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Memories... postcards, brochures, ticket stubs etc

Shared by Alvin Pastrana on January 9, 2021
As I sort through her drawers and boxes of documents, i run across a large box full of memorabilia.  I remember how she had started numerous times to organize her huge trove of photos and keepsakes into more manageable categories for placing into albums.
She clipped articles, names of places she visited, saved flight boarding tickets, museum stubs, photos and postcards and had placed them in envelopes labeled by location and dates.  She had identified weddings, roadtrips, cities visited, national parks and tourist destinations... all the trips memorable and important to her. 
It is great to see trips she's taken with family and others and how she must have enjoyed all those trips.  I find it amusing and comforting that i do exactly the same thing!  ❤

Remembrance by Agnes Pastrana Villanueva

Shared by Alvin Pastrana on January 5, 2021
How can I ever forget Manang Cely. She was my dorm guardian and mentor at U. P. Dilliman. Having separated from my family for the first time during my freshman year, my parents entrusted me to Manang Cely and Manong Naring because they’re family. I was a frequent visitor in their faculty residence in the Dilliman campus. Their children then were only Alex, Audie, and Albert. 
After college, I left for the States. A few years after Nong Naring passed, Nang Cely and her young family came to the U.S. as well. They had a short visit with us, then they relocated to Los Angeles. Over the years, Nang Cely moved with her children to different states, yet we kept in touch.
After I retired, I’ve been going back and forth to the Philippines. So we lost touch with each other.
However, a few days before this Christmas, I suddenly just thought of Nang Cely, wondering where she is now, and how she’s doing ... only to find out a few days later that she has passed. That news really hit me. All the memories came back, memories that I hold dear in my heart because they were beautiful memories of Manang Cely.
Alex, Aileen, Pol, Alvin and Annelyn, please know that your loss is also our loss. She will forever be remembered in our hearts. My family joins me in prayers for your Mama’s repose.
Auntie Agnes Pastrana Villanueva

Thanks Auntie Cely & family

Shared by Sheila Raptis on January 6, 2021
Back in the late 80s, my father Diego Cantero Jr. (Auntie Cely’s younger brother) migrated to the USA, myself together with my sister Sarah and my 2 half sisters Ria & Rachelle, were headed to Chicago to meet our stepmom and 2 brothers, luckily my dad decided to stay for a few days in Los Angeles to do some sight seeing for us girls, as it was our first time in this new and amazing place. 

Auntie Cely and family lived in a tiny apartment, and surprisingly took all 5 of us in. Knowing my Dad, money was very tight, but took the opportunity to give us girls the chance to enjoy LA for a few days. For my Aunt and cousins, to invite us and look after us, is something I appreciated more and more everytime i think about it. They gave us such a warm welcome. I can’t remember anymore how we fitted but all I could remember, was that one of my cousin’s bedroom was in a closet, and I thought, wow - how cool was that! It was so much fun spending time with our cousins Alvin & Karla, Pol, Albert, & Audie. Dad took us to Universal Studios and thanks to our cousin Pol, not only did he come with us, he arranged some snacks and drinks for the family in a backpack and carried it himself. I was moved by the thoughtfulness, hospitality and generosity of care. Such a nice memory, i will never forget. Thank you so much, Auntie

Auntie Cely, I can only imagine how wonderful the gatherings you and my Dad will have in Heaven with all the family and friends, you have missed all these years. Prayers of thanks to God for that you have been given a place in His home. Amen! 

Remembering Mama Pastrana...

Shared by Alvin Pastrana on January 5, 2021
lifted from Vicky Pastrana FB page December 30, 2020
All through her Alzheimer’s years, I have been very fortunate she’s always recognized me and always happy to see me, hence, my occasional trips to Colorado, given the opportunity to take her out for little walks, building my memories for her as shown in our photos.
She was always an inspiration for her resiliency and her courage having almost singlehandedly raised 5 sons and 2 daughters after being widowed at a young age, leaving her intellectual genes to the generations that followed. I remember how she juggled trying to finish her PhD ,taking care of her sick and dying husband, going to work and running a household.
I’ve always told Audie her strength and traits she shared with my own mom, I hope I can follow.
I remember her telling me back in 1980 when I just got back from my first trip to the US, that she too, has decided to migrate to the US for her UP salary will never be enough to feed her voracious boys, she was most concerned about their future.
She unselfishly gave her support to us young lovers at one time and was always welcoming to her household and that, I’m eternally grateful.
Mama, I know your days were numbered, that is exactly why I came to Colorado as needed. You deserved our care, whether you realized it or not.
You’ve done so much for us. You are loved and greatly appreciated

Lounging in the Kings Canyon River

Shared by Alvin Pastrana on January 4, 2021
It was the summer of 1984 and we had come up from Los Angeles to camp in the Sequoia National Park.  It was probably the first time we had gone camping with mama....
We took her hiking and it was a particularly hot day.  Although we were walking through mostly shaded paths among the pine trees and sequoias, we were hot and covered with a fine layer of trail dust.
On the way back to the car, we walked along the river banks.  We stopped to enjoy a snack and splash water on our heads.  To our surprise, the water was ridiculously cold.  Karla had suggested we take a dip in the river to rinse and cool off...
We found a deeper section where the water was about waist deep.   We waded in and i remember cursing quietly how cold the water was... i turned around to watch Karla and mama dunk themselves in and i took the picture above.  Karla has screeched as she jumped up of the freezing water and mama was all smiles and enjoying the dip.  She just sat in the water with just her head out and slowly backstroking her arms.  She had a big grin on her face the whole time.  After a few minutes Karla and i retreated to the banks while mama continued a while longer in the water.  Eventually we made our way back to the car.  We were refreshed and dry as we drove back to camp to prepare dinner.
I was impressed at mama's hardiness enduring the cold river and delighted at her fun spirit. It would be the start of many delightful adventures with mama.

Shared by Vicky Pastrana on January 2, 2021
She’s greatly appreciated for her unselfish support and love.
Audie and I loved to have her around the house because she was very orderly.

My Lola: Memories from Buko-Paz

Shared by Aileen Hayman on January 2, 2021
Growing up, I remember visiting Lola in her apartment in Los Angeles. Those memories were filled with warm afternoons and good food, and the feeling of comfort and care. As I grew older and became more aware, I learned how Lola was always so self-sufficient and independent. She was the woman who went wherever she wanted to go, and would take the bus to libraries and museums. When I eventually went to college, she would always keep in touch, sending me letters with newspaper article clippings and encouragement to do well and be informed. She had an unending zeal for learning, and such appreciation for history.

I am so happy and grateful that she was always there during my big life events: my graduation from college and my wedding.

The last time I was able to spend time with her was in May 2018 when I visited Colorado during my pregnancy. We ate meals, went to visit the gardens, hiked mountains, and enjoyed ice cream together. Karla even let me help when it was time to dye Lola's hair. She was the same warm, caring woman I had known all my life and I am grateful for the time we had together. 

Lola, I will miss you.  Thank you for being such a strong, independent woman with such a large heart. 

From a Granddaughter

Shared by CLS 3 on January 2, 2021
Lola, you were there for so many of my milestones I reached in life.  From marriage to college graduation.  I love you so much and miss you already.  You were such an inspiration to follow.  One of my best memories of you is when I visited you in rehab after your knee surgery.  You convinced me to explore the facility with you as you told me, "come on it will be a new adventure!"  Thank you for always helping me to look at life as a new adventure or chapter to complete.  I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER!  Love, Mary

From a great grand-daughter

Shared by CLS 3 on January 2, 2021
Chloe is only six years old but has nothing but the best memories with her Lola.  This is what she had to share. "My Lola always had sweets to give me when Uncle Alvin was not looking.  Her room was always warm and full of kitties.  My Lola gave me the best hugs and I already miss her for those.  I love my Lola."  Thank you Lola for always being the best Grandma to my kids.  Chloe, Logan, Skyler, Joey, and I will miss you forever.  We love you Lola.  

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