Posted by Prima Garcia Hopley on April 25, 2017
Thinking of you Uncle! I know you are at peace with Grandma and Grandpa!
Posted by Crystal Balerio on April 24, 2017
8 years today that my dad has left us to be in heaven! They say it gets easier as time goes by and the only truth to that is the time not being spent looking at photos, a video, or a memory comes up is when you feel at peace! When these things do surface the tears flood down
Posted by Crystal Balerio on April 28, 2016
Dad, we can't believe that it's been 7 years since you left this earth! Time seems to be going so fast, but yet it seems like yesterday that we buried you! Until rapture will we see you again! Love you and miss you very much!
Posted by Prima Garcia Hopley on April 24, 2016
You are in my thoughts today and always Uncle!
Posted by Crystal Balerio on March 7, 2015
Dear dad, yesterday was your birthday! We celebrated it today. Grave site Is looking nice. We really miss you dad. Its sure Is not the same wih you gone. Until we meet again. Love your daughter.
Posted by Sandra Espinoza on March 6, 2015
When I think about all the wonderful memories of our youth, it makes me smile thinking about all thosefun times! You are truly missed by all your family and friends. Talk to Jesus for all of us!
Posted by Crystal Balerio on April 28, 2014
My daddy. Today April 24th marks your 5 year anniversary. You may have left this world but you didn't leave our hearts. We miss you very much. See you soon. Your family
Posted by Prima Garcia Hopley on April 24, 2013
I love you Uncle and know you are looking down on us and smiling!
Posted by Crystal Balerio on April 24, 2013
4 years today you let this world. You are very missed and we love you so much. Wait for me for someday I will see you again. Take care of him Jesus as I know he is in good hands.
Posted by Crystal Balerio on March 6, 2013
Happy birthday daddy! You would be 55 today! We miss you so much. I know that ur day is full of joy and smiles. Send me a smile dad. Love you. Your daughter Crystal.
Posted by Prima Garcia Hopley on March 6, 2013
Uncle you are forever in my heart and will always love you!
Posted by Sandra Espinoza on March 6, 2013
Happy 55th birthday Charlie!! Know that someday we will all be united together with our dear Lord!! Know your children and family miss you much!!
Posted by Crystal Balerio on May 28, 2012
5-28-12 Memorial Day! I will remember you today, but I always feel you in my heart. You are missed everyday. Your grandchildren, son-n-law are all missing you as well. There is not a day, a place, a memory that you don't come up. Every place we go is a memory of you. We love you very much. See you soon. Love and miss you dad.
Posted by andrea Romero on April 24, 2012
You are missed by so many. Pray you and my daddy are hanging out and smiling as you watch over us:-)
Posted by Crystal Balerio on April 24, 2012
Daddy, today I will miss you for you left us 3 yrs. ago today. My heart yearns for you always. I read all the things people had to say about you in the paper. You were (are) so loved. I thank God that he gave me you for my father. A tear I will cry today, but strength I will capture to hold me still. Miss you so. Your daughter and family.
Posted by Crystal Balerio on March 6, 2012
Happy 54th Birthday! I love and miss you dad so much. I would be with right now and the family having dinner. Although I am sure that your dinner is way better than it would have been down here! I hope that yo can hear mu thoughts today as I send you kissed and hugs your way. Love you family
Posted by Crystal Balerio on June 19, 2011
Happy Fathers Day! 3yrs and still feels like a dream. My tears for you go deep and yet I know that you are safe. I miis you dad (best friend) with all my heart. I will look back today in the memories I stored up for me. Love you Crystla Joy aka Babes
Posted by Crystal Balerio on April 5, 2011
This month marks the 2yr of my fathers death. This Easter we will remember him more than ever. Dad as you feast with Jesus this Easter, know that you are on all our minds and that you will never be forgotten. Love and miss you.
Posted by Crystal Balerio on March 10, 2011
Dad, Happy belated B-day. I miss you so much. You are just another year closer for me to see you. I know God is preparing us, so I am ready to be you again.

Love Crystal Joy
Posted by Crystal Balerio on December 26, 2010
My sweet daddy. Merry Christmas to you. You will surly be missed as I am sure every year. WE love and miss you so much dad. Gram is doing so much better and I think had the best Christmas too. And Uncle Robert was here. I so enjoyed that. WEll, dad. Luv u much your daughter and grandkids.
Posted by Prima Garcia Hopley on November 27, 2010
Any childhood memory of my time in colorado always reminds me of you. They could not be as wonderful or even possible without you. Your gentleness and kindness is always with me.. I love you!
Posted by Crystal Balerio on November 25, 2010
Happy Thanks Giving Daddy. May your feast be plentiful in Heaven and I thank God today to know that he gave me a dad like you. Miss and love you lots.

Your daughter Crystal Joy (babes)
Posted by Lili Avalos on November 21, 2010
My Dear Brother not a day goes by that I don't think of you, especially during the Holidays. I miss your sensitive heart and compassion and can hardly wait to see your smile. Miss you and Love you
Posted by Robert Garcia Garcia on November 20, 2010
Through life, a guys collects a lot of "bros". But there always was and will always be only one true "bro" for me. I miss you brother.

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