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my dad

well my dad was very hard working man

we lived in a  farmhose  and sometime we move offtern and we had to go wear the work was

it wasent easy fore dad and mum and all he seamd to do was work

he live the hose very earley in the moreing to milk the cows and sometime we dident sea much of hem when was harvets time

he was a very peacsfull an he had them eyes wear he look at you and you would hide if you was beaing bad  lol

he dident have to say a thing  but you know what he was thinking

my safe i wasent at home much allways in and out of hospiltle



they come and sea me most days when they could

he did have a car in them day you was lucky to have one

i reamber a wonderfull time when i had my larst opeshines onmy feet in kent and canterbury hospitle

mum and dad come and got me and i had my first pear of shose and was walikning out of ther mum holdeing one seid dad hoileding the outher and my shose wear black shing piated ones  and i  never fore got that day i was 14 years old

Dad was a shy man

but a very deep thinker

and we all miss hem still 

hahah when me and Stan the man got marred he sied to us

i give you 3 mounths ahahah

46 years and still happy ther you are dad lol love you allway

Margaet ann 

be back soon right some more cc



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