his Life

 I remember when I was little on Halloween papaw used to have his teeth hang out and put ketchup on his face and down his shirt used to scare us grand kids, but then he laughed and hugged us. then i remember him always caring us down the walkway and chasing around the yard. and also the days me and Tia used to sit in the living room listening to Granny and Papaw talk about the Bible and the stories of there younger days and me and Tia eating chesseit and drinking coca-cola. I will always remember those days . and those are the days we need to remember not the days he was sick but the days he was smiling, laughing. But I do have to say after all he had been through he still had his hand in the air praising the Lord I learned a lot from my papaw and will always remember him forever,and he will always be in my heart. I love you papaw