! It' s so touching to my heart to see the pictures on this site of you. You are such a handsome being inside & out! I love you completely! Darla
Posted by Steve Tippett on May 18, 2016
Today is the three year anniversary of Dad's passing. We think about and miss Dad every day, but know he is in a better place, and watching over us.
Love you, Dad
Posted by Steve Tippett on November 4, 2015
Happy Birthday dad, and Happy Anniversary to you and mom.

We miss you every day, but know that you are in a better place.
Posted by Tom Ruprecht on November 3, 2015
Thanks Dono for keeping this Web site going. Comments here may diminish over time, but the positive effect Charlie has had on me and others will continue to be with us and those we influence. That is Charlie's legacy. Love to Barb and the family.
Posted by Steve Tippett on May 19, 2015
Hard to believe it has been two years since Dad's passing. We all miss him every day, but know that he is looking down upon us as our guardian angel. 

I retired from ExxonMobil this March, after 34 years; and I know Dad's spirit was with us at out my retirement. dinner.

We love you and miss you Dad!
Posted by Darla Northrup on May 18, 2015
Angel Dad Tippett,
Every time I have a cup of coffee, I remember you serving me some at
Your house! I feel your presence even now being wise and joking with
A smile! I miss you and know you excercise and walk everyday.. Say hi
To my Angel dad Roger and tell him I love him!

All my love always,
Posted by Tom Ruprecht on May 18, 2015
Thanks Dono for keeping this tribute going.

We all miss Charlie. However, his legacy continues, not only through his children and grand children, but also through the many people he influenced, helped, guided and supported.. Of course, I am one of those people. In some way, I feel that my own daughter and grand daughters are part of his legacy.

My love goes to all of you.
Posted by Steve Tippett on May 19, 2014
Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Dad's passing. We visited the VA Cemetery and had a 7-Up (his favorite beverage) toast to Dad.
We miss Dad every day, but know that he is looking down on us all, and his been giving strength to Mom, as she battled ovarian cancer this last year, resulting in a remarkable recovery.
2013 was a difficult year for the family, but we all made it through and 2014 has been much better.
Love you Dad.
Posted by Dono Tippett on May 18, 2014
Today is the 1 year anniversary of your passing, not a moment goes by that we don't think about you. You were a wonderful man with many fond memories. I look up to you in hard times and I know you are there guiding all of us. Grandma is doing wonderful and is such a strong person. She would not be so strong without your guidance. I love you dearly Grandpa Tippett! May the angels sing on your day today! Lets have some coffee and chat grandpa :)
Posted by Tom Ruprecht on May 18, 2014
When I think of a few key people who have helped me in my life, I remember Charlie. He was both the brother I never had and the father I wish that I had. And he was a caring friend for 40 years.

It's hard to believe that Charlie has been gone for a full year.

My best wishes to all the friends and family in handling this one year milestone.
Posted by Terry Fansler (Davis/DeCa... on October 19, 2013
I began working at E & E Insurance in 1966. Within a year I became Mr. Tippett's secretary and worked for him for around 6 years. He was a great boss and a wonderful man! I remember typing some school papers for Steve during that time! He and his wife were always very nice to me. I am sure your family will miss him so much.
Posted by Barbara Schmitter on October 19, 2013
I joined E & E in 1968 and had a chance to get to know Mr. Tippett as his secretary, Terry DeCarlo was a friend of mine from high school. One day we took a laughing box into his office and set it off....he laughed so loud and then said...shut the door...and then we set it off again and we all had a good laugh. He was such a nice man and I remember him fondly.
Posted by Arnie Sealove on August 4, 2013
I knew Charlie from 1970 when I first joined Educator & Executive Insurance Companies and continued until 1984 thought the JCPenny Insurance companies. . I remember him as a class act. A man of integrity, sound judgment and on occasion a warm sense of humor. He will be missed but not forgotten.
Posted by Tom Ruprecht on August 3, 2013
When Charlie was Executive Vice President of Educator and Executive Insurance, he recruited me to work for him in 1973. The career change was, for me, a major move that made me feel somewhat apprehensive. Charlie immediately became my guide and mentor, and helped me gain the confidence I needed to succeed under him--and later in my other business ventures. I owe much of my success to him
Posted by Kathy Darling on August 3, 2013
My respect to Charley's memory and sympathies to his family.
Posted by Dale & Nancy Arnold on June 2, 2013
Sorry we were out of town and missed the memorial service. We certainly miss him, such a kind man, wonderful friend and neighbor, and we appreciate the opportunity we had to see him on an almost daily basis. Please know our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the whole family.
Posted by Steve Beard on May 23, 2013
Sorry to hear of your Dads passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Posted by Carolyn Evans on May 20, 2013
Doe se doe, allamand left, head ladies to the center for the teacup something...those were the days, square dancers say...
Thank you for your service in the armed forces, Semper Fi...
Posted by Steve Tippett on May 20, 2013
I will give most of my tribute to Dad at the Memorial Service tomorrow. It is hard to put in a few words the love I have for Dad. He was the most intelligent, kind, gentle and loving father a person could ever have. He never had a negative thing to say about anyone or any thing, he was always upbeat and positive, and was honest in everything he did or said. I will love you always, Dad.
Posted by Dono Tippett on May 19, 2013
I will forever remember the special bond you and I had Grandpa Tippett. For you were a listener not a talker, just like me. You listened to me and I listened to you. I dream about you often and I know you are in heaven with the angels dancing, singing, and being merry. I will never forget you sweet sweet grandpa. I love you.
Posted by Darla Northrup on May 19, 2013
Angels & Dad's spirit will be with me always.....
Dad was such a fine, honest & loving man!
He could catch me with his dry humor and I wouldn't even
Realize it till later sometimes!
I'll love you deep in my heart always DAD!
Posted by Lee Northrup on May 19, 2013
he will be greatly miss by all . RIP Charles !!
Posted by Donna Northrup on May 19, 2013
Yes he was a great man you will be missed. Donna Northrup
Posted by Beth Northrup on May 18, 2013
He was a great man. He will be dearly missed.
Posted by Marilyn Ogan on May 18, 2013
Aunt Barb, Steve, Sandra, Dono, and Amanda:
Uncle Charles (Husband/Dad/Grandpa) will be missed greatly by a large number of people. Please know my prayers are with you at this time.

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