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My ex brother in law

Shared by Sandra Espinoza on March 7, 2012

Charlie was very special to me!! As a young teenager meeting him, he was always very good to me, as he and my sister always included me in their fun and crazy times, remember that he always loved taco bell, so we ate there quite often on late hungry nites..,.he was sweet, compassionate, considerate, funny, and glad that we have you Crystal, because you are so much a part of him!! Still   today we love his family,,,,we love you and know you now have eternal PEACE, and REST,,,that which we all long for you brother in law,  see you when we are all united together again with our Lord!!...........Sandra

2011 Father Day

Shared by Crystal Balerio on June 19, 2011

Wow, 2 years, and your absence still hurts on this day. Although I know that you are way happier than ever can be imaginable, but the tears still flow from time to time. I will remwmber all the father day with you. I will remember how you used to cry with every mooshy card I would get. I won't get to see your smile and see your tears shed, but I know that my heart is seeing them. Father Day for me was like magic because you were just that kinda guy. I have been watching this Twilight saga movie, and one character (Jacob) stands out to remind me of you. He is so down ot earth and had the same outlook and aspect of life and family. So I guess you can say you were awesome. LOL! As today goes on I will always remember the memories that are stored up in me to grab out and cherish. I will see you soon and all the fathers day will such a blurr when I see you in Heaven for the first time, cuz, that will be our reunited fathers day to last an eternity. Love you dad. See you soon.  Crystal Joy

Christamas to remember

Shared by Crystal Balerio on December 26, 2010

I can remember every Christmas where my dad played the Santa.  These passed two years have felt somewhat shy of that feeling, but I know that his spirit was with me and my family this year.  Your presence so lives on in so many dad.  This year Uncle Robert played santa and he reminded me of you in so many ways.  I loved that feeling.  Until we have the best christmas with you again I say God Bless the time of the year and what is to come when I see you again.

Forever Your kids

Shared by Crystal Balerio on November 21, 2010

This picture is the one to tresure because we were togehther.  We will forever be your kids and I can't wait to see you until Heaven.  Love you lots.

50th Birthday

Shared by Crystal Balerio on November 18, 2010

This was the best Party I ever had for my dad.  He was so happy and a smile always crossed his face that day.  A family memory for life that he lived to see us all growing.  Miss you daddy.  See you in Heaven soon.

Shared by Crystal Balerio on November 16, 2010

I may have had kids early and God had his reasons on why.  My dad always asked me why I made him a grandpa early and his death proved other wise as to why I gave him grandchildren.  He loved his grandchildren very much, did anything for them.  I miss that most of all. The outings with them and the laughter and tears he shared with them.  His memory will always be remembered by them.  Love you dad and grandpa.

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