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From Sachin Mehta

Shared by sachin mehta on June 30, 2021
I am saddened to hear of JC Bhai’s passing and extend my condolences to Ramesh, Umaben, Raji and the Chandrasekharan family. When Sarika and Ramesh first got engaged, we all thought highly of Ramesh’s parents, but I didn’t know what to expect my own relationship with JC Bhai and Umaben would be like. It meant a lot when he complimented me for my speech at their wedding and when he offered his moral support when I had my own personal challenges. Over the years, I found myself becoming much closer to them than I expected. We both took joy in spending time with Rohan when they visited the states. When I came to Bangalore on assignment, we had a chance to meet for breakfast and catch up. And we continued to stay in touch after that. Was looking forward to many more years of his company and he will be missed. In the future, I will be telling Rohan and Milan about their wonderful Grandfather and how he loved them. Rest In Peace, JC Bhai.

From Dilip & Smita Mehta

Shared by sachin mehta on June 30, 2021
We first met JC Bhai and Umaben when they came to US in 2008.Sarika and Ramesh were not engaged yet and this was the first time we were meeting. Although Ramesh had impressed me, it was after meeting JC Bhai and Umaben, that we were delighted and looking forward to forming the relationship with Chandrasekharan family.

JC Bhai was a wonderful person with such a pleasant personality that it has left a great impression on everyone in our family. My dad always talked about him and that how polite and warm JC Bhai was. During the discussion about Sarika – Ramesh wedding planning, he was most considerate, accommodative, and thoughtful. He said that although a Tamil wedding is rather elaborate, we can do this wedding as simple as Sarika and Ramesh desires. There is only one ceremony that he wanted included, and that was the Kashi Yatra. Then he explained it’s significance to us, and of course we too wanted it.

We are grateful that JC Bhai and Umaben visited us in North Carolina during 2016.It was a long journey for them, but they came, and we were able to spend time together along with baby Rohan. This was after his surgery, and he was under dietary and other restriction, but he never made any fuss. He carried on his disciplined routine but participated in all activities.

After Rohan was born, Smita and I took up part time residence in Oregon to be close to Sarika, Ramesh and Rohan. During this time, I would take Rohan’s pictures and share it with JC Bhai. He enjoyed it so much and we both would talk about Rohan. Although, he was watching Rohan (and later Milan), on videos and photos, he had great observation about their peculiarities.

We did not call each other that often, but whenever we did, it was pleasant and insightful. He has advised me on medical issues that has helped me. We have known JC Bhai for only a decade, but he has left a lasting impression on us. His memories will live for ever in our heart.May god rest his gentle soul in peace.


Shared by Jayaraman Srinivaasan on June 10, 2021
He was elder to me  but all of us called him by Nick name Thambi.In my memory lane He was bright and meritorious in studies,disciplined in character  .He was topper always in studies and cleared way for easy admission in institutions for entire line of army in our family He was a student chassd by Teachers  He was sharp and clear in discrimination and advisor for parents in family matters right from college days.till end.He was the brain behind our family espicially in hours of crisis.He was above average son to our parents as well others.He achieved his peak in studies as well career in his life Had he not been born in our family I am not able to imagine about our family as so much contribution.Needless to say He will be rightly placed in heavenly abode.He was icon of Educatiion in our family and I feel our family can plan helping bright poor students as mark of memory.

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