Visit to the Philippines as a child

Shared by Ruth Fonteh on December 19, 2013

As a child, Cheryl was very inquisitive and continued her interest in people and places throughout her life. On a visit to the Philippines, her father recalls several funny events.

There was a rain storm on one occasion. The brown mud was being washed into the house and Cheryl asked her Dad “Is that chocolate?”.

When several relatives came to visit, Cheryl will ask them “Where did you park your car”.

When she say one person with holes in their clothes she asked him, “Are you poor?”

When they went to a cemetery, she asked “What is your grandpa doing?” Why does grandpa live under a stone? 

At her Auntie’s house, she observed the kitchen stove that was black with soot and could not understand why. She looked at the windows and the designs did not look solid and safe and refused to stay in that house.

These show her observant nature, how thrifty she is and what a nice person.

to cheryl

Shared by Henry Gamponia on December 15, 2013

we will surely miss you father mg william always talk good  things about you and will be difficult if not imposible for him to accept the fact that you are now in the hands od god.......the joy you bring to them the day you born will surely haunt them for many years to come because you are irreplacesable,,,,

your unkel henry 

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