Mummy kept a garden of the hearts.
She planted all the good things,
That gave us life.
She turned her children to sunshine,
And encouraged us to live and dream
  • 71 years old
  • Born on July 16, 1945 .
  • Passed away on October 1, 2016 .

In Loving Memory

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved mother, Chief Lady Rose Nwawugwu Okereke. She is gone, but never forgotten. She lives, always in our hearts, our thoughts.

Funeral Mass

November 17th, 2016 at Holy Ghost Parish Umuanunu Nsu, Ehime Mbano @ 11.00am. Private Internment thereafter @ her residence in Umuanunu Nsu, Ehime Mbano, Imo State, Nigeria

Outing Service

Sunday, November 20th, 2016 at Holy Ghost Parish, Umuanunu Nsu, Ehime Mbano Imo State, Nigeria

Posted by Mgbechi Okereke on 16th April 2018
Missing you so much mum.
Posted by Ngozi Okereke- Walker on 2nd January 2018
Happy 2018 new year celebration in heaven mum. I love you. Ngo
Posted by Ogechi Okereke on 28th December 2017
Mummy, I still see you, I hear you , I miss you.
Posted by Ngozi Okereke- Walker on 4th October 2017
I still can't wrap my head around your leaving us mum. I try not to think about it sometimes but the truth is you have been gone for a year.....A year without your voice....A year of not hearing you say "Nne". I miss you mum.
Posted by Ogechi Okereke on 2nd October 2017
I miss you mummy.
Posted by ISIOMA OKOH on 1st October 2017
May your soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace AMEN
Posted by Mgbechi Okereke on 1st October 2017
Mummy, Here’s what I am missing on this first anniversary of your death: The way your face lit up a room when you smiled The warmth of your hugs The way you loved to celebrate The love in your voice every time you spoke May your memory be a blessing. We miss you so much
Posted by Ngozi Okereke- Walker on 3rd August 2017
Mummy, It's been almost a year you left us. It's hard to ignore the huge void in our lives. Oh how I miss you so! Your voice echoes forever in my heart. May your candle continue to burn forever.
Posted by Kenneth Osuji on 9th November 2016
You were the precious Rose whose aroma refreshed, embellished and made difference in countless lives, including mine. You personified the virtuous woman referenced in Proverbs 31:10 25-28 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. “ As you opened your door and let me in when I had no place to go, so will the Almighty God open his heavenly door to reward you abundantly and grant you everlasting peace. Rest in perfect peace Great Mother!. Kenneth Osuji.
Posted by CHUKWUEMEKA NWANKWO on 8th November 2016
‘You have truly made history, to become the most loved across your families and friends. This world is a living testament to your charming iridescence, and if we were ever so unbelievably lucky to have such a diamond come our way again, may we be fortunate to realize it this time. Words are always empty, but in your memory we pray to be blessed enough to fill your shores, if only half way”. If love could save you, you would have lived forever. Now death changes everything, as time changes nothing, and we miss your presence still. But we know you would not have us sad for a day, and you would not have us grieve for your going. Rather you would be happy today if we always remain strong and remember you at your best. You remain forever in our hearts. Nwankwo, Chukwuemeka Osinachukwu
Posted by Loy Raymor on 7th November 2016
Joy, "your mom's life and legacy will live through you"... God is the Resurrection and the Life; he that believeth in him, though he was dead, yet shall he live, and whosoever liveth and believeth in him shall never die. John 11:25, 26
Posted by Victoria Udemba on 7th November 2016
TRIBUTE FROM THE FAMILY OF VICTORIA UDEMBA (nee OSUJI) TO CHIEF MRS ROSE OKEREKE. Through my longtime friendship with Mrs. Lillian Eguche-(nee Okereke) from our Junior Secondary days in FGGC shagamu, the family of Lolo Patience Osuji came in contact with the lively family of Chief Mrs. Rose Okereke. “Mama Lillian”... as you were fondly called by my family members, it had always been on my mind to say something…but never in my wildest dream did I think I would be writing a tribute …….so soon in time to you. When I heard of your demise it took me a long while for it to sink in…that I would never again in this lifetime be able to set my eyes again on a paragon of a woman, my dear woman of substance, strength and strong willed. You may be gone now but the memories, the lessons and the impact you made in my life will never be forgotten. Even though I was your daughter – (Lillian’s) friend, you took me in as part of your family, I never for once felt like a stranger in your home. The mid-term breaks, Christmas holidays and every festive occasion I spent at your country home as well as your home in Lagos will forever be cherished. Your home was always open to me and my family. You lived a life without prejudice, accepting warmly everyone that came your way…indeed you had a good heart. One could always count on your support in times of trials. The sound of my name “Vickie..” whenever you called, always made me happy to hear from you and always cheered my up if I was having a bad time…to think that I wouldn’t hear it again from you…breaks my heart. Entertaining and making people happy was your hobby and you did it to perfection. You were always more concerned about other people’s problems, so much so that you bore your own pains secretly just so as not to bother others or cause your kids to be distressed. I wonder if you ever knew how much you meant to me and my mum (your dear friend Patience – Mrs. Osuji)…she is still in shock over your demise…how she was looking forward to coming back to Nigeria to resume the companionship she had with you. I have learnt a bitter lesson, never to waste any opportunity to express to my loved ones how much they truly mean to me….the memories I share with you, I will hold dearly. Thank you so much for teaching me the value of true friendship, of caring for others without reserve, of accepting others just the way they are… will be greatly missed. Without a doubt I am certain that you have joined the angels in heaven to sing for ever eternal praises unto God. Achara Ugo I!....Nwanyi Oma…Ezinne! Rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord. Mrs. Victoria Udemba (nee Osuji)
Posted by Tomiwa Solanke on 2nd November 2016
Dear Mama, Your life was a blessing Your memory a treasure,your legacies ever stronger You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure Tomiwa Solanke(Adeoye).
Posted by Ele Eguche on 2nd November 2016
TRIBUTE TO OUR BROTHER’S MOTHER IN-LAW, CHIEF MRS. ROSE NWABUGO OKEREKE - JULY 1945 -2nd OCTOBER 2016 The family of Joseph U. Eguche, of Echeno in Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi State came in contact with Chief Okereke’s family, through the marriage of our Son and brother; Eleojo Joseph Eguche to their Daughter, Mrs. Lillian Ufedo Eguche-nee Okereke. We have found the relationship very cordial and beautiful as our brother, since then found a second home outside Idah at Mbiano in Imo State. The in-law’s relationship between the two families are strongly bonded by the unique understanding and the amiable family values shared by both. Chief Rose N. Okereke was an amiable woman with unique Love for her grandchildren; that attribute will surely endear you to her and she was a success story in her community. We appreciated all she stood for during her lifetime. Finally, what has a beginning under the sun must have an end and so, our amiable Mother in-law, goodnight and rest in peace. Engr. Dr. Friday Joseph EGUCHE – FNSE On behalf of Late Mr. Joseph U. EGUCHE’s Family.
Posted by Chinelo Christian on 31st October 2016
Aunty It was soo sad to hear that you have left us even though you will be in a better place with our Lord Jesus. I remember your voice, smile and how you always looked soo beautiful even in the early mornings. May your soul rest in perfect peace.... love always Chinelo Christian (Ijere)
Posted by Barbara Aligwekwe on 30th October 2016
I can still hear your laughter. I can still see you smile . I Will always remember you that way because you made people smile I will miss you Aunty Rose.
Posted by Rosey Iheme on 29th October 2016
A tribute to my dearest sister Rose from her surviving sibling, Mordi Iheme In honor of my dearest sister, the oldest of three siblings, and my only sister in this world, may her beautiful soul rest in peace. May the almighty God give solace to children, husband, family members, relatives and friends that are grieving today for her passing. I am still confused and conflicted because her death is still a shocker to me. The question that I ask God is, why now? While I am in deep sorrow and obviously grieving for the death of my sister, I give my deepest sympathy to all the people who have come to know her and all the people she touched and helped over the years. My sister was not only a great mother, wife, a leader that rose to a chieftaincy coronation; she is a philanthropist by the virtue of the great number of people she helped over the years. My sister’s life and accomplishments in this world should be celebrated. The best way to honor her passing is to remember her and the great things she accomplished in this world. Above all, my sister lived a full and accomplished life. She left her mark in this world by her wonderful children, Ngozi, Ogechi, Lillian Nkechi, Chioma (who preceded her), Okwudiri, Gabriel, and Mgbechi. They will live on and carry on with her legacy. While we are grieving, I say, join me to honor her life, her accomplishments and to celebrate a life. A brief biography of my sister, Rose. Rose, is my sister and the oldest of three siblings, John and Mordi Iheme the children of Elizabeth and Sampson Iheme. My mother, Elizabeth was an enterpreaur, a farmer and local political leader of the village. My father, Sampson Iheme was a carpenter that was involved in roof and road construction in Obowu and surrounding villages and towns. My sister showed signs of greatness right from childhood and during her elementary school years. She did not only excel in academics in school, but was a great all around athlete. She was the best hand ball player in her days, best track and field that won all competitions and meets in the Obowu regional competitions. As a result of her athleticism and achievements, my sister, Rose was famous and well known during her school years in Obowu and the surrounding communities and towns. She had a great voice and was a key member of the church choir. After her graduation from high school, she eventually traveled to Port Harcourt and where she found employment at the upscale department store. It was at this upscale department store that she met her loving husband, Ignatius Okereke. They fell in love and later got married. My sister was the pillar of our family and we all looked after her and she never disappointed us. My sister never forgot where she came from and was always there for the family. I was attached to my sister to the hip and was really in separable from her. My entire childhood was memorable and lovely because of her. She made sure I was taken care off no mater what. I traveled to Port Harcourt whenever there was a school holiday to stay with her. I had the best of times, the best of clothes and the best toys when I was growing up because of her. My sister loved me dearly. From Port Harcourt, my sister, Rose and the husband, Ignatius moved to Lagos where they were involved in a number of successful business adventures. I too traveled to Lagos with them and lived with them until I eventually traveled to US. My sister has a strong personality and was the pillar of her family. She was the glue that held things together. My sister is always busy and involved in disparate successful business adventures. She was an entrepreneur that was involved in distribution of bottled beverages, restaurant business, and importer of cosmetics, jewelry and clothing amongst other business adventures. Above all her accomplishments her beautiful children – Ngozi, Ogechi, Lillian, Nkechi and Mgbechi. There success is a great testament that their parents, Rose and Ignatius Okereke raised them well and they will carry on with her legacy. The best and the only way to honor my sister's passing is to remember her accomplishments, her philanthropy in this world. Join me to celebrate her life that she lived to the fullest.
Posted by N Tkker on 29th October 2016
Chief Mrs Rose Nwabugo Okereke touched so many lives with her kindness early in life. She concerned herself selflessly for the good of many. Condolences to her loving family who were fortunate to share the sweetest memories... those from a loving caring mother. May the promise our Lord Jesus stated at John 5:28-29 bring comfort during your bereavement. He does promise to "raise up" his children and they will never to taste death ever again. Isaiah 25:8 says he will swallow up death "forever"... Under his strong wings, there will only exist calm seas. She will be missed dearly.
Posted by Dr Eugene Ibe on 29th October 2016
You were the sister I never had. We grew up together as age mates connected to the same umbilical cord of Oparaoha dynasty of Ehume Obowo. Being with you and reliving childhood dreams was a joy. You were the first relation I sought for after returning from USA and Canada.My consolation remains seeing you at Easter 2016 .My family will always remember you. Obowo has lost one of her vivacious daughters. Rest in Peace
Posted by ISIOMA OKOH on 27th October 2016
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. It is said that a life that touches others goes on forever. Till memory fades and life departs, you live forever in our hearts. Good night, Mama Ngozi as flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
Posted by Chuks Nwaogbo on 27th October 2016
It was a shocking news to hear about your are such a loving mum.I will always remember your voice calling me Chuks Nwam.......I love you mum....Rest in PEACE...... Mum....You will always be in my heart......
Posted by Adokiye Dappa on 27th October 2016
Mama Ngozi It is with shock and disbelief that I received your untimely and unimaginable sudden departure from us. More shocking is the fact that just last December, the whole family was at home celebrating with you and your spouse your Golden Jubillee Wedding Anniversary. You were such a vivacious personality, so full of life. Mama Ngozi, as I've always called you from day one is no more. A tireless, hardworking and very resourceful wife and mother. A strong pillar of support that always propped the family. Your sudden inexplicable departure from this earth is the typical case of more questions than answers. Proof that there are so many things we don't know on this side of the veil. Your face I shall always remember. Your infectious laugh I will never forget. Deep in our hearts a memory is kept, of one we loved and shall never forget. REST IN PEACE. Mine is just a simple prayer - May God Bless You and Keep You in His Care Now and Always.
Posted by Ijeoma Chidi-Osuji on 27th October 2016
The heavy hands of afflictions squeeze us not to destroy our lives, but to bring the best out of us. You have drawn the curtains, and bid this wicked world goodbye never to return. As we remember your legacies, may God's comfort abound, replacing our sadness with gratitude. You blessed all those around you with an exemplary life of tenacity, hard work and enterprise. We will always remember your infectious laughter, your resilience and "can-do" spirit. Aunty Rosa, our prayers are that we triumph over this grief. We trust that our maker has you wrapped in HIS bossom free from all pain. You are forever in our hearts! Always, Ijeoma
Posted by Rosey Iheme on 27th October 2016
Dearest Sister Rose Your name embossed the love you blossom. Your sweet spirit will forever touch our lives. We are surrounded with your gentle peace. May your strength give us the courage we need for today and the hope for the future. You have a wonderful legacy in your children, your grace lives on. May we see each other again for a wonderful reunion. Your loving Sister in Law, Rosey Iheme Your loving niece, Chioma Jennifer Louise Iheme
Posted by Grace Ujari on 26th October 2016
Our mother is still with us,she never left our side ,she still is close to us her spirit is our guide for the blessed memory of her will lead us through each day .And the tender thoughts we have of her are in our heart to stay . May the love we shared with our mother live forever in our heart,bringing us comfort and lasting peace. Grace c Ujari.
Posted by Lanre Nola on 26th October 2016
So sad you departed so soon but your love, care and understanding will forever be treasured and memories of you will live forever. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Charles Nzeduru on 26th October 2016
Life is a stage where people come to play their different roles and take exit.You not only played your role exceedingly well but you left when the ovation was still loud. You are one of the best thing that have ever happened to life. Many call you Achara Ugo Oma, some call you Lolo. To some , you are mama Ngozi, but I call you a go getter, an epitome of beauty, generous, loving and caring. We all love you and would greatly miss you. Adieu, My lovingly Aunt. The space you left is so wide that i doubt if anyone could be able to occupy such a space. Goodnight!
Posted by Declan Ezeh on 25th October 2016
Shocking to hear you have gone. Mother without bound. Mother for all, even all your children's friend call you mum, and indeed a great mum you are. A strong woman who cares for all around her, you showed love as bible instruct. love without restriction. what can i say, than thank God for a life well spent. Good night mum. from lily's friend: Declan Ezeh.
Posted by Ele Eguche on 25th October 2016
Tribute to my Sweet Mother In law: Chief Mrs Rose Okereke by Your Son In law Eleojo Grand Ma Anwuna ooo!!! Our regular greeting style. Who will make Onugbu soup for me like you do? You are indeed alive in our lives in so many special ways. Is it the smiles or your outburst of laughter or your gunuine concern over your Children or your In laws? I am shocked beyond words to write this tribute in your honor. Tears cannot bring you back neither the loads of tribute. We take solace in the Lord that has taken you and we cannot question Him. I see bits and pieces of you in my Wife and in all your Children in so many ways. The hard work and the determination to succeed embedded in my wife is a pointer. When i told Joshua and David that you had passed the previous week, David said ¨ Grand Ma has gone to be with angels¨? I said yes and he smiled and kind of happy. I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer that Let the wish and prayers of your Grand Children be answered. You will surely be missed by all of us. You live forever with us. Anwuna oooo Grand Ma!!! Eleojo Eguche,Your Son In Law
Posted by Renee Alika on 24th October 2016
Love you grandma Grandma i love you so much and i had a lovely chrismas with you i love you and i miss you I LOVE YOU.! You are nice and kind to me i wish i was there to see you. Love Renee Alika
Posted by Nkechi Rotimi on 24th October 2016
Called this Sunday morning to say Hello but you were gone. Oh Sweet Mother ! When shall I see you again? My Mother, My Doctor in the House I will remember the 'Ugu'Water, Hot Water Bottle and not to stress myself. You watched over me like an eagle over the eaglet. You nursed me to the very end So your assignment in my life is over? It was a task skillfully, patiently and lovingly executed. My Sweet Mother ! May my God bless you !! You were worth more than a million !!! I couldn't have had a better mother. I guess it's time to say Good Night . Sweet Sleep Rose Rest from all your labours. We'd carry on with your legacies
Posted by Mgbechi Okereke on 24th October 2016
My Loving mother. You were a precious gift from God, so much beauty, grace, love and patience you possessed. You touched my heart in so many ways, your strength and smile, even on dark days, made me realize how blessed i am to have had you as a mother. No one knows how much i miss you, no one knows the bitter pain i have suffered since i lost you. Life has never been the same. In my heart, your memory lingers, there is not a day, dear mother that i do not think of you. Always, Mgbe.
Posted by Lillian Eguuche on 24th October 2016
‘The music has stopped but the dancers still carry on because the song is embedded in their hearts’. How can we ever forget the rhythm, the lyrics, the beat and dance steps of a legendary artist of life… Mum you are truly unforgettable. Who can forget that infectious laugh, your contagious smile, your words of wisdom, your industrious skills, your making something out of nothing skills and your ever welcome words of advice in times of trouble? ‘Acahra-ugo’ you were truly a maestro in your own way…. You were a total and complete package, all-in-one, you had an answer to every problem, you were a peace maker. Mum you were too much !!! We are strong today because of the way you raised us…. Independent and self sustaining, you thought us how to live in plenty and in scarcity. You thought us how never to be taken unawares…. always a plan-B. The bible said ‘go into the world and multiply…’ you fulfilled that scripture in replicating yourself in so many ways in us your children; we will carry on your good works and dedication to the house of God. By your bedside, your last words were that you wanted to rest……how was I to know what you meant. I believe God took you because you have completed your task on earth and set the pace for us to continue. We are consoled by the fact that you are finally at rest & peace with the Almighty God who permitted this to happen at this time. … more struggles and no more stress. Only want I ask is why you didn’t let us know it would end this way….only God knows why !!! Death might have taken you physically from us on that fateful day but you will forever live in our hearts. Love you for life!!!! Your daughter Lillian Eguche
Posted by Ngozi Walker on 22nd October 2016
A beautiful exotic rose once grew strong and sure in a garden Sheltered by garden walls Her blossoming beauty and grace was admired by all One day, a beam of light shone through a crevice that opened up This rose bent gently towards the light's warmth Then gently passed beyond to the other side Be comforted you who deeply feel its loss This rose blooms there- Her beauty more breathtaking and shines even greater Nurtured by God's own loving care.
Posted by Ngozi Okereke- Walker on 22nd October 2016
Though you are gone I'm not alone and never shall be For the precious memories of the bond we shared Will never depart from me. Your flame will burn forever strong in my heart In our minds and in our hearts mum, you shall forever be Your love will give us strength to manage this loss each day Our time with you will be treasured forever I can hear you say..... "Please don't be sad,please don't cry because I will always be here". Sleep now, my angel, and rest your eyes. I love you for eternity -Ngo
Posted by Okwi Okereke on 18th October 2016
Mummy.... I'm still recovering from the shock, wondering what life for me would be like without you.... All I know today, you taught me, you strengthened me and prepared me for the future... Now it all makes sense, your memory will keep me going on, you taught us the meaning of strength, persistence, forgiveness and endurance,... Irreplaceable mother, may your soul rest in the bossom of the lord for EVER... I will forever love you... Okwisco... I love you mummy
Posted by Ogechi Okereke on 16th October 2016
My mum Always in my heart Her smile gives me strength and hope Her passion for her children endless I love you Always Gege

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