If there ever comes a day where we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever.
  • 65 years old
  • Born on April 8, 1952 .
  • Passed away on June 4, 2017 in Shoreline, Washington, United States.

This memorial was created in honor of Charles Sargent. Charles was born on April 8, 1952 and passed on June 4, 2017 from an aortic dissection. Charlie was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all his friends and family.

Please help us celebrate Charles by sharing a memory/story in the Tribute area below or viewing/adding some photos you have of him in the Gallery. To share you will have to make an account, but it is free and quick. His family will also use this space to post updates as they become available.

Posted by Chuck Donahue on 7th December 2017
RIP Charlie! I was shocked to see news of his passing in ALPA Magazine recently. Charlie was always a smart and caring man and friend to me and my wife Jeannie in 1979 and 1980. I enjoyed the good times at his house in the Philippines and our flying C130s for the 21st TAS in Asia. Thanks to Charlie for advice about the airlines as it helped get me to NWA and eventually retiring from Delta. I’ll never forget you buddy. To his wife and children,such a huge loss for all. I offer my condolences. The last time I saw Charlie was in 1994 when I was close to retiring from AF. We took Charlie out to F Street for a meal and beers as he was on a Delta layover in Anchorage.
Posted by Jeffrey Rose on 23rd November 2017
My best memories of Charlie are from his first year as a Zoomie Cadet at Colorado Springs. He would have some time off and come up to Boulder where his gracious charm and warmth were always captivating and fun. He is missed by all.
Posted by Scott Terpstra on 19th September 2017
Charlie and I played wide receiver together at the Air Force Academy Prep School. I did not graduate from the Academy, but my former classmates are gracious and always invite non-graduates to reunions. It was such an occasion 35 years later, that Charlie searched me out and made sure I felt welcome. He was genuine and made me feel like I belonged there. Other than his kindness, the thing that stuck with me was, "Boy he sure looks great!" So when I heard of his passing, it hit me especially hard because he looked like he would live to be100. From reading these tributes, it is evident Charlie lived his 65 years with grace and kindness. I am sorry he could not have been with us longer.
Posted by Paul Ellis on 13th September 2017
To Charlie's family and friends: I know this is late.... I just read Charlie's name in ALPA magazine and am very sad at the loss of a friend and colleague. Charlie and I were pilots for Delta and Instructors at Boeing together. We shared "hanging' out" time and many meals. Charlie was always interesting and fun to talk with and I will miss him very much. My favorite "Charlie" story takes place in the Botanical Gardens in Singapore. The two of us decided to get some exercise on a long walk. We had entered a section of the Gardens that preserved the way the jungle looked prior to civilization. Charlie was two steps ahead of me and almost stepped on some kind of large prehistoric lizard thing. I have never seen a man jump so high! (Who says white men....well, you know). We have laughed about that many times since. My thoughts and prayers are with you all in this sad and difficult time. I will certainly miss my friend. Paul Ellis
Posted by Peter Griffith on 21st July 2017
I am so sorry to hear the news about Charlie. I am a Delta colleague and my children went to school with yours. I survived an Aortic Dissection 6 years ago and I'm no longer permitted to fly. When you are ready, you may consider contacting the John Ritter Center for Aortic Health in Houston. They have identified some of the genetic components that relate to aortic issues that would be of interest to your children. They will most likely recommend DNA testing.
Posted by Franzi Thompson on 4th July 2017
All of our love and sympathy to April, Mary, and Charlie's family. We are greatly saddened to hear of the loss of such a GREAT and DIGNIFIED man, all the way from hatch to dispatch. He was a modern hero, which we sorely need in these times. May you greet the grief gently and be really good to yourselves in this sad, sad time. Our love and strength are with you all daily. Franzi and Kim.
Posted by Franzi Thompson on 4th July 2017
Too much of a loss to understand.
Posted by Richard Brooks on 21st June 2017
I have known Charlie since our time at Skyline Grade School, through Lincoln High School and then as he went to Colorado Springs and I headed for Annapolis. Our paths would cross during our military service. Was so saddened to hear about his passing. Our condolences to his entire family. He'll be missed by all. Dick and Sheryl Brooks
Posted by Don Davis on 21st June 2017
My friend at Lincoln, my friend at Delta. My heart is broken and I will miss you.
Posted by David Graham on 18th June 2017
I first met Charlie at Air India as part of the self proclaimed "Slumdog Legionnaire" expatriate pilot program. Charlie was never afraid to say what he believed, which I believe, saved an entire Air India flight from disaster one night out of New Delhi. He was an extremely competent and knowledgeable pilot. As we say in the Navy, " Fair Winds and Following Seas, Charlie".
Posted by Scott Murray on 18th June 2017
My condolences to Charlie's family. We shared the "never to be forgotten" Air India experience. Charlie added a lot color to our adventure. Thanks for the memories Charlie on your last flight West my friend.
Posted by Gregg Mettler on 15th June 2017
Charlie would email me about union and negotiation issues.We kept in touch in our cyber world, developing a commonality of views and positions on everything airline. For over a decade we kept in touch, excelting the last few years. I always enjoyed Charlie's perspective and his cyber friendship. Fly West Charlie. God's speed. Your friend, Gregg Mettler
Posted by Joe Carroll on 15th June 2017
I first met Charlie during Beast in the summer of 71. He was a combination of James Dean and Steve McQueen truly the coolest guy in the Class of 75. RIP
Posted by Dave Aldrich on 14th June 2017
We are shocked and saddened that Charlie is gone. Our sympathy to all that loved him. Sincerely, Dave Aldrich & Kathy Wilson
Posted by Cameron Hyde on 12th June 2017
April, I know your time with Charlie was short but it was spectacular.!Remember that. In 60 years of knowing Charlie I've never seen him as happy as he was with you. Laurie and I will hold the image of you two together and very,very happy forever.
Posted by Sharon Holland on 11th June 2017
I remember several Christmas mornings at my in-laws when the doorbell would ring and there was Charlie at the door unexpected. He seemed to get the Atlanta to Seattle flight on Christmas once in a while and always surprised the family with a visit. Charlie was an awesome guy and will surely be missed by so many.
Posted by Bryce Paxton on 11th June 2017
It seams like just yesterday we were flying together in Air India. I met Charlie in 2007 we were a small team of expats who shared a beer or two and swapped many stories of what happened on the line. What a great guy I am in disbelief, taken way too soon! My condolences to the family, very sad to hear this.
Posted by Will Paterson on 11th June 2017
I only met Charlie once, but have been friends with April for many years. We did a road trip from Seattle to Big Sky in Montana in the infamous Lincoln Town Car, what a machine! It was so obvious how happy and in love Charlie and April were. Was. Great few days with some amazing experiences. Thinking of you all, just so hard to fathom it all out.
Posted by Mary DeMello on 10th June 2017
My dearest brother Charlie, I forgive you for being a jerky brother throwing pine cones at me when we were in grade school. I remember we use to bounce on a tree branch and you pulled that branch back so hard and LET GO! I was a bullet in the air. REALLY! I forgive you for making me ride down our long steep graveled driveway with that crazy ass go cart you made. We wiped out at the end of the driveway. Yup, had some pretty nasty scratches. we would fight over what t.v. show we would watch, you won, it was "Star Trek" It makes me laugh when I think of these childhood memories, I survived them all, You were my strength, my hero. Becoming an Eagle Scout, graduating from the Air Force Academy, Having your own company, Great stories of being an airline pilot. Excelling at what ever you did. You were not afraid to try new adventures. A good provider for your family. I will always miss you, I have faith we will see each other again. You have wings that soar high,
Posted by Bruce Fritzsche on 10th June 2017
We met the summer of 1970 with the likes of SSgt Dooley! What a summer at Lackland AFB. The next five years were a challenge but we made it through!! Looking forward to seeing you again Charlie!
Posted by Richard Kennard on 9th June 2017
Great memories as a USAFA Prep School classmate and fellow cadet. We miss you Charlie and hope to see you again!
Posted by Scott Ayres on 9th June 2017
Charlie always showed a sincere interest and really listened to what was going on in a persons world. I very much appreciated his no b.s. opinions about topics from current crazy politics to the state of our economy. A hard charging, devoted, caring, accomplished self starter with a big heart and a unique fondness for the Lincoln town car..Charlie Sargent you will truly be missed.
Posted by Tori Spence on 9th June 2017
To April, Family and friends, From all of us in Peachtree City we are all trying to grasp this very sad news. Charlies heart was full of good intentions, he was very kind, he was meticulous in everything he did to make things nice and he was generous. He has left an impression on this earth of how hard work, caring and giving the benefit of doubt to others, and that being kind is paid forward for all to share and spread to each other as we all move forward on our own journeys until we meet again. Thank you Charlie for the opportunity to share such a beautiful place that we appreciate and have called home this last year. You will always be remembered Charlie. Love from your tenants. To April and the family if there is anything we can do to help you make this transition easier we are here. I will continue to help maintain things here for you as I did for Charlie so you all can take care of what needs to be done. God bless you all and our prayers and help are here for you.
Posted by Crystal DeMello on 9th June 2017
Uncle Charlie was someone I loved dearly, not just because he was family- that was a perk. He possessed so many characteristics I didn't appreciate until I was older and realized that he was rare. A person of integrity and kept his word- he'd always be there if you asked, but he held you accountable to keep your word too. He'd travelled and had so many experiences in this world that he could tell countless stories, but then he'd turn around and ask my opinion-and listen- really listen. He did everything with his own two hands, if he didn't know how when he started a project, he'd learn. I know how lucky I am that he moved to Seattle recently because I got to spend more time with him these past few years and get to know my Uncle as he seemed to relax and finally started to enjoy the life he always worked so hard to build. I will miss his big hugs, laugh and stories.
Posted by Pam Lemire on 8th June 2017
I am so sorry to hear this - my thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.
Posted by Ronald Wanner on 8th June 2017
It saddens me to see so many friends leaving so soon. RIP Charlie.
Posted by Collin Sargent on 8th June 2017
My heart goes out to Mitch, Amelia, and Eileen. I am so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful man. Charlie was a great man to be around. He was very hospitable, and giving. Thank you again Charlie, for the smoked salmon at our last family reunion. Take care where ever you may be Charlie. Say hello to all the rest of the Sargent's up there for me.
Posted by Barry Steiner on 8th June 2017
Though I never knew Charlie when we both flew for Delta, we got to be friends while we both worked as instructors for Boeing. Charlie was a bright and charming guy who was fun to be around while we were both far from home on assignments. His passing comes as a complete shock. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. Rest In Peace, Charlie.
Posted by Dick Rau on 8th June 2017
Dear Charlie, though we hadn't had much time together since high-school, I wouldn't trade our Lincoln days for anything. From that first visit to your home up on Skyline, to the numerous visits at Dr. Forman's 'Club House', to that amazing Fairmount Blvd police chase where we 'got away', all I can say now is "Those were the days, my friend." I hope to see you again. Blessings to you and you're family and friends and loved ones.
Posted by Betsy Peets on 8th June 2017
I am so sad to hear one of our best has gone. My heart goes out to Charlie's family and close friends, I know he will be missed but he will always be in your heart.
Posted by Marcia Yearout on 8th June 2017
Dear Sargent family. You will always be our neighbor. You haven't lived on "the hill" for years but your memories will always be there. I think of you often when I come and go from moms house remembering all the good times our family had with your family. My prayers are with you all in this hard time of loss. You are continually loved by your old friends. Marcia Yearout
Posted by Eileen Sargent on 8th June 2017
I want to tell everyone what a great father Charlie was to his babies, he loved his children so much. At this time of mourning, I look back and remember how he gently cared for them, as he softly spoke to them staring in their eyes as he propped them up on his raised burp towel covered knees , he so loved feeding them their bottle. This endearing memory will always be with me. He was very much loved and will very much be missed.
Posted by Jack Carr on 8th June 2017
Many years of flying with Charlie at Delta always brought good times and laughter. I never crossed paths with him that I wasn't greeted with his giant smile and a warm welcome. After many years of retirement there are only a few pilots I've stayed in touch with and Charlie was one of them. My heart is broken and I'm saddened beyond words at the loss of this kind man. May God's blessings pour out to his lovely family and dear friends.
Posted by Liz Miller-Butler on 8th June 2017
May god bless you all❤️ May You soar with the angels on your final flight west✈️✈️✈️✈️
Posted by Debra Baldwin on 8th June 2017
This is very sad news. Blessings and comfort to the family
Posted by Beverly Dennis on 7th June 2017
Mitch, Amelia and Eileen, we are so sorry to hear this about Charlie. We know he will be missed. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Allen, Beverly and Molly Dennis

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