Let the memory of Chief A.B. Eboda be with us forever.
  • Born on December 16, 1936 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on October 24, 2019 in Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chief Abiodun Babatunde Eboda . We will remember him forever. 

Please join us in celebrating the life of Chief A.B. Eboda. 

Date: Thursday, November 7, 2019
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Venue: 27 Modupe Street, Fola Agoro Area, Somolu 

Funeral Service
Date: Friday, November 8, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM
Venue: All Saints Anglican Church -- Yaba 17, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos
Internment: Ijebu Ode

Thanksgiving Service
Date: Saturday, November 9, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: All Saints Anglican Church -- Yaba 17, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos
Reception to follow immediately at Banilux Event Place - 2/8 Chapel Street, Off Commercial Ave., Sabo Yaba, Lagos

Posted by Teni Shonibare Eboda on November 6, 2019
Baba Eruobodo, you represented an epitome of responsibility. A unifying symbol of the Eboda clan. A man of the people. Family oriented and generous. I remember the consecutive years that we celebrated 25th of December with you at Fola Agoro. You were always ready for I and my children with our mint "Christmas money".

My few encounters with you though brief each time remain indelible. I was a distant admirer of your commitment to family and the wellbeing of others.

When I saw you 2017 at my mother in laws burial ( Late Mama Ibeji), you seemed to have lost some weight yet you stood tall as always.

You will be forever missed. Sleep on Baba Eruobodo. May your soul find repose and rest!
Posted by Mrs Ogunbona Olusola Feli... on November 5, 2019
Adieu chief babatunde eboda.
Even in death you're still loved and forever you willl be, We miss you but God has called you home, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace . Amen.
Mama Ade (nee koku)
Posted by Abi Akinola on November 5, 2019
I have written this a couple of times and stopped but I know I MUST find a way to capture you in words.

Formidable...my earliest memories of you were at Sister Busola wedding in your regal outfit and hand made beaded shoes.
You stood tall with your usual formidable presence.
My little heart welled in pride to be your daughter and niece.

Father...not sure the year but when my dad (your younger brother) was hospitalized for slip disc issues, you swung into action to ensure dad had everything he needed , you ensured he got the attention he needed. If you have had to visit Igbobi orthopedic you would know how important this part is.

A strong part of my childhood memories: I smile because we ( Tope Eboda and I) always looked forward to our shiny one naira notes every Christmas day since the 80’s.
I gradually got elevated to about #2000 the last Christmas I visited with my son. Loved how we looked forward to the increments in our Christmas monetary gifts.
It was always the highlight of Christmas.

Olori Ebi: Everyone who knew you are aware of how you worked to keep the Eboda family together and how you extended that to your maternal side of the family too. I learnt how beautiful family ties are irrespective of our differences from you and My dad. Thank you.

Lastly my Dad’s big brother: You were big brother in every sense of the word. My dad’s hero.
We (my siblings and I) knew that too well!
Permit to put this in Pidgin English:
Haa, who born you well when daddy comes back to say “Euroba said No”
On that Thursday morning when I heard my dad’s voice tremble he announced your passing, i broke down because I could hear the hurt in his voice. He would miss you greatly but we all would be strong to continue on this journey standing on your shoulders.

Continue to rest on Daddy
Euroba , we miss you.

Abisoye Eboda Akinola
Your Ladele’s daughter

Posted by Funmike Akin-Deko on November 5, 2019
Quite a formidable pillar of support to the Eboda clan. Olori Ebi leading by example. Always available to his people, no one was too small, big, young or old, he will follow them to wherever they had a function as Olori Ebi even when he had reached the ripe old age.

He supported our late mother Iya Ibeji who had married into the clan through his Uncle S.O.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Kola Animashaun on November 5, 2019
Chief A B Eboda
You were a Giant amongst men !
You were very supportive towards my mother ever since she lost her husband very early on.
You were even more accommodating during our trying periods and was always fair and firm in your decisions regardless of whose ox was gored.
Every time i visited you i always learnt something new.
You stood solidly behind me when i got married being a good friend of my father in law and i will forever remain grateful for the role you played.
Your Exemplary Leadership of the Eboda Clan will also never be forgotten.
May the Almighty Grant Your Good Soul Eternal Rest. Amen
Posted by Misimi Eboda on November 3, 2019
Dear grandad
   The one that has always been there since i was young,to lead and to guide me. He was always willing to know what i needed at any time,he was always ready to tell me stories about his past,ready to teach me. I remember days when he'll call I and my brothers to personally teach us. Granpa never turned a deaf ear to our countless needs. There are too many memories to be told. Grandad was the only one that made me take pap, I remember saturday mornings he'll bundle my brothers and I to his room and personally make pap with milk,milo and honey even though he knew i didnt like honey he'll always say its good for your health. Words are not enough to express how dearly i miss him but he's gone to a better place now and all we can do is to celebrate the wonderful years he has lived and to thank God for giving us such a great Grandad.
  I'll forever love and miss you Mr Eruobodo
Posted by Eboda Emmanuel on November 3, 2019
For my one and only grandpa,
  My grandpa the grandpa that always made me focus on my studies. He played with me prayed with me and studied with me. I will miss you so much. Your memories will always be in my heart.
Posted by Olu Oke on November 3, 2019
By Barr. (Mrs.) Jumoke Akinkoye
Modupe Neighbourhood Welfare Association (MONEWA)

Our dear Papa, Friend and Leader!
Your passing to Glory is yet a surprise to us despite your gift of a healthy, worthwhile, inspiring and highly motivating lifetime. Your worthy role in putting together what is today the Association on Modupe Street is already entrenched in the history of Modupe Street (off Fola Agoro) Somolu, otherwise regarded as the G.R.A. of Shomolu.

Thank you for giving yourself and your treasure to us when it mattered most. You will forever remain a memorable ASSET to us all. Until we meet again at the feet of Jesus, it is GOODNITE SIR!
Posted by Olu Oke on November 3, 2019
By Lady Iyabode Awotesu

My dear Brother, your exit is a surprise, considering our recent discussion on getting a befitting chairman for MONEWA, your pet Association. We shall miss you considering your LOVE & PASSION for the neighbourhood.

Rest on my Brother. Goodnight.
Posted by Olu Oke on November 3, 2019
Death, you have been good enough to perform your usual magic! No one could be surprised. I know and I believe that the righteous are always taken away before the evil day.

Rest on the bosom of your Lord my dear brother Tunde Eboda. We shall meet on the resurrection day in Jesus' name.

Venerable & Mrs. J. E. Kola Oke
Posted by Olu Oke on November 3, 2019
Chief A. B. Eboda, may your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen. You touched many lives in your lifetime. I'm positive that you are now in peace and happiness with your creator.

Mr. A. O. Koku
Posted by Olu Oke on November 3, 2019
We all loved Papa, but God loves him most. And we thank God for a life well spent. May the presence of the Lord continually abide with all he has left behind.

Modupe Primary School
- The Headmistress, Teachers,
Parents & Pupils
Posted by Olu Oke on November 3, 2019
A valuable member of Egbe Ifelodun, Cathedral Church of Our Saviour, Italajoda, One By-Ode. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Bro. Ago Sangosanya
President, Egbe Ifelodun
Posted by Olu Oke on November 3, 2019
Tribute to my Brother

"Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity" - Psalm 133:1

My elder brother, Chief Abiodun Babatunde Eboda of the legendary EBODA dynasty of Ijebu-Ode, was an epitome of peace in the family, neighbourhood, and the community he lived. Most people around him did not understand him; he never wanted anything to hurt anyone.

A philanthropist to those who came across him. An indefatigable leader in the neighbourhood, hence the birth of MONEWA (Modupe Neighbourhood Welfare Association, Fola Agoro, Somolu, Lagos). He cherished peaceful co-existence, hence his service on the Police Community Relations Committee of Ogudu, Lagos State. He was many things to many people around him.
Eni mo, o ko
Eni ko, ko mo
Oun ni eni na

'We so omo Ęgbò
Ęgbò mogun ara Ijamò.
Omo a de'le t'eji t'eji.
Omo a b'orule sun'kun ojo.
Omo Ita ntębo Alabameji.
Omo a f'ęgba şawo l'oke Moro.
Omo Ęruobodo,
Ęniti o duro t'odo l'ęru mba

Ebodas, Nubis, Orenusis,
Ę ku ara fęra ku ęni rere to lo

Ęgbon, o digba, o digbose.
"A o pade l'ęse Jesu..."

Dele Eboda
Posted by Olu Oke on November 2, 2019
It is well. My deepest condolences to the Eboda family. We thank God for a life well spent, Baba was a man of great wisdom, knowledge and understanding who impacted lives positively and loved God. We will surely miss Baba Eboda. Rest in peace .

Adeniran Oke
Posted by Olu Oke on November 2, 2019
Eja nla lo lo do,. Ki ato to ri erin odi gbo ka to Refon odi odan ki ato ri enia to di ebi mu gboyin gboyin bi Chief B. A Eboda odorun alakeji. Who will fill the vacuum created in the Orenusi family of Ijesa Ijebu. Our departed Chief single handedly built the delapidated family house and gave it to others to live in free of charge . My last visit to him was to solicit for donation for Diocesan women guild conferences at St Jude s Church Ijesa Ijebu which he generously did. May God give him perfect rest 
Sesan Awonubi
Posted by Olu Oke on November 2, 2019
There goes a Titan of the Eboda Family of Odo Egbo, Ijebu-Ode who touched lives as he lived.
He was very generous and accommodating. A pleasant personality.
May God console his nuclear family and the extended Eboda Family that he so ably led during his lifetime.
May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Adebayo Eboda
Posted by Olu Oke on November 2, 2019
We indeed have lost a great brother and OLORI EBI of our family who was never tired of doing anything on behalf of the family anytime anytime the needs arose. Honestly , the vacuum he left behind may be a bit difficult to fill but with God, nothing is impossible. May his good soul find repose in the bosom of the Lord.

Roy Eboda
Posted by Enitan Owotomo on November 2, 2019
My Teacher, my Encourager, my Dependable, Reliable Confidant. My Cousin, my Father, my Friend.
Always there for me 24/7.
I miss you already soooooo much Daddy - the several discussions we had....
Thank You for always being there for me. Thank you for your occasional teachings about life, family and relationships.
Thank you for always being there for naming ceremonies, graduations, weddings, etc.
I thank God for you and for your life well spent.

Daddy, may your dear soul Rest In Perfect Peace..... ADIEU

Oriki:- ....
Omo Ęgbò mogun ara Ijamò.
Omo ojugbe l'odo Ęgbò.
Omo a b'orule sun'kun ojo.
Omo a de'le t'eji t'eji.
Omo Itantębó Alabameji.
Omo a f'ęgba şawo l'oke Moro.
Omo Ęruobodo, ęni duro t'odo l'ęru mba......

'Ba ęni, O di'gba....
Sunre, Sunre, Sunre o.
Posted by Yele Isola on October 30, 2019
Daddy Abiodun Babatunde Eboda impressed me according to the quote "It is the first impression that lasts forever, so make it counts" when I first met him in Lagos, Nigeria some years ago.
Daddy was a good man, humble, caring, loving and respectful. He genuinely cared for people when he was alive. My children remember the love, money and hug received from daddy when they first met him.
I am so proud to be called " My dear most beloved daughter Yele" according to the thank you notes/ card received from daddy at his 80th birthday.
Daddy Eboda, your love, your words of wisdom and prayers will live on inside us forever.
Daddy, you have given us gifts that are more precious than anything in this world. We love you but the Lord loves you more.
Adieu daddy Eboda!!!
You will always live on in my heart.

Your dear and most beloved daughter,
Yele Isola.
Posted by Mobolaji Oludara on October 30, 2019
Chief A Babatunde Eboda, Cousin, Uncle and Father ... a true entrepreneur and Giant in his chosen Profession and Business.. I lived with him and his household at Femi Adebule Street, Abule-Ijesha for a brief, memorable and most significant period of my life as a High School Student in the "70's". I learnt great virtues of discipline, hardwork, determination and time consciousness which were attributes that were in-grained in him and i believe helped him to make success of life. He had a "bag full of family stories and history" that those privileged to interact with him would have learnt greatly from. Indeed he will continually be remembered as a great Pillar of the family that will be difficult to forget..... Truly a Colossus has departed! May his Soul rest in Peace.
Professor Mobolaji OLUDARA.
Posted by Tayo Eboda on October 29, 2019

To some, a fantastic father, a marvellous grandfather, a wonderful brother, considerate uncle, a unifying cousin and a dependable friend.

A kindhearted philanthropist, leader, influencer and a historian. He enjoyed good humour. He was frank and straightforward.

I will miss your fatherly advice, brotherly counsel and camaraderie.
You were an embodiment of good character, integrity and compassion.

Sleep on in the bossom of your creator, beloved.
Posted by Oluwatoyosi Adesina on October 29, 2019
God saw that you were getting tired big Daddy and a cure was not to be.
So He put His arms around you and whispered, "Come with Me." Tears roll out .....
Though we love you dearly, but We could not make you stay.
A golden heart like yours stopped beating,
Hard working hands put to rest.... As God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes "The Best".
Thought I was still going to see you again to say THANK YOU SIR, for all the love and care you extended to me and also believing in me, also a big thank you to my grandma (mama gbambose) whom I referred to as my Guardian Angel, in making sure I become one to be reckoned with. I say thank you sir to bid you a farewell.
--- Oluwatoyosi Adesina
(Nee koku)
Posted by Tunmi Oke on October 28, 2019
Grandpa Eboda,

Thank you for your unconditional love, wisdom, and education on how to lead a life of devotion to God and family. The earliest memory I have of you is as a giant, assured yet kind and gentle. Entrepreneurial and generous, you walked with your head high through life's trials and remained humble with success and triumph. You led by example, showing generosity towards your community while building for the prosperity of your family. I will journey on in this life with these principles I gleaned from your fruitful life:

1) God’s timing is always perfect, seek him first in all things.
2) It is your responsibility to take care of whatever God has entrusted you with. Educate yourself and work diligently to be a faithful steward.
3) Use your position to be a blessing to your family and community. In doing so, you will leave a good legacy and will be remembered for your generosity.

I love you, Grandpa.
Tunmise Oke
Posted by Oluyemisi Olusola on October 28, 2019
Chief Abiodun Babtunde Eboda
Thursday 24th Oct. 2019, was the day you left this world for home above. It shocked me to the bone to hear of your demise, I cried to know you have joined your ancestors. I will forever miss you and your good counsel. You are my father in Ijebu-ode and also in Ijesha-Ijebu. You were always bubbling with life happy and always glad to see me until November 2014 when your better half left this world and things were no longer the same with you. You lost interest in almost everything. Whenever I see or phone you, I always remark that you are losing weight but you will reply “No problem, I am okay”. Chief, why did you leave at this time? I thought you will at least live up to 90 years. Death, Where is thy Sting? You have fought and won at last.
Sleep on beloved father until we meet to part no more.
Goodnight! Goodnight!! Goodnight!!!
Mrs Olusola Yemisi.
Posted by Deji Bash on October 27, 2019
You saw real life
You were larger than life
You struggled early in life
You overcame struggles of life
In education you were self made
In apprenticeship you were self made
In rudiments of business you were self taught
In book keeping you were self taught
In discipline you were in forefront
In prudence you were in forefront
In giving you were biblical
In show of love you were biblical
In boldness you were biblical
In family you were a pillar
In community you were a pillar
One thing dear to your heart; to see Jesus
You confirm; all you achieved through Jesus.
On November 5, 2014 you started this journey
It was a lonely journey
On October 24 2019 you ended the journey
The community will miss you
We, the children miss you
The grand children miss you
Our after service Sunday chat will miss you
Adieu Daddy fare you well!
Adieu grandpa fare you well!

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