Let the memory of Chad be with us forever
  • 31 years old
  • Born on April 13, 1981 .
  • Passed away on May 7, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chad Scott 31 years old , born on April 13, 1981 and passed away on May 7, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Lea Ray on 7th May 2018
Forever Missed.... Those words ring through my shoulders, weighs around my torso, just like the hugs that you used to wrap me in. i picture us in the hear and now.. Somehow, you are here apart of my simply happy life. I see you gently closing the door to our little one's room, tiptoeing towards me at the other end of the hall, mouthing the words "she's asleep, Game ON" as we run toward the living room landing in slumps of giggles and love as we hear the super nintendo fire up, controllers in hands, you kiss me. I see us all the time. Every day, i see us as i visioned we would be. Slight changes, as my surroundings change, but my soul, it still reaches for yours. You Amazing Man. Today, I step gently as I walk, as to not jostle back the part where Im sat down, with those strange guys delivering unwanted information. I beg silently, why couldn't they have said anything else.. anything opposite of what was happening. but the time for "whys" well, they've passed. do you remember my last dream, you came to me, you held me i was in that white dress, you were full of sweet tones and comforting hands. i still feel the hold you had on me. Can one say it haunts if its wanted?.. i remember your kiss goodbye, in that dream, that last dream. .. the way you told me how sorry you were. i didn't know what for, for a very long time. i think i know now. maybe. maybe not. all i really know is that in spirit, you are there. and I Love You.
Posted by Lea Ray on 13th April 2018
It's your Birthday, ... a day to celebrate such a handsome, loving soul brought to earth.. I remember us by that dam.. catching those little fish, and the sweetest kisses... walking the path to game stop... I remember Us.. Your wonderful soul, Your amazing heart, and incredible Love.. Your being deserves to be celebrated. .. I'm thankful for our time time together, I'm truly blessed to Love You and have felt your Love in return... Happy Birthday in Heaven Honey... I Love you...... .... still... Always, Lea
Posted by Lea Ray on 17th February 2017
I've tried my Love, I've tried everything .. I've tried living, forcing the process way to early, and then learning that it's you Chad.. it's you forever inside of my heart.. It's You, there with me, granting me your presence,... Missing you doesn't even begin, neither does the word longing.. longing for those nights of Nintendo battles, laying my head on your chest aso you stroked my hair telling me that I sure am a testy pistol when I feel insecure.. telling me how you Love it, how you Love me for not hiding a bit of it.. Chad, Ibe given "moving on" a chance.. I embrace every blessing... do you see the bright eyes and rambunctious dream we had together...she's amazing Love, Thank You.. I'm writing you tonight as I falk asleep because I don't know what to make of tonight's appearance... I've seen you my Love, during my studies and experiences of personal spiritual journey, I've seen you in the flesh , but before it was always a glace-ish.. sometimes moments more but your words would resonate into ab inner conversation... but not tonight.. tonight I almost fell when I saw you walk into the quaint little pizza place , sit alone, order pizza have a cold drink, and then stepped to the karaoke mic and begin singing ... I couldn't help but to watch you step outside for a cigarette, .. walk back in and fill your cup.. I watched yournfacw, your jawlinw, your eyebrows, your ahoulders, your .... I saw you Chad... is this You? ,.. is this .. no.. it can't be... or is it?.. I will never Love another as intensely, but this being... could it be?.. oh my Soul, Lord help me to quiet down the possibilities so that I may regain focus to vision so that I may hear God on this, as clearly if not more than ever before... Dear Lord, could it be?.... Chad, I Love You.. --Lea
Posted by Elke Smorgen on 15th June 2013
Hi Phyllis I read your comments on Dayna Browns website at Caring bridge and then came across this link, allowing me to get in touch all the way from Germany, I am so very sorry that you lost your dear son at such a young age, please feel free to write to me. May God bless you and your family
Posted by Phyllis Estes on 10th July 2012
Chad, Mom is sitting here in this lonely hotel room..sounds like a song...missing you baby boy! We all miss that sweet, handsome face of yours. Seems like just yesterday you left us. I will never forget that day they found you. My whole world came crashing down. If I had one one to decribe our love it would be "Complete" because it was so perfect wasn't it? I love you...MOM~
Posted by Phyllis Estes on 7th June 2012
Chad..why did you go on that walk and never come back? Why did you fall in the water and drown? Why, why, why?? I know you hit your head because of the gash above your eye. I just wish I would have went on the walk with you!! I miss you sooooo much. I can't think anymore, all I do is miss you and cry. Please give me a sign you are with me!! That would help so much.
Posted by Phyllis Estes on 29th May 2012
Going to see the Dr. today son. Mom is having all these anxiety attacks..and can't sleep at night. All I think about is YOU! I love you my forever baby boy!!
Posted by Phyllis Estes on 28th May 2012
Chad, Mom misses you, and I know you are with Jesus now..so it helps me to know that. I just wish you didn't have to go. I can't take it sometimes. I cry alot, and want you back! I'm going through the phases of grief, and I hate it! But, I will go on .. for you.

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