• 66 years old
  • Born on September 17, 1945 .
  • Passed away on July 11, 2012 .

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To paraphrase
James Joyce:

He lived, loved, laughed and left. 

Posted by Joy Gant on 13th July 2014
In Honor of Chuck & Karen & your beautiful family ~ It still so challenging knowing I will never see you again, as I watched the pictures, I saw one where you were reaching from your Parents drive way for Eric on top of the car & I could see our old homestead across the street & so many memories flood my heart & mind. I feel blessed to have known you all & sad for your leaving your family & all us that loved you so, you & David being my 1st mentors. I feel honored for the opportunity to have such honorable human beings in my life as well as your Parents being there from me, I will always hold you & your family close in my prayers & heart for I would not be who I am without the opportunities you all took time to be a neighbor & friend for so many years & bless all that miss you & we all miss you so very much, Joyce Gant
Posted by Andy Davis on 12th July 2013
There is still a void in our lives since you left Chuck. Think of you often and miss the fun!!
Posted by Joy Gant on 11th July 2013
Moments linger that all the memories of you Chuck your love of family & your love of running & traveling. Chuck you were one of the 1st mentors in my life when was 6 in 65'. Honored to have know you & family & I carry your memory in my heart not a day goes by I look at the house you all lived in & a tear comes to my eye & beautiful memories of you all. love you & family, prayers to family.
Posted by Teighlor Darr on 11th July 2013
I remember Chuck today just as I knew him 16 years ago. He was a generous man: quick to laugh, give, contemplate, and always open to new ideas. In an imperfect world, what perfect poetry that he is survived by Eric and Mildred's lovely daughter Arya. All my love to the Taylors as they grow, evolve, and hope.
Posted by Joy Gant on 22nd May 2013
I will always think of Chuck as a mentor & beautiful human being with a thirst for life & running, as the bombs were set off in Boston i thought back on all the marathons he ran there ~ still miss you & may your loved ones be comforted with your essence that still remains. I am a better human being for knowing you & family growing up.
Posted by Karen Ruttke on 28th November 2012
Chuck worked with us through Merrill Lynch in Danville, CA as one of our favorite clients due to his positive outlook and outgoing spirit! He took us golfing with his beautiful daughter Amanda, but had to leave after around 9 holes....maybe had something to do with Uwe hitting a few things other than the fairways :-) We think of you often...RIP xoxo
Posted by Kent Barr on 20th November 2012
He was the epitome of "common sense".He worked tirelessly to foster growth and development in all he knew. I will forever cherish our efforts to achieve mutually rewarding outcomes for our respective companies. May a dear friend eternally rest in peace.
Posted by Mark Brooks on 31st October 2012
I didn't know Chuck long, but the short time I did he really taught me a lot about life. If you want something you've got to go and get it. He was a great roll model for me. He was a very generous, hard working, and devoted man. And he loved his running! I will never forget and all ways miss him!
Posted by Scott Quinn on 30th October 2012
I first met Chuck at the University of Santa Monica almost ten years ago. From the start, I felt happy any time I was around him. He was deeply caring, kind, generous, honest, and had a gift for telling a story like none other. In a class of 275 people, he would stand up and weave a tale that had us all in stitches, and yet by the end of it we all felt like we had become more enlightened.
Posted by Scott Quinn on 30th October 2012
Chuck took my mom and me to Alamo Bowl games. What a fun treat every year! My favorite memory was skydiving in 2005. Chuck and I were in the same plane. I wasn't scared until I saw him dive out head first. It was then my turn. There was nothing to grab onto, nothing to do but let go and fall. I felt totally free and alive. When I landed, Chuck was there with a hug and high 5. I miss you!
Posted by Ben Ezra on 1st October 2012
Our friendship goes back to Chuck and Karen's time in NJ. Over the years, we kept in touch from a far distance and would reconnect periodically. We have great memories of marathons together...and fun-filled dinners, always enjoying his compassion, wit, enthusiasm and humor. He is doing a great marathon somewhere, and relishing it.
Posted by Beverly Childs on 28th September 2012
II met Chuck in high school 1964. He was so intelligent, clever and hilarious. He always kept everyone smiling; from peroxiding "64" on his flat top hair to being "best dancer" and "best dressed" at the 40th reunion. He was such a good and constant friend. He will be greatly missed by all that were fortunate to have him touch their lives.
Posted by Maria McIntyre on 26th September 2012
Chuck had so much knowledge about the transportation industry, especially energy issues. He shared what he knew - a true professional - who cared about the "big picture." So hard to believe he is gone. I will always remember his welcoming smile and warm hug!
Posted by Rich Sherman on 20th September 2012
This is a real shock. I just heard that Chuck had passed away. He was one of the real supply chain guys. His insights into supply chain and his dedication to "Awakening" supply chain professionals to the real issues in oil will never be replicated. I am fortunate to have known him and offer condolences and prayers for his family. We have lost a real man.
Posted by Masao Nishi on 17th September 2012
I have known Chuck since the 80s and knew him as one of the true leaders in our profession, and someone who freely contributed and shared and helped the careers of many. More recently I got to know him beyond supply chain and realized how good a person he really was and how he truly cared for others. Wendy and I will remember fondly the time we spent with Karen and Chuck in Smithville.
Posted by Joel Sutherland on 17th September 2012
Chuck was a giver in everything he did. He left a legacy of inspiration that his family and friends will always admire and aspire to be more like him. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Diana Kuninger on 12th September 2012
Sam and I remember Chuck as a man who was willing to work tirelessly for the causes he believed in, and one who had a real understanding of issues and problems in our country. We'll miss crossing paths on our walks around Smithville and the always interesting chats that happened, standing in the middle of a street somewhere. Our hearts go out to Karen and to his family.
Posted by Warren Cohen on 12th September 2012
Chuck had been my mentor, friend and confidant. He had guided my career since 1981, when I was a young supply chain professional. Chuck always referred to me as the "kid" with his Texas drawl. I only had a few years of supply chain expierence when I met Chuck at Standard Brands, but he saw my potential long before I did. I will miss him greatly.
Posted by Cindy Davis on 11th September 2012
What a beautiful life tapestry Chuck created~~with threads of adventure, loving and sharing, giving and caring. He remains a big part of our family with lots of laughs and good memories. Thank you sister Karen for bringing Chuck into our family!
Posted by Amanda Taylor on 10th September 2012
If we could bring you back again, For one more hour or day, We’d express all our unspoken love; We’d have countless things to say. If we could bring you back again, We’d say we treasured you, And that your presence in our lives Meant more than we ever knew. If we could bring you back again, To tell you what we should, You’d know how much we miss you now, And if we could, we would.
Posted by Anne Beck on 9th September 2012
Ha, you again challenged my abilities with the log-in for your tributes. The Smithville Democrats will really miss your astute assessment of the political times. We will miss your direction and encouragement, but especially all of the watermelons that you bought and had Karen cut into tiny bites for Mitzi's outdoor party.
Posted by Ed Skarnulis on 9th September 2012
I worked with Chuck on the '08 election. His values reminded me of Hubert Humphrey's quote: "It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.
Posted by Kay Wade on 8th September 2012
This site is a beautiful and loving tribute to Chuck, who married my childhood friend, Karen. Although I did not know him well, we shared the same birthday and a love of coffee. May all the wonderful memories live on!
Posted by Mark Richards on 8th September 2012
Chuck, A driven professional, constant learning, mentor, and most importantly someone that always seemed to encourage and lift up everyone he encountered. I feel blessed to have known him. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Larry Cuellar on 8th September 2012
Chuck was blessed with many talents and he would readily share these with anyone. He had a big heart. I admired his determined nature and his commitment to applying his best effort, whether running in a marathon or a business venture. He was always the group leader/cruise director at any family event. There is a void now that we are missing the “master of ceremonies”. We miss you.
Posted by Joy Gant on 7th September 2012
I am honored to have had Chuck as a mentor as well as his family be part of the tribe that helped raise me. being neighbors & family friends since 65' was a blessing & may his family be comforted by the tender hand of the unseen & may peace be with us all.
Posted by Karen Folino on 7th September 2012
Chuck was a mentor and a friend to me. As the song says...."he became the friend that a friend would like to have." I first met him at BNSF. He recognized potential in me that I didn't see in myself. He laced our professional relationship with encouragement, support, being a champion for success, a model of communication and always believing and looking for the best in people.
Posted by Teighlor Darr on 7th September 2012
In 1997 I was welcomed into the Taylor clan. I admired their warm, good-humored family dynamic every time we visited. Chuck was an extraordinary, energetic, generous, lighthearted soul. My heart goes out not only to the Taylors, but to the broader human family, which will never be quite the same without him. I feel so lucky to have met Chuck.
Posted by Susan Fitzharris on 7th September 2012
I knew Chuck & Karen through my daughter Teighlor. I was so sad to hear of Chuck's passing. Whenever Teighlor spoke of Eric's family, it was not without mention of some amazing feat that Chuck was accomplishing. There really aren't enough words to express my sadness for your loss of such a good man.
Posted by Vince Livingston on 7th September 2012
Chuck was a great supply chain leader and change management guru. He was unsurpassed as a mentor, giving me opportunity, investing in me, supporting me throughout my career. He was unassuming and always there for his team. And his team loved him back.
Posted by Roselly Hendriks on 7th September 2012
In the span of his lifetime we knew Chuck only briefly yet we will remember him forever - he always was a strong, quiet, pleasant presence. Frans and Roselly
Posted by Maggie Watson on 6th September 2012
Without exception, Chuck was always there with a kind word, a referral and deep and caring wisdom. In the midst of all his activities, Chuck took considerable time to make company and association introductions for my grandson, Jason, in CA. Jason located a job in LA in the midst of a recession because of Chuck. This only 1 example of his thoughtfulness. He will be so missed by so many.
Posted by Andy Davis on 5th September 2012
Chuck was a great brother-in-law (who was more like a brother to me). Always entertaining and the one you could depend on to keep things lively. He was a special person. I will miss those good times and I will miss Chuck.
Posted by Paul Bryant on 4th September 2012
Chuck was a good friend for 46+ years. We knew him as a generous, caring, loving and honest human being. He had all of the great qualities that we all wish we had. We always felt good being around him. Can't believe you are gone, good friend. You left a great legacy. Our life will never be the same without you. --Paul and Cindy Bryant
Posted by Ron Paradoski on 4th September 2012
I first met Chuck in High School (SPX) and we became "best buds" in college. There were too many great, fun times with Chuck back then to single out one (from double dating in the Buick convertible to meeting Chuck and Karen, when they lived in Ark., to attend a rock concert in the Ozarks). Great memories of a fun,intelligent, best bud. Rest well, my friend.
Posted by Becky Lord on 27th August 2012
My big brother, what can I say? He made life fun and was always willing to do anything. I'll miss him more than words can express. I'll end this as Chuck ended all his correspondence....Peace
Posted by Sumi Assumpter Akumu on 27th August 2012
He was an amazing person. He had this beautiful aura about him. Intelligent, kind, welcoming and a very good sense of humour. So glad to have met him. Thank you for the family road trips across Smithville, Austin, NJ and PA etc. (I will forever cherish my Texas Longhorn football from you). Pass my regards to all the people I know 'up there' . . . Still hard to acknowledge your demise.
Posted by Karen Taylor on 22nd August 2012
I loved my friend. He went away from me. There's nothing more to say. The poem ends soft as it began- I loved my friend. Langston Hughes

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