This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chief (Dr.) Francis Owosina, 86 years old, born on November 17, 1929, and passed away on April 19, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Olumide Owosina on April 23, 2022
In loving memory of our gone but not forgotten hero Dr F.a.o Owosina.
If I could write a story, it would be the greatest ever told of an angel in human form. A man with a heart of gold. He wanted everyone to do well in life.
I could go on to write a million pages of his impact in my life because the memories are evergreen. But there's one thing I would say, just how much I miss him every single day.
Rest on legend!
Your legacy was an irreplaceable one..
Pharmacist Owosina Olumide

Posted by The Owosinas on April 19, 2022
Its been six years.
Posted by Folake Ani-Mumuney on April 20, 2022
Miss you Dad!
Posted by Babalola And Adedolapo Sh... on April 19, 2021
Wow, 5yrs and it seems like yesterday. Your legacy lives on Daddy. Thanks for all you lived for and imparted in us.
Posted by Olumide Owosina on April 19, 2021
Happy 5th rememberance anniversary to our gone but not forgotten hero. Pa, Dr F.a.o Owosina's indelible acts in our lives remains evergreen in our hearts. I am eternally grateful for his impacts in my life personally. 'He's gone but he didn't leave because he still lives' His desires in me becoming a pharmacist, is today a reality because of his legacies that never dies...
Indeed, Didun ni iranti olododo (Blessed is the memory of the just).
Baba Owosina! as me and siblings fondly refer to him, rest on till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Tumi Oladeinde on April 19, 2021
You are remembered today Daddy.
Keep resting in peace.
Posted by Folake Ani-Mumuney on April 19, 2021
Your memory ever fresh
Your impact felt everyday
Rest In Peace Dad
Posted by Folake Ani-Mumuney on November 17, 2020
Today you would have been 91

We remember you always and in so many ways

Rest In Peace dear Dad!
Posted by Tumi Oladeinde on April 19, 2020
Keep resting in the bossom of the Lord, Daddy.
Posted by Adedosu Joshua on August 28, 2018
I coincidentally ran across this web page while engaging in a search on an event about Sagamu. I just could not think of the good old days in Sagamu without having Late Dr. Francis O. Owosina strike my mind. I have known Dr. Owosina, who was old enough to be my father for almost 60 years, as a kid. That is, I knew Mama (his very caring Mother) and I related with his maternal siblings, after all I am from Sagamu. As I turned middle age, I would call him occasionally reason being that I reside outside Nigeria. In fact we often spoke whenever he would be in the United States. I recall when I invited Dr. Owosina to an event in New York, his only answer was " just give me the itinerary and I will be there. Should I come from Atlanta or Europe?"
In all, we thank gracious Lord for his Life. There can never be another Dr. Francis O. Owosina. He was meticulous, renaissance classicist, intellectually strategic, patient, performance oriented, human resource mentor and an international professional intelligentsia. He did not have to speak for anyone to appreciate his compassion. May his Gentle Soul continue to Rest with the Angels. Another true son of Sagamu, Remo and Nigeria is gone.
Condolences to Mommy, children and grandchildren. God will be with you.
D Joshua
Posted by aderopo oladeinde on April 20, 2018
The memory of the just is blessed...We still miss you Daddy.
Posted by Folake Ani-Mumuney on April 19, 2017
Though gone your memories linger on
We miss you but your legacy lives on
Posted by The Owosinas on June 4, 2016
From the Igbobi Chapter of the Association of Federal Health Pensioners of Nigeria

26th May2016


The entire members of the Association of Pensioners, National Orthopaedic Hospital Branch, hereby commiserate with you, on the demise of our former Medical Director, who was also a valuable member to us; your dear husband and father.

We thank God for his exemplary life in so many ways, of which we all are witnesses and also to glorify God Almighty upon it.

He was a great leader, teacher, manager of resources, mentor and also an excellent role model. We are happy to join you in celebrating his life — Glory be to God!

It is an established fact that he had left a remarkable foot prints on the sands of time in various aspects.

We pray that God Almighty shall grant him a resting place in His bossom in Jesus name, amen.

ADIEU a great leader!
ADIEU an excellent teacher and administrator!

Please accept this token amount of Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) as a mark of love and respect towards our departed member.

Yours in gratitude to his God and Creator,

Chairperson General Secretary
Posted by The Owosinas on June 1, 2016

                                   May13 2016

The Family of Dr. Francis A. Owosina,
Late Baba Ijo, St. Matthias’ Church,
Isote; Sagamu.

Dear Beloved,


Divine blessing of love, joy and peace to you all, in the precious name of our risen Lord, Redeemer and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Words are inadequate to express our feelings on the recent home call of our dear Papa, Dr. Francis Adedoyin Owosina, the revered Baba ljo of St. Matthias’ Anglican Church, Isote; Sagamu the news of which has been received with gratitude to God and cherished memories, in spite of the natural feeling of a loss at the demise of one’s loving mentor and role model. His graceful exit provides an opportunity for all his children and other members of his nucleus and extended families to thank God for his fulfilled and well-spent life.

Dr. Owosina was an orthopedic doctor of repute and former Chief Medical Director, lgbobi Orthopedic Hospital, Lagos. His contributions to the national health policies and developments are outstanding and such have endured the test of time.

Papa Dr. Owosina was a teacher of high standard that bore much influence on his students and contributed to their formation. It is on record that dignitaries and important personalities such as Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, the former President of this country was once a tutee under him. It is often said that cur lives are God’s gift to us, but what we do with thorn constitutes our reciprocal gift to Him. No doubt, Papa was a devout Christian and respected Church Elder who positively touched many lives and inspired them to be the best they could be in life! His strength and dignity were results of his reverence for God. He was an embodiment of commitment, humility, surrendered life and love. His life style, has bequeathed an enduring legacy to his children and the Church of God. We can all learn from his industry, integrity and resourcefulness.

On behalf of my wife, Mama Egba and the entire people of God in the Diocese of Egba, we commiserate with you all, praying for God’s abiding presence and companionship, even as He grants the needed succour to bear his loss with Christian fortitude. Amen.

We are consoled that our parting here is temporary since, as professing Christians we have a living hope of meeting again without ever parting, on the resurrection day! Meanwhile, may his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Yours Sincerely,

Rt. Revd. Emmanuel O. Adekunle,
Diocesan Bishop of Egba
Posted by Adedolapo Shittu on May 30, 2016
Daddy, you lived for others, you lived a life of sacrificial giving. There are too many good and heart warming stories to remember. Even last year when you weren't so strong, you still came for my mum's 70th, that was so, so touching. You left behind a legacy, I just pray that we can be as loving and large hearted as you were. I have no doubt that you are resting in glory. Good night daddy.
Posted by The Owosinas on May 30, 2016
Tribute To My Caring Dad (Oyinade Nathan-Marsh)

Daddy, I just took it for granted that you will be around forever. Writing this tribute is so difficult, not because I don’t have a lot to write; because you are a man of many parts; torrents of memories keep flooding into my mind.
So many fond memories of the good times you spent on earth. Your life was a mirror for us, your children.
Indeed words fail me! How do I begin to describe a Dad who never tired of giving wise counsel; spending time with us or going out of his way to help people. Daddy was a man, who always, readily gave of himself, time and money. Dad would take time off his your busy schedule to engage us personally; I remember Ibadan days; you’d personally take us on swimming lessons though we had a coach. Oh how you would tickle us till we could hardly breathe. I so remember when you tickled Folake until she fell into a bucket of hot water.
You were a great orator. Sometimes, you would engage us in ‘tutoring’ conversations for hours non-stop and you never got tired. Very early on in life while growing up, I learnt words such as industrious, meticulous, conscientious accountability from Dad. Dads tool for reprimanding us was having a talk! Oh, were they long torturous. Dad would talk you to a dizzy spell, a very uncomfortable experience and very effect tool of punishment, I tell you.
Your level of understanding was an inspiration to me. Never one to criticize, yet he was blunt and factual in pointing out your mistakes and correcting you. You were a perfect example of an organised person, a deep thinker, as well as being analytic, philosophical and tactical. In giving advice, Dad will rather take you through the maze of possible outcomes of the array of choices that lay before you. He could gently nudge you in a particular direction, but he would hardly impose his own choice of action. He was a very wise man indeed.
You instilled the value of hard work in us with your workaholic nature and disciplined work ethics - Dad hardly took up the perks of office as the Medical Director, NOH, Igbobi yet he worked so hard. I remember mummy would sometimes comment on the heaps of files Dad brought home from work.
Dad, you were highly commited to your work. You chose to save lives and you were always ready to put your all into doing just that. At times I felt Dad would over react or choose to believe that a particular case was ‘that extreme one case in a million'. This attitude, in one instance that I know, did save a life.I remember Dad performing the operation to remove the mole on my leg for fear that it may grow cancerous sometime in future. You found uncommon joy in saving lives of people, regardless of your relationship with them.
When you started your private practice in Ibadan, you would treat everyone regardless of if they could pay the fees or not. Dad, only you could have attempted to rehabilitate a thief after you’d treated him for free.
Dad truly loved and enjoyed his work, he had true passion for people. I recall how he would make us spend Christmas visiting the patients at the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi. Growing up, we felt you subjected us to an awkward Christmas celebration, but over the years, it taught us a lot of priceless life lessons.
Little wonder, Pa Oguntimehin will always say to us whenever we visited his house with you, “Make sure you emulate your Dad in hard work and contentment”.
You spent your life well and I can confidently say without you daddy, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. You built a strong foundation no one can take away, because you taught/lead us by example. Today, we’ve grown up with values you lived by; values of honesty, fairness, humility, selflessness, self sacrificing, hard work, dedication, compassion, contentment and empathy for the vulnerable.
Dad performed his grandfather‎ role wonderfully. When Femi (his first grandson) was going to University as a fresh man, Dad insisted on going with him to see him settled in properly. He ensured he attended land mark events of his grandchildren.
You have left me with fond memories. I would miss your gist. How you would regale us with stories of your growing up days. They were always captivating. You always had that sweet smile on your face. When I close my eyes, I can visualize how you would clap your hands and do a few dance steps….
I have no doubt in my mind that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord and Heavenly Father because you loved God till you breathed your last.
Like Mary in the bible, I believe you ‘chose the good part’. You stayed resolute in your service of God. Nothing was too much for you to give to advance the work of God. I remember vividly how you wouldn’t stop thanking God even for the seemingly little things of life. When recounting your blessings, you’d start by saying ‘ the way this MY God deals with me…”
The financial and physical effort you put into rehabilitating St. Matthias Church is phenomenal and exemplary.
Those memories and many more are priceless. I will continue to cherish them for as long as I live. I love you Daddy…. I miss you Dad.
Like Apostle Paul, you have fought a good fight, you have finished your course and you have kept the faith.
Rest well Dad, Dad….

Oyinade Nathan-Marsh.
Posted by aderopo oladeinde on May 14, 2016
Daddy,I make bold to say that Heaven is rejoicing in your return home. You fought the good fight of Faith and I strongly believe you won. You lived by the word of God, it was so obvious in your lifestyle so much you were always ready to talk about God and His words. I remember each time I came visiting with my folks,you always had a verse or chapter of the Bible to share with us. You were magnanimous with all that God blessed you with. I remember when you promised to see me through my university education if I could pass the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination at my first try,I did pass and you did keep your promise. Through you with the help of the Lord Almighty, the course of my life was shaped and for this I will be eternally grateful. And of course,I am just one out of the many you helped. You lived a God filled life and your passing was a call to greater Glory. Continue to rest in the blossom of our Lord till we meet to part no more. Adieu Daddy Owosina.
Posted by Gbadebo Oladeinde on May 14, 2016
Tribute to Pa Owosina.

Daddy in as much as we don't want to let you go, but then death is just a transition to God's glory. Daddy you a the reason for all that I am today. I was so privileged to have you as a father cos day by day you thought me the path to Christ Jesus through daily prayers and Holy communion, mostly importantly your prayers for me, for God to reveal to me the purpose of my life.

You are indeed my Hero and your legacy am so proud to keep till we meet again at foot of Christ Jesus.
Posted by Folake Ani-Mumuney on April 21, 2016
The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever
1 John 2:17

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Posted by Olumide Owosina on April 23, 2022
In loving memory of our gone but not forgotten hero Dr F.a.o Owosina.
If I could write a story, it would be the greatest ever told of an angel in human form. A man with a heart of gold. He wanted everyone to do well in life.
I could go on to write a million pages of his impact in my life because the memories are evergreen. But there's one thing I would say, just how much I miss him every single day.
Rest on legend!
Your legacy was an irreplaceable one..
Pharmacist Owosina Olumide

Posted by The Owosinas on April 19, 2022
Its been six years.
Posted by Folake Ani-Mumuney on April 20, 2022
Miss you Dad!
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Shared by Olumide Owosina on November 19, 2021
Happy 92nd posthumous birthday to our gone but not forgotten, and forever in our hearts hero, chief Dr F.a Owosina. His indelible impacts in my life remains ever fresh.
Rest on legend.....
Pharmacist Owosina Olumide