Posted by ashley johnson on September 30, 2010
Bruce, we love you so much! Your brother Josh is so upset that we didnt get to make it up to tennessee to see you this past year! You will forever live in our hearts, and my daughter will for sure hear of you! YOU were great! Miss ya so much brother! -The Johnsons
Posted by Kelly Laster on September 28, 2010
One of my favorite memories of Bruce will always be of him and Billy eating M&Ms and watching wrestling. Or of Bruce and Brian running over to Miss Hazels saying "Kelly, Mom made you SPAGHETTI". I have always loved being a part of this family. Bruce will be missed by so many. But it is in all of these people, his family and his kids that his memory will live on. We will love you forever Bruce.
Posted by Kathy Laster on September 28, 2010
Through the year's we have all gone thru so much but we alway's got thru it someway and stuck together. Now we have a sad time to come together for and that is loosing you Bruce. In time we will all be together again and are expecting to see you and Papaw standing there waiting for us all. You will alway's be in our heart's and your kid's will know who you are. A new Angel is born.
Posted by Amanda Williams on September 27, 2010
Bruce you will be missed very much by your friends and family.You will forever be in our hearts.
Posted by April Arrant on September 27, 2010
Bruce I will be miss you lots, love u forever and always. Your friends and family thought the world of you and that you will never be forgotten but missed. love you
Posted by Carmen McDaniel on September 27, 2010
Samantha and Buba you will be in our prayers and Bruces Family to, we are praying for the little Man,know that your Daddy will always be there for you he is right beside you alway.
Posted by Heather Pieratt on September 27, 2010
Bruce you will be never forgotten you was a good friend,I'll remember going to your house to hang out always.. I just wish I could have seen you one more time. But the memories I have I'll always have.. You and your family are in my prayers.. You will get to meet my brothers and hope ya'll are waiting for me. You are missed buddy!! I love you Brian and Pam I'm so sorry for your loss!! God Bless
Posted by lisa gambrel on September 27, 2010
Bruce, I just want to say I love you..I know over the past few years you and I haven't been on the best of terms. But you are still family. I remember babysitting you when we were younger and watching you grow into a young man. Selfishly we mourn you and miss you but unselfishly you are free now. You can run and you are happy. And you will always be with us in our hearts. So fly high Bruce..
Posted by courtney lilly on September 26, 2010
Bruce, you are one of a kind. You're a great guy, you are loved & will be missed dearly ! My best wishes go out to your family. I'll miss you.
Posted by curtis harris on September 26, 2010
Hey bubba i will miss you so much i cant believe your gone but ill see you again in heaven with our father i love you bubba i always had fun when i was around you especially when i was young you taught me so much but R.I.P bruce love always your brother Curtis Harris
Posted by nicole gunnels on September 26, 2010
bruce i really miss u u and zach and braidynn were the 3 muskateers i just wish i could have gotten here a week sooner love u bruce you were a great daddy a awesome boyfriend and an amazeing friend love u
Posted by shelia harris on September 26, 2010
Bruce I wish I could have shared that first walk you took with Daddy.I know I was always there for almost everything else special in your life here.I'll never stop preaching to you,I know you expect it from me.I'm gonna miss you lots & I expect you to walk to me & give me a big hug when I get there.Love you
Posted by Amberly Hutchinson on September 26, 2010
hey Bruce, though we only talked over the phone once, i miss you. I always asked how you were doing and loved hearing stories about you. You were an amazing friend to everyone who talked about you, and your son "bubba" loves you very much. its sad you had to leave this earth so soon, but I know that you are in Heaven now running around with a smile on your face.
Posted by leanna puzon on September 25, 2010
bruce i love you . your an amazing brother and you will be missed dearly . i have so many good memories with you and their memories i will never forget . i miss you so much brucie . theres so much i never got to tell you and i regret it . ill see you soon ! love you lots .
Posted by stephanie pace on September 25, 2010
we all miss you so much...cant believe your gone...but your birthday will never be for gotten bc of adriyanna she runs around sayn your her angle now... rest in peace!! i love and miss you
Posted by Antoinette Prussia on September 24, 2010
Bruce you will be missed greatly, you have touched so many lives and will always be with us. You will live through your son Charles-Robert Gunnels
Posted by Antoinette Prussia on September 24, 2010
I will never say goodbye to you my Father
cause I know this is not the end for us to see each other.
You will only be going to a place where there’s no pain nor suffering.
I am happy for you, for you will be with God.
For now we need to go in separate ways.
I remember how your arms hold me and give me strength.
Posted by Antoinette Prussia on September 24, 2010
God now carries you with him,
since you passed through heavens gate.
And the place that you now call your home,
has no sin, nor is there hate.

We'll never forget the love you shared,
or when you cherished the little things.
We know you'll be right by our sides,
as our guardian angel with wings.

With everyday that passes,
you'll always cross our minds.
And now your in a better place,
where we'll see you again sometime.

Never forget we love you,
for you're always in our hearts.
And whenever we'll feel your presence,
we'll know you're never far.
Posted by charles prussia on September 24, 2010
bruce we will miss you forever and I miss you allot
Posted by Bridget Gaouette on September 24, 2010
Bruce your friends and family will miss you dearly. May God comfort your family in dealing with their grief. May you Rest In Peace!

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