Posted by Frank Breslin on May 25, 2014
Chuck seemed like a Bad-Ass when I saw him in his '67 Torino, 429;
But, as soon as he smiled, you knew better! He loved to see others smiling, too, and mostly with kindly, homespun humor- Rare nowadays!
Posted by Patricia Cohn on May 25, 2012
Dear Chuck, I know you are happy in Heaven, because not only are you with our Lord, but also with your mother, father, Nonny and DanDan, and al the loved ones who have gone before us. We really hated to give you up, but God desides, not us. We will always remember you and love you, and miss your smile and since of humor. Until we meet again, Love from Aunt Pat, Uncle Dave.
Posted by Lynn Yates on December 10, 2011
I have lost my best friend, the man that I have thought of everyday for over 27years, the man that would tell me daily that he loved me more than anything and I miss him so very much. I am so lost without him. My heart is broken. His pain is gone and he so wanted to be home by Christmas-he is, in his eternal home. I love you Chaz
Posted by Charles Schilling Jr on December 4, 2011
Unc, Your humor will all ways been missed.

How do you fix a tuba?
With a tube of glue
Posted by Candace Holan on December 2, 2011
I'ts strange the memories that pop into your head at a time like this. I remember Chuck's great wit and his fondness for Firesign Theater and "Nick Danger". He always made me laugh when he did that imitation. God bless you, Chuck!
Posted by Chuck Schilling on December 1, 2011
I love you man!
Posted by Frank Breslin on December 1, 2011
Lynn, So sorry to hear about Chuck's passing. We worked at Behrend's Hardware in Oak Lawn in 1971- '72. He had a '67 Torino that he was very proud of. He joked with us and all the customers. We rode motorcycles to nowhere in particular, and drank beer and laughed like idiots!
God bless Chuck Yates!
Posted by Tom Johanson on December 1, 2011
Thank you, Lynn, for letting me know about Chuck. I remember him so well from Oak Lawn. What a great guy -- warm, funny, dependable, reliably good-natured -- and one of my brother's best lifelong friends. It's hard to believe they're both gone, too soon.
Posted by Tiffany Singleton on December 1, 2011
Uncle Chaz, I will always remember how much you loved telling jokes at family get-togethers and making us all laugh. You were so easy going and laid back, I admired that. You will be missed by so many! I love you!
Posted by Patricia Cohn on December 1, 2011
They say there may be angels walking among us on earth, and if you knew Chuck, then you know there are. He was a man who had nothing in his heart but love and kindness in his heart. He loved God, and his wife and family and friends, and his little dog, Max! He had the greatest sense of humor and must have known a thousand jokes! We will misshim, and love him always. Aunt Pat & Uncle Dave.

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