Posted by Sabir Vhora on May 9, 2021
Dear Ujjal ji

Saddened to know of the loss of your life partner Mrs Champa Mondal whom had briefly met in Mumbai. As have come to know someone full of strength, music & zest for life.
Our prayers that her soul rest in peace and God give strength to you & all family members.
Posted by Probal Mookerjee on May 8, 2021
Champadi - as we knew her, will be forever remembered for her smile, loving demeanor, culinary expertise and musical voice. Its sad to lose her so early....may her soul rest in peace and solace, forever !!!

~ Probal and Debjani
Posted by Ujjal Mondal on April 20, 2021
Thanks to all our friends, who have left beautiful tributes to Champa. 
Champa was a wonderful lady, my companion, advisor and she loved me from the bottom of her heart. She asked nothing in life, but wanted to sing and entertain others with her melodious voice. After lungs transplant she lost her voice a little bit when Ventilator was attached to her mouth for 5 weeks to help her breathing. She wasn't very happy and tried to regain her beautiful voice by joining local music schools who helped her to regain her melodious voice to some extent. Her polite demure attracted many people who became her life long friends. She had no enemies and I never heard her criticizing others. This was the teachings she received from Sister Nivedita School, of which she was extremely proud of. All her friends were life long and she loved to chat with friends for long hours. She enjoyed Bengali serials which gave her a rare pleasure of mentally leaving in India. 

I appreciate the gesture of my friends for leaving wonderful tributes to Champa. She will never be forgotten from minds of people who came to know her intimately.  Thank you
Posted by Dalia Majumdar on April 19, 2021
Dear Ujjol and Family !

Deeply saddened by the news of Champa’s demise . Our Heartfelt Condolences are for you and the Children . We have very sweet memories of you both since the time we all started out as new immigrants in the country . Our Champa led an outstanding life throughout and she will always be remembered lovingly and live in our hearts forever ! Her lovely melodious singing voice echoes as I reminisce the bygone days ! May Champa’s Caring Soul Rest in Infinite Peace . With heartiest thoughts and prayers —- Om Shanti .

Dalia & Subhash.
Calgary .
Posted by Firoz Ara on April 17, 2021
May GOD give Champa bhabhi Peace & Happiness in the Eternal Life and give patience to the beloved ones, she left behind.
Firoz & Seema
Posted by ANJAN RAKSHIT on April 17, 2021
you will be remembered by me not only as a loving wife of my school and IIT friend - Ujjal, but also as ever smiling and friendly face in many social, community and religious gatherings where we have met ever since I immigrated to Canada 21 years ago. I admire your courage for fighting against all odds till your last breath. My wife Swapna joins me in bidding GOODBYE with heavy heart. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Naren Doshi on April 17, 2021
Dear Ujjal
Malika and I are saddened by the passing away of Champa. We will always remember her smile, friendly nature, and sweet voice. We pray that God gives you and the family the strength and courage to go through these difficult times. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
Posted by Dev Raha on April 16, 2021
This is such sad news. As long as I can remember, Champa Mashi was our neighbour and close friend of the family. Her sweetness and kindness will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to her family members and I hope they are able to find some peace during this incredibly difficult time. May her memory be a blessing.
Posted by Devbani Raha on April 16, 2021
I'm so very sad to hear this news. Champamashi was one of my favorite aunties. I will miss her soft speaking voice and her songs. I will miss the delicious food that she cooked (especially her fish fry!). It's been a long time since I last saw her, but I will remain fond of her always. Tushi, Kushi, Aakash, Peter, and Ujjalkaka we are keeping you in our thoughts.

আসব যাব চিরদিনের সেই আমি

Champamashi - you are loved wherever you are. Thank you for being a kind, loving presence in my life.
Posted by KumKum Mitra on April 16, 2021
Hi Artiste ( Champa),
On completion of your journey here, you climbed up the stairs to heaven to sing to the Almighty.
We will always miss you.
Ujjal, Sohini-Akash, Kajari-Peter, you all are in our prayers.

Utpal and KumKum Mitra
Posted by Tauhid Khan on April 16, 2021
My sincerest condolences to Ujjalda and your family for the loss. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Keya Sen on April 15, 2021
Champa was a dearly loved friend. I had known her, Ujjal(da), Sohini and Kajari for over 30 years. Her ever welcoming smile and warmth never failed to attract us and whenever we went to Toronto we always went to see her, if not stay at the house. Her love for Rabindra Sangeet, of which she had a long repertoire, and for us always a pleasure to hear, manifested in many ways. For artists from Kolkata Champa’s house was a home away from home. I still remember the enjoyable night we spent with Pramita Mallik along with Ujjal(da) and Champa, chatting till the early hours of morning. Her kindness extended to us too, when she and her daughters took care of my little daughter on occasions when we went to Toronto. Over time, we do not know when she ceased to be a friend and become family, as we shared so many thoughts and stories over long phone calls. With her we have lost a dear friend and well-wisher. She will always remain in our hearts as a kind and gentle person, a fighter to the end, she final succumbed to her ailment. May her soul rest in peace.              Keya and Pradyot Sen
Posted by Probhat Raha on April 15, 2021
Champa was near and dear to us for a long long time. We had many common links as neighbors, Rabindra Sangeet devotees, work place collegues etc. We also had lots of social contacts, and always appreciated Champa and Ujjal's great hospitality. Our entire family is mourning on Champa's untimely demise. We wish her soul to rest in peace by the grace of Divine Mother Kali, who has released her from all earthly sufferings.
Posted by chitra Saha on April 15, 2021
Mamima will always be loved by all of us in the family. She always provided hospitality and was welcoming to our family. I was privileged to spend time with her in Toronto, with my parents. Enjoyed her special Bengali cooking and sweets. My kids were thrilled to visit her grandparents. We will always remember her strengths and love for us.
Posted by Subhasis and Rina Samanta on April 15, 2021
Champa was like our family member. We knew her for nearly 50-years. She loved life, enjoyed nature and appreciated beauty. A calm, soft-spoken, ever smiling person used to actively participate in social/cultural life, enjoyed decorating home so-artistically, loved singing Rabindrasangeet. She always stayed positive even during her physical difficult times. Being kind in heart, she extended her helping hands to others in need. Champa always loved cooking her specialty dishes, make her famous Bengali sweets and invite so many friends to enjoy dinner together.
We will miss Champa's sweet manners, friendly smile and pleasant company.
May her soul rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Shailesh Sampat on April 15, 2021
Our deepest condolences. RIP
Smita and Shailesh Sampat
Posted by Prabhat Saxena on April 15, 2021
Kaliningrad and I are very sad to know about the passing away of Champadi. May God give Ujjal da the strength to bear the loss.
Posted by Nandita Sen on April 15, 2021
My heart goes out to Ujjal, Shohini, Kajari, Peter, Akash. I have no words to describe how sadness we all are feeling the loss of our dear Champa.
Champa was an great inspiration to me all the time. We use to share each others feelings because both of us were going through kind of same health issues. 
Champa's sweet voice and her love for Rabindra Sangeet no one can forget that. She was very beave and strong person. Her poor health conditions could not stopped her, what she use loved to do.
Champa loved her family and friends and helped each and everyone.

Niloy and I will always cherish her wonderful memories. May God give strength to her loving husband- Ujjal, two beautiful daughters - Shohini, Kajari, Peter her son-in-law and her Sweet grand son AKASH.
Champa will be remain in hearts of many people.
May her soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Shyamal Ghosal on April 15, 2021
We offer our heartfelt condolences to Ujjal Tusi Khushi and Akash and pray that Champa's soul rests in eternal peace. Champa will be dearly missed by all those who happened to know her. She had tremendous strength of mind and never gave up hope and lived a cheerful life all along despite her illness. She will stay in our memories for ever... "Tumi robe nirobe hridoye momo"
Posted by Anuradha Sen on April 15, 2021
In grief
A history is not redefined.
The memories stay intact
In primary colors.
For a lady who lived a life with elegance
In her being,
Her days full of passion
For everything she loved to do -
Her ebullience animating those around her.
Many thoughts will keep you company,
Others will remain silent
In tears for a life gone too soon
But lived with charm and grandeur.
Inspired and inspirating those far and near
She will live in enduring grace.
Posted by Manju Acharyya on April 15, 2021
I came to know Champa through Bangla School. She was an extremely sincere and lovable person. I visited her a few times for the rehearsal of a Bangla School program. And through those visits I discovered how sweet and hospitable she was. Her absence will be missed by all who knew her. Our deepest condolences to her family. May her soul rest in eternal peace!!
Posted by Harjot Dhaliwal on April 15, 2021
Our sincerest condolences to you and your family for the loss of a beautiful soul. Sending you love, warmth, prayer and light during this time. Champa will be dearly missed by all.
Posted by Tapas Mondal on April 15, 2021
Champadi, we are mourning your loss from far away. We deeply regret that we were not there to support you, Ujjalda, Tushi, Khushi, and Akash in your last days. You may not be with us physically but we'll always cherish the memories we shared with you.

You and Ujjalda were our first family members when Sajal and I moved to Toronto in 1987. We will always remember how you and Ujjalda supported us in our early days in Toronto. We hold very fond memories at your home and in your company. You will always be remembered for your: love for Rabrinda Sangeet, beautiful selection of sharees, warm hospitality and incredible hosting of social gatherings, and last but not least, fantastic cooking. We miss you very dearly, and hope you are at peace.
Posted by Pramita Mallick on April 15, 2021
I was shocked by the news of Champa's passing away. She and Ujjala had hosted me during my first visit to Toronto. She was a warm hearted friendly soul ,very fond of music.She will be greatly missed. Pray that her soul may rest in eternal peace.My deep condolences to Ujjalda and the family.
Posted by Prodyot K. Lala on April 15, 2021
Champa was one of our close family friends for more than 40 years.
We used to meet every month for 2-3 days to attend Antara music school conducted by Bonani Ghosh. Most of the students were beginner learners. Champa was one of the tops with training and accomplished background. In every school program she was at the forefront with solo voice.
I joined the group to help manage the accommodation and schedule and to give company to my two children who were beginners. She appreciated my son’s musical. aptitude and got attached to him by encouraging him all the time. She was very helpful, pleasant and humble.
We used to enjoy her delicious food she made for the participants after the class. Even after her recent lung transplant she continued her love of music and never missed an opportunity to attend Social and musical events.
We will miss her sweet voice and simple smile. May her soul rest in peace.
With love and respect from the the LALA Family
Posted by Anil Yelekar on April 14, 2021
We have been very fortunate to know Champa and Ujjal since the early 90's. Whenever we visited them we could always count on great hospitality, Champa's delicious food, and her infectious smile and sincerity. Champa's ability to face all challenges, in her own quiet and dignified way, was inspiring. Her passing is a great loss to all of us. May her soul find eternal light! Our most sincere and heartfelt condolences to everyone in the Mondal family.
From: Anil, Ujwal, Anish and Ashish  
Posted by Puja Mondal on April 14, 2021
Champadi had a very deep and profound impact in my life and will always be grateful for her motherly love and support during a difficult phase of my life. Me and Avishek had a very special bond with Champadi and have tons of memories that we will continue to cherish forever.

Champadi will always remain in our heart and memories. May god bless her soul and provide enormous strengths to Ujjal Jamaibabu, Tushi, Khushi, Peter and Aakash to bear this loss.

Om Shanti! 
Puja and Avishek
Posted by Parames Misra on April 14, 2021
It is truly a sad moment for all of us who knew Champadi. Kanika and I had the pleasure of knowing her within one year of our coming to Canada through Ujjalda and since then we felt to be members of her extended family. She was so simple and kind! She had such a passion for music and Rabindra Sangeet, in particular. It was nice to meet her at various gatherings in spite of her illness. She was so strong at heart and so warm in her dealings with people. We will miss her. May her soul rest in peace! 
Posted by Jiten Saha on April 14, 2021
We do not have enough words to express how sad we are that Champa is no more with us. Her sweet voice will keep ringing in our ears, her pleasant hospitality and sincerity will remain fresh in our memory. We as a family meant a lot to her as well to us. Our countless get-togethers used to be so lively.

We met Champa in 1972 and we were very happy to discover that Chama and Bithika graduated from the Sister Nivedita School, Baghbazar, Kolkata and Ujjal and Jiten from IIT Kharagpur. We remember with pleasure how much we enjoyed our trip with our 4-year old son Dip to Halifax in 1973 in her new car. The long drive was especially enjoyable listening to her singing Rabindra Sangeet. Another memorable event was when she and Kajori attended our daughter’s wedding in Kolkata and the reception in Hyderabad in 2007.
She was full of energy, a source of inspiration to all of us. Our love for her will live on forever, even though she is no more with us. She handled with grace numerous health problems and would keep us updated. She won many battles except this one. May her departed soul rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Eshna Basu on April 15, 2021
Champa mashi was my mother's best friend and I've known her since I was born. Her India visits were always special occasions for us. My Mom would be a different person and with amazement I would see the two ladies reliving their college days every single time even when they had grey hair and grandchildren. She is so much a part of our world that it is difficult to believe she is no more. She was always warm, loving and full of love and laughter. She will live forever in our memories...
Posted by Sudipa Bhattacharyya on April 14, 2021
My parents and I have known Champa-mashi for a long time. I have fond childhood memories of going over to Ujjal-mesho and Champa-mashi's home on weekends. I remember the delicious food, warmth, and hospitality that they would be so eager to share with us. Champa-mashi was a kind, loving, and energetic woman who enjoyed life to the fullest. She will be sorely missed by all of us. On behalf of my parents (Dilip and Manjusha) and I, we would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to all of you at this difficult time. 
Posted by Tito Dey on April 14, 2021
I have very fond memories from the 1970's and 1980's of growing up with a very warm circle of Bengali family friends. Central to this circle of friends were Champa Mashi and Ujjal Mesho, who we visited many times at their home over the years. Champa Mashi was a great cook and was always very warm and welcoming. The addition of Somu, Tushi and Kushi made things even more fun. We would spend entire afternoons at their home, take walks to the park and return for a lovely dinner. Dinner usually transitioned into very late nights watching Hockey Night in Canada on their couch. I remember how warm Champa Mashi was especially to my parents and I am grateful for having known her.
Posted by Subby - Seeta on April 14, 2021
We knew Champa from the day she married Ujjjal who already was our best friend in Canada, all the way from 1970... Even before their wedding Ujjal had shown us Champa's picture which he used to carry in his wallet! She was the most gregarious and sociable lady who could tough it out from any situation! Her great interest in all the classical arts was all the more likeable about her.
We remember her very much, and pray for the departed soul which has now gone to a better place...Om Shanthi...

Subby and Seeta
Spring, TX
Posted by Jogendra Singh on April 14, 2021
We were very fortunate to have known Champa and Ujjal for more than 40 years. Champa was a singularly gracious and loving person. She had the rare combination of being an accomplished musician, a sincere loving being, a gracious hostess, a culinary master and a tender, understanding friend. She will be hugely missed.
Posted by May Goldberg on April 14, 2021
Kajari, my sincerest condolences to you and your family for the loss of your beautiful mother. Sending you so much love, prayer and light during this time. ♥️ 
Posted by Dilip Saha on April 14, 2021
We know Champa for more than forty years. Still remember when she first visited us with her family in Chicago. She was such a wonderful lady, bubbly, spirited and full of life. She was very talented with her awesome voice singing Rabindrasangeet. A great host with apt attention to guests when we visited them in Toronto. No wonder she was so popular. Champa, you are in our hearts. We love you. It is a pleasure knowing you in this life. Wherever you are, be in peace. Dilip and Sipra Saha
Posted by Ram Bhattacharya on April 14, 2021
This is an extremely sad and shocking news. Despite her health problems she was so lively and full of zest for life among friends and near ones. I shall never forget her wonderful hospitality when I visited your house in Toronto in 2002. My wife remembers the camaraderie she felt with her during our time together at IIT Kharagpur in connection with our Golden Jubilee of graduation in January 2018. A wonderful person who would be missed by all.

Champa's mortal self might have left this world, but she would certainly be in the hearts of all those who came in touch with her.

Om Shanti for her soul and may the Almighty give solace to the family members to carry on with life forward - cherishing her fond memory.

Ram Kamal and Krishna Bhattacharya
Posted by Surinder - Rajni Sharma on April 14, 2021
Champa & Ujjal were one of the first couples we met on landing in Canada in 1995. Our friendship continued to grow as family friends and strong supporters of IIT Alumni. Champa was like an elder Bhabi. We highly valued their support and guidance over the years. 
Our Sincere Prayers for the safe journey of Champa to the Supreme Lord's Abode. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!
Posted by Sailen Chakraborti on April 14, 2021
Champa was in everyone’s heart .We enojoyed her singing her cooking and company . She had way with people that they loved her . We will miss her.

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