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April 23
Chadrenne was my 9th grade English teacher in 2006, and to this day remains the best teacher I've ever had. She gave me much valuable advice that I still think about often, she was incredibly down to earth and easy to get along with. I was deeply saddened to find this. She will always be remembered by me ❤️ 

When I first met Chadrenne

March 1
The day I met Chad, we were at Adventure Park and we were in line for a kind of water fight ride. We all started talking. I worked with her boyfriend Allan at the time at Way Station. When we got on the ride, we all squirted each other exclusively and it was a great time
January 19, 2022
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Today is January 16, the fourth year that you left us. I feel the best way to know your with me everyday and beside me is when I look out over the land we loved and remembered the times we enjoyed this together. I feel you are free and in a better place and just so happy that you were my daughter and we shared this time. I can hear your laughter and see your radiant smile- will miss you and love you always❤️ Mom

Still Remember

January 17, 2022
Even though it had been awhile since I saw her last, I still now, think of Chadrenne, often.......her voice, her laugh and her smile. Peace

Chadrenne's book for Grandson George

January 16, 2019
Chadrenne's book for Grandson George

From Sue Nunn -

George is in love with Chadrenne – I read the story onto a CD for him last year, and gave him the little book.  He’s only 3, so her memory will live in Portland OR for a really long time. 

February 4, 2018

so I am writing, and I am not sure what to say, typical I know, but maybe not. I know to say that I loved her, I know to say she loved me. she loved all of us, and we all loved her. she was beyond charming, and beyond loveable. she was just one amazing human being. exotic is what I called her. us. we were exotic. you are a teacher, I am a motorcycle tech. you model, I race more motorcycles. we were not your typical couple. we knew one another back from grade school. we sat on the bus together for years. we talked in wierd accents, and she enunciated words I have never heard said like that. I would get off the bus and walk the rest of the way home only to call her later, of course after the kiss on the cheek. the old number is still written on the window sill of what is now my dad's office, my old bedroom. I could continue this part, we both wondered why, but the truth is, I actually had a contients. we both had to grow into who we needed to be.

years later we connected. we were both going through some similar things. we found each other to be us. our selves. 100% no act. we talked straight up with each other. we made plans and started to act. we wanted not only our love but our lives together. we started to figure out if we were to buy or rent...what pets? Marriage? she thought about names. I want to share with you how much she loved others. she would sit next me as I watched the tv. she would just stare. I would turn my head and damn near jump out of my turn my head. I'd cuss, she laughed, and I asked why? she said that just loved looking at me...the model looking at me?

I went to cut wood with my dad on monday she looked at me as I was leaving and put my hat on...she smiled and said she was happy. she loved how I looked with my hats. I loved the way she looked her smile. she looked at people with more complients then words, and that is how I looked at her. she was the savior of my center. I centered her.

we went racing, wich is a big thing to me. she loved to back me up and love my teams. she wanted nothing more than to get involved and wanted in the crowd. it was awesome to show her off! she was my girl, my love, and loved her response to that world. she was exotic, she had done simestrs at sea, been to great schools...highly educated. she looked at me when I talked about niromethane and motors she said she did not understand, but wanted to. she looked at me and told me she was so amazed at how smart I was, and I replied, that I was the dummy. she wanted me to win. she saw what I dealt with and thought it genious. I put my life on the line every time I start one of these motors, and she thought how cool it was.

she told me that it did scare her, she understood what it meant. she always backed me. I said to her what else would I do? she said stay with me. she asked what if I quit? I told her that was not an option, she said she would back me up then.

Chadreene, we talked plans of greatness! I don't know what our future would have held, but I know it was cut short. you were my friend, and I want you to continue talking to my heart, as I will talk to yours. I will love you forever sweetheart! till we meet again, good bye love. 

March 1, 2018

Today I wake and think what this day would be with you by my side. Would I be making you breakfast. would your day start with a foot rub? Unfortunately we don't get that answer. Would I be making you dinner, or would we go out? Would it just be us or would we have a big celebration? I wish you were here to show me. I know you miss me as I do you especially today. I know you would want to be with me. I know for a fact you loved me. You looked at me the way no one else could, and the best compliment I could give you, is the way I looked at you. Well, I will do my best to feel good about today, because the world got one of the best people to ever walk the earth. The world was priveledged to have you as was I. You were a very special soul, and I don't know if the world could ever replace a being such as yours.

I will love you forever, happy birthday sweetheart. Please smile, and know how much I love you! You are forever in my heart.

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