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God bless you...and us all. Amen. 


Sunday 31st March 2019 at 5 p.m.

Service of Songs at Hoares Memorial Methodist Cathedral, 321 Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba, Lagos

Tuesday 2nd April 2019 at 2 p.m.

Founders Day Service at Sunnyfields Primary School, Adelabu Street, Lagos

Thursday 4th April 2019 at 10 a.m.

Commendation Service at Hoares Memorial Methodist Cathedral, 321 Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba, Lagos

Christian Wake-keeping at Mosoosi Primary School grounds, Ago-Iwoye

Thursday 4th April 2019 at 5 p.m.

Christian Wake-keeping at Mosoosi Primary School grounds, Ago-Iwoye

Friday 5th April 2019 at 10 a.m.

Funeral Service: Methodist Cathedral Ago-Iwoye, Agosec Road, Imere Ago-Iwoye

Posted by Nelson Eghosa I on June 12, 2022
Dear Mama Solaru,
It's with a deep sense of loss that I learn about your passing this morning. I cannot express how I feel. I attended your school and left in 1977 when my dad relocated to Edo state. It was such a nice school to behold. I can modestly say that if I were to be a kid again, I will attend that school.
Sleep on Ma till we meet to part no more.

Eghosa Idukpaye-
Posted by Oluwatosin Somolu on March 8, 2022
Continue to rest well ma’am.
Posted by Duncan Paisley on August 24, 2020
I went to Nigeria in 1974, as a Rotary Exchange Student.
My first host family was Banjo, Bisi, Damus, Ade, and Bimpe.
they were all so kind and helpful.
Brach and I spent Christmas with them,
and our gifts from the family were Fela records!
mine was "Gentleman".
I still have it, and i can still sing you all of the words,
including "Go Slow".
Bisi served great "chop",
including the most delicious egusi soup that i have ever tasted.
the entire family will always be in my heart and prayers.
love to all.

Posted by Adebamiji Adelaja on June 26, 2020
Dear Mrs Solaru,

Though i was just a little boy at the time, Tenderfoot and Sunny Fields was a second home to me. Your passion for education showed in the manner you took care of us and turned us out to be exemplary members of society.

Thank you for your love, care and passion.

Rest well Ma.
Posted by Oluwatosin Somolu on March 18, 2020
Forever in our hearts. Continue to rest well ma’am.
Posted by Oluwatosin Somolu on March 9, 2020
Continue to rest well ma’am.
Posted by Kemi Akiyode-Adebayo on March 8, 2020
Our Dear Mummy Solaru,
We fondly remember you on your 87th posthumous birthday today. We miss you so much! We are so thankful for your amazing legacy.
Your Captain Jide & Kemi
Posted by Cobi Anoliefo on July 3, 2019
Oh my, where do I start from? My dear Mrs Solarun. Thank you for laying a good foundation for my education. I am a product of Tenderfoot and Sunnyfields; where I graduated from in 1988. Though you were our Maragaret Thatcher :-), but that fear raised us to become leaders today. Each time I drive past the school, it holds such fond memories for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! May you rest peacefully in the arms of our Lord. Amen
Posted by Boye Olowoyeye on June 14, 2019
Compassionate mother. You called my siblings and I to your office when we lost our mum in 1988 and promised to look after us. Your principles for early childhood education were ahead of the times. Teachers hid their rods when you came around for inspections. You wrote our parents to stop sending us to after school lessons because we had enough academic activities already from the school work and the assignments we were given.
Thank you for all the love and passion you poured into the task of raising us.
Posted by Walter Phillip on April 10, 2019
Such an amazing woman.
She was my aunt, used to see her when she visited my late dad in Oke Agbo, Ijebu Igbo in the 80s and 90s. Very hard working, she laid a good foundation and left an enviable legacy for her children, grand-children and many students that passed through her schools.
Adieu Mama Solaru. Say hi to G.O. if you run into him over there.
Posted by Oluyemisi Ariyibi on April 2, 2019
Dear Ma,
I remember your wisdom and loving guidance, echoed in words oft repeated by my dear friend...You were a visionary, leaving your mark as an educator, business woman and mother.
I know you rest in peace and that you will rise in glory on the Day of your Redeemer.
Your memory will remain evergreen in our hearts.
Posted by Toyin Bashorun on March 30, 2019
Mummy dearest, its like yesterday, when I attended your 80th birthday service at the same church where you are now to be interred. You have lived a good life ma, and you are the arm of God that formed me and led me to where I am today. I can only thank you ma for instilling in me at an early age what it means to pray, work and play in the Lord. I became close to your family and you received me as yours ma. I of course commiserate with my sisters and brothers of the Solaru decent and my larger Family of tenderfoot and sunnyfields at this time. I thank God we can all get together again as mum would have loved. I have decided to rejoice in the Lord mum as I am grateful for your life time ma; and the time God gave us with you as your children and wards. I know you are resting in HIS bosom for you looked after his little children and you would have received you crown of stars by now. Glory be to God. Sleep well ma, till we meet you in eternity at a ripe old age. Ade, Damus, Bimpe, Big sis Yetunde, Demus, shalom. It is well. Yours Toyin Bashorun (Tbash).
Posted by Elsie Toyin McEwen on March 29, 2019
A Remarkable Woman
Mrs Solaru was an exemplary Proprietress of my much cherished primary school, which was attended by Segun McEwen (my later brother) and I.
Sunnyfields Primary and Tenderfoot Day Nursery gave us the solid foundation we needed to build our future and the opportunity to make friends who are part of my extended family today. It equipped me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate through the course of life and embrace whatever challenges and/or blessings that came with it. Who would think the childhood games, the routines, structure, discipline and morning worship would become entrenched in our lives and make us moral standing, law abiding and positive role models to others.
Mrs Solaru was also a mother to every one of us. When I think of my achievements to date, I can’t help but thank you and continue to pray for God to surround you with his love and special blessings albeit as you now rest peacefully, in His bosom. Your legacy is etched into our minds and the stories we now recall of you; you will be truly missed!
My sincere condolences to your children and loved ones, now left behind.
Toyin (McEwen) Adetunji.
Posted by Akinkunmi Alaja-Browne on March 29, 2019
Wow...words fail me. To you mama, I owe a great deal. For you helped shape my life as well as thousands of other kids into what it has become now. The foundation laid in our lives through Tender Foot and Sunny Field Schools resonate in our lives every single day. For so long I wanted to reach out and visit you, hug you and say thank you in person but I failed to. Now I feel very bad and hope you’d forgive me.
All I can do now is pray that Almighty Allah forgives your shortcomings and grants you the best place in Al-Janat. You deserve it ma, cos you were an angel amongst human beings. Rest well na
Posted by Minema Uko on March 29, 2019
According to William Shakespeare: ‘Death, a necessary end, will come when it will’.
This message has a special significance for all Christians and believers in God because it signals them as the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides motto stresses “Be Prepared” so we should be prepared for this great and long journey.
Mama Solaru must have prepared herself over the years for this inevitable end of all mortals. Her lifestyle, beliefs, word, deeds, relationship, service to the Methodist Church Nigeria, development of Children, the teaching profession, and service to humanity in general.
Mama Solaru strongly believed in the all-round development of children hence she established Tenderfoot Day Nursery and Sunnyfields Primary School. This is a school of schools. Thank God I was privileged to be a teacher in her school for many years.
Mama being a practicing Christian, she always ensured that morning Assembly was held in the schools including the development of good morals with reference from the Bible daily before the children go into their various classes. Mama was always going round the classes to see the teachers and pupils at work. A teacher who could not apply herself to good teaching and helping the children to develop intellectually and morally was free to leave. Mama Solaru was a good administrator, a teacher of teachers, disciplinarian, focused person and above all a mother who believes in the total development of children.
Mama Solaru had been an active member of Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral, Yaba for years. She was a class leader, patron of some societies and most importantly a foundation member of Christ Armour Bearer Society. She made sure that Christ Armour Bearer Society was a force to be reckoned with in the Cathedral. Mama thank you because your voice was the voice of truth and must be heard. Mama being a foundation member was always there to ensure that the principles and ideas of the society was always maintained. She was truthful, loyal and steadfast. Her voice was always heard and corrections were immediately made when she speaks. It is sad that you left us unaware, otherwise we would have asked you to nominate someone who will stand in for you. We appreciate you and will always remember you.
Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral appointed Mama Solaru to see to the establishment of a private school for the church. Mama started by forming a committee and made me the Secretary of the committee. Mama never fails in anything given to her to do, she ensured that meetings were held regularly and plans to establish the school was in progress. Interviews were conducted for employment of teachers. A head teacher was appointed. Unfortunately,two weeks to the take-off of the school, the newly hired Head Teacher sent in a letter that she will not be able to resume due to family issues. The church was worried being that they had just recovered the school back from the Government and feared that the Government would take back the school from them if the private school does not take off. Mama Solaru, a seasoned Administrator and Educationist said “we should not worry for we have our own very qualified Educationist here to start the school for us who is Sis Ansa O. Uko” I could not say NO because the project was on Mama and with age not on her side she needed someone she could trust with experience to do the job. I gladly accepted. Within a period of 2 years, the school had a crèche, Nursery 1-3 and Primary 1-5. Mama was happy and she gave uncountable support both morally and financially to the school. She paid regular visits to the school, brought ideas from Sunnyfields to ensure that the school develops well. Mama Solaru you were a genus. The Methodist Nursery and Primary school is still on. Congratulations to you for laying a good foundation. Mummy you were a precious gem that money cannot buy. Thank you Mummy Solaru for training us
Mama Comfort Olabisi Solaru may your soul Rest in Perfect Peace. May God protect your Children and bless them with the qualities you stood for. We love you but God loves you more.

Your Beloved Teacher at Sunnyfields Primary School
and Member, Christ Armour Bearers, Hoare’s Memorial
Posted by Ebun Abarshi on March 29, 2019
My dear Godmother,
Thank you for your kind support and wise counsel through my early years. My mum fondly recounts the impression you made on her and her colleagues when they simply visited the then "New Buildings" on a sightseeing mission! According to mum, they hadn't any real reasons for that 1st visit at the time, because I had been given admission and was slated to begin at a different school that same week. However I suppose God had other plans... hence you offered me admission at TDN and thereafter you became my godmother.
Outside regular school, you continued your service to humanity on Sundays at the Chapel of the Healing Cross Children's dept, where you raised up and nurtured young children in the ways of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6).
Today we fondly remember you, thanking God for your life of service, your positive influence and dogged commitment, and your prayers through the years... We believe you are already resting in peace in the bosom of your Creator and together we pray that your legacy lasts forever. Adieu Mum.
Ebun Fatiregun and family
Posted by Sola Okikiade on March 29, 2019
My dearest Mrs Solara who with a soft word raised strong character in many a boys and girls including our honourable minister. Thank you mam for staying true to your calling. Generations unborn thank you. The sun continue to shine on Sunnyfields and Tenderfoot as they show the path of life to tomorrow's promise. May God bless you with eternal rest of peace. Adieu!
Posted by Kemi Akiyode-Adebayo on March 28, 2019
Precious & Forever Memories
Mummy Solaru was an extra special elegant beautiful wife, mother, grandmother, sister, auntie, proprietress, founder, pioneer, educator, visionary, church leader, children activist, friend, neighbour, world traveller and daughter of our most High God. A fashionista, trend setter and always impeccably dressed. She diligently sowed seeds of hope in her Sunnyfields & Tenderfoot children. She lived a highly principled and exemplary happy life. She was never afraid to say the truth. She was very firm yet kind and loving. A very intelligent and smart senior citizen. Most loved her, some feared her, most respected her, some did not quite understand her. 
I strongly believe that God’s plan for my almost 28 years marriage to My King & Soulmate Babajide Adebayo is deep rooted in Sunnyfields & Tenderfoot. Jide is an old pupil too, and was 4 years my senior. Jide’s sister (Sister Lola Adebayo-Onwubalili) & cousins (Olumide Dayo & Akin Dayo) are old pupils. Jide’s late mum used to work for late Daddy Solaru. I think we still have the ‘record’ as the only Sunnyfields & Tenderfoot old pupils married couple…..unless we’ve been recently overthrown.
My mother Mrs Solabomi Akiyode was a teacher at both Sunnyfields & Tenderfoot in the early days till 1977. She later set up her own school, which is now almost 33 years with me now helping to oversee in the last 3 years. My mum has told me many times that all what she’s implemented at her school were learnt under the tutelage of Mummy Solaru….even her ‘grooming’ teachers / educators to ALWAYS dress smartly.  Two of my immediate siblings (Tayo & Tope) are also old pupils. While one of my aunties (Mrs Bisi Ayeni) was an ex teacher too. 
I am one of those struggling from ‘senior moment’ from time to time, so I actually have limited recollection of Sunnyfields & Tenderfoot school life. However, I do have fond memories of our wonderful teaching & non teaching staff – Late Mrs King, Mrs Tugbiyele, Mrs Fanawopo, Mrs Uko, Mrs Uredi, Late Mr Adefila, Baba Sali (the gateman), Late Aunty Julie, Mr Zovier, Mr Ben (used to make the best puff puff!)… mum maintained lifelong friendship with some of the teachers and they became my extended mums & dads. 
Since Mummy Solaru passed, I draw strength from the many happy & amazing memories shared with her. I must confess, I am one of the ‘some’ that feared her & probably did not quite understand her way back then as one of her pupils & while growing up into an adult. 
Our mother / daughter relationship took a complete 360 turn when she spent 2 weeks with Jide & myself in Cape Town, South Africa as her 80th birthday gift from old pupils. Typical of her sacrificial nature, she didn’t spend the 80th ticket money gift on herself. She instead used the money to upgrade the front gate in school....and was proudly telling everyone & raving that her ‘children’ (old pupils) did it. Our time in Cape Town made me see her completely differently. We spent such fun & impactful time together – eating, gisting, laughing, touring, playing, watching movies, learning, reading & more! By the second day I think, the ‘fear’ turned to total respect, honour, admiration & mentorship.  I learnt so so much! I’ve been applying all learnt daily into my life & my mum’s school since then.
I am one of those who strongly believe in celebrating & honoring loved ones no matter what while alive. Mummy Solaru was one of the few elderly non biological parent I had left. I called / whatsapp her regularly and she used to call & whatsapp me too fairly regularly. Most of the time when I am visiting Nigeria, I make sure I visit her. 
Thankfully, I did visit her when I was Nigeria last month. I noticed that she had lost weight though still in great shape. She confided in me that she had been ill and was now ‘sacked’ from her school. We both joked about her now having no choice but to rest more and reduce her activities. We still gisted about school, politics, education, her sadness of the very young girl that was raped in a private school on the island few years ago, Nigeria, life, her missing her elder sister that passed away last year, sharing loving memories of her late husband, an old pupil who was made SAN late last year that invited her as special guest but she was unable to go as it was in Abuja & more…..of course she did most of the talking and I was so enjoying listening to her. Truly NEVER a dull moment with her. 
When she escorted me outside to my car that day, I actually felt that was the last time I would see her alive. Though I immediately dismissed the strange thought. So in a way I did kind of say my bye bye in person. I know she knew I loved her so much and I told her so, as and when. She told / showed me she loved me too. Up till about a few weeks before she passed we did talk on the phone & she still was sending me occasional whatsapp messages until it finally stopped. 
With her very strong personality, I think she did not want anyone to feel sorry for her. She wanted to leave in a dignified way on her own terms which I believe is what happened exactly.
A big vacuum, but permanent footsteps imprinted
Sun re Mama wa re re
Missing You!!
Your SPS Daughter
Oluwakemi Akiyode-Adebayo
Sunnyfields & Tenderfoot (1970 to 1977)
Posted by Minema Uko on March 27, 2019
I remember our school Assembly song: Forward Be Our Watchword which i still sing till today.
I remember when I was made the Head Girl in my set, you were so happy for me and you also prayed for me.
I remember the discipline, morals, all rounded education, sporting activities, great teachers who had high educational standards because nothing but the Best was good enough for you.
I remember the clean school environment. I remember the school meals.
I remember your daily routine checks on how our classes were going.
I remember great teachers that have passed through your training and discipline. Mrs King, Mrs Akindayomi, Mrs Akiyode, Mrs Uredi, Mrs Njoku, Mrs Ogo, Mrs Ansa Uko, Mr Adefila of blessed memory, Mr Babagbemi, The French Teacher, Aunty Juliana, your able secretary of blessed memory. 
I remember your love for my mum Mrs Ansa O. Uko, a teacher in your school. Sunnyfields Primary School. You gave her good training and have always being an encouraging and supportive mother to her in Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral.
I remember the marking of your 85th birthday by Tenderfoot Day Nursery/Sunnyfields Primary School Alumni (Seniours & Juniours) in the school. Despite losing my dad that period, I made out time to attend. You consoled me. We all had a great time out with you on your birthday. I never knew that would be my last physical contact with you, Mummy Solaru.
I remember the phone call you made to my mum about two weeks before you passed on. I picked up your call for my mum was resting and you told me to tell her that you have been looking for her in church and she should make sure she catch up with you the next Sunday  in church. You then mentioned that you are slowing down a bit and resting in your childrens house on the Island. That was my last conversation with you Mummy Solaru. My mother saw you in church the following Sunday but little did she know that would be her last time of seeing you. 
Death!!! We still give God the glory for the quality education, love and discipline we got through your schools. It prepared us for a beautiful life ahead.
I love you Mummy Solaru and I wish you a peaceful transit from this world into God’s bossom. Rest peacefully Mummy Solaru.
1978 SET
Posted by OLUWATOYIN ADEKOYA on March 27, 2019
You were thorough, disciplined, seasoned perfectionist, meticulous to a fault. 'Mama Solaru' as fonded called by 2007-2010 Set of Teachers in Sunnyfields. I learnt some virtues from you which I uphold till date. You taught me Work Ethics! Mama will say, don't let anyone buy you over for a favour.
Mama had a soft spot for me owing to my Foundation School and handwriting skill. My second goddess after my mom (disciplinarian).
Upon resigning, you gave me a Recommendation Letter which I cherish and relish! All my family members know you without setting eyes on you as I don't cease to mention your values and discipline.
The week Governor Fashola was to visit his Alumnus school, Mama called me and said, 'Oluokun" (maiden name) , iwo loma welcome Fashola". I freezed!!!
She made it happen and I really felt honoured!
You were known for your thorough virtues to everyone that identifies with you. I was on a Women Board Interview for a job after leaving Sunnyfields.
It was a hot seat interview as involving some class of women. We got engaged in the interview session and upon sharing that I had worked with Chief Mrs. C.O Solaru, two women suddenly cut in and said, this interview is over, this lady can work anywhere and with anyone. am emotionally fit to work with anyone even at their threat!
I can go on and on.....
I marvelled the day you called me to check on my welfare twice after leaving Sunnyfields.
The School Anthem is forever fresh in my memory for the weighty words it carries.
Mama Solaru, you may have gone but Sunnyfields and Tenderfoot Lives on! Forward be Our Watchword...
...Sunnyfields open our hearts and minds to the wonders of the World....
I pray that whoever represents you because really you can not be replaced, will move the school forward as you always desired!
I will solely miss you my first best boss,mentor,life coach!!!
Posted by Lateefah Olajide on March 27, 2019
Mrs Solaru, only God can reward you for all you've done. Tenderfoot and Sunnyfields were were places of learning, love, kindness, happiness, creativity, friendship, togetherness...
I remember the fishpond, playgrounds, the hibiscus plants at the back of the school and cocoyam plants on which we picked snails and toture their lives, music time with Mr Opaleye, dancing to omolowo kolefosho...
Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Posted by Alfred Dayo on March 25, 2019
A dignified woman and educationalist. Apart from my parents mummy Solaru was my first experience of discipline, she shaped who I am today and I am forever grateful for being part of the Tenderfoot & Sunnyfields primary school. May her great soul rest in peace. Olumide
Posted by Maria Odugbesan on March 25, 2019
Dear mummy Solaru,
This is to say thank you on behalf of Late Alfred & Cecilia Belleh, our parents. On behalf of Frankie, Raymond, Maureen and Maria Belleh Odugbesan, I say thank you.
Even when times were tough you were patient with us. The impact of Tenderfoot/Sunnyfields is forever. It was a wonderful experience. A complete education that shaped our lives. A powerful foundation.
You are resting in peace no doubt. A void to hard to fill but it is time to rest.
Maria Belleh Odugbesan
Attended school from 1970 to 1977.
Posted by Modupe A on March 25, 2019
My dear headmistress,
I had the privilege of attending Sunnyfields for a year before relocating. Though I was about 7/8 years old, I vividly remember my blue school and the open field, where I had the most fun playing with other children. I remember the singalongs in the music room, which brought me a lot of joy. I recollect the open day where our school/art work was displayed for our parents to view. I remember as our headmistress, you were very visible & firm. My favourite recollection is the end of year party anchored by Funmi Dairo. Sunnyfields was indeed sunny, though my stay was short, I hold a lot of good memories of Sunnyfields.
Thank you ma for your impact on my life, sleep well!
Posted by Lola Adebayo Onwubalili on March 24, 2019
Dear Mama Solaru,
     You were truly a rare gem! An educationist, a disciplinarian, and yet, a mother to all the children who had the priviledge of passing through your school.
      Indeed, my family owes you a debt of gratitude because apart from my brother Jide and I, my cousin Olumide AND my sister-in-law Kemi also attended SPS. The firm foundation that was laid back then has influenced all our lives to this day.
      Certainly, your passing marks the end of an era. But we trust that your legacy lives on in all the lives you touched and in the school, which will surely keep marching on.
      Adieu, Mama. Sun re o! Rest peacefully in the bosom of your Creator. You will be sorely missed!
Posted by Oluwatosin Somolu on March 24, 2019
A wonderful disciplinarian, an educator, a firm & principled women, aunty Mrs C O Solaru. Am happy to be an alumni of these great school sunnyfields primary school, alongside with my two other siblings. I remember, Your secretary for so many years, aunty Julie. May God bless her were ever she is. I was a member of the cultural group in which I learnt a lot, helped in the kitchen with Mr Sipeon who was in charge of the kitchen, our wonderful Piano master in which I can’t remember his name, xmas parties were each class would bring their own delicacy. I can go on and on. I learnt a lot from the Grt school. Had the best Ghanian teachers under whose tutelage I was taught. You were indeed A rare gem. May ur soul Rest in perfect peace & May God almighty give Bimpe & her siblings the comfort to bear your loss. Continue to rest well ma’am.
Posted by Ayodeji Oyinbo on March 24, 2019
Tribute to Mama Solaru
I will never forget your kind words.
You welcomed me with big arms after my Dad’s demise in 2006.
You believed in me when I was writing my ICAN and CITN. Lots of encouragement.
You were loved by many.
Your life was purpose driven.
You were meticulous in all you do even till the last moment.
I will greatly miss you and various discussions.

Posted by Kemi Akiyode-Adebayo on March 24, 2019
So thankful for Mummy Solaru
Life is indeed a Gift
Life indeed is so Short
Life is so Precious
Life is so meant to be Lived
Thank you Mummy Solaru
For All that you ‘sowed’ into
us your non biological children
For the solid educational foundation you gave us at Tenderfoot Nursery &
Sunnyfields Primary.
Thank you Mummy Solaru
For precious time spent with you
From Sunnyfields to Palmgrove
to Cape Town to Surulere.
We know you loved us much
You know we loved you so much
We count it joy the happy memories you’ve left us with
We count our blessing for the
great impact you had on us
You Lived You Loved
You Disciplined You Taught
You Gave You Groomed
Your Legacy Lives Forever
Sleep on great Mother
Sleep well our beloved Icon
Sleep well our special Educator
Sleep in peace Child of God
Your Captain Jide & Kemi
Posted by Ambrose Nwadike on March 24, 2019
Dear Mummy, Mummy Headmistress, Headmistress, Ma. I am one of the thousands of kids you raised at Tenderfoot and Sunnyfields. You gave us an amazing foundation; one which was acknowledged at Secondary School and beyond. We all went on to make something of ourselves. I bumped into you accidentally on a KLM flight from Amsterdam just a few years ago. It was the first time I had seen you since 1979!!! I immediately recognised you but even as a grown man, was too 'scared' to walk over. When I explained to the cabin crew, they thought it was hilarious and brought us together. I was still very shy and felt like a 9 year old again. That was a lovely coincidence as we were all able to celebrate your birthday together a few years later. Thank you for the many years we had with you, thank you for the brilliant education and thank you for the lovely Samco milk at lunch. I have no doubt in my mind you have set up a new school in heaven; teaching all those lovely hymns. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Adebimpe Solaru-odunjo on March 24, 2019
Dear Mum,
You were an amazing accomplished woman! A hard working entrepreneur, with laser like focus, cutting new paths in various ventures and would not rest until every element was set *precisely*(a favorite word of yours). I now fully appreciate the daily mantra you seared in my heart:
‘‘Seest thou a man diligent in his works, he shall stand before kings and not mere mortals!’ Your grandchildren know this verse very well.
May we that remain learn from your example and be about the work and purpose for which we were so created, and love anyway.
I'm so glad that you got your flowers while you were alive! May your soul rest in perfect peace. May we meet again at the feet of GOD. Sleep well my darling mother. Amen.
And I will love anyway.
- Adebimpe Adebisi Solaru-Odunjo, Ph.D.

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Posted by Nelson Eghosa I on June 12, 2022
Dear Mama Solaru,
It's with a deep sense of loss that I learn about your passing this morning. I cannot express how I feel. I attended your school and left in 1977 when my dad relocated to Edo state. It was such a nice school to behold. I can modestly say that if I were to be a kid again, I will attend that school.
Sleep on Ma till we meet to part no more.

Eghosa Idukpaye-
Posted by Oluwatosin Somolu on March 8, 2022
Continue to rest well ma’am.
Posted by Duncan Paisley on August 24, 2020
I went to Nigeria in 1974, as a Rotary Exchange Student.
My first host family was Banjo, Bisi, Damus, Ade, and Bimpe.
they were all so kind and helpful.
Brach and I spent Christmas with them,
and our gifts from the family were Fela records!
mine was "Gentleman".
I still have it, and i can still sing you all of the words,
including "Go Slow".
Bisi served great "chop",
including the most delicious egusi soup that i have ever tasted.
the entire family will always be in my heart and prayers.
love to all.

Recent stories

An Icon Is Gone

Shared by Olubunmi Ogutuga on April 10, 2019

Aunty, I can’t believe you’ve gone. You were principled and strict but also loving and kind. I remember whenever I stopped by to see you, I’ll be treated to alovely snack and I always went home with a treat. I also got a gift whenever you travelled. 

Aunty I also had the privilege of working for you in the Renovation of Tenderfoot and Sunnyfields Schools. You knew what you wanted and you were very knowledgeable about the building process. My workmen were in awe of you. They enjoyed working on the project especially since you always gave them a treat. 

Aunty, I will miss. 

Rest on Ma..

Shared by Chinedu Ajuruchi on March 24, 2019

Indeed, Mama as she was fondly called by our teachers,I remember the "Mrs. Solaru is coming shouts or mama is around and immediately everyone stays quiet".Her blue Mercedes Benz.Mama went around the whole school to ensure we all did our homework and sometimes defaulters were disciplined.SPS shaped lives intellectually and spiritually.who remembers our annual thanksgiving?who remembers songs of Praise..hymn 444.Mama wanted the best for us. And she achieved that.Mama has left a legacy, that has built lots of personalities that are now impacting the world in different countries. Mama's legacy will ripple through generations to come. Adieu, Ma.

May God comfort Solaru Family.1990 TDN . p2A(Class teachers: Miss Agana, Miss Madubuku)1991- 1996 SET SPS . Pry 1A, 2A, 3A, 4B, 5B ( Mrs Onwugara, Mrs Onigbo, Miss Mubachu, Mr Edet, Mrs Achazu, Mrs Ajayi) some of these teachers are late now. Indeed a generation is gone. But Mama's legacy will live on.