An Icon Is Gone

Shared by Olubunmi Ogutuga on April 10, 2019

Aunty, I can’t believe you’ve gone. You were principled and strict but also loving and kind. I remember whenever I stopped by to see you, I’ll be treated to alovely snack and I always went home with a treat. I also got a gift whenever you travelled. 

Aunty I also had the privilege of working for you in the Renovation of Tenderfoot and Sunnyfields Schools. You knew what you wanted and you were very knowledgeable about the building process. My workmen were in awe of you. They enjoyed working on the project especially since you always gave them a treat. 

Aunty, I will miss. 

Rest on Ma..

Shared by Chinedu Ajuruchi on March 24, 2019

Indeed, Mama as she was fondly called by our teachers,I remember the "Mrs. Solaru is coming shouts or mama is around and immediately everyone stays quiet".Her blue Mercedes Benz.Mama went around the whole school to ensure we all did our homework and sometimes defaulters were disciplined.SPS shaped lives intellectually and spiritually.who remembers our annual thanksgiving?who remembers songs of Praise..hymn 444.Mama wanted the best for us. And she achieved that.Mama has left a legacy, that has built lots of personalities that are now impacting the world in different countries. Mama's legacy will ripple through generations to come. Adieu, Ma.

May God comfort Solaru Family.1990 TDN . p2A(Class teachers: Miss Agana, Miss Madubuku)1991- 1996 SET SPS . Pry 1A, 2A, 3A, 4B, 5B ( Mrs Onwugara, Mrs Onigbo, Miss Mubachu, Mr Edet, Mrs Achazu, Mrs Ajayi) some of these teachers are late now. Indeed a generation is gone. But Mama's legacy will live on.

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