Posted by Sammye Martinez on September 21, 2018
WOW! He would be 32 today! its been 7 yrs. Miss this boy so much!
Posted by Alice Gorum on May 12, 2012
A year today, Chad. Seems like yesterday. Miss you a lot. But I know you are safe in the arms of God receiving the comfort you didn't find here on Earth. Rip. Love you as Ever. Ms. Alice
Posted by Kati Struble on May 9, 2012
it's almost been a year. i miss you so much. as i sit here and type this, i'm crying. i love you so much. you're forever my cousin, & my hero.
Posted by Sammye Martinez on May 9, 2012
A year later and we miss you more than ever!!!! I find comfort in knowing that you are in the arms of JESUS!!!!!! Love you so much!!!
Posted by Heather Hannah on June 11, 2011
ayden and i love you daddy! miss u so much.. your always on my mind..
Posted by stacy stevenson on June 8, 2011
i love and miss u chad...u were an amazing friend, brother, son, and daddy... most of all you were a hero to so many ppl...
Posted by Kati Renee on June 7, 2011
You're dancing with the angels.. <3
Posted by Connie Mizell Hardee on June 7, 2011
May God keep you safe in his arms..

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