Charlene the protector and loyal friend

Shared by Colleen Brining on April 30, 2016

It was it was in 2002, right after I had my breast cancer mastectomy and reconstructive surgery I had gotten rid of an abusive boyfriend & visited Charlene on a regular basis every Saturday to have coffee and some Bailey's at Make my day where she worked for many years.

One particular Saturday, I meant a gentleman and really hit it off and so I gave him my phone number. The following Saturday I told Charlene that I had not heard from him and was concerned something had happened. She responded with" you don't want to have anything to do with that asshole!" Taking my friend's advice, I never pursued the events any further. About two years later, while having a conversation with another friend who happened to be at the bar that particular day,  informed me that this gentleman, after I left the bar, gave my phone number to Charlene and told her to throw it in the trash. She asked why and he said that he wouldn't date a woman with one tit. I never knew that she had protected me from such a creep and my feelings .

She truly was a kind soul, had great advice, could make a damn good Bloody Mary and was very loyal and loving to her friends and family. She will be greatly missed buy this friend ♡

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