Missed but never forgotten, the Hawaiian local from Five Cities, with a heart as big as the Pacific ocean and a soul warm as the North Shore sand.
  • 35 years old
  • Born on May 5, 1979 in Arroyo Grande, California, United States.
  • Passed away on December 5, 2014 in Oahu, Hawaii, United States.

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Chad Andrew Bridges, 35 years of age and living on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, passed away on Friday, the 5th of December, 2014.  He was born in San Luis Obispo, on the 5th of May, 1979.  This memorial website was created in memory of him. You can see a great video montage Jay Ward put together here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UyY4wx0EuY

Chad was a vibrant, free spirit.  Friends called him by numerous names: “Chaddo”, “Chaddy B”, “Chadillac”, “Chadwick”, “Pudwick”, “Chud” and more.  A welcoming smile and warm fun-loving personality made him a joy for others to be around.  He would give you the shirt off his back.  If someone had taken yours, he would make sure they returned it.  He was a genuine, compassionate, and caring person. 

His passion was the ocean.  He was at peace paddling out in the lineup and called the Pacific his home.  This love drew him to Hawaii and every set that marks the horizon will make us think of him.  We are grateful beyond words for the times we shared with him.

Chad’s pride and joy was his daughter Shylah.  He will be missed, but his memory will burn bright, captured in her and carried on by many others.

He is survived by Louina Pulu, and their daughter Shylah Eleveni Ofa Mei Langi Bridges; as well as his father Mike Bridges; mother Jan Wilkinson and step-father Dave; siblings Courtney (Joe) Eugenio, Dustin Bridges, Brian Wilkinson, and Kevin (Amy) Wilkinson.

The memorial service is being planned for mid-January and details will be announced at a later date.  If you would like to contribute to his fund please do so here: https://fundly.com/memorial-fund-for-chad-chaddo-chaddy-b-chadillac-bridges.

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Posted by Lili Andrews Sinclaire on 5th December 2016
Chad, I knew this would be a hard day, and I have been dreading it. If only we could go back in time. The one thing I hold on to is on Dec. 1, 2014 you and I texted each other and told each other we loved each other. My heart is still so full of love for you. Tears running down my face I tell you once again I love you Chad. Always in my heart. Aunt Lili
Posted by Bill Sawyer on 10th December 2015
Thinking of you today Brotha !
Posted by Lili Andrews Sinclaire on 5th December 2015
Chad, thinking of you today as we sailed out over the water you used to surf. As I watched the flowers floating on the water, I felt that sad empty place where you used to be. But peace flowed over me, knowing you are free from anything that could bind you. You will always be deeply loved.
Posted by Lili Andrews Sinclaire on 5th May 2015
Chad, we are all thinking about you today. Missing you on your 36th birthday. But filling the empty space with love for you and each other. Wish I could hug you, and tell you I love you and think you are wonderful. Aunt Lili
Posted by Bill Sawyer on 6th April 2015
chadillac you are missed bruddah.. u always had so much aloha and positivity to spread. i remember we drove to spitting caves and the waves were good size and the cave was spitting plenty.. nobody else jumping. Was your first time there and u just ran and dove over the edge and had to take cracks coming back in.. always charging life.. you would ride some busted boards waterlogged with a side fin missing and charge country without a leash even cuz u forgot it.. i remember u sayin it kept slippin.. man u went full speed with no excuses bruddah. You are missed greatly.
Posted by Daniel Miranda on 18th January 2015
love you brother.... strong, courages, that's what I tell my kids about you brother love you will continue to tell them stories about how you where the best sufer I ever saw bro.
Posted by Joe Acosta on 17th January 2015
Posted by Jason Juarez on 15th January 2015
Chad Man Du, I remember many times just chilling and cruising with you, but the one that stands out in my mind is when I took you on your first scuba dive at 4 am. We were up late, rapping and recording tracks at my pad, drinking, getting crazy, I started showing you some underwater photos me and my pops had taken and you got all excited and told me you never been scuba diving....Next thing you know we are up at black rock charging it into the ocean in the dead of night....That is how I am going to remember you as, adventurous, caring, respectful, a lover of the ocean, but most of all as an extremely good friend. I know that you would go the extra mile and take care of those that were close to you....even when I got semi-mad at you for ditching me underwater (lobster divers don't use the scuba buddy system), you came out with total appreciation for the experience and totally stoked on it, listened to me lecture you and laughed it off.....You are one of those people that bring a smile to my face and for that I am eternally grateful....Rest in Peace my brother, ALOHA and A Hui Hou!!!
Posted by Joe Acosta on 14th January 2015
A TRUE & REAL FRIEND AND A SOLID BRUDDAH IT WAS AN HONOR CRUISING MAUI WITH YOU DIPPER FOR ABOUT 8 YRS. WE HAD PLENTY GOOD FUN AND MADE PLENTY GOOD FRIENDS ALONG DA WAY.ALL THOSE MEMORIES WILL STAY WITH ME ALWAYS MY BRUDDAH.FROM LAHAINATOWN TO HO'O'KIPA TO HONOLUA BAY AND HERE IN CALI YOU WILL BE MISSED DEARLY. I met my bruddah CHADMAN scoping out da waves at harbor in LahainaTown(LOCALS ONLY). Surfing was definatley in his blood.It was like we'd been friends for years.HI LIFE ..Aloha Spirit..Island Living..aughrite. I Personally gave him da nickname BIG DIPPER because whether you were sparring with him or messin with him you were da one who ended up on your back. CHADDY B could dip you & flip you & make it look easy(Mui Tai Skills). The mutual respect we had for eachother was earned not given.We enjoyed spreading Aloha and positive vibes on da Island of MAUI....MAUI NO KA OI (IS DA BEST) He is my BIG LITTLE BRUDDAH who would constantly test himself. Having a solid gold heart he would neva back down from a challenge he would embrace it. If a mountain appears in your path you don't go around em you CHARGE EM! Thats how eh CHADDYBOY..You Nuts Aye You? Automatic. CHADDY CHADILLAC was always popular wit da ladies and enjoyed island life. My bruddah always surfed HONOLUA BAY, HO'O'KIPA or other big wave spots NO FEAR EVA. A free spirit who neva let anyone or anything change him. RIP BRUDDAH CHAD MY HEAVY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL OF CHADS OTHER FRIENDS AND HIS WHOLE FAMILY. WE WILL KEEP YOUR MEMORY ALIVE CHADDO BEING A PART OF US NOW & FOREVER LIVING IN ALL OUR HEARTS TILL THE DAY WE GO HOME TOO. WE TALK STORY THEN MY SOLID FRIEND,BRUDDAH, HOMIE. A HUI HO(SEE YOU LATA) NEVA GOODBYE KEPE & OHANA & DA BOYS & WAHINEE ON MAUI
Posted by Lili Andrews Sinclaire on 13th January 2015
I am at such a loss for words. I am so sorry Chad, I miss you so much. I know you were a gentle, sensitive soul, with a giant heart. You touched us all with your energy and smile. I will always strive to follow my dreams, just as you did. You were a free spirit, may you ever sore. I love you so much.
Posted by Joe Acosta on 12th January 2015
My bruddah BIG DIPPER! Solid not salad. We love you and always will! ahui ho old friend.....it was a blessing knowing you and having you as a friend. We had some good times in Maui. May God keep you in his tender loving care always bruddah Chad! Love Always....ur Maui ohana.....Kepe & Sabrina & Joan
Posted by Courtney Eugenio on 26th December 2014
I miss you brother I was planning on sitting by you with our family. I pictured us talking and laughing at Christmas this year. I never envisioned to have this empty dark piece missing inside. I still can't believe you are not here with us. Every day that passes makes me miss you more and more. I love you brother my twin my other half Merry Christmas Chad. I know you are by my side I feel you there.
Posted by Joy Delaluna on 23rd December 2014
I didn't know Chad very well, but what I did know of him was to be one of the nicest, fun loving guys I ever met. We were two peas in a pod for one night. What a great memory to have with such a wonderful man. It's amazing how you can feel so close to somebody with only coming into contact with them once or twice.
Posted by Jay Ward on 18th December 2014
Yeah Chad! Miss you brother........ Here is a little something I made for you just so you know all your bros miss you! http://youtu.be/6UyY4wx0EuY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UyY4wx0EuY
Posted by Andrew Elliott on 18th December 2014
Dec 4, 6:30am If there are times for community and for Facebook to serve a purpose, this is one of them. My sweet, compassionate and caring cousin Courtney Eugenio is weathering a storm of unimaginable magnitude. Alone, literally in the middle of an island where she knows practically no one. There have been unexpected angels along the way but I can't imagine what she's going through right now. I wish I was there. I wish I could provide strength and support. I know others wish the same. Please keep her and our family in your thoughts during a very difficult time. And most of all, if you have ever had the privilege to share a memory with her brother Chad Bridges, take a moment to let that light up your life. I'm fortunate to have so many come to mind... I love you man.
Posted by Mary Einkauf on 11th December 2014
Lighting a candle for the Bridges/Wilkinson family. All of you are in my prayers. Love you guys, so sorry for your loss.
Posted by Jeannie Gladson on 11th December 2014
Chad was a precious grandson and I loved him so much. I treasure the poems he wrote me. He so often signed them off with "Dedicated to my Grammy" and that so touches my heart. May he enjoy being in God's heaven, for I have no doubt after reading his poems that that is where he is today. I will always love that young man!

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