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Thank you for saving my life!

Shared by roger dixon on October 21, 2014

We did over two hundred missions together.I drove and you were my gunner. We kept each other alive through any means necessary. You had my back and I had yours. It seems like just yesterday! Sometimes I forget you are gone! We were on this mission and something terrible happened. I really wanted to look through the binos to get a better view. Even though I out ranked you, you said no. You told me I did not need to see this. I reluctantly agreed. Little did I know it at the time, but that act saved my life. After the army, I came back and I could not drive over thirty minutes at time for six months. I would start sweating and panicing and would have to pull over to the side of the road. The only way I got over it was imagining you as my gunner and being there with me. To this day I still imagine you with me while I drive. Thank you.  Marty

MY SON # 2

Shared by Alice Gorum on May 12, 2012
I recall all the Saturday's you spent with Ryan. The friendship you 2 had since you were little boys @ Elma's Daycare. I would sit up and wait for you 2 to get home on Saturday night. NEVER on time :-))). But I was still awake to tell you " you are in trouble, get to bed" :-D. Smiling behind your backs, and you 2 doing the same. :)) You,Ryan & friends always seemed to arrive at suppertime.:-) Always thanked me and put your plate in the sink. I remember the time you fried some squirrel. You were Ryan's best friend and will always be . He misses you so much!! I miss you too. So glad you got to go with him to Wilmington for 4th of July that summer. RIP IN GOD's arms, Chad Alan. Find your comfort you needed so much. Ms. Alice

my loveing boyfriend

Shared by Heather Hannah on June 11, 2011

I will never forget the day we meet, you came up to me and asked me to dance lol basically u had me from hello, i remember u tellin me that you just wanted a nice girl to kick it with u wasnt looking for love, but few mths after hanging out, drivein to fort paulk to see u every weekend you told me you loved me and ayden had stole your heart, we have so many great memories there isnt enough space to put them on here, but you where the bestfriend i ever had and it hurts that i have lost that but you are finally truely happy and that is all that matters to me i love u with all my heart chad martinez and i am thankfull you where in my life and you where the best father to our lil gurl and she asks about u all the time and she said when she gets big she is coming to c u in heaven lol i love you baby rest in peace.... all the way to the moon.... 

My Chad Alan

Shared by Sammye Martinez on June 7, 2011

When I met your Dad, you were only 6 yrs old and you welcomed me into your life and I got so attached to you......You were so lovable and full of life.....I could write a book on the things that you have done to make all of us laugh..and the joy that you brought us......You were always so accepting of everybody and nonjudgemental......I have always been proud of the relationship that you had with your sister K'lee as well ...and defended her when needed.......she loves you so much and I know you loved her.......I am glad to have the memories that we have.......I would give anything to be able to have had more years with you but that is not God's plan.....I have comfort knowing that you are in Heaven right now and pretty sure that you are "Sporting that Grin" that we all love so much!!!! I love you with all my heart and I will see you again!!!!

my cousin.

Shared by Kati Struble on June 7, 2011

Chad, my sweet cousin.

I love you so much. I know that we wasn't as close as i wish we could have been but, I know now that you're closer to me than you would ever be now. i do wish that you was still here. It bothers me because i'll never know what could've been, but i'm so grateful that you're with God now, happier than ever feeling amazing. You couldn't be in any better of care! I think about you all of the time, and i will never forget you, as others won't either. I have no worries because, i know that I will see you again one day. <3





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