Adventures Together

Shared by Robert Paulson on December 6, 2019
I have many fond memories of my dear friend Chet. We shared many adventures together: canoeing together up the Gunflint Trail, from our favorite camping spot on Flour Lake, to the Stairway Portage into Rose Lake, and then across the border into Canada’s Arrow Lake where we once were chased out of our campsite by a bear, getting snowed in on a winter camping adventure where a herd of deer slept next to our heated tent to stay warm, and the many pleasant weekends at the cabin where we read and hiked, or skied together.

Adventures but learning experiences as well: all the “ologies”, from botany to zoology, from biology to geology, from loons to beavers , from trees and fungi to insects  and rocks, Chet shared his vast knowledge with me. 

During the many years that I have known Chet it had become very  evident how much Chet loved his Donna and the the kids. He was a loving husband and a good father, a fine example of a “good man”.

All these shared times together and many more I will never forget. I will miss you, my dear friend!  May you rest in peace. I’m sure that they have canoes in Heaven.

Chet's Tree Fund

Shared by Stephanie Mirocha Ellison on November 27, 2019
Memorial Tree Fund:  We plan to purchase a memorial tree in Chet's name to be planted in Como Park next Spring. 
If you would like to contribute to Chet's Memorial tree fund, click here.  Thanks!
Read more about Chet and trees in Speaking for the Trees here.

A link to my blog post writing about Chet, my dad

Shared by Stephanie Mirocha Ellison on November 27, 2019
On Nov. 26 I wrote a short essay about my dad which you can view by clicking this link, Hole in the Landscape. It is just one entry of many from my website blog I call Morning Walk Report.  Dad loved to read these, and I looked forward to and enjoyed his responses to the short writings I posted there.  Thanks for reading!.


Flowers on my wedding day

Shared by Stephanie Mirocha Ellison on November 25, 2019
Thank you, Dad, for picking flowers for me on my wedding day.  Some of them were wildflowers which you gathered with other family members.  I think all of you had a good time doing that!  Some of them we purchased for the tables and for the bouquets I made.  Flowers and especially the wildflowers are a rich memory of that day.

Snowed in at Flour Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Shared by Paul Mirocha on November 23, 2019
From Bob Paul Paulson

Arrow Lake, Canada

Shared by Paul Mirocha on November 23, 2019
Bob, an old friend of the family sent this photo of his camping trips with Chet many years ago.

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