Posted by Peter Wallis on December 5, 2018
It is now 7 years and yet Chuck, Charles Davis
is well remembered by so many !
Thank you again for the richness of your
contributions to this world!
Love and Blessings,
Friend Peter
Posted by Peter Wallis on December 5, 2013
Beloved Man,

You are missed for your humor, generosity, loyalty
and warm and friendly manner !

We honor you with Much Love and Respect.
Posted by Peter Wallis on December 6, 2012
At one year of his passing, Chuck still stands shining as a model of integrity, spiritual faith, compassionate listening and creative actions in the world. We all remember you Chuck with great love and appreciation. A life so well lived!
Posted by Peter Wallis on June 11, 2012
Today marks the 72nd birthday day of my beloved friend, Chuck...
This is a remembrance of this remarkable and loving man, who has impacted so many of us with his courage, compassion, creativity and dedication to making this world a better place.
Posted by Stevie Villarreal on January 5, 2012
We ran out of time to meet Chuck, but through visiting with Nancy, and learning of their love and exquisite  friendship and partnership as they traveled the path together , we know that he lives on in Nancys heart ,as well as in ours. We are here for you,Nancy, and we wish you and your family the sweetest peace as time goes on. : Love, Stevie & Mike Villarreal
Posted by Peter Wallis on January 5, 2012
Today marks the one-month passing of my beloved friend Chuck Davis, a man known to me and many others for his deep integrity, his warmth and compassion, his extensive creativity, and his vision for a more healed and noble humanity. Chuck was a dear, deep friend with whom I shared many memorable conversations as well as four years of rewarding work with fathers and sons. I miss him dearly..
Posted by Marilyn Iverson on January 5, 2012
What a blessing it has been to have a friend like Chuck. He has been a sounding board and confidante, and someone that my Jim and his Nancy understood was a special friendship. I will miss him very much, and am rejoicing that he and Jim are looking down on both of us, Nancy, as we continue to share God's love through our friendship. Peace and comfort to you and your family.
Posted by Matthew Ulrickson on January 4, 2012
It was such a pleasure to know Chuck, to see his heart, and see his courage and kindness as he faced death. He truly lived in a way that reflected the fact that because of Jesus, death has no power. His joy was evident to all. Well done Chuck!
Posted by Howard Carr on December 14, 2011
I'm so thankful I met Chuck in 1989 when I was falling apart. With his wonderful help I survived the hate, grief and neediness that was destroying my marriage and my life. It took two years of intensive therapy and another 15 years to heal. I enjoyed working with Chuck on retreats and classes. We shared much joy with him and Nancy. Chuck helped so many, many men all these years.
Posted by Paul Davis on December 10, 2011
"Chuck was a "Titan" in his field of counseling and a pillar in my life.He helped guide me through a crisis many years ago and I will forever be grateful.I later participated in a "Gathering of Men" that he organized which was invaluable to me.My..." Richard Batley (Lynnwood, WA )
Posted by Wayne and Barb Ferguson on December 9, 2011
Wayne and I became friends with Chuck and Nancy when each of our families were new to our neighborhood in 1972. Their Barbara and our Wendy, being the same age, became good friends. Nancy and I became close friends, and we have many happy memories of fun times with our two families. My heart goes out to you Nancy and Paul. He was a wonderful husband and father. Praying for you. Barb
Posted by Nora Strothman on December 9, 2011
Chuck and Nancy have always been an inspiration, as they have experienced both love and loss with grace and unending faith. Chuck will be deeply missed.
Posted by Mark Bergeson on December 9, 2011
Along with the influence of my own Dad (of who I lost 6/11/10), without a doubt Charles Davis gently taught me how to be a better listener, a better person, a better man. I cannot express enough or put into words the impact or fingerprints he has had on my life and in turn those around me. Thank you Chuck.
Posted by Mark Bergeson on December 9, 2011
When I think of Chuck, I think back to when he would close a group or retreat; he would have us form a circle, stand shoulder to shoulder, arms together and he would lead us in prayer, then he would raise his voice and say “take one step toward the middle” and he would just start howling with laughter as the group stumbled around.
Posted by Bob Watters on December 9, 2011
Visiting with Chuck as he battled prostate cancer demonstrated to us what courage looks like when one comes to grip with his own mortality. There was little doubt of his ultimate trust and his love for our Lord.

Bob & Phyllis Watters
Posted by Glenn and Karen Austad on December 9, 2011
We met Chuck and Nancy at Luther College way back in the late 50's and have been friends over the years. We will miss him at Luther events and at Soccer matches. Chuck had a great influence on many people as a minister, counselor, and friend. Our prayers are for Nancy.
Posted by Barbara Hoeschen on December 9, 2011
Chuck and Nancy have been friends for over 50 years. They were no doubt the most loving people Bob and I had ever known. I will miss Chucks wonderful laugh and loving hugs. Nancy, stay strong. I still need to do that, and it's been three years since we went through this. I love you ,and Paul, take care of your Mom. My love and sympathy to the family. Barb
Posted by Jackie Sprinkle on December 9, 2011
Thank you Nancy for allowing me to get to know you and your husband in one of the hardest times of your lives. I will never forget either one of you! Nancy you are so strong and you will make it through this because you have so many loved ones surrounding you! You know my # if you ever need anything.
Posted by Al Saterbak on December 9, 2011
Although we have not been in close contact, my years as Chuck's college roommate, and my years as Nancy's friend in La Crosse have created a bond that will never break. There is a gaping Chuck-shaped hole in my being. I will be with you in spirit on Saturday.
Posted by Kendahl Adjorlolo on December 9, 2011
Oops - I got on here twice because I didn't understand the system. Chuck would guffaw. He was a good laugher, too!
Posted by Kendahl Adjorlolo on December 9, 2011
Chuck was always a man of great ideas. I met him when he started Yokefellow at the Monroe Reformatory, a program to connect felons with the church community to possibly have positive encounters on their release. I'm sure he had many other ideas before we met up again to work on "Princes of the King" (later "The Boys Project"). Always thinking and planning ; ) He will be missed.
Posted by Kendahl Adjorlolo on December 9, 2011
I met Chuck when I was 16 and he was working on "Yokefellow", a program to connect convicts from the Monroe Reformatory with members of the church community. We would carpool to the prison and meet in the chapel to get to know these men, become pen-pals, and maybe be a positive liaison upon their release. Chuck was always a man of great ideas. I hope I can be at his service Saturday.
Posted by Greg and Donna Wollmuth on December 8, 2011
Donna and I always appreciated Chuck's good humor, intellect and teaching ability. Chuck and Nancy provided a witness that guided us through trying times at our church. Chuck's love of the Sounders Soccer Club gave us common ground to share the joy of sports. He will be missed.
Posted by Paul Davis on December 8, 2011
I still vividly remember the funeral service he led for Grandpa Jurchak knowing full well of the closeness they shared. I know Mom enjoyed so much her time as church secretary with Chuck. Your family is in the prayers of many in Texas. Peace and blessings to you all. Bruce Buenger
Posted by Paul Davis on December 8, 2011
We are saddened and yet at peace that Chuck has met his heavenly home. Pastor Chuck arrived at Welcome Lutheran at a time when he was the answer to a congregation's prayers. I remember how little time it took for him to become a favorite son to so many families. He was so young and enthusiastic that it invigorated so many. I remember Barb and Paul spending so much time at our home. cont->
Posted by Sandra Glenn on December 8, 2011
Chuck, with Nancy at his side, was a longtime member of First Lutheran who cared deeply about the church. Over the years he contributed in many ways both large and small to the church and to the care of its members. His recent efforts to share the memories of many senior members was one such example. His presence will be missed.
Sandy and Allen Glenn
Posted by Cathy Tanner on December 8, 2011
Over the past 30 years Chuck and Nancy have been part of the church family at First Lutheran. We had many faith conversations, faced some challenges and always ended in shared prayer, and I really appreciated that guidance. He will be missed but not forgotten. Blessings, Cathy

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