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August 2, 2013

There are many reasons I wish I could head back to America right now. I would like to see my family and meet up with my friends. I would like to eat real Mexican food. But right now I would like to go back to celebrate the life of my friend Chad Phelps. I have many memories of growing up with him. In kindergarten we would draw pictures during class and then show them to each other at recess. When we were in 6th grade we went camping and Chad said he would share a tent with me because I was by myself. But my best memory of him was in July of 2001. Chad preached a gospel message to a group of teenagers at a cola war in Toronto Canada. I was sitting in that group when God got a hold of my heart. I am thankful that Chad was willing to let God use him because after hearing from my friend about the love and grace freely available to me, I accepted Christ as my Savior. Chad and Courtney were examples of that love and grace to those they came in contact with. I am blessed to have been able call them my friends.

GO DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 31, 2013
Caleb Phelps spoke to us on Wednesday night and shared one of Chad's messages that he had spoken to youth group earlier last year. Caleb told us Chad ended with Jesus is enough!! I remember when he spoke that message Courtney had been holding Chase in the back and when he heard his dad's voice he shouted Go Daddy!!! We all had a good laugh!! Chase you were so touching and adorable and you still are!!

Courtney (We were college roommates)

July 30, 2013

I dont even know where to begin. Courtney was an amazing godly christian girl. She influenced so many lives. She was always willing to serve even if it meant sacrifice in other areas. She was my room leader my sophomore year at Maranatha. It's amazing to see how much had changed her two years there. Her first year she met Chad and they started to hang out with the same group of people so they formed a great friendship. I became friends with Courtney our freshman year I remember so many people asking her if she and Chad were interested in each other. Her reply was always "No we are just friends but chad is an amazing guy..." Well of course we all know the just friends part didn't last. Courtney and Chad were perfect for each other in every way. It was clearly evident God had brought them together. Courtney was an amazing room leader. She always kept us going with her positive attitude, and she prayed for us daily. I could tell story after story of the fun times I had with Courtney but most of all I could tell story after story of her willingness to serve, her compassion for others, her love for God, and her love for the ministry. She is truly someone I will never forget. I couldn't help but write a poem in honor of her so i wanted to share it...

You made a promise to serve the Savior with all your heart and soul. You knew the task would not be easy, but you refused lose control. You stood firm in faith you would not give up; you spoke of God's great love. Who would have thought you'd meet our Savior so soon in glory above.

Your love for others was truly seen, your life showed Christ in you. You showed such kindness to those in need, you were loved by so many you knew. Though I dont know why God took you home to heaven with Him to stay, I know He had a plan and purpose He knew all along what would happen that day.

Now the world has seen and heard your story of the life you lived for Him, my prayer is heart's will now be changed because of the way you lived. And though you are gone you are truly missed I am thankful you became my friend. I will see you again someday in heaven above with joy that will never end...


Chad always made me laugh!

July 30, 2013

When I began attending Trinity Baptist Church as a teenager Chad was around 4 or 5 years of age. As I grew through my teen years, I watched Chad grow too.  It wasn’t until I began volunteering in the youth group that I began to get to know Chad. At my first youth activity on staff, we were at a corn maze and Chad, along with some of the other guys, decided to bombard me with corncobs.  I think they enjoyed my futile attempts to catch the perpetrators more than lobbing the corn! I enjoyed so much the way Chad could make anyone laugh. His wit (which was always faster than mine) prompted many “gut twisting” laugh sessions. Through his teen years, I saw Chad grow and mature into a young man with so much potential and a drive to be used to by God to which that potential would no doubt be reached.


It wasn’t until Chad became an intern at Trinity that my heart was knit with his. A year earlier I had left the business world to be the middle school Youth Pastor and Children’s Pastor at Trinity. That summer, Chad was close to seeking the Lord’s timing about full time ministry. As we ministered together I found a friend who I could share ideas with, laugh with, and navigate through deeper things with. I’m not sure how much Chad learned from a rookie youth pastor that summer but I know how much he taught me. At times I wondered if he was the youth pastor and I was the intern! The best moment of that summer was seeing Chad’s seemingly unshakeable wit completely flustered during an ad-lib skit for family camp.


Since that summer, I’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with Chad about ministry or simply teasing him when Ohio State loses. (I’m a Michigan fan. J) I will miss Chad very much but I thank the Lord for the example he was to me.


Nate Beaman

July 30, 2013
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This is from a few weeks ago when Courtney and Chase took Matt, Meg, and I to the zoo. Unfortunately, this is the only "shot" I got of them from that day.

Chase, you were so excited to see the "ah ahs" (monkeys) and made Mommy laugh so hard as your enthusiasm turned every head nearby. You made sure to say "bye-bye" to every animal as we left and kept asking Mommy for "mo'?" (more). She loved seeing you so happy and made sure to text me multiple times later that day saying how much fun you both had. 

Love you, sweet boy.  

Final Memories

July 30, 2013
My husband John and I had the privilege of picking up our two oldest girls at Camp CoBeAc Saturday morning. Chad greeted us with such excitement about the great week they had had at camp. His face was aglow with God's goodness. A few minutes later we were sitting in the dining hall when Courtney came thru with Chase. She stopped with her sweet smile to chat with our girls, gave them both hugs, and told them she would see them Wednesday knowing we would be in Michigan on Sunday. We feel so blessed to have had them at Colonial this last year! Their love for God and our teens was so evident!

Full Name

July 30, 2013
"Martha Cochran, what's this?"  "Martha Cochran, can I play with the paper balloon?"  "Martha Cochran, do you know where my daddy is?"  I was standing at my display table of Japanese curios and this little 3-4 year old boy kept coming back, asking me numerous questions, always using my full name.  I mentioned it to his father later, and he said, "That's probably because he says your full name when we pray for you in family devotions."  I can't tell you how much that blessed the heart of this missionary, and when I faced some rough times here, I remembered that a little boy was praying for me by full name.  That boy was Chad Phelps, killed in the bus crash in Indiana on Saturday.  I had watched him grow up from afar, listened to his sermons in competitions in high school, followed him as he went to college, got married, became a youth pastor and welcomed a son into his family.  I am grieving with and praying for the family.  When I see him again, I wonder if he will say, "Martha Cochran, God answered my prayers, didn’t He!"
July 29, 2013

I had only known Chad and Courtney since the time they arrived at Colonial, about a year ago.  It has been wonderful to work with them in the youth group since that time.  I'm 15 years older than Chad, but it was I who looked up to him as he had such a servant's heart, an impeccable testimony and a true intensity to help others be more like Christ.

I had the distinct privilege of sharing their last week on earth while at Camp CoBeAc.  Chad and I would get up each morning at 6 am to work out and discuss the needs of some of the teens.  Later in the morning we would meet for a time of prayer.  Tears would flow, praising the Lord for the decisions made, and then even more tears for teens that still needed to make decisions.  I think this sums up Chad's life so well--he was always about his Heavenly Father's work in such a sincere and committed way.  

On Saturday, Caleb, Chad and I ate lunch together and had a good time, sharing a few laughs while remembering the events of the past week.   Two hours later, Chad and Courtney had traded a dirty highway for a street of gold.  Corruptible for incorruptible.  Common earthly happiness for unspeakable, eternal joy.  Godly friends for God Himself.  

Chad and Courtney will be undoubtedly be missed for years to come but the godly legacy they leave behind will continue to bear fruit for the Lord throughout the world.  They were truly good and faithful servants.

Chad as a 6th grader

July 29, 2013

I was introduced to the Phelps back in 1991 - little did I know that 8 years later I would have Chad Phelps in my very first class at Trinity Christian School in Concord, NH. He was in 6th grade at the time. How proud I was when my very first class walked across the auditorium platform 6 years later to graduate from high school. I'm pretty sure we laughed together as a class every day - and we didn't just laugh WITH each other. If you know Chad, you know that I laughed AT them, and, yeah, they laughed AT me - all in good fun!! As I was looking back through some old photos tonight, I saw Mrs. Judy Richardson, a beloved TCS teacher who passed away a number of years ago from a brain tumor. Our students loved Mrs. R, and this past weekend, Chad saw Mrs. R again!

I have to tell you about my favorite memory of Chad. The 6th graders were involved in some kind of special chapel at TCS. We must have had to pick out a song to sing, because I told the class that my favorite hymns are "Nearer Still Nearer" and "The Old Rugged Cross." The next day Chad came into school and handed me an arrangement that he and his dad (Pastor Phelps) had put together of those two hymns. I have often wished I still had that arrangement, and now more than ever, I wish I could share it with you! The 6th graders sang it for our special chapel.

My students have always been a delight, encouragement, and rebuke to me. So often they have challenged me in my own walk with the Lord, as I've watched their actions, choices, and responses, and Chad was one of those students. What joy to have been co-laborers together for a year at CHBC! His sweet wife Courtney always had time to chat - I loved her sincerity, her laugh, her smile, and her love for people. Earlier in the year, Sharon Phelps, my sister-in-law Dawn, Courtney, and I attended a play here in Indianapolis - I will treasure that memory of four sisters-in-Christ enjoying time together.

I found a few old pictures from when Chad was a student at TCS in Concord, NH:
Top left - don't know the year, but we must have been on a field trip
Top right - Chad Phelps and Brad Allamon on Look Alike Day 1999 (6th grade)
Lower left - entire 6th grade class of 1999 - must have been Hat Day - Chad is in the front in the red shirt
Lower right - 9th grade 2002-2003 school year

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of knowing and working with Chad and Courtney.

Chad was my best man

July 28, 2013

I couldn't have asked for a better person to be the best man in my wedding back in 2010. Chad was my best friend from childhood and I knew I wanted someone with a love for God and strong standards standing next to me on my wedding day. I was blessed to have been touched by God through Chad for over 20 years. I am a better person today and will be a better person tomorrow because of this great man.

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