Chad and Courtney Phelps
  • Date of passing: Jul 27, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Absent from the body and present with the Lord

Thank you so much for your prayers, sympathy, and kind words. We are overwhelmed and humbled by your kindness. We know that the eternal value of a life is not based upon one's time on earth. Yet, we grieve deeply our inestimable loss. We sorrow - but not as others which have no hope (1 Thess. 4:13-18)

We are unable to answer every call and Facebook note but are so encouraged by them. In striving to provide little Chase with a legacy journal, we would like to ask you to please copy and paste all previous and subsequent comments and pictures here.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Kate Anderson on 3rd November 2014

I knew your mother when we were about 10-13 years old and I looked up to her so much. She was so very beautiful and had such a heavenly spirit about herself. You are in my prayers!"

This tribute was added by Peggy Tilson on 27th July 2014

"Dear Families of Chad and Courtney,  
    We continue to grieve with and pray for you all.  It is so wonderful to know that God's grace is sufficient through all of our trials.  May the Lord bless you and continue to strengthen you in Him through all of this."

This tribute was added by Sheri Chavers on 13th April 2014

"Dear Chase and Phelps & Gaddy Families
Nicky and I wanted to let you know that we continue to pray for your families and for little Chase. Please know how very much you are loved and prayed for during this difficult journey. We are so thankful for the promises that we can claim through Christ. We look forward to a wonderful reunion in Heaven. Chad and Courtney were priceless treasures sent from the Lord and reclaimed for one reason bring Glory to His Name. We will all understand it "by and by"....for now we walk by Faith believing that our God is good every day in EVERY way. God's blessing and strength be yours as you face the Spring and Summer months which will be full of precious memories of your loved ones. Sincerely grateful for having known both Chad and Courtney and each of your families.  Nicky and Sheri Chavers"

This tribute was added by ulla mcclelland on 7th October 2013

"Dear Chase, I got the opportunity to meet you and your mom in early July when you came over to buy our sit n stand stroller that my boys had outgrown. I had an opportunity to meet your sweet mom and her smile I will remember forever.You Chase were so happy to sit in that stroller.i will always remember you and will be praying for you as you grow up into a fine man."

This tribute was added by Joe and Kelly Bolduc on 22nd August 2013

"Dear Phelps & Gaddy families- we are grieving with you and keeping you in prayer. You have taught us in your pain to invest in eternity and to delight ourselves in The Lord, Who is our life! Thank you for your testimony of faith. Chase, we remember how excited your daddy was to marry your beautiful mommy...and someday we have a funny about your daddy to share with you! ;) Praying for you!!"

This tribute was added by Kristal Grimm on 19th August 2013

"Dear baby Chase and family,
I have written already but wanted to say how much I personally have been blessed by reading some of the notes that were available on your Daddy and Mommys youth site about living Pure. How awesome. That is the message I want for myself and my children. You are a great blessing in the body of Christ. Praying for you daily."

This tribute was added by Peyton Moore on 11th August 2013

"Dear Chase,
Your mom and dad really made a big impact on my life during the mission trip and at CoBeAc. One of my best memories of your dad was when he jumped out if the bushes at camp and scared me good! It was a privilege for my dad to play with your dad on the softball team this year! One day, we will see your mom and dad in heaven."

This tribute was added by Jonathan Simmons on 10th August 2013

"The only time I did not meet Courtney with a huge smile on her face was the day she had been in a car crash. Yet, even then, she was faithfully on time to lead youth group choir practice in the evening. After such a strenuous day, she was still committed to serving the Lord."

This tribute was added by Sharon Walters on 9th August 2013

"You do not know me but your families have been on my mind, heart, and prayers for the last 2 weeks.  I've been so blessed by the testimonies of Chad and Courtney and the impact they've made for Christ!  We are family through our Lord Jesus Christ and please know that I will continue to pray for God's comfort and strength for you all.  Praying in Marion, Illinois!!"

This tribute was added by Randy Moore on 9th August 2013

"Hi Chase,
Your mom and dad made a great impact on my son Peyton's life, one of Peyton's favorite memories of Chad was when he jumped out from behind the bushes at camp and scared him really good! I really am thankful to have been able to play softball with your dad this summer. Your mom talked about Peyton alot and really cared for him!"

This tribute was added by Kirsty Fergus on 9th August 2013

"Happy Birthday my dear Courtney!
You will be celebrating in heaven right now I'm sure!!
Kirsty (New Zealand)"

This tribute was added by Brenda Jolley on 5th August 2013

"Dear Phelps family,Gaddy family,
May the Lord fill you with peace, comfort and strength! Our prayers are with you and Chad and Courtney will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Brittany Huffman on 5th August 2013

"Your family and your story's light shines in Little Rock, Ar. Although I will never meet your parents here I look forward to an eternity of celebration! Keep your light shinning strong in all you say and do! May God bless you in wisdom, stature, and favor with HIM and man. Your are loved and care for!"

This tribute was added by Karen Miller on 4th August 2013

"In watching Chad and Courtney's funeral this morning, I was reminded over and over how God is in control of everything and He never said we had a right to understand His ways but we are by faith to trust His Will and ways that he knows the whole picture. I will miss Courtney's precious smile that never left her face and her
infectious laugh. I will miss seeing her love for Chad and Chase written"

This tribute was added by Marie Robinson on 4th August 2013

"I did not know this couple or their family personally but we are all believers of Christ and are family through him.  This story has touched my heart and my deepest prayers go out to the Church family and well as the victims family.  My God keep you strong through this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Melissa Robinson on 3rd August 2013

"In college, Chad always tried to get the teachers to laugh and see the bright side of things. Class and especially the labs were never boring with him there.

I hope and trust that Chase will be told over and over how much his parents loved him."

This tribute was added by Brenda Strohbehn on 3rd August 2013

"Precious Chase, your daddy's family and my family are not related by blood, but we are 'related' by the love in our hearts for each other. Because of that, I prayed for your daddy and mommy every Sunday morning. I have loved and prayed for you too, and I will continue to pray for you every Sunday! I once wrote to tell your daddy I had prayed for them, and he said, 'Pray for Chase, too!'"

This tribute was added by Trevor Gaines on 2nd August 2013

"Dear Phelps Family,
Pastor Chad was the most godly examples in my life, other than my parents. Pastor Chad took time out of his schedule to talk to me and answer my questions about everything. My last conversation with Pastor Chad was about the decisions I made at Camp CoBeAc. He told me to stay strong no matter what happened. Thank you for your testimony"

This tribute was added by Maryssa Lewis on 2nd August 2013

"My what a BEAUTIFUL story. As I read about their lives, and all they did for The Lord, it makes me want to do more for His Kingdom. The Lord truly had His hand on their life. What an honor. I am in my 20s and my husband and I are youth leaders at a Baptist church as well and have a one year old son. Beautiful story, and a beautiful life. Praying for God's comforting peace!!"

This tribute was added by Christiana Doucette on 2nd August 2013

"Dear Chase,
I did not know your parents, though my husband did. I wish I could have known them as all that I have heard of them has been good! The loss of your parents must be very hard. I am praying that you will choose to trust God when you just don't understand, and that you will choose to love Him when things seem their very darkest."

This tribute was added by Pakize Erdoğmuş on 2nd August 2013

"Dear Chad and Courtney
I regret to say that I didn't met you, but your lovely elder sister Rachel. She and her family are very hospitable for us. We got used to Clemson due to them. And now I heard this sarrow news. I felt your grieve at the deepest corner of my heart. I am not able to explain my feeling. Because my English is too weak to explain."

This tribute was added by Sierra Steuerwald on 1st August 2013

I also knew your father during college at MBBC. He demonstrated a heart after God and a undeniable love for your mom.  He was fun to be around and showed spiritual maturity and leadership.  I pray that you will grow to serve the Lord with the same passion. It is my prayer that you are reunited in heaven with them someday. We love you."

This tribute was added by Sierra Steuerwald on 1st August 2013

I went to college with your mom while she attended MBBC. She was a very special friend to me.  She always exuded the joy of the Lord and was constantly seeking to encourage others in their walk with God.  Although she will be physically absent in your life, I pray that her testimony for Christ will direct you towards Him. We love you."

This tribute was added by Lisa Gunther on 1st August 2013

"Dear Chase,
Your mommy and daddy were able to impact many lives. I pray that you follow in their footsteps and do whatever God calls you to do. I pray God uses you in mighty ways! I am very thankful your mommy and I were friends. She was such a godly example to me. I pray your life will reflect God's goodness and you'll be "Faithful unto Death.""

This tribute was added by Kirsty Fergus on 1st August 2013

"Dear Chase, I am continually praying for you and your church family. I am praying that you will grow up to be a man of God! I want you to know that all over the world people are remembering you and praying for you. God is sovereign. You will see your Mum and Dad and sister in heaven one day! Your sister in Christ, Kirsty Fergus (New Zealand)"

This tribute was added by Angela Sinclair on 31st July 2013

"Dear Chase, We are saddened to hear the news that both your parents have gone to Heaven at young age. I had watched your father growing up at Church in Concord, NH and heard his amazing preaching as a teen.  He also moved up to be a supervisor of Cashiers at the local supermarket in just a few months!  Be strong and stay positive with the Lord!  We love you!"

This tribute was added by Cathy Klein on 31st July 2013

"Dear Chase, You may never understand why this was allowed to happen but I do know that God does not make mistakes. There is a reason for everything and we must trust the Lord. Your parents has surely left a huge void in the lives and hearts of many people all over the world. There are great things in store for you, Chase. Make your parents proud! You will see them again someday in Heaven."

This tribute was added by Tammy Lucke Van Gemert on 31st July 2013

I too lost my mom when I was a very young girl and I pray that you will take comfort and strength in your family surrounding you! Someday you will grieve as they have today but I pray it will be with the Lord's hand on your shoulder! God has a purpose for you and as hard as it might be to find or carry out, God will give you strength."

This tribute was added by Janet Isbell on 31st July 2013

"Dear Phelps family,
Even though I never knew Chad and Courtney, I marvel how their Godly testimonies reverberate after they have left this earth.  My prayer is that God will give you the peace and comfort that only He can give to your family as well as your church family.  A friend from Harvest Baptist, Rock Hill, SC"

This tribute was added by Christine Bandaly on 31st July 2013

"Courtney, I left your life a lot of years ago, you were just a little thing, but even then you brought joy to those around you. You and Christy are such sweet memories in my own daughter's life. Thank you for being you and now you have the privilege of being in the arms of our Lord. Til we meet again."

This tribute was added by John Banks on 31st July 2013

"Dear Pastor Phelps, Linda, and family,

Thankful for your whole family.  I was grateful to know Chad at TCS and from a distance watch him grow into a mature man of faith, love, and godliness.  Praying that healing and gratitude will blossom and for the growth of Chase into the godly young man Chad and Courtney desired."

This tribute was added by Carrie Magoon Banks on 31st July 2013

"Dear Phelps family and Chase,
Chuck, Linda and family have been a huge encouragement to our family in our spiritual and emotional lives. What a joy to hear Chad preach to teens in the park in Burlington, Ontario. His example to his peers,his love to those whom he ministered marks him as a Christian leader. Chase you can be proud of your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Love u all."

This tribute was added by Carrie Barrier on 31st July 2013

"Dear Chase & Phelps family,
Chase, you have been blessed to have a strong, loving, Christ-honoring family to be there for you as you grow. Your parents had many talents, and they used them for His glory. Even in death, God has used them to impact hundreds to draw them closer to their Savior. We love you."

This tribute was added by Ewen Huffman on 31st July 2013

"Dear Chase and Phelps family,
You don't know me. I am a Baptist Pastor from England near a town called Taunton and I heard about your loss through a friend. I just wanted you to know that the worldwide Church has felt your loss, too- and that people far and wide have prayed for you. God bless you all in your grief & may He work out His plans. See you all in glory"

This tribute was added by Christiane Emory on 31st July 2013

"Dear little Chase,
Your parents radiated the love of Jesus. They now stand gloriously in God's presence, redeemed by the blood of Jesus and complete in Him. They are worshipping the One they served with all their hearts. Our hearts are touched with the grief you and your family are bearing. Please know that we love you. Gary and Christiane Emory"

This tribute was added by Sarah Arnold on 30th July 2013

"I'm sorry for your incredible loss. I didn't know Chad or Courtney personally, but I'm very thankful for their crystal-clear testimony. We are praying for you all, especially for Chase. Our prayers are that God would give healing and that Chase would accept Christ as his Savior at an early age and have a full, vibrant testimony like his parents."

This tribute was added by Scott Foster on 30th July 2013

"Dear Chase, although I may never meet you in this life, your parents testimony of their love for God has spread far and wide across the world. Through this tragedy, I pray that many will come to know Christ as their Saviour. In the darkest hour, God's love shines the brightest, and while we may never be able to answer why, remember that God loves you more than you can ever imagine!!!"

This tribute was added by Bobby Downs on 30th July 2013

"Dear Phelps family,

My deepest sympathy in your loss. We know their are some things we don't understand. Being a fellow Christian, we will see those love ones again in Heaven. I will continue to pray for your church family. I am a member of Buckeye Baptist Church in Middletown Ohio. God Bless You"

This tribute was added by Nehemiah White on 30th July 2013

"I was in class with Courtney after she'd gotten married. No matter what the day was like or how much she had to do her attitude was always joyful and so Christlike. When I asked her if it was easier to be in school married or single she said it was definitely easier being married. I'll never forget Chad's and Courtney's shining examples of Jesus Christ. Their legacy is an eternal one."

This tribute was added by Michele Miller on 30th July 2013

"So sorry for your loss. I did not know either of them, but have heard some great things. They really loved the Lord, were happy to be serving Him. We  do not know why God allows things like this to happen. We just know that He has a plan.Prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Esther Minnick Arnold on 30th July 2013

I went to school with your mom and dad at BJU. Your dad and I were the same age.  I remember hearing him preach in the sermon contest--he had such passion, skill, and energy in his preaching.  Later on I was in a music composition class with your mom.  She was such a bright spot, always so pretty, with such a sweet and cheerful spirit"

This tribute was added by Christie Paul on 30th July 2013

"My daughters (who lost their mother at a young age) LOVE Chad & Courtney. At a VBS a few years ago, Courtney paid the "penalty"  for the girls team by having a HUGE whipped cream sundae made on top of her head! Both had such a wonderful sense of humor, and we could see they loved being youth pastors. Our family has been forever influenced by them and their ministry to our daughters."

This tribute was added by Kimberlie Verschoor on 30th July 2013

"Chase, I held your Daddy when he was just a newborn baby and played with him as a little boy!  In our youth group, we would pass him around.  He never lacked for attention, that's for sure!  I pray that you will know the Love he & your Mommy had for you and the hope they had in Jesus!  Trust in Jesus, little Chase!  He will never fail you!"

This tribute was added by Sue Diener on 30th July 2013

"Dear Chase,
May you come to know the Savior your Mom and Dad so passionately served. My most vivid memories of your dad are of him walking through the halls of TBC always smiling and of him playing soccer as a Swordsman. Your mom was beautiful. In prayer..."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Lewis on 30th July 2013

"Chase, when I think of your dad I think of a big smile, laughter, and joy. Your dad had a way of making others smile and laugh, and then his love for Christ would pour forth as he directed those people back to their Savior. In seeing pictures of your mom, the first thing one notices is her smile. "The joy of the Lord is your strength" describes your family. Love to you all!"

This tribute was added by Missy Riley on 30th July 2013

"Dear Phelps Family,
I did not have the pleasure of meeting you in person, but the more I read about you and your lives together I have a since of what  your family was like, Christians all over Indiana are morning your loss, In the event of your death you are bringing so many people together,
God Bless"

This tribute was added by Valarie Petersen on 29th July 2013

"Chase--know that your momma's smile could light up a room and that she loved Jesus with all of her heart.  May you grow up to know and serve Jesus like she did--love and prayers to your family during this time of grief and memories."

This tribute was added by Heather Osborne on 29th July 2013

"Hi, Chase! I had a class with your mom at Bob Jones and remember her announcing to the class that she was pregnant with you.  Though I didn't know her very well, I remember that she was always smiling - which, I thought, made her all the more beautiful of a person - and she was great at making people feel loved and at ease.  It is my sincerest hope that you get to meet her someday."

This tribute was added by Damita Rodriguez on 29th July 2013

"Hey Chase,

I know you may not understand why the Lord took your parents home so early in your life; no matter how hard life gets, know that the Lord will provide for you all the family you need in the body of Christ. You are precious. My heart goes out to you Buddy! Forever in my prayers!"

This tribute was added by David Morse on 29th July 2013

What a beloved child you were and are. In the wake of the events that unfolded on that day, this was our family's prayer that went on to be the prayer of countless thousands on your parents behalf: "Hold them tight Jesus, hold them tight.""

This tribute was added by Kathleen & Dennis Daggett on 29th July 2013

"Dear Phelps family,
We are so sorry to hear of your loss.  You have all been in our prayers for strength, which only comes from our loving Father.  It must give you peace knowing that they are with the Lord and are loved.  
We love you all."

This tribute was added by NateandHeidi Beaman on 29th July 2013

"Chase, Your Daddy and Mommy loved you so much! We loved them! Each of them loved the Lord with all their hearts and gave the fullness of their lives in service to Him. Most of all, God loved them and showed that by saving them from their sin through faith in Christ! Our prayer is that one day, you will know the love of God and respond to it. God Bless!"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Fuller on 29th July 2013

"I remember Courtney when she was very little.  I can remember many nights at the home of Christy and Courtney sitting around the piano singing while Christy played.  To me she will always be the little six year old following us around. I can only hope that one day my two daughters will be as close as Courtney and Christy always were."

This tribute was added by jacob ingram on 29th July 2013

"courtney  is my best friend here in greenville in my heart . specila friend to me i am going to miss here."

This tribute was added by Amber Lehman on 29th July 2013

"Courtney was my Room Leader my Freshmen year at MBBC. She was so kind and sweet when I first arrived. I knew no one at all and she made me feel quite welcome. We shared many laughs all during that year with our room. We stayed up late studying and just laughing and spending time with each other. I remember teasing her about Chad when they were dating--will miss her but will see her again!"

This tribute was added by Heidi White on 29th July 2013

"I met Chad and Courtney at CoBeAc when Courtney was pregnant with Chase. I was working in the kitchen and they would come in late at night to get snacks. They were a sweet couple and I could see they both had hearts for God. I'm broken hearted to hear this happen to such a young child, but I'm encouraged to know he is in good hands and I'm excited to see what God does in his life!"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Crewell on 29th July 2013

"You are all in my deepest of thoughts."

This tribute was added by Marc Tanis on 29th July 2013

"Really appreciated having Chad as my classmate, dorm mate and RA. Remember late night conversations chatting about many things from sports, to college life, to ministry, to helping other guys in the dorm, and our personal walks with God. I really appreciated his friendship and rejoice he and Courtney are now enjoying the presence of the Savior they loved."

This tribute was added by Kristal Grimm on 29th July 2013

"Dear Phelps family, Gaddy family and precious Chase,
I do not directly know any of you I only heard of your story and am deeply saddened and grieve with you the temporary loss on this earth of such a beautiful couple. It is evident to a person just viewing from the outside they truly lived for Christ . Chase you have a Godly heritage and inheritance in this life and the one to come."

This tribute was added by Hannah Pill on 29th July 2013

""I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me."
Praying an crying for the dear Phelps family who are finding God faithful in the valley."

This tribute was added by Hannah Pill on 29th July 2013

""Whenever I hear the phrase "well done, thou good and faithful servant" I am reminded that this is the life goal of my pastor, Chuck Phelps. I rejoice today that I have no doubt that his son heard these very words from the very lips of our Savior only yesterday. Still praying hard for the Phelps family.""

This tribute was added by Erica Hines on 29th July 2013

"Courtney was a sweet, loving, godly example of a Christian and a wife. While in college, she always showed love and friendship to everyone in the dorm. We were freshman together, and when I first arrived, she and another friend of hers welcomed me and made me feel a part of the dorm. She was a hard worker but she also knew how to laugh. She is missed dearly but we rejoice she is home."

This tribute was added by AndyandLisa Hermann on 29th July 2013

"Dear Phelps family,
We got to know Chad when he was an intern at Tri-City. The interns were in our home MANY times for meals, games, and great fellowship and they became part of our family! Chad could always make us laugh!!  We are deeply broken-hearted over your GREAT loss.  Love and prayers, Andy, Lisa, Aaron, Caleb, Luke, Drew and Troy Hermann"

This tribute was added by Kyle Wilcox on 29th July 2013

"Whether he was playing soccer or preaching Scripture, Chad evidenced a love for God and others.  My best memories are of his preaching: faithful, clear and powerful proclamation of God's truth.  Chad was a godly and diligent workman, unashamed to "rightly handle the word of truth" (2 Tim. 2:15)."

This tribute was added by John and Kathleen Reed on 29th July 2013

"Dear Chase, You have an amazing and wonderful family. We will remember your Daddy as funny, sincere, and complete devotion to our Great God. We are so sad to hear of their passing, we rejoice they are with Our Great Savior now. We know that you will be loved by all of your family, beyond what anyone could even ever express. The Memories of your dear Mom and Dad will be kept alive."

This tribute was added by Danielle Warren on 29th July 2013

"Courtney and I were stand partners in orchestra at BJU in the 2010-2011 school year. I remember when she came in extra excited one day and started passing around a photo of Chase's ultrasound picture. Even from that point, Courtney loved him and showed it! She also had a great and evident love for her husband. Most of all, she showed her love for Christ in everything!"

This tribute was added by Julie Hyatt on 29th July 2013

"I heard of the tragic accident over the weekend. My son-in-law is a youth pastor here in Washington state and I know firsthand the level of love and commitment he and our daughter have for "their" teens and am sure it was the same for Chad and Courtney. My heartfelt prayers and condolences from Yakima, WA for all who love them and for their precious little son."

This tribute was added by Judi Mcneese on 29th July 2013

"Chad and Courtney were very special people. They loved the Lord so much and showed it in everything they did. I never saw Courtney without a big smile on her face. They will be greatly missed. God is good and never makes a mistake. I know he has something special planned for Chase. I will continue to pray for him and all the families. God will give you the strength you need to get through."

This tribute was added by Amy McCombie on 29th July 2013

"Chad & Courtney taught my daughter in Sunday School in SC. She loved them dearly and they made such an impact on her life. Their love for God was very evident in the way they served Him and others. They were faithful and joyful. Blessed to have known them. Love & prayers to all the family."

This tribute was added by Elaine Graybeal on 29th July 2013

"I taught Courtney piano from 1st - 12th grades, and during the summers while she was in college. She was always my prize piano student, so talented, hard working and sweet. I am so shocked and saddened to hear about the accident. She, Chad and their unborn baby are rejoicing in heaven, but how heavy the hearts of parents, son, sisters & other family members, and friends. Our love & prayers"

This tribute was added by Clovis Gentilhomme on 29th July 2013

"Clovis Gentilhomme
Saturday near Hopkinton via mobile
Pastor Phelps, Linda, Rachel, Sharon, Caleb & Daniel; Ann & I extend our deepest condolences to you, our dear family, and to Courtney's family as well, over the sudden home-going of Chad & Courtney. Your church family here in NH is grieving along side of those at Colonial Hills, and the family of the sister who also perished in this accident wi"

This tribute was added by Toni Parker on 29th July 2013

"A Sunset On Earth Is A Sunrise In Heaven! We Embrace You Tenderly With Our Thoughts & Prayers During This Time As We Ponder, Even Through The Sorrow, The Eternal Glory That Has Dawned For Your Precious Loved Ones! May You Be Comforted In The Peace;Joy;Love; & Hope Of Our Lord! Looking Forward To Your Reunion Someday With Jesus! We love you... Kyle & Toni Parker II Thessalonians 2:16,17 NIV"

This tribute was added by Clovis Gentilhomme on 29th July 2013

"Clovis Gentilhomme shared J.C. Ryle's status.

I believe this sums up `where' Chad & Courtney were coming from in life and ministry. Now to refocus...
"Oh, that men and women would learn to live with an awareness that one day they are going to die! Truly it is a waste of time to set our hearts on a dying world and its short-lived comforts and pleasures, and for the sake of momentary pleasures to l"

This tribute was added by Matt Clepper on 29th July 2013

"Pastor and family, our hearts go out to you. I keep hearing the words you said in Sunday school from Ecclesiastes that "we will not much remember the days of our lives on this earth."  we have a great hope that we will soon be reunited and will rejoice together in the Lord. And then we will understand. Love you guys!"

This tribute was added by Cameron Rankin on 29th July 2013

"Dear Phelps and Gaddys:  Your son and daughter were two of the godliest people I've ever known. they encouraged me whenever they possibly could. they loved the teens here at CHBC, and we loved them. they will be forever remembered as two people who loved God and wanted with all their hearts to see teens come to know Christ, or at least grow in Him! I'm praying for both your families!"

This tribute was added by Cameron Rankin on 29th July 2013

Your dad was one the funniest guys I've ever met. Often he would bring some puns to Sunday School to get us warmed up. But most importantly, he loved God with all his heart! He had burden for the teens of Indianapolis that was evident in his eyes, even if he wasn't talking about it. He was a great man, Chase. I'm praying for you!"

This tribute was added by pam cushman on 29th July 2013

"Chase, Linda and Chuck and the Gaddy's:
Our constant prayer for you at this time is that God will hold you close to His heart. We are asking that you sense HIs presence even in the deepest points of sorry. Our church family has been praying for this and as a family we are pleading with the God of all comfort to give to you what humans cannot give."

This tribute was added by matt herman on 29th July 2013

"Chase, We love you and your family. Your father and mother were a Godly example of how to live to serve Christ. They were also an example of how a husband should relate to his wife and how a wife should relate to her husband. They both love you very much and showed that to all of us. Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also l"

This tribute was added by Stephi Cyr Lemon on 29th July 2013

"Chase, our family watched your dad grow up through high school and college.  He was quick-witted, funny, and energetic, yet with great spiritual maturity.  In his short time here on earth, he accomplished much for his Savior.  He is a father to be proud of.  He will be missed by my husband and me and our children, but I can't imagine the awe he feels as he is now in the presence of God."

This tribute was added by Linda Byrd on 29th July 2013

"Chase, I didn't know your Daddy very well, but every Sunday morning your mommy came to drop you off at your 1 yr. old Sunday School class, I was your teacher.  She always had a big smile on her face and as you came into class (always heading to the tower of blocks I had stacked to knock them over) she would say 'Mommy loves you, see you later'.  You would look at her and give a big smile!!"

This tribute was added by Mike Shrock on 29th July 2013

"Please know that Lori, Drew, and I have been praying for all of you constantly.  I was so glad that the church I am preaching in this week in Charleston, SC took time yesterday in the morning worship service to pray specifically about this.  I am thankful to have interacted much over the years with Chad and he is missed.  God's way is perfect."

This tribute was added by Shelly Waits on 29th July 2013

"Dear Linda and Chuck,
Dan & I can't imagine the loss you are now experiencing, but knowing your faith, you can say with Job, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.  Know that God's comforting arms encompass your days ahead; the light of the Lord will shine down on you and your generations with His goodness and love. PFY"

This tribute was added by Ali Taylor on 29th July 2013

"I live in California and just read about Chad, Courtney, and their unborn child in the news.  This is so grieving, my heart just breaks thinking about the impact of this loss on their toddler, family, church family, and friends.  I am so sorry.  What can be said other than if Christ died for their sins then they are present with their Saviour.  May God's peace and rest be with you all."

This tribute was added by Sarah Herbert on 29th July 2013

"Chase, I grew up with your dad, and there are so many memories that I have of us as kids. In the past year, however, I have realized how much I respect him now as an adult and as a pastor. Chase, you have a godly heritage, both in your mom and your dad. We will miss both of them. I love you, and I can't wait to meet you. Praying for you!"

This tribute was added by Christina Elkins on 29th July 2013

"I never knew Chad that well, but, I know he was an amazing godly example. He was so funny, loving life...his family...and the youth group... Courtney was always so nice. She'd always be smiling every time I saw her. It doesn't seem real that they're gone. I really will miss them."

This tribute was added by Krystal Brobst on 29th July 2013

"Psalm 34:18 The Lord is nigh unto them that are of broken heart;  Chad and Courtney are sorely missed  and those of us that have survived them here on earth are grieving and saddened but they are forever in the eternal presence of our almighty God and Jesus. So  young yet so wise. Thank you both for such a Godly testimony and example to us.  We will pray for Chase often. <3"

This tribute was added by John Jarvis on 28th July 2013

"Even though we have no had the privilege of knowing Chad and Courtney, Their bright and radiant testimony shines for the glory of our Lord and Savior. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families."

This tribute was added by Shiny Singapogu on 28th July 2013

"To Dear Phelps family, and Chase
I am terribly sorry for your loss. I am praying that the Lord would comfort you in only a way He can. Your family continues to stand as a brilliant example of patience, endurance, and character that come from God. Chad demonstrated a fiery passion for God and Courtney's smile always lit up the room! I will miss them! Love you all!"

This tribute was added by Tim & Andee Lewis on 28th July 2013

"Pastor & Family,
Our hearts are broken, but at peace knowing the hope of a wonderful Savior. Chad & Courtney accomplished more for Christ in 25 years than many do in a lifetime. We look forward to hearing how God's glory will break this darkness, and we will rejoice with you in how God is actively working to accomplish his perfect plan. Love you all."

This tribute was added by Sarah Kihn on 28th July 2013

"Courtney and Chad taught a Bible study at my school (Carmel) last year and then is when I met them. They were such generous and loving people and they truly loved Jesus. I already miss them so much and I was looking forward to seeing them once school started. I know they are in a better place now and they are together and soon we will see them again in heaven. They really impacted my life!"

This tribute was added by Joy Popow Smith on 28th July 2013

"Dear Phelps family,
I'm a cousin of Courtney. I always remember she was smiling no matter what. As a mother of a small child, my heart hurts for sweet Chase. Praying for peace, comfort and understanding for y'alls family and church family.
Courtney, you will be missed. But I know that you are having the best of time with your dad and other loved ones"

This tribute was added by Micah Lomax on 28th July 2013

"To Chase, the Phelps, and the Gaddys,
When I heard the news, my mind was flooded with many sweet memories of serving in ministry and fellowship with Chad and Courtney on campus and extension. I am honored to have known and served with them, and their testimony of faithfulness has impacted my life greatly. Love and prayers for you as we wait in hope to see them again!"

This tribute was added by Jan Szumierz on 28th July 2013

"Dear Chase,  The first time we met your Daddy he was just about the same age as you are at this time.  We never had the privilege of meeting your Mommy, but we know that they both loved you very much.  They will be missed but forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Elliott Smith on 28th July 2013

"Chase, Your dad and I had lots of laughs, great conversations, and a great friendship. We were always trying prank each other like the time I covered his office with donuts or when he poured water down my pants in front of half the church. More then that he loved ministry and Christ. His messages helped me more then he ever knew. He was my friend and I look forward to seeing him again."

This tribute was added by Jeff N Shari Pill on 28th July 2013

"Dear Phelps Family:
Each person in your family is a hero to us. You have served as a shining example, provided many hours of encouragement and laughter, and have taught us to love and serve our Lord and Savior with our whole hearts!
We continue to be inspired to "burn out for our Lord", in faithful service to Him, because of your lives."

This tribute was added by Rebekah Lewis on 28th July 2013

"Chase, your dad was in the first class I taught 14 years ago- 6th grade! My favorite memory is when the class was going to sing in chapel. I mentioned to them that my 2 favorite hymns are "Nearer Still Nearer" and "The Old Rugged Cross." Your dad told your grandfather this, and the two of them combined those two hymns into one arrangement, which the class then sang.  What a sweet memory!"

This tribute was added by Becky Orr on 28th July 2013

"I did not know Chad and Courtney long but their love for the Lord was evident from the beginning. I am blessed to have known them."

This tribute was added by Peter Flint on 28th July 2013

"Dear Phelps family,
We are saddened and grieve with you.  Your family has been in our prayers that His divine peace, comfort, and strength would be your portion through these days and years.  We have so many fun, comical memories with Chad, and only briefly got to meet Courtney.  Indeed they will be missed but we long to see them all again.  We love you."

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