Papa and Nanny's wedding day <3
Charles Waco Maxwell (PaPa)
  • 65 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 5, 1949
  • Date of passing: Oct 29, 2014
Let the memory of Charles be with us forever

Charles Waco Maxwell (PaPa), 65, died Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at the VA Hospital in Durham, N.C.

A longtime resident of Greer, S.C., the son of the late Donald Lee and Marguarette Smith Maxwell. He was a retired truck driver from C & C Trucking of Duncan, S.C. He served his country in the US Army; serving in Vietnam and received a Purple Heart and the Army Commendation Metal.

Memorial services will be held Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 2:00 P.M. at Eakes Funeral Home in Creedmoor, and afterwards the family will be at the home, 3128 Buckhorn Rd. Wake Forest, NC.

Surviving are his wife of twenty-seven years, Martha P. Maxwell of the home, two daughters; Tami B. Arledge (George), Angela B. Koon (Reggie), a son, Bryan P. Blackwell, two grandchildren; Cody J. Lawrence (Amanda) and his special angel, Natasha R. Blake (David), three great-grandchildren; Kristen Waters, Charles Blake and Nathan Lawrence and two brothers; Jim Maxwell and Billy Maxwell. He was preceded in death by four sisters and one brother.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 29th October 2017

"When I post this it will be 3 years to the minute since u took your last breath as I kissed your cheek. In some ways it seems like longer but then again it doesn’t seem like that long ago. Either way PaPi I miss you no less. A lot has changed since you went away and life has definitely been different. I wish I still could come to you and you advise me on how to solve all these problems, or as your wifey would say, “Pull a rabbit out the hat”. ;). You sure could find a rabbit in that hat of yours. They broke the mold when they made you my precious PaPi. I love you so much. Even in your absence memories of you can still warm my heart and make me smile. I hope they continue until we meet again one day. Til then take care handsome and don’t forget to come get me personally when it’s my time to see you again!!"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 5th October 2017

"Happy Birthday my sweet PaPi. I sure miss u. This day is always one of my hardest to get through. Three years and it still isn't any easier. I love u  so much my handsome Papi and not a day goes by that I don't miss u.  A piece of my heart went to Heaven with u but that's ok, u just hold on to it until I see u again."

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 11th November 2016

"Hey there handsome,

Happy Veteran's Day! I remember I used to anticipate this Day and making it an extra special day for u. This is cause I have always been so proud of u. Then, I did not know exactly what your final amount of sacrifice u gave for our country would be! All I knew is how proud I was (and still am) to have such a brave, amazing person in my life to teach me. Lord how I miss u PaPi. :,(. I would love to discuss the Trump for President with u. He is our President-elect now, who would have ever thought huh? And yes, I support him :). I know that you would have as well. Anyhow, this is the only way I can wish u a Happy Veteran's Day now. I miss u my PaPi and you, nor ur service to our country will EVER be forgotten by me! Love u more than words!"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 30th October 2016

"Hey my PaPi,

I couldn't bring myself to visit here yesterday, for it was a difficult day, marking the 2 years since you left us. We still miss you everday and love you just the same. I sure hope that Rosa is there with you now. I had to have her put down 4 days ago. I'm hoping that she is with you, young and vibrant, just as you are. I miss you so much PaPi and love you more than words could ever express! Nanny misses you so much and we both hold you in our hearts forever. My heart still aches the same as it did 2 years ago when we lost you. I lost a piece of me when you left and will never be the same. I wish I could hug you but until we meet again, this is my place where I feel as I can speak to you. Miss you bunches my PaPi and love you always. <3

Love always,
Your Tatta"

This tribute was added by Angie Koon on 29th October 2016

"Hey Charlie just wanted you to know how much that you are missed and still loved just as if you were still here on this world with us (well you are but now just in our hearts and minds) but you will ALWAY BE WITH US LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU EVERY DAY. Until we see each other again  LOVE ALWAYS YOUR DAUGHTER ANGIE"

This tribute was added by Angie Koon on 5th October 2016

"Happy Birthday Charlie"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 5th October 2016

"Today is full of memories
Happiness and tears
Of birthday celebrations
We've shared throughout the years

And though I'll always miss you
the endless love you brought
Warms my heart with gratitude
and feels my every thought

In Heaven where you're resting
I hope that you can see
How precious and uplifting
Your memory is to me

I feel that you are with me
In everything I do
So I'll celebrate your birthday
And spend it missing you.

Happy Birthday in Heaven my sweet PaPi!!! I miss you so much every single day that I carry on in this world without you. Until we meet again, I hope you know that I carry you in my heart! <3 <3 <3"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 28th November 2015

"Hey PaPi,

Year #2  was incredibly difficult without you at Thanksgiving. I felt as if you were here in spirit but even so, it was still not near the same and I'm quite positive it never will be. I made all of your favorites and you would have been proud of the way that I have mastered making your and nanny's recipes. I will do my best to continue to keep the family together at holidays, until the day that you come get me to take me home with you. I love you PaPi and I thank you for visiting me in my dreams. <3 My heart is still broken, for it will always be so i believe. I try to keep it to myself how much the little things tear me apart. Such as, the other day I was in your closet (when attempting to make an ornament for you on the tree) and found your toboggin. It still smelled of you and I hugged it and lost myself for a moment. Wow I just miss you so much. I do now know how a broken heart feels. Only I don't think time will ever heal this one. I love you Charles Waco Maxwell and thank you for always being such a great father to this "little blonde-headed girl that ran around your house". Oh, and for Halloween, Pacey picked a Navy Seal costume out of all just because he said he wanted to be a soldier just as his papa was. <3 Love you my PaPi and miss you ENORMOUSLY. Papa Brady was taken home as well on the 14th. I hope ya'll two are enjoying yourself and if you will, tell him that I love him as well. PaPi, what I wouldn't give to kiss your forehead just ONE MORE TIME. Love you forever and always! <3"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 5th October 2015

"Happy Birthday in Heaven:
Your birthday brings back memories
Of laughter and of tears
Of all the celebrations held
Throughout your precious years.
As your now watching over me
I hope that you can see
How much those memories we made
Will always mean to me.
I'll always cherish times we had
And smile just at the thought
I hope you know the magnitude
Of joy your life here brought.
On Holidays and Birthdays
It's hard to be apart
Like every day that falls between
Your memory fills my heart.
You're with me now where ever I go
You're part of all I do
I'll celebrate your special day
And the gift of knowing you.

Love you Papi! <3"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 5th October 2015

"Happy Birthday Papa! I woke up first thing this morning and kissed your box and wished you a Happy Birthday. Too bad wishes don't come true, for I would wish to celebrate just one more Birthday with you. We think of you constantly, everyday, but today will be extra difficult as it is the day God decided to create the best man ever. I miss you Papa and I hope you have a Heavenly Birthday up there with Jesus! <3 :']"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 8th July 2015

"It has been nine months PaPi and the pain has not subsided. I often break down while I am alone, missing the only person in my life that I knew was always on my side. Daddy has been in the hospital in pretty bad shape and as I spent the night with him the other night memories just flooded me. Memories of the seven months of hospital stays that you and I endured together. The endless hope that we both had that you would get well and our plans to go to Topsoil Island and fish. It still seems unreal that I will never hear your voice again...what I wouldn't give just to hear "Tatta" from you one more time. Mrs. Martha is still struggling as well. There has been a dark hole in both of our lives since you left. I love you PaPi, just the same as I always have and I miss you just the same as I did the moment you left me. I still feel as if I am lost. I don't want to forget you, I don't want to let you go, although I was left with no choice physically. There are so many things that run through my mind of what I should have/could have done differently and maybe you would still be here. Is this true? Did I push you too much? Did I make the right decisions? One thing I do know though: Every decision I made was one that I thought was the best one and I always had nothing but hope and faith that you would get well again. I love you PaPi and I miss you so much!!! I hope you have the most beautiful wings because to me you always had them. <3"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 20th February 2015

"I miss u sooo much my handsome Papi. Nothing is the same anymore. First thing in the morning when I get up, I look at your seat at the kitchen table in hopes to just see you sitting there drinking your coffee and smoking your cigarettes. How will I ever heal. I will never get over losing you. And now nanny is doing terribly. I just don't know what to do. I need you so badly. You were always my rock, the one that I could count on for anything. Now I am suppose to be everyone's rock and I am not as strong as you. Please papi, show me a way to heal. Show me a way to get through. I love you forever and always. <3 When you left, a large piece of me left with you. :'("

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 4th January 2015

"Papa, I miss u so much. I try to keep it all to myself for everyone else's sake and I feel like I am abandoning ur memory. You are in my dreams, my thoughts, almost 24-7. I do not know how I will go on without u because I have always had u. Plz do not think I don't miss u with all my heart. U are so precious to me and when I stop and thoughts are of u. The pain is like none I have ever known. So unbearable but as a mother, wife and granddaughter to ur wife I must carry on. If u r watching me...plz help. I love u so much and I don't know how to carry on without u!!!!! :("

This tribute was added by cheryl d on 14th December 2014

"It seems so unfair that death have the power to take away a loved one. And the thought of never seeing or holding your loved one again is painful. But the bible indicates that you can be reunited with Mr Maxwell in the future right here on earth under peaceful conditions and perfect health. Notice what Jesus christ promises ( John 5:21,28,29)- yes Mr Maxwell and millions of others who have died can live again forever. I hope that this wonderful message from the bible brings you all comfort."

This tribute was added by Kathy Harvey on 1st November 2014

"To Angie, Reggie, Tasha and Mrs., Maxwell...I know Charlie was a wonderful man because he has a wonderful family. So close and caring for those around them, just as he was. Angie has given me a glimpse of Tasha's heart as she has spent her life caring for Charlie and her mother and children. It does not go unnoticed by our Savior. She has also shared many times about  her mother and her devotion to her family.Charlie was blessed to have such a family and his legacy will continue to live on in each of your lives because he trusted in the one who gives each of us our life. Now he is experiencing Eternal life with the King of all creation. God Bless you all as you travel the road ahead. You are in our prayers"

This tribute was added by Kristen Waters on 1st November 2014

"I just want to thank my papa Charlie for all the years he has helped me and my family get through life. I also want to thank him for fighting for this country and risking his life for us. We may not have showed how much we loved each other all the time but I know you loved me with all of your heart and i loved you with all of mine too. And I will always be your baby girl. I know cancer has gotten the best of you but at least I know your in a better place. I know your looking down on me writing this right now and your smiling. At least I got to see you before you passed Wednesday night. I'm going to be strong for my family and i will look up at you and smile back. <3"

This tribute was added by Charles (Pacey) Blake on 1st November 2014

"I use to ask Papa Charlie can I have batteries for every remote control thing i had and he always gave them to me. And I loved him a lot!"

This tribute was added by Natasha Blake on 1st November 2014

"I have been waiting to leave my tribute because I don't even know where to begin. Papa was an amazing man and I am thankful to have had him in my life; for I do not know where I would be without him. He has always been like a father to me; When I got married he was on one arm and my daddy was on the other. I remember when I asked him would he give me away, he had tears in his eyes. (this did not happen often) I am thankful for the sacrifice he made for us all in Vietnam (which contributed to his death) and the love that he gave me and I hope that in return I showed him the same love in his time here with us. I have never known hurt like I am feeling right now and do not know how I will continue on without him in my life. I was there when he left his fragile body and went to be with Jesus. As I kissed his right cheek, he took his last breath. Leave it to Papa to leave me with such a memory. Through all these years he showed me unconditional love;for I know this is not found often. No matter what I done in life, he never judged me, only loved and helped me. I love you papa more than any words in the Webster Dictionary could ever express. There will never be another man like you! I find comfort though knowing that you are in Heaven reunited with your sisters and brother and no longer in pain. I just ask one more thing of you; when it is my time I want YOU to be the one who has come to show me the way to the Promiseland. RIP my handsome Papi! ;') <3""

This tribute was added by Reggie Koon on 1st November 2014

"I loved Charlie! The man went to war to protect us and all of mankind. He risked his life for all of us! I will miss all of the home-cooked meals and Thanksgivings and Christmas. The time at Myrtle Beach fishing he welcomed me into the family with no judgements. I know in my heart that he loved me as much as I loved him. We will miss him but we will see him again. He's probably fishing right now in that crystal clear river in Heaven.I will always love him and the memories will always remain. See u soon (PaPa) Charlie!"

This tribute was added by Angie Koon on 1st November 2014

"I will miss him so much. Anytime anyone of us ever had a problem, he could find a way to fix it.(pull a rabbit out of the hat) There is no doubt you are in Heaven and Thanks for all the signs that you have sent letting us know that you are there and ok. <3 U will always be with us."

This tribute was added by sandi houlihan on 31st October 2014

"the love displayed by family verifies what a wonderful man he was, he was determined to fight as long as he could and he did. i could see the love in his eyes for all of you. you gave him strength and courage. your family will forever hold a special place in my heart. love "his pal" Sandi"

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