Posted by Joanne Weddle on November 15, 2020
I was privileged to take eight trips to Europe with Charles and the many artist followers he had. The last trip in 2017 was my favorite to Amsterdam. Charles was a great friend to all of us and an inspiration as a painter. The last trip I was going on was to Florence last year which had to be cancelled. Charles is greatly missed by so many of us - we have so many happy memories thanks to Charles and his leadership.
Posted by Jennifer Gsell on November 1, 2020
I think of you often Charles. So many memories.  I miss you and I will always be so grateful to have known you.
Posted by Cynthia Prince on November 1, 2020
Each night before I go to sleep I look at a small painting ( of course of a boat) that Charles gave me and i think of Charles and my years of happy adventures painting with him. Usually when I wake up in the morning I don't even notice this little painting as I am so busy getting ready for the day but yesterday when I woke up, I couldn't keep my eyes off the painting and had to contact my friend Pat with whom I shared most of my Charles' adventures. For some reason I was not content until i had made contact with her. Then I learned that it was the one year anniversary of Charles ' passing. Oh Charles, you may not be with us in body but you will never leave us in spirit. You made such a strong connection with so many of us and we loved you so much and the times we shared. We truly miss our earthly times with you but still are so happy reliving our wonderful memories of these incredible experiences.
Cynthia Prince
Posted by Nancy Politsch on October 31, 2020
Charles, Happy Halloween and what a scary time. The election is in 3 days. Keep us in your thoughts because we need your common sense and profound Advice now. Miss you. Think of you often.
Posted by Carol Gruppe on July 1, 2020
Today would be Uncle Charlie's 92nd oops, I mean 74th birthday! Oh how angry he was when we celebrated his 90th un-birthday in Italy! I so miss him! Happy birthday, Uncle Charlie! XXX
Posted by Nancy Politsch on July 1, 2020
Happy Birthday Charles. You are dearly missed but I am glad you are avoiding COVID-19. It’s a mess and we have to teach all of our classes virtually.  The classes are popular so we are doing ok.  Enjoy heaven. Send us a sign. Love you. Nancy
Posted by Nancy Politsch on January 24, 2020
On 1/11/2020, we celebrated Charles at our D'art for Art. Charles had donated a painting for our annual fundraiser. I told the crowd of 260 about the painting and Charles. It was spoken for in the first minute f the darting.

Love you Charles.. Miss you.
Posted by Valerie Merrill on January 24, 2020
I truly miss this wonderful man and painter. I learned so much from him in class. His sense of humor and talent made him one of a kind. He was always so kind and patient with all of his students. Loved hearing his stories about painting, his travels, and especially miss his artistic talent. He was one of a kind. Sending him and his family and friends lots of love and wonderful memories of a great man.
Posted by Carol Gruppe on January 7, 2020
To all who have written a tribute or made a tribute in their own special way, Thank You. Charles meant so much to so many and it still surprises me that his is simply no longer with us.
But after much thought and discussion with his travel agent, it does seem fitting to have a Charles Gruppe Memorial trip. We are currently planning a trip back to the Amalfi Coast around the end of October/beginning of November time frame. Where to go for more details will be posted as the trip itinerary is confirmed. I hope many of you will be able to join in for a celebration of Charles' most amazing life.
Posted by Jennifer Gsell on January 5, 2020
   I have been blessed to know Charles since 1998 and have so many fond memories. I still remember the first day I met him. I had just recently been hired by Sun Holidays and was advised I would be handling Charles Gruppe’s group travel arrangements. I was so very nervous as this was a new position for me and I was going to meet the well-known artist with such a large following. I still remember walking to the parking area to meet him and the butterflies I felt in my stomach. And then I met him. Immediately I felt comfortable. He was down to earth and so easy to connect with. From day one we just clicked.
   I am grateful not only to have worked with Charles but to also have developed a genuine friendship with him. Charles always asked how I was when he called. He was sincerely concerned with my wellbeing. Throughout the years we talked about our personal struggles, accomplishments, and aspirations. He shared so many of his life stories with me. Many times, we would call just to say hello and see how each other was doing. Throughout our working experience we laughed many times. He also yelled at times and I cried at times, but in the end, we would laugh all over again knowing we made a pretty good team. We understood each other well and our strengths and weaknesses complemented each other. 
   Charles often told me these painting trips gave him such a purpose. I could feel his enthusiasm when planning trips. He loved connecting with his friends and students, organizing the details and communicating with everyone. He shared so many of his travel experiences with me. He treasured the experiences and relationships with his friends, and I am so grateful to everyone for the love and joy that was brought to him.
   I am extremely honored to have known Charles. I still feel the sadness often from his loss, but I am also grateful to smile often just from thinking of him. I will always hold Charles closely in my heart. He is, and will continue to be, dearly missed.

With Heartfelt Memories,
Jennifer Gsell,
Suntours Intl
Posted by Melissa Shelly on December 28, 2019
Charles has been on my mind recently. I had gone on a painting trip with him to Tuscany in 2011 where we stayed in the heart of Florence. I had always wanted to take more trips with him but life with young children always got in the way. However, we always stayed in touch! I would call him from time to time and send him cookies over the holidays...This year, as I’m back in art school in NYC, I had really been remiss I’m contacting Charles. However, I had this nagging feeling so I set out to google for any news....& sadly, I saw that he had passed. It breaks my heart for I loved him so much and enjoyed our talks and “good Lord, dear, the picture practically paints itself!” We had so much fun! Loved his humor and his heart! How I wish I had known that he went into hospice. I wonder what was wrong as he seemed to be healthy when last in Maine. I would love more information on his memorial in Connecticut! My cell number is: 610-442-3007 Godspeed!
Posted by Alison Smyth on December 13, 2019
Yesterday, we at The Wright Gallery in Cape Porpoise, Maine learned that Charles was gone. Not gone for a drive. Not gone on a teaching trip to paint with his usual crowd. Simply gone.

Somehow this still doesn't seem real... Charles Gruppe, ever larger-than-life, should be enthusiastically, if not somewhat distractedly, planning his next big trip; talking about what he's been up to; and with nearly feverish joy, and in a booming voice, calling to say a painting is "on it's way!" I can hear him clear-as-day: "Oh Alison, Who is this? Oh yes... Alison... Charles Gruppe here!"

I was fortunate to have travelled with him a few times, and lucky enough to have thought of him as my friend many times. Charlie Wright, the gallery's original owner; Bree Clark, Charlie's daughter and my business partner; and I, we all feel blessed to have represented him. Charles' body of work has been admired, collected, sought after, and loved by many. The art community has lost a very special artist.

Our thoughts are with the family. Please reach out if we may be of assistance in any way. (207) 967-5053
Posted by Nancy Politsch on December 11, 2019
I went to Amsterdam with Charles and had a blast. I love his painting style and I love his humor. Charles was such a jokester and loved to praise people for their efforts in painting. He was to begin his 25th year teaching for Lighthouse ArtCenter on Jan 6th 2020. Charles will be missed. Love you Charles Gruppe.
In Amsterdam, he had almost 40 people on the trip. Some people painted but about half were there because his trips were so fun and inexpensive. The first day the tour guide did not show up, but the tour bus did. My daughter lives in Amsterdam and I had been there 6-7 times before so Charles appointed me to tour guide and I sat at the front on the jump seat and talked about the sights of Amsterdam as the driver drove us around. Charles told me I did a great job.                                                                         Carol, as the director of Lighthouse ArtCenter, we all send our condolences. I wish we had known that Charles went in to hospice. He had been in my thoughts but life gets so busy. Please let us know about the memorial in CT. My cell number is 410-935-4324.
Posted by Nancy Politsch on December 11, 2019
Tributes form The Lighthouse ArtCenter Board of Directors and Faculty.

I took a workshop with Charles Gruppe at the Cincinnati Art Academy in the 90’s and purchased two of his paintings. Very creative and interesting person who also offered lots of tricks and painting techniques to his students.

Took classes and trips with him...his best line , “put it in your trunk and go sell it!” Lucky to have several of his paintings, lb
Very sad news. He was a dear person and loved by all. He will be missed.

Charles had a rare gift of blending humor and talent to great effect and joy of his students. Always generously shared of himself. We will miss him Bob T

I’m so sorry to hear that. He had a loyal following and will be surely missed by his students, family, and LAC....Manon

A sad loss for all of us, but a wonderful life for a someone who brought joy and beauty wherever he went.  Anne Palumbo
Sorry to hear the news. Please give our condolences to his family. Eduardo Gomez

My ❤️ Is sooo sad!
The world has lost a: charming, bright, funny, lovable and very talented teacher and artist.
I will miss you Charles!
Fondly, Susan

I went to Amsterdam with Charles and had a blast. I love his painting style and I love his humor. Charles was such a jokester and loved to praise people for their efforts in painting. He was to begin his 25th year teaching for Lighthouse ArtCenter on Jan 6th 2020. Charles will be missed. Love you Charles Gruppe. Nancy Politsch/CEO LAC

Posted by Jacki Frey on November 19, 2019
My husband and I enjoyed charles's trips, his humor, his interaction with group. He loved travel and painting. He made the trips so fun. We could explore around all day and just paint! We will miss him. He was special! Carol I hope you will have a future tour, we would love to go.
Posted by Doris Bellucci on November 15, 2019
What a great loss to us all who have attended his many workshops in the US and went on his many trips to Europe over so many years. My first workshop was in CT in the early 1990’s. I am so glad I have two of his paintings to remember him. I also have several that have his brushstrokes and of course those big birds and boats. He was always willing to help everyone and had a great sense of humor. My sympathies go out to the family especially Carol. I was privileged to have known both of them.

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