Posted by Cindy Bright on June 7, 2021
Chad graduated high school with my daughter. They didn't run in the same circles however, one Friday after school he joined a couple of other friends at my house to eat before the football game that night. I often fed boys and girls and gave them a place to hang out for a couple of hours before they had to be back at the school. That afternoon I had some pizza for the kids, along with soda or tea. Chad ate several slices of pizza and drank a Coca-Cola, while laughing and joking with the other guys on the football team. That was the only time he visited, but he was having such a great time. He never failed to speak or wave when we saw each other. Chad loved being with his friends, and he had a lot of friends in school.
Posted by Kevin Michael on June 5, 2021
My wife Rachel and I met your mom and dad on our honeymoon back in September of 2014 and your parents were celebrating their marriage and were also on their honeymoon at the same time . Your dad and I began chatting at the hotel pool and he immediately picked up on my “Boston accent “ . He also noticed my cross rifle tattoos and my Red Sox logo that has the American flag inside of that Boston B located on the Red Sox baseball cap. 

Anyways , as we began chatting he said a friend of his that he flew with in the military was from the Boston area , a guy by the name of Tim Lawton , ironically Tim’s father was the sitting judge when I was adopted by my parents and Tim’s father signed my adoption paperwork (talk about a small world ).

Your dad and I never served with each other but right out of the gates we began sharing combat experiences and expressed how we appreciated each other’s service . He said to me “we appreciate you guys on the ground” , and I immediately said no no no , you guys from the air covering us we appreciate you guys more than you will ever know especially when we got in trouble on the ground you guys were always there in a heartbeat to bail us out .” The point is although your dad and I never served together “officially “ your dad is a hero and always will be a hero to me and my family .

Your dad and I connected and only though it was for a week I respected him , and I could tell right away he was a special guy , I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend time with him and your mom . Together we shared many laughs and talked about having future reunions celebrating our anniversaries down the road , and talked about the excitement for what’s next as newly married couples , having children etc . Although we have never met in person Isla and Ellis thanks to your father and mother we have been able to watch you grow as a family over the years through social media . We could always see the joy in your dads face in videos and photos expressing how proud he was of the both of you to be your dad . Your dad will be sorely missed , and you guys and your mom will always be welcome to come visit Massachusetts and stay with us on Cape Cod anytime, the doors always open. Our children Gavin and Vivienne would love to meet you some day.

Respectfully and all the love,

Kevin and Rachel Dixon

Posted by cody n Beard on May 29, 2021
Chad and I had grown up in the greater Brownsboro area. I can remember him coming to stay over at my house when we were kids to go fishing at my lake or to get ready for a early morning trip to La tech for a power lifting meet. I Also, remember the smell from his shoes was so bad it filled my tiny home up. Mom would make sure to take his shoes outside after that. Looking back, I had fond memories of traveling to power lifting competitions or both staying at the school gym trying to improve our max lifts with Coach Risko. I don’t need to tell you the drive he had to be the best version of himself as an athlete. I remember how he looked up to his older brother Eric and would always have a story about him. I was lucky enough to get to become friends with Eric in my later years and could see why he loved his older brother so much. I could see why he pushed himself to work so hard on in the gym or at being our middle linebacker. He could turn that switch on when it was game time and a fierce look in his eye would make the hair on your neck stand up and you knew he was ready to hurt someone. No surprise he would go on to play one of my favorite sport in rugby for West Point. He was a tough kid and didn’t mind a scrap. In fact, one of the best fights I remember seeing in high school involved Chad. I was there in the lunchroom when he bumped into a guy (no need to mention his name) sitting down as Chad was trying to get by. This kid did not take it well and next thing I know they are broken up by one of the teachers and fellow classmates. However, it did not end there. As anyone knows from Brownsboro that if it wasn’t settled during school then up to Jennings mountain after school we would go. It was a good fight at first, but Chad showed he grew up with brothers two of which were older and tough as they come. He Could fight better than most at his age and when he delivered a knee to that kids face breaking his nose you could hear the gasp from the crowd. All those years growing up and still my best memory of Chad was to come years later. I was hired as an EMS civilian contractor to help run a CSH “cash” right after I got my training. I was to go to Kuwait, then to Tel Aviv for a short while and then to Iraq. Chad was one of two old classmates from Brownsboro, now in the armed forces from Brownsboro to reach out to me. Chad told me all I need to look out for and asked me to have my locations sent to him. He then said to me “If things get bad or look like they are headed that way, reach out to me and I’ll come get you out myself if I have to.” Unfortunately for me Global lost their contract just 24 hrs before getting the plan and I never got the chance head over, but that one conversation with him reminded me of the brotherhood us old teammates had. It showed me the kind of man Chad became, still tough, still knowing how to turn that game time switch on, but a tough warrior with a kind heart wanting to help a “civilian” and an old friend. Because of this I would check in on him and see how he and his family were doing. I could also see his growth through the years of becoming a family man and how he reach out to his fellow veterans with getting back to the civilian life and finding success through his podcast. Chad will be missed, and the world is a sadder place with him gone.
Thanks for the memories Chad, Godspeed my friend.
Cody Neal Beard
Posted by Lynn Vandertuyn on May 27, 2021
To Isla and Ellis, I remember coming to your house in Aptos and the joy of you running around that big backyard. Your Dad went and got the wheelbarrow and you both hoped in and your Dad took you around the yard while you were laughing!!! Such joy! I told your Dad, now thats a workout and he agreed!!
Posted by Friends of Chad on May 25, 2021
I was a flight nurse with your dad in Northern California out of Willits. He was honestly a great pilot. After all those years fighting wars in the Middle East I don't think any aviation situations really got under his skin and I felt safe with his judgement calls. I think he settled in more later, but at the time he was excited to take EVERY call! I enjoyed sleeping at night but it didn't seem like Chad did. He always wanted to go flying to some far corner of the state! 2 am in the middle of nowhere can be a special place though. I have some great memories of just talking for an hour or two watching all the shooting stars through our NVG's. Other nights if it was cloudy and the moon was full, the moon would reflect off the clouds below us and look like a whole different planet.

One call I remember we picked up a baby to transport to San Fran. The baby wasn't actually that sick but it was furious that we took it away from it's mama! It screamed and screamed in spite of the sugar water and whatever medical grade passifier I tried to give it. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the baby to calm down. Isla was just a few months old at the time and I was expecting a baby of my own. Exasperated I yelled into the mic "Chad, how the heck do you do this?!?!?!" He just laughed and said "it's different when it's yours man". I have two kids of my own now and he was right. I think I remember it years later because Chad wasn't someone who just "loved babies", and neither was I. But he loved you both a lot and I could see how it changed him.
Posted by Julia Gehring on May 25, 2021
I flew with your dad for the last 6 yrs. He always had a smile on his face and was quite the smart alec. Always quick witted and pretty darn funny. He always described you Isla as such a “chill” baby and happy little girl. Ellis, with you he talked about how amazed he was at how much milk you could put down as a baby and as you became a toddler what a little dare devil you were. I have two boys around your ages so we always talked a lot about you and the day to day of being new parents and then what seemed like veterans after you were born Ellis. He would talk about what a great big sister you were being Isla; he showed me a video once of you making Ellis crack up laughing. You both were the light of his life and he would laugh and smile whenever he talked about you.
  I ran a call a few months back with your dad that was very intense and scary, he told us he could hear the emotion in our voices but couldn’t do anything but get us to the ground safely but when he did he was the first one to jump out throw off his helmet and help us; after which he checked in on us days later to make sure we were coping ok. He was a great pilot and a wonderful person who I am fortunate to have known and worked with.

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