Let the memory of Chuck aka Candy Man be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on April 15, 1938 .
  • Passed away on March 28, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Charles Evans 74 years old , born on April 15, 1938 and passed away on March 28, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 26th December 2018
Well my love I had to go through another Christmas without you. I did absolutely nothing but think of you. This was a very different Christmas it was extremely quite. The holidays will NEVER be the same because your not here to celebrate with me. I thought about how you would start from the front of the phone book all the way to the end calling everyone wishing them a Merry Christmas. I know those calls are missed because if you didn't talk to them throughout the year that is one day you called everyone. I miss you soooo much and it doesn't get any easier like they say with time. It never changes for me. Merry Christmas my beloved. I will love and be in-love with you for eternity.
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 15th April 2018
Happy birthday wish you were here. Missing you
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 28th March 2018
I have been feeling real cocky today among other things and then I realized why. Your not here to give me a hug or a kiss to make me feel better. I still miss you like it was yesterday and as far as I'm concerned it was yesterday. I'm stuck in time wishing I could go back and can't go forward. I carry you with me every day so you see there will never be space for anyone else unless they figure a way to clone you. Still in love with you. Maggie
Posted by Kayla Johnson on 27th June 2017
Love you forever & til This forever ends KayKay ❤️
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 28th March 2017
Missing you a lot. This has been a hard month for me. I have been thinking about all the good times we had and that made me smile. It doesn't seem like 4 years since you left me it still seems like yesterday. Still in love with you. Maggie
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 19th April 2016
Hello my love. Tray, Fred and the kids came over on your birthday and went sent you balloons again. I miss you more than words can say. It still seems like yesterday when you left me. I'm trying to do better but some days it's hard. You will be forever in my total being love you Maggie
Posted by Tracie Johnson on 15th April 2016
Happy Birthday hugs and kisses love you Tray
Posted by Tray John on 7th May 2015
Hey Chuck just thinking about you it's a daily struggle for me I'm so use to calling you or visiting you I miss you so much but I'm glad we spent the last few months playing keno because I know you enjoyed it hugs and kisses love you your only daughter Tray
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 26th April 2015
Well beloved the girls came over on your birthday and we sent you some balloons. Bre sent you a note but of course hers got caught in the tree branches hope you read it anyway. Ms Johnson had her boyfriend with her and he's a very nice young man I think you would approve of him Tray calls him her son in-law so I know he is a nice young man. I had a very hard time on our anniversary but I made it through. We have the cutest little great grandson that I know you would just love to life his name is Marcello and he is my pride and joy. He keeps me going. I know if you were here in the flesh we would just keep him. I miss you soooooo much. I miss your smile your laugh your touch. I spray your cologne so I can still smell you. Tell Erma we love and miss her too. Well until later I will love and forever miss you. I carry you in my heart and soul everyday every where I go. There is only one other who shares that space with you and that is Jesus. He helps me endure life without you. If it were not for this I never could or would have had the strength to go on without you. My heart will never be whole again until we are together again so until then I will think and dream of you. Loving you forever more. Maggie
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 26th April 2015
I know what it means when the bible says in a twinkling of an eye because that is what you did to me the day you left me. It was in a twinkling of an eye. You snook off from me. I turned my head to get a ttissue to wipe your mouth and just that quick when I turned back you were gone. I had hoped the Lord would have let's us just get so old together that it would have been almost biblical. It would have been such a blessing for us to see togethet all our girls get married and give us some more babies to love cherish and spoil rotten to the core. Well I praise Jesus for what he did give us. I love you so much Charles Evans. You were most definitely one of a kind. You were truly a King.
Posted by Kayla Johnson on 2nd April 2015
hey granddaddy chuck, just wanted to let you know that I miss you, & I love you. & I think you would be very proud of me & all ive done lately, just know I did it all for you. please keep watching over me, protecting me, and loving me like you've always done. ill never forget all you've done for me. love always & forever. & even when forever ends
Posted by Kayla Johnson on 30th April 2014
Hey Granddaddy Chuck, I just wanted to let you know I miss you soooo much, & happy belated birthday, sorry I wasn't home to tell celebrate for you lol. I hope you're proud of me, & that you're looking down on me smiling, I'm gonna continue to make you proud, & be good & take care of my mama & daddy like you said. I do it for the Candy Man❤️See you soon. Love Kay Kay
Posted by Angelique McCullers on 28th March 2014
Wow , It's Been A Whole Year Since The Lord Called You Home. It's Still Hard Goin To The House && Not Seeing You There Sitting On The Couch , Or Seeing You Get All Dressed Up Just To Go Play Your Numbers Lol But I Can Always Feel Your Spirit When I'm There. I Love You Granddaddy Chuck , Always && Forever.!! Love Tweet
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 4th July 2013
It's the 4th of July and I am almost fit to be tied. I can't stand the holidays when they come now because your not here to share them with. I don't want to cook anymore because your not here to eat the food. I love you more than life it self and I almost just don't want to go on anymore, Lord please give me strength. My heart is just broken into pieces
Posted by Tray John on 16th June 2013
Happy Fathers Day we love and miss you ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Posted by Kayla Johnson on 7th June 2013
Hey Grandaddy Chuck ! I miss you soooo much, I go off to prom next week, & then the week after that Graduation. I'm almost there! Thanks so much Grandaddy for everything you've ever done for me. I'm going to continue to make you proud like I've always done. I love you, ttyl.
Posted by Tray John on 6th June 2013
Posted by A Evans on 17th April 2013
You were so much like a real father to me and I never will forget all the chats we've had in the past. My memories of you are nothing but good and I will truly miss you. Rest in Peace Chuck! Love always, Angie
Posted by Anthony Will on 15th April 2013
Happy Birthday Uncle Chuck. Love & Miss You.
Posted by Tray John on 15th April 2013
Happy 75th Birthday My Darling Father I Love and Miss You So Much.
Posted by Breyanna Johnson on 14th April 2013
Words cannot express how much I am going to miss you. Not only did I lose my grandfather but I lost my best friend. I'm going to miss our constant arguments and both of us being so stubborn. But no matter how much we fussed and fought we always had each other's back and we always knew that we loved one another. I miss you and I will always love you!!!!!
Posted by Michael Chrzan on 8th April 2013
Mr. Chuck. You used to hate it when I called you that haha. But it was because I had nothing but respect for you. You were loved and will be sorely missed. Although I only had the pleasure of getting to know you this past year, you were a role model for me and I thank you for your heart and character. Thank you for seeing a light in me and for always being true to yourself. ~Mike
Posted by Lonnie Orr on 8th April 2013
I will always remember the way in which you impacted my life in showing love too me in so many ways. Thank you for the life lessons and the time you took with me. I Love You!!! R.I.P. Bucky.
Posted by Angelique McCullers on 6th April 2013
Granddaddy Chuck, It's Hard To Believe That You Are Actually Gone, But I Feel Good Knowing That You Are Resting Easy.!! You Have Always Shown Me The Most Unconditional Love && Now I Have Another Angel Keeping Me Safe.!! You Are Always In My Heart && I Love You Forever . . . Rest In Paradise Sweetheart.!! Love, Tweet ❤
Posted by Arquillia Burks on 5th April 2013
Earth's loss is heaven's gain. Uncle Chuck, you were an impeccable man and full of life. Although you are gone too soon, your spirit lives forever. Thank you for the legacy you are leaving, there will never be another like you. I love you! Rest peacefully. Arquillia
Posted by Folds Kisha on 5th April 2013
Uncle chuck i will have a special place in my heart for u.
Posted by Anthony Burks on 4th April 2013
Thank you Uncle Charles for never treating me like a "in law" but always a nephew. RIP to the sharpest dresser Mo Town has ever seen. Head to toe ever time you hit the flo Uncle Chuck let them know Detroit was in the house. Love Always your chi town nephew Big Ant.
Posted by Lisa Tucker-prince on 3rd April 2013
My heart extend to the Evans family and God bless you. Carol may god continue to bless all your days and continue to give you strength, One day you an charles will meet again. Love you Cuz
Posted by Brenda Hollins on 3rd April 2013
I love you and miss you big brother. Love Brenda.
Posted by LaSonya Lawscha on 3rd April 2013
Dear Chuck the ONLY Grandfather that I've ever known, I will always remember Your infectious laugh & the way that You ALWAYS put Family First. I Love You & will Miss You tremendously & I will do My best NOT to do what You asked me NOT to do the last time We spoke. Rest In Peace Grandfather.
Posted by Mary Burks on 3rd April 2013
Wow! Some things in life you never feel will ever be. Life without Uncle Charles is one of them. I truly loved you dearly. You were my “Favorite Uncle”! I always looked forward to family gatherings because I knew certain faces will always be there. Now life as I have always known it will never be the same. I am grateful to God for loaning you to us for a season. You will forever be in my heart
Posted by Kayla Johnson on 3rd April 2013
Hey grandaddy chuck! Just wanted to let you know I miss you so much. Im glad youre in a better place, you finally get to rest! Youre my sweetheart you looked out for me everytime & you never were mean to me. That has to be the reason why they call you the candy man, cause youre the sweetest. My solider who fought for so long, I'll stay strong just like you. I'll love you til forever ends.♥
Posted by Regina Evans-Williams on 3rd April 2013
Words can not express my love or memories of you. You were not only my uncle, but you filled a void for me. Thanks for giving me away at my wedding and loving me unconditionally. Take your rest. See you soon.! ❤❤❤
Posted by Reginald Evans on 3rd April 2013
R.I.P Uncle Charles...
Posted by Carolyn Evans on 2nd April 2013
Charles Evans my love, my friend, the other half of me. I loved you more than God has stars in the sky, more than the grains of sand on the beach, more than words could ever say. I will NEVER LOVE ANOTHER AFTER LOVING YOU. Rest my love until we meet again. I know that you are absent from the body but you are present with the Lord. Loving you forever your wife Carol AKA Maggie
Posted by Tray John on 2nd April 2013
Dear Chuck My Loving Father I cant find the words to express how I feel but I have so much comfort because you knew I loved you and I know you loved me.The Bible says Honour Thy Father And Mother and I know deep down in my heart and soul I did. I Love You Always and Forever Your Baby Tracie.
Posted by Evelyn Evans on 2nd April 2013
uncle chuck: I know that you are in a better place, I also know that you went home peacefully! you gave your life to the lord! you will truly be missed! I love you dearly! your niece Evelyn!
Posted by Anthony Will on 2nd April 2013
Dear Uncle Chuck My Heart Is Heavy, My Eyes Are Watery, But My Love For You Is Endless, My Sadness Will Subside Because I Feel So Blessed To Have You In My Life And The Wonderful Memories I Will Cherish Forever. Thanks For All The Rides On The Chopper In Chandler Park. R.I.P Much Love Anthony
Posted by Kay Tatum on 1st April 2013
Chuck; my friend, I know for sure that if love could have saved you, you would have surely lived forever, for the love you shared with your friend, your soul-mate, your wife, Carol, would have made all the difference, it was indeed a true Love Story. But God loved you first, and to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. What better place to be...if not with Carol? RIP KAY

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