Let the memory of cheyanne be with us forever
  • Born on November 5, 2007 .
  • Passed away on September 19, 2008 .

this memoryal is in memory of my sweet baby girl cheyanne the most beautiful little girl in the world born 5/11/07 and grew her wings on the 19/9/08 at 7.15 am ,the hardest day of our lives xx

Posted by Tami Raffanti on November 5, 2019
Sending you Heavenly Birthday wishes, thinking of you and your family. ❤️
Posted by Tami Raffanti on November 5, 2016
Happy Heavenly Birthday Beautiful Cheyanne....
Posted by Amy Francis on November 5, 2016
Happy Birthday little one xxx
Posted by Lorraine Harris on April 1, 2016
Mummy's beautiful baby girl it's been a while since I have been on here not because I have forgotten or I don't love you as I do so so much . Mummy had a baby your baby brother but I bet you already new that . I tell him everyday about you and how you would of doted on him . Wish you was here with mummy miss you so so much everyday feels like a year . You are 8 now and wonder what you look like I have visions but with I could see . I hope your looking down on us princess mummy will never stop loving you and wishing you was here with your family were you should be love your mummy xxx
Posted by Tami Raffanti on November 5, 2015
Thinking of you on your Birthday, sending loving thoughts and prayers to you loved ones. A beautiful Angel in the sky ❤️
Posted by Tami Raffanti on September 19, 2015
Thinking of beautiful Cheyanne on her Angel day, may the memories you hold dear to your heart help you remember beautiful thoughts.
Posted by Tami Raffanti on November 5, 2012
Sending loving thoughts and prayers. My candle is lit in loving memory of Cheyanne.
Posted by Lorraine Harris on November 5, 2012
Happy birthday princess your five today in heaven ,mummy knows your be having a lovely party with all your angel friends ,and mummy will be lighting your candles and singing happy birthday to you ,I miss you cheyanne you should be here with me ,I love you so so much live always your mummy xxx
Posted by Maria Sky on January 20, 2012
Hi, just wanted to say that I wish I could give your mummy a big hug.....up where you are are three of my own sweet angels, twins ( boy and a girl), and my wonderful little man who I miss so much. Keep smiling down on your mummy because she needs that.....she is hurting right now and misses you so much but she knows you are happy and safe. Take care of her my darling...she is very special.
Posted by Lydia Del Valle on January 10, 2012
sleep tight princess.. we all love you very much.. fly high babygirl xxx

love always your aunty lydia xx
Posted by Amy Francis on January 9, 2012
Heaven now has a beautiful Little Angel..... Such a shame she was taken so soon. Bless Her Little Angel Wings. Sending love & Prayers to your family xx
Posted by Lorraine Harris on January 8, 2012
my beautiful sweet cheyanne,everyday your not here feels like a lifetime,mummy misses you so so much ,i wish i could have you here with me and just cuddle you and tell you how much i love you,as your my baby and i want you here with me,i will see you again soo my sweet cheyanne,your in my dreams and my thoughts and i will never lose the faith of oneday having you back with me ,sleeptight p
Posted by Lorraine Harris on January 8, 2012
princess mummy will be always thinking of you and loving you xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Sam Harris on January 8, 2012
i remember the day your mum take u home and we all was there to see u, and when i moved in and saw u ever day u loved ur uncle sam and i loved u so much,when i looked after you when ur mum and dad want out i didnt no what to do but u didnt care. ever day i miss you but i no your with nanny so we all no ur ok , one day we all will see u again till then u be good love u uncle samuel xxx
Posted by Tami Raffanti on January 8, 2012
What a beautiful little angel baby... Prayers for you sweet pea!

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