Chad Allen Fieweger
  • 22 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 11, 1992
  • Place of birth:
    kennett, Missouri, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 4, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    LeGrange, Texas, United States
Let the memory of Chad be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chad Fieweger, 22, born on March 11, 1992 and passed away on June 4, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 6th September 2017

"My sweet chaddy waddy momma sure does miss you been sleeping a lot since last trip to Texas maybe 2 much but its the only time I get to feel like you came for a visit or told me you loved me or I get to hug you I know no matter what happens this week I know the truth and I know why and who caused you not to be on this earth to live your life and your story has been told what they decide to do about all of it is out of my hands.  I know I don't look the same and I will never be the same and I will always wonder what you would look like after 22 and what we would be doing now. My heart and soul hurts for the pain you were caused in your last hours of life on this earth. I love you and hope and pray something good comes out of this nightmare but I don't seem to be able to hold on to that most days anymore so I hope you understand I am doing the best I can in this battle. good nite chumpkins I will see you in my dreams!"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 16th August 2017

"So tonight I walked into break room and had to do a double take over a guy sitting at table that my mind automatically thought was you:(. I just couldn't help the tear that escaped my eye. He then looked up and said how is your night ma'am? I told him fine and smiled, he then smiled and I had to sit down for a minute after that one. He probably thinks I'm crazy lol. I sure do miss you Chaddy Waddy"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 28th July 2017

"I figured out how to post some pics"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 28th July 2017

"Missing you and thinking about you a lot today my sweet Nephew. This whole week has been hard actually, but it will get better. We are still waiting and praying to hear the words that we have fought for for 3 years now. Sophie starts school in a couple of weeks. It's hard to believe, but we keep pushing through the days of life until we meet again in Heaven. Some days are more of struggle than others, but we think about you everyday. Kelci did get to graduate (hallelujah) lol. Jami is thinking of going to surgery med tech school, and Kelci starts college in a couple weeks to. Keep watching over us all Chaddy Waddy. We all love and miss you so much. Kiss my sweet grand baby for me as always. I know you and Justin are having a good time with him. Y'all visit me in my dreams sometime."

This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 21st July 2017

"Today I hope we finally get some peace of mind that God is in control the only thing I can say is I love you always and here on earth I have to hold on to the hope that Ignorance of the law excuses no man and that our battle may soon be over because I want to start thinking about good things I do sometimes but its been over three years and we are seeking closure and accountability because its impossible for them to give me what they have took away momma will always love and miss you so very much."

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 5th June 2017

"3 long years without you--it is still not real to me--I cried during Beulah Land at church this morning and felt hysterical--then I could see you how handsome and grown up you were the last time you were at church with me when you were 21, oh, how I loved that time together and how I long for the time when we will spend eternity together.  We are going to do this last battle in Texas this month and I pray this is the last we have to hear about them and it brings us a little peace knowing we have fought the last battle for you as we fought your whole life and then maybe we can live in the Spirit and fulfill God's work and plan in us and then spend eternity in the perfectness you already know--love you and miss you always my precious Grandson. I love you and goodnight Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 4th June 2017

"Chad today you have been gone for three years I feel fury today its not been a good day I am trying to be as happy as I can be, but I do good to be here at all. and really I am here but my mind is somewhere else a lot or I will find something of yours and remember don't get me wrong I never want to forget you or our time together but it hurts to know I will never see you on earth again I am still fighting this last fight it wont be long and I will face the people who caused this nightmare. I love you and hope for peace here I know you are ok there Love you Mom."

This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 26th April 2017


This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 11th March 2017

"Happy Birthday My sweet Chaddy Waddy! Today is rough on all of us but I know your mom has had a rough week and your grand mommy. We all love you so much and miss you everyday.  You know some days it seems like it was just yesterday that you were taken from this earth and some days it seems so long ago. It's been a whirlwind and will continue to be that until we meet again. Now and the next few months are always crazy, but will be even crazier this year. On top of everything that makes the next few months always crazy Kelci is graduating this year:). Well I'm not counting my chickens yet, but I'm praying that we make it. We only have until May 4th to get her through. Sophie turns 3 in a week and Ayven would be 3 April 1st. Sophie starts T-ball this year and I know that will be rough on Kelci cus Ayven would have started to, but we will get through it. One step at a time just like I always told you to. I miss you everyday Chad and wish that you could've stayed here with us, but I know God had other plans for you. I imagine what you would've been like now and where you would be and what you would've seen if you could've stayed here on earth. Your life was really just beginning and you had such a bright future ahead of you and you always thought of everyone else before yourself. I love you and hope you are having a wonderful birthday in heaven today! Have a wonderful party and You, Justin, and Ayven keep a watch over us all. Hugs and kisses and give my sweet faces grandbaby the same for me!"

This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 11th March 2017

"chad allen I wanted to tell you I love you and miss you everyday you would have been 25 today and I would either be where you were or planning a trip to see you and we would be celebrating the wonderful miracle that God gave us, but now all I feel is sadness and lots of anger It has been a long journey for us to even get to where we are in trying to understand what happened on 6-4-2014. but we know more than we ever thought we would and I an grateful for that and the fact that I got to be your mom for the time we had you in our lives. sometime in the near future more photos will be added to your memorial Chad, but for now just living and trying to fight this battle is all I or your grandmommy can do. I know your fine and your with everyone there so give ayven a hug and give Justin a hug give them all hugs and tell pops I did get better. and you all have a good time and wait for the rest of us because you will always be missed love mom HAPPYBIRTHDAY BABY"

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 10th January 2017

"Having a bad day, missing you, Ayven and Justin so terribly, it will never be okay with me that you are not here, NEVER--I will do what I can to live as God has planned and right but it will never be okay-I should be able to talk to you, touch you and rock Ayven, get crazy little messages from Justin--I will pray and visualize hugging you in your black shirt the last time I saw you and you kissing me and saying goodnight, Granmommy it is going to be okay--I love you"

This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 2nd January 2017

"chad its 2017 I miss you and I know this year is going to be hard with everything that still needs to be taken care of. some days I smile sometimes its just to hard to but I'm still trying. I know you are at peace and happy some day we will be together again love you mom"

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 1st January 2017

"Well, Chaddy Waddy granmommy is here, I'm always holding you and hugging you and Ayven and now Justin in my heart.  It is getting to look more and more like home there with you.  We know we have a mission to accomplish here and are praying for His divine guidance to do the very best we can.  It has been a very unsettling year and now I know why it has taken us this long to get these results and information as we couldn't have handled it before now as it has been more than a little distressing...  I know God has a plan and it exceeds any of our expectations just as  I know you and Ayven, Justin, Pops, Granny, Grandma Mary, Bay, MeLena, Mammaw and Pappaw so very many are experiencing the ultimate uninmaginable magnificence of our heavenly Father.  We will be there to join you; that is our goal and I also know that our perfect Lord lets you all know how much yo are missed and loved--Holding you in my heart and every night hearing you say " good night Granmommy I love you"  Happy New Year 2017"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 1st January 2017

"Happy New Year Chaddy Waddy! Love you and have been thinking about you a lot today. I believe it's because with a new year and still wanting and waiting to have more answers. We all love and miss you so much and we are still fighting for you! We always will. I know you have peace now and that helps, but I still miss your smile, the way your eyes light up when you talk, your voice, and your hugs. As always give my grand baby a kiss for me and now you have Justin with you to, so y'all have fun flying high and sharing all the fun memories you all had. Keep a place for us as we will one day be by yours, Ayven's, and Justin's side again. Love, hugs, and kisses!"

This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 28th December 2016

"Chad this Christmas was very upsetting without you although I now know more than I ever did about what happened in June of 2014 it has left me feeling even more anger than usual I love you and I always will the years are getting faster for me and I am changing with age , although you were always my baby and always will be I often see you as a baby and as a handsome young man and sometimes I wonder what your life and my life would have been like if you were still here. you are greatly missed I wish I could give you a hug you hug ayven and Justin for me and i'l take a deep breath and visualize giving you your hug its not the same but it does make it easier to have hope that I can be o.k. because you always wanted me to be so i'm trying to be love u mom"

This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 16th November 2016

"hey bro this is Westside Babyboy I sure do miss bro that silly look u us to give when u come in and u see me and you all ways came and miss with this certain name I cant put that on this page cause u know grandma wouldn't loud that bro but when I think of u u put a smile on my face Babyboy cause u us to do that when u alive and ou still alive in my mind andmy heart and soul that where u live forever I never forget u Babyboy peaceout Kenneth Vires Westside love u and miss u holler"

This tribute was added by shawna shelton on 22nd October 2016

"Mom loves you and my heart hurts everyday that your not here I don't understand why this happened but I know you are ok and God called you home I miss you and am sad a lot but I have been reassure we on earth grieve and our loved ones who left this earth do not feel sadness this makes me feel some better so I try to always remember that smile and the twinkle in your eyes and how handsome you grew as you became a young man I am sad you weren't able to enjoy your accomplishments for very long but we were all very proud of you I love you goodnight chaddy waddy"

This tribute was added by Tracy Shelton on 30th September 2016

"Chad I love you and miss you everyday as I'm sure you Know me and Tracy are trying to get through this most of my days will always be touched with sadness that your not here. A lot of my days are filled with anger because of what I now know I try to live my life but most days it is a struggle but I'm not going to stop fighting. I wish I could hear mom one last time. Take care of ayven and give Justin a big hug he fought a good fight and now he can be with you all till the rest of us join you Love always MOM"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 28th September 2016

"Just been thinking about you so much over the last couple of months:). Miss you everyday Chaddy Waddy! We are all still fighting for you and we love you! As always give my grand baby a kiss and hug for me and now you and Justin can have fun playing with him. Miss you sweetie."

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 4th June 2016

"It has been 2 long hard years.  We are still fighting for you, loving and missing you.  I hug you good night and remember, "love you Granmommy and goodnight"  always until we are together again."

This tribute was added by LAURA HOLLAWAY on 4th June 2016

"Chad I saw your name and number in my phone the other day.. It made me sad but again it made me smile. We had some good laughs. I wish you were here. Gone but not forgotten."

This tribute was added by richard Fieweger on 24th May 2016

"Hey son, Everyday  I think about you,Every night every moment.  I miss you so much. Some days I can't even breath,  knowing  your not here, I know I wasn't the best father but I tried,  I love you more than life itself.  I have a big hole in my heart which only be filled my you my son. I know one day  I will see you again. I try to be happy I try to smile I try not to cry,  but knowing that your not here tears me up inside every day. I am empty, lost mad and confused.  But I know your in a better place . I will try to be brave  and strong for you but it is so hard.  I just wanted you  to know I will always love you my son my pride  and joy.  LOVE YOU your Daddy."

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 24th March 2016

"chaddy waddy I made it passed your birthday but its not been easy most days are just a blurr I love you and always will I will be older this month too im really starting to feel things taking a toll on my soul I hope for the best and try to trust that god will take care of all this I wish you were here and miss you everyday love mom."

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 11th March 2016

"It's your 24th birthday.  Thank God we had that talk twice as I drove you to new adventures and you assured me you had accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, and as we don't any of us have to be perfect and are saved by grace and heirs to the Kingdom I know I am missing you but you are absolutely and beyond my imagination in HEAVEN-I am also thankful that I know we will be together for eternity -I pray for peace for us all it has been a very difficult 2 years, justice would be an answer to prayer,  and I believe would help your mother even more than the rest of us, I know you always knew you could count on me and your mother and we will not let you down-we will finish the race and be victoriously joint heirs with you and Ayven and our other loved ones for all eternity--HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CHADDY WADDY-LOVE YOU AWAYS-Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 20th January 2016


This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 24th December 2015

"Here I am again precious Grandson, facing another Christmas Eve and Christmas without  you. I'm trying really hard to make sure I get to spend eternity actually hugging you and hearing your voice and not just nightly in my heart  I so want to just give it to God and not stress over  the lies and total disrespect  for your life but it is so very hard but I do know my God Is in control and bigger than all the lies -I know you are happy and you always come to me with a smile we are the ones that have to suffer here in this temporary home trying to be what we should so I can hear again "love you Granmommy and Goodnight"-Merry Christmas, Chad - love you Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 11th September 2015

"Tomorrow is the big day for your mom. I know you will be there with us as she walks down the aisle to be married! We are wearing blue in honor of you. You always looked so handsome in the color! I wish you could be at the wedding in person and not just spirit. Just know that your mom is really happy and I know you do approve of Tracy or this wouldn't be happening. We all love, miss you, and think about you everyday! Just keep watching over us all and as always keep giving my grand baby a kiss for me until I get to see you both again one day."

This tribute was added by richard Fieweger on 9th September 2015

"Hey buddy  miss you so much. I be seeing you real soon I have given  up on any hope of being happy. You uncle  Phillip sold the house  from under me so I have to move from Granny's  house. Sorry son I did the best I could with no help. Shellie  left  me. I am so tired of fighting.  I wish you was here. I given  up on getting any responses  or justice from those  who took you away from me. I know all this is my fault I should have been a better father. Please forgive me. I have lost everything  and everyone  I hold most dear in my life and I can't go on anymore. I guess this my punishment  from God for not being a good father and husband.Sorry I was a big dissipointment to you. Always  know I loved you with all my heart you was my pride  and joy. Now I nothing or no one to rember me . That's ok I am better off fading away.I see you soon.hugs and kisses my Chad man my one and child."

This tribute was added by Tracy Shelton on 4th September 2015

"chad this a post from mom tracy and me will be married next Saturday I am as happy as I could possibly be even though their will always be an absent feeling because you are not here to see me actually happy with a good man and I think this one you would approve of I miss you daily and always will wait for me love mom rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Susan Dacus on 10th June 2015

"Chad, you're in my thoughts all the time, love your smile & miss your personality!  Kyle & I share memories, you make us laugh & cry. In our hearts ~~~love you!"

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 4th June 2015

"Chad it is the the big 1 year- did I think we'd make it? Never- has it been the hardest year of my life? You bet- have I learned anything? I sure think so but have more to go. I've learned what it feels like to have your world fall apart, your heart to physically hurt until you just don't care- to have to face yourself and if you truly do believe what you think and say you believe and can pull yourself up and respond to this sorrow and loss and find a way through the pain- it's certainly been and is a long hard personal process that I know and accept others are not comfortable with- this grief thing makes people uncomfortable it is awkward when you cry at any given time appropriate or not or laugh at and find situations emotionally different than others perceive- know what? I DON'T CARE this grief is between me and God and I will search his word, pray, cry, scream, grow, laugh, smile and feel love and not apologize for any of it because my anchor of faith IS strong- stronger than I ever imagined and that anchor is grounded in heaven not earth- Job and I have spend many nights together and Isaiah and Jeremiah or my constant companion, Samuel has become a comfort and affirmation that you and Ayven are happy and surrounded by love- that's what keeps me going - knowing my tests, trials work dreams are not finished yet for whatever reason- but do I think there was one breath between you being in this world and sheltered in the arms of God- I know there was only one breath and there was no more pain or suffering only glorious beyond my mind's capacity to even imagine- I've searched God's word and promises and hear his voice assure me nightly of this and so I can love you always from here and visualize you with Ayven, Pops, Eddie so many and be thankful for what we had and will have in eternity and try to be the person God wants me to be here to fulfill His plan while knowing a part of me is already with you- I pray I am always able to pull up these precious memories and not lose sight of the promises to come while making you proud no matter how long never losing sight of that anchor in heaven and feeling the Love that never dies! Love you and good night- Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by LAURA HOLLAWAY on 4th June 2015

"Chad, I think of you often. You were loved and you loved back. Your passing left a void in many lives. I can see you smiling while talking to me and telling me about your plans. I ran across your phone number in my phone the other day and it was like a punch in the stomach. You are gone but never forgotten."

This tribute was added by JamiLeigh Nolen on 4th June 2015

"Today is the day... I was in kennett and mom and dad came over to wake me up... I didn't think it was going to be you.. She just started crying and she told me you had passed in an accident.. I just looked at her and said what?... I couldn't hold back my tears... We aggervated one another so much but you were a great person and had a good heart. Reading all these post( even though I have before) it hasn't gotten easier... Normal days I don't even feel you're gone.. We never got the closure a family should.. Never got to see you after.. Never got to say good bye.. They let you suffer and for that, they will pay. Hearing your videos, I never realized how much I'd miss your voice... Even though I couldn't understand you half the time, lol. I'm really just in awe that it has been a year... I can't stretch it enough that it doesn't even feel like you're gone!!!! Just feels like you're in TX still driving your truck... I will never forget this day.. We planned to take the babies too meet you in August.. God had other plans.. You got to meet ayven however a little earlier than August.. The passing of you both back to back is the hardest heartbreak I hope I'll have to deal with for a long time. Idk what I'll do if I lose anymore of yall. Can't believe you're gone chad... Man I just can't believe it.. One year and I still can't believe it... I don't understand it but I am so jealous of the Angels.. They get to be with yall until we get there.. Keep looking down on all of us.. This isn't easy at all. You wouldn't believe how many people were upset when you passed... Crazy huh? I miss your laugh.. Your perverted jokes.. Grandpa yelling at you lol! You knew he was just aggravating you so you would make him mad more.. He never knew lol.. Just really missing you... A lot.. I could write forever.. I feel like if I wrote forever I still wouldn't wrote all what I want and need to say... God I love you chad.. Missing you buddy... A lot... Ugh. Just missing you."

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 4th June 2015

"Well Chaddy Waddy I wish I could say more has been done to give your mom and Grandma some piece since it has been a year today that you left your spot here on earth, but we still have a ways to go I believe. I know it takes time though. We all love and miss you very much! We will all be together one day again and until then keep an eye on our family here on earth and keep enjoying your time in heaven with all our loved ones. Everyday I tell myself the same words I always told you-be strong, live and do what God would want you to, and everything that you want or need to get done will; it will just take time and you willing it to be done. Love you Chad and give my Grand baby a big ol kiss from me!"

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 29th May 2015

"Chad a year ago on Memorial Day we had a long talk.  It was wonderful and a God thing as some things we would need to know were said.  It will soon be a year since the 9:00 a.m. of June 5, 2014, when I was called and rudely told of your passing the night before so many unanswered questions so much pain but I keep on with my God and know that we will be together again.  I know you get to hold our precious Ayven and see so many of our and your loved ones but I can't help but miss you --I am trying to be thankful for the wonderful time that God lent you and Ayven to us and I see and hear people who never had the joy of a grandson or great
grandson so I want to be thankful for the time we had and the wonderful promise of the eternity to come-holding and hugging you nightly in alone time you are so near and I know you feel my love because I still feel yours-until eternity Granmommy"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 29th May 2015

"Tying little shoe laces
Wiping off dirty faces
Are just a couple of things
That a mother will do…

Mending a broken heart
Is only just a part
Of the care and the love
That I’ve given you…

With a Kool-aid smile
And a sparkle in your eyes
I wrap you in my arms
And whisper this advice…

Be strong, be kind
Be patient and in time
You’ll find out, my son
What true love is all about

Be faithful and be true
Show love in all you do
Then you’ll know, just how
You make your mother proud

Now, little boy days have passed
And you’ve grown up so fast
But in my heart
That little boy will never be far…

So on this blessed day
There’s so much I want to say
But above all, I thank God
For the man that you are…

With a tender smile
And a twinkle in your eyes
I wrap you in my arms
And whisper this advice…

Be strong, be kind
Be patient and in time
You’ll find out, my son
What true love is all about

Be faithful and be true
Show love in all you do
Then you’ll know, just how
You make your mother proud

You’ve made your mother so proud…

credit: tcartermusic"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 20th May 2015

"chad momma loves you  i will see u in my dreams  I know that you are o.k. it is very difficult without you iknow you are ok and safe and I am still trying to be just o.k. love mom"

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 11th May 2015

"We made it though our first Mother's Day without you and Ayven, it has been a week from hell-me grieving and having anxiety attacks, trying to be there for your mom and Kelci- trying to deal with all the emotions and loss.  I know in my head that you and Ayven or with our Savoir and wouldn't want to come back if you could but my heart and arms just ache to hold, hug, kiss and talk to and hear your voices again.  I know this is my temporary home and someday I will be with you for eternity and that's all that keeps me going .  So many things to say and do you were both taken too soon, Love your Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Heather Morlan on 8th May 2015

"Good morning Chaddy Waddy, you are heavy on my mind today.  Maybe its because I realize time goes faster than I ever dreamed possible, and life keeps throwing us curve balls left and right.  One day you're 19 and having babies, and the next day your baby is 19, and along the way you have had to bury and say goodbye to loved ones that you never dreamed would pass through this life so fast.  I am glad to know that you are in Glorious Heaven walking the beautiful gardens with our loved ones, it puts my mind at ease.  It is way better than walking these evil streets here, getting more evil by the day.  It is hard and difficult for your mom and I know she would rather have you here, as we all would, but if we can't at least we know you are safe now.  Warch over your momma and grandmommy while they sleep, hug my POPS tight, hug my MeLena, and kiss baby boy love Ayven for me...love you always"

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 11th March 2015

"You are 23 today-I know you are celebrating in heaven and we are the ones that are in pain and for that I am thankful.  Your brick was laid at memorial garden at church I will post a picture on here as soon as I have it where I can.  It's got ChaddyWaddy on it because you will always be our Chaddywaddy-Love and miss you and Happy Birthday.
I dream of you saying it;'s alright Granmommy, I love you and goodnight!"

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 4th March 2015

"My sweet handsome grandson Chaddy Waddy.  It has been 9 months today since you left this earth for a better place but I still wish you were here everyday many times a day.  i know if given the chance you would probably rather be where you are except you would want to make sure your Mom was okay.  She is doing better than I expected but a part of her has been ripped away and she will never quit missing her Chad.  I am thankful daily that you and I had several times to talk and you assured me you had been saved.  All I can hope for is that in eternity we are all together again my daily prayer.  Hug little Ayven and all the other relatives you have about as many there as we have here now.  If we could get your legal matters cleared up then maybe it would be a little less stressful.  I pray daily for that to take place and give us some closure. I just close my eyes and rock Ayven and I close my eyes and hug you I can feel your arms around me and your swift kiss and telling me It's going to be alright, I love you Granmommy and Good night."

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 11th January 2015

"chad I love you there is not a day that goes by that i dont think about you several times me and kelci had a pretty good time at Florida you were still in my thoughts always will be some nites are still really bad mornings are horrible but sometimes I am remembering teaching you how to dance in the kitchen or i look outside at the church parking lot and remember all of us you me zach justin kelci and jami rollerskating  sometimes i will be asleep and i feel like someone has walked pass and touched me I do know one thing son I will always miss you and i will always love you and i will always b proud to say you were my son i am sorry It could not have been me as eyour whole life was ahead of you i guess God decided it was time and i dont like it but I guess i will have to accept it the bible says God will not give you more than you can handle although many times I felt at the breaking point and on june the fourth i knew late that evening something was wrong on the 5th my heart did a total eclipse and i knew without a doubt my life would never be the same again and most of my hopes and dreams passed away as I stood making decision about my only child I thought i would never have to make. every aggrevation lie let down people who cant mind there own and want to control yours or try to destroy it at that point all of it was so tiny so very unimportant I love you and yes I would do it all again but we dont get that chance here on this earth so wait for me."

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 1st January 2015

"Happy perfect New Year in heaven my precious grandson. Oh how I wish I could kiss you but will have to love and hug you with my heart for now.  So praying for a 2015 full of love, hope, closure and strength from Jesus for all of us who love and miss you so much don't have to worry about you this New Years know you are happy and safe with Jesus and so many grands, cousins, aunts and uncles LOVE YOU!
Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 28th December 2014

"Chad I left a message Christmas on your and Ayven's fb.  I tried hard to take care of the living the last few days and not lose my mind over you and Ayven.  We so need closure at least an autopsy and death certificate it has been almost 7 months.  Your mom and Kelci are safe back from Fl and I'm thankful for that.  I can do nothing right and have to recheck and look for stuff half the time I do pray this gets better.  I know you had an awesome Chistmas with Jesus and all our family there pray you and Ayven know how much we love and miss you and get to spend time together -I want to be all God wants me to be and then be rewarded by getting to spend eternity with you and all our loved ones.  Merry Christmas in heaven my handsome, precious grandsons rejoice that you don't have to put up with ever increasingly evil world- holding you in my heart always-Granmommy Tanya and goodnight"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 10th December 2014

"Chad, I'm having a hard time with the Christmas season . I thought I knew It would be hard but I underestimated my grief, depression and just total sadness and despair.  I am so far behind I can't catch up without a miracle- if you can request one please do- I need all pictures sorted scanned and organized- your metal pictures for urn ordered and mounted, 300 Christmas cards in the mail, 4 people gifts and cookies and candy mailed when they are not even all made yet- gifts ready to distribute......HELP!  My heart is just not in it- I look for stuff all the time and accomplish very little very slowly.  I ache to hug you, talk to you and know you are happy and that there is some justice for us and closure here on earth.  I need to know what to say Sunday when our family lights the Advent Candle as the theme is what makes you feel Joyous at Christmas-  I don't feel very joyous but it is our savior's birthday- I'll pray about it and figure out what we should do that day and to finish up 2014 which will always leave a nasty taste in my mouth when I think about it until I am hugging you in paradise- our time on earth is short  but eternity is forever by precious grandson- love you always and forever Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 5th December 2014

"Chad my handsome grandson, we were notified rudely by telephone 6 months ago today after you died in a holding cell after being falsely accused of being on drugs or alcohol, I guess they stalled 12 plus hours trying to figure out how they were going to explain, hide, make it your fault- I guess it was harder than they thought as they haven't been able to even put a cause of death on your death certificate-we need some closure and I'm just very glad you are not having to deal with any of this human crap- the news is full of prejudice and race issues and my heart just knows that you were always bullied, profiled and falsely accused , since you are white I guess it doesn't matter except it always did and does to us and I have to believe it matters to God too and them who always used excessive force and abuse of power etc will answer to him and maybe we'll get some justice- I want that for you, your Mom and family and for all the others it happens to- you will always be a shining light of love held tight in my heart until we are together again- love always and forever Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 27th November 2014

"Missing you so terribly this first Thanksgiving- hope you know how much I love and miss you and hope I told you often enough in the busyness of life how handsome you were and how proud I was to have you for my grandson-I ache to hear your voice again say Granmommy I love you and goodnight-hug our baby Ayven for us it's his first Thanksgiving and he's so little but know you are in Paradise and aiming to be with you for eternity- love your Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 27th November 2014

"Happy Thanksgiving Chad! We love you and miss you much. This is the first Holliday without you and Ayven. I'm at work today and pretty much just thought about you and him all day. We have a lot to be thankful for though...one of them being the time we all had together. In case I don't get back on here before Christmas watch over your mom and Kelci when they go to Florida for Christmas. Maybe you can visit them in their dream or something. We all love you and miss you everyday."

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 13th November 2014

"chad I Love You and miss you every day some days I think of you and smile others I cry but regardless I will always think of you everyday I am left on this earth I wish I could come for a visit and hug you and hear you laugh and maybe find out what happened that will

be the only way we will ever know at this point give ayven a hug for me and tell him we are ok you were both so precious to us I guess Ill never understand why your there and im here love mom"

This tribute was added by Beverly Hale on 7th November 2014

"Chad,  My First Great Nephew, and might I add handsome and many more great qualities.  The cherished memories are the things I hold on to the most and that one day we will all be reunited.  God has truly blessed me to love and know you.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to have Chad,  another sweet angel in my life.  In Jesus Christ name, I pray.  Amen"

This tribute was added by Pearl Smith on 19th October 2014

"Hey Love,
Everyone keeps telling me that I have to deal with the loss of u. A really sweet guy talked to me yesterday and he asked for my number. I just had to say no. His name was Chadd and it was just too much. I apologized to him and told him I couldn't even consider him because of his name. We talked for a bit and he said he understood. But he gave me a few hours then tried talking to me again. He wouldn't give up. He understands how much I love and miss u. But he says u wouldn't want me to stop my life because of what happened. I know u wouldn't want that but I can't just stop. I love u and miss u so very much."

This tribute was added by Pearl Smith on 14th September 2014

"Hey Chad,
I wrote u a letter last night. Ik u watched me write it. I haven't really came to terms yet with God for taking u. I have so much anger towards him and everyone keeps telling me that God has plans and tho we may not like it, or understand his methods, he has a plan. But I can't just let it go. I miss u like crazy. I still find myself thinking of u or wanting to text u. And wrapping up in ur jacket u let me wear the first day we met. I hope u know I love u. I hope there was never a doubt in ur mind. I am so glad to have had the chance to love u in the time u were here. Its hard to believe that we actually met on a social media site. We just clicked from the beginning. We hadn't even been together a week when I told u o had prom on Saturday and my date pulled out at the last moment. Thanks to ur grandma and grandpa. U headed to get ur tux and three days later u escorted me to my Junior Prom. Thank You for the great memories."

This tribute was added by Pearl Smith on 6th September 2014

"Hey Chad, Its the first e I've actually written on here. Its been tough to think of the words to tell u. But the only thing that seems to explain it all is that I miss u. Cody has recently told me he has decided to follow in your foot steps and get his CDLs. I'm so scared that he wont come home. I dont know if I can handle losing him too. He has been a big help these past few months. Chucks been a big help too. Ik u never really like him, but ik as well as u do that he would never do anything to hurt me. If it weren't for those two and ur family, I really dint think id be here today. Please look out for Cody. Love and miss u, Pearly"

This tribute was added by cody pikey on 3rd September 2014

"Hey chad it's Cody this is my first time writing on here. Seems like yesterday we was running around having fun and now you're gone still don't seem real still catch my self going to call you I know you are missed by many you were a great person and friend you were like my brother I never had I miss and love you and know your smiling down on us all from heaven I'm proud of you for getting out of portageville and making something of yourself much love and respect to you and your family love you brother fly high B.H.K."

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 30th August 2014

"My precious Chaddy Waddy Man I  have had a bad day today because I knew you would have been calling and telling me about your long weekend this weekend as you had on Memorial day.  I know we would have had a few very good laughing conversations on this 3 day weekend or maybe even been meeting you in Louisiana.  I pray I never forget the sound of your voice and ache to hear you say Granmommy I love you Good night.  I am going to get to your sight and the many pictures I need to add and send to people I've promised them to.  It is just so hard to find the time and the emotional energy to do it all-it seems it takes all my strength to face each day and be strong for your Mom and cousins,.  I feel like going outside and just screaming but I'm afraid if I ever gave in to it then they would have to carry me off and that will help no one.  Please hug Ayven and tell him how much he is missed and explain to him as you and I know that not even death can stop Love.  Good night my precious grandson.  Love you Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 17th August 2014

"hello chadderman its your mom I'm not having a very good day at all.It seems as though the days drag by with lots of ups and downs if you could answer me you would say every day is like this mom the bumper sticker you wanted to get me use caution mood swings every 5.2 seconds. I miss you a lot I can not express the frigid cold that takes ahold of my heart several times a day I have no choice but to except this in my life as all of the other unwanted circumstances that we have had to try o take care of I know I will never be the same I would like to say I would be better but because of the more questions than answers at this point most days I feel like only 1/2 of me is even still alive somewhere in here. I know you knew I would always stand by you and defend you and always try to help in anyway I could I am trying to hold on because I need to be here to take care of this with Gods help of course I could never attempt to do this by my self  or without the support of our families so it's been 75 days and I still have no answers it's too bad they all could not have used this discretion when the shoe was on the other foot but we know that God is bigger tan any of the obstacles so mom loves you all the way to God and back and don't ever forget it !!!!!!  bye for now chunkums  hugs and kisses and give fat daddy a big hug for me and pinch his fat little cheeks like I always did yours love ya mom."

This tribute was added by JamiLeigh Nolen on 17th August 2014

"Hey chaddy waddy. I miss you so much. It still doesn't feel real and won't until the holidays. You grew up into a great man. You were finally doing what you wanted and had your head on your shoulders!! It's not fair.. It's not fair baby ayven is gone either... But what would heaven be with all old people? God was needing a hero, somebody just like y'all. Still unbelievable. I love y'all dearly. You got to meet ayven a month earlier than planned. I'm so blessed y'all are family. Enjoy heaven.!!! Got to go I'm driving. Xoxo!!!"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 4th August 2014

"I'll always remember the last time I seen you before you went back to Cali. You gave me a hug, told me you loved me, and of course that you would be good. You had the twinkle of a good life in you eyes and I was happy for you sweetie. I'll visit again soon. I have so much to tell and share. I love you and give "fat daddy" a big kiss from Grammy"

This tribute was added by Monica Nolen on 4th August 2014

"Chaddy Waddy your Aunt Monica thinks about you daily and I miss your smile that could make anyone's day seem worthwhile. It's been 2 months since you left this world and 4 weeks since Ayven went to Heaven to be with you and the rest of the family we have on the other side. I know you have baby Ayven at you side and y'all are watching over us from above. It's been a hard couple months on everyone, but I know you are in the Kingdom and having a good time! I know you are alright because you told me in a dream. I miss you and love you though and it still hurts knowing I can't pick up the phone and hear your voice tell me what all you have been doing and reassuring me that you are being good! Lol"

This tribute was added by Shawna Fieweger on 28th July 2014

"chadman its your    mom I just wanted to let you know    I love you and I'm o.k. even though I know you know this. I try each day to get out at least once. I miss you more than words will ever be able to express. most days I just put one foot in front of the other even though I don't want to I guess we don't always get what we want the only thing that has helped me is I know that you are o.k. and some day I will see you again love mom always and forever"

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 13th July 2014

"Chad my precious grandson I haven't been allowed time to grieve for you until Kelci's beautiful son Ayven has been taken from us.  It will be a week tomorrow and l've just gotten back to your site I started the night before his death.  I have so many things to do and deal with now that it will probably be a couple of weeks before I can post more pictures of you I wanted to get the site up and going and then send off for pictures and bronze or silver engraved plates for your urn- it will take me longer now and I know you understand.  I know you have held Ayven as you loved children and animals and knowing this makes me smile.  Tell him grandmommy is sorry she couldn't keep you both here but I' m claiming the promises in the name of Jesus Christ  that we will all spend eternity together and that you and Ayven are in a perfect place and we are still in the battle against evil and have to endure this agonizing grief and sense of failure.  You are both now in my heart and heaven together until that happy reunion.  Love you always and forever-Granmommy Tanya"

This tribute was added by Jason Henderson on 8th July 2014

"Not sure how this young man died, but you all seem to be a very close family and obviously loved him dearly.  So sorry for you loss."

This tribute was added by Linda Fleming on 8th July 2014

"Chad, I was only blessed to have met you once. However, I'm thankful for that one meeting. I was so looking forward to getting to know you more, but God called you home before we could meet again. If I'd known I'd never get the chance to see you again I'd have spent more time talking to you. It had been 45 yrs. since I'd seen your granmom and was chatting away with her. I will pray for her and your mom everyday for closure for them. Rest in peace beautiful child."

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 7th July 2014

"chad this is your mom I always knew from the moment I saw you and watched you grow into the wonderful person that you had became with so much pride and joy That yes their is A GOD who specially chose you to be my child I always knew this and all of our battles in this temporary home I would fight again all I truly ever wanted for you was to be happy to be given the chance to find out who you were and wanted to be I would have traveled to the end of the world to see you .I am glad that me and Cullen got to see you in Pheonix Arizona and me and Cullen and your father made the trip to Houston so I could spend mothers day with you . I will always love you and I will celebrate your life everyday until I am no more. You told me right before memorial day weekend in one of our long talks I love my mom to death, I know that you had no doubt in your mind the feeling was mutual. everywhere I look I remember so many wonderful times and you were always insisting that our family home not be sold I could go anywhere I desired and we would always have that home to come back to so I will keep it because that was what you wanted. Chad you said I had always worked hard and you wanted to be just like me I am truly blessed that God gave me such a caring person in my life we helped each
other and I told You no you Don't want to be like me you want to be better and you were the best parts of me and you father and yes all  families have bad times but you took all of this in stride and decided it was going to make you stronger more positive in your life and the choices that you made and for all of this I am very proud to say you are my son you are greatly missed most days I still feel like I can't breath I am so very thankful to God for all of our perfect imperfections you will never  be  forgotten Chad .  son enjoy you perfect peace you deserve it.I will try to be a better person so I can see you again because love never fails and I have to trust that I have been left here for a reason. I always thought i needed to try to teach you as much as I could so that when I was gone you would be able to go on with your life.I do have fleeting moments of peace because I know that you don't have any worries and you have your mansion and you are with all your loved ones. So wait for mother oompa until we meet in eternity."

This tribute was added by Adrian Long on 7th July 2014

"Hey Buddy, I am glad I had the pleasure of knowing you these last few years. You always had a smile and a laugh for everyone. I remember talking to you for hours after you would get your heart broke you always had so much love for everyone around you. I know you will be missed by many friends and family, but we also know Granny is looking out for you. Love you Hun"

This tribute was added by Shelly Rundles on 7th July 2014

"Chad or as I heard your dad call u all the time Chaderman! I want you to know that I miss that infectious laugh and the gleam you had in your eyes everytime you and your dad would get me with one of yalls jokes! I so enjoyed the time I got to spend with you in the past year wish it could have been more much more .... I know your daddy was so proud of his baby boy. Miss you Chad love you always..... Shelly"

This tribute was added by richard Fieweger on 7th July 2014

"Chad, my pride and Joy,My chaderman, My son who i am so proud of, you made your Daddy so proud. I watched you grow from a baby to become a man that you are today. I miss you more than words can ever say. Apart of me is missing and will always be, I am blessed to have you in my life. Your Daddy loves you very much and  i know your with Granny and Mom and watching from above. The smile on your face could brighten any darkroom, Your laugh and your jokes always made me and Shelly smile and laugh too. I love you very much my son, and you will be missed but not forgotten i will carry you in my heart always, because there isnt a day go by that  i think about you.  love you alway  your Father.Until i see you again my son be blessed."

This tribute was added by Alice Miller on 7th July 2014

"Chad, I never had the privilege of knowing you but have heard so many good things about you from your family and friends. I have known both your Mom and Grandmommy since they were even younger than you. You were so loved by them, the rest of your family and friends...wish I could have know the Chad they all talk about with so much love. I am praying for your family who miss you so much but look forward to seeing you in heaven. If you see Mr. Tommy tell him I love him and will see you both sometime in eternity!"

This tribute was added by LAURA HOLLAWAY on 7th July 2014

"Chad, I will always remember you coming to help me at the house.You were the best at cleaning my back yard. You liked the animals and they liked you back.  
I am so sorry this has happened, you are gone and the pain left behind is great for so many. I want you to know you will always be remembered, you are gone but not forgotten. love you ."

This tribute was added by Heather Morlan on 7th July 2014

"Love YOU"

This tribute was added by Heather Morlan on 7th July 2014

"Chad Allen, wordscannoteven describe whatI feel right now. I have been torn many, many ways since you left us. so many sleepless nights, so many nightmares, so many unanswered questions. should I move, should I stay? i love you, and my heart hurts soooo much for your momma and grandmommy.  in my prayers and thoughts always. everytimeIclose my eyes I see you, our Angel now, with all our other Angels. till we meet again, enjoy your peace now, you finally got it baby. i love you..."

This tribute was added by Amber Patterson on 7th July 2014

"I have a 4 year old daughter who loved Chad dearly... Anytime he came over to my mother in law's house she would say "This is Chad, he's my best friend. I love you Chad."  She asks about him and all I can say is that he's with Jesus... We miss you bud."

This tribute was added by Tanya Brasher on 6th July 2014

"My precious grandson Chad.  I never thought or wanted to be creating a memorial for you are any of my grandchildren or children. I am typing this as you know your mom doesn't have a computer now or like to type that much.  She will leave you many messages after we get this site up and going.  We have been working with your dad and others to get pictures and memories together and it has been a very emotional journey.  As the circumstances of your death have been very troubling and we have no closure and you know it has taken us almost a month to get you here we will be continually updating and adding to this memorial as our minds clear a little and we remember things to honor you and that you would like.  I am so thankful to have been given the honor of having you for my grandson and friend for these 22 years I just always thought it would be many more.  I have been comforted by many memories but mostly by the talk we had in June, 2013 before you left -how I told you if I didn't see you again I would always love and be proud of you and just wanted you to be happy and have a wonderful life.  I of course thought I would be the one to die but you insight-fully assured me that you were saved and I assured you that not miles or even death could ever separate our bond of love as love never fails as stated in I Corinthians 13:8.  So I ache to put my arms around you but I feel our hearts entwined and know that I feel your love and you feel mine until we are together again in eternity. When I think of  Your wonderful ancestry of christian family and friends that were waiting for you it just reaffirms what I keep telling your mother and others as we grieve for you that we are the ones suffering, you are in Paradise surrounded by perfect love - you are safe and expressionlessly happy.
I have and always will love my CHADDY WADDY Man--Granmommy Tanya"

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