His Life

Easter Sunday 2011

April 24th marks the 2yr of your death dad.  Death or sleep. Mom said that you are not really dead just sleeping and waitng for the coming of God to take us all home.  It all makes sense and is so wonderful to know that you are up there experiencing a miracle and awesome life for you.  Preapre the kingdom of heaven, and when I get there, you will always be at my mansion.  We will be thinking of you this month and always talk about memories.  So many to choose from, but hey that is what keeps us going.  Love and miis you lots.


Baes and the family


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Lilly Garcia.  He was such a blessing to them and as he grew to an adult he became more special.  His mother and father are the cords to keep his life alive from the younger years.  He got older and met a beautiful girl and got married.  You can say it may have been puppy love, but they had something special.  In all the romace they had a cool daughter (me), and I took after my dad in so many ways.  I became a neice to some awesome people who are now my best friends.  Four years later they had a baby boy and sparkeled my dad for having a son.  In life things change and become complicated, and then you find yourself changing your whole life.  We made it and are still happy.  He was the life of the party when we were with family.  His main goal in life was to keep family close ans I intend to live on that legacy as good as I can.  He then met a really cool lady and were together for 21 years.  Her family became a part of his and mine.  The life we all shared with him was always a joy.    He got to see his daughter get married to an awesome guy which he loved very much and walk her down the isle, and later came the grandchildren chapter.  He loved them soooo much.  I kknow that is one thing I need to get used to.  He was and is still the best dad ever.  The chapter lives on in family and in Heaven.  He is really not gone and dead, he is just preparing a place where we can all see him again.  Love you dad and miss you much.