Chief Abiodun Babatunde Eboda was born on Wednesday, 16th December 1936, in Lagos.

His FATHER was late Pa Zaccheus Daniel Eboda “Eruobodo” who retired as Death and Birth Registrar, Lagos City Council in 1944. Pa Zaccheus later settled down at his home town, Ijebu-Ode, No. 28 Odegbo Street. He traded in book-selling and patent medicine, with the company name of Sun-shine Stores until his death in June 1956. He was a Community Developer, an advocate of human rights and privileges. He lived 57 years.

His MOTHER was Madam Bernice Adebanke Eboda, nee NUBI of Odesha, Ijebu-Ode. She was a big trader in aso oke until her untimely death in March 1948. She was very successful in her business. She lived 39 years.


Babs, alias “Simple and Delicate”, started his elementary education at St. Peter’s School, Faji, Lagos in 1942, and completed it at Christ Church Porogun School, Ijebu-Ode, in 1950. He was a brilliant pupil in his school days.


ABE received a Divine call to learn the Printing trade. This occurred to him in his sub-consciousness at his mother’s (6’x6’) bedroom on three consecutive nights. The Holy Spirit led him to Olufemi - Fe’re Press, Ijebu-Ode. He was commanded to commence his printing course on Saturday, 16th December 1950 (his 14th birthday), which he compiled with.

He met the proprietor of the Press, Late Pa. S. A. Ige, and his bosom friend, Late Pa Kas Ade Taiwo. After customary greetings, he told them that he had come to learn printing. His admission as a trainee was not without a psychological test of receiving six strokes of the cane on his palm as ordered by Pa Kas Ade Taiwo, who later stood in as his sponsor, because he went to enroll for the training without the knowledge of his father. He was caned by Pa Emmanuel Okunuga, popularly called “SENIOR”

Initially, when ABE told his father (a disciplinarian and a devout Christian) that he was learning printing, his father ignored him, because he wanted him to further his education. Other family members too neglected him on the same ground.

BUT because ABE was acting on the order of the Holy Spirit, he was guided throughout the course successfully. He did beautifully well and led his course mates in the art of Letterpress Printing.

He graduated as a Printer on Saturday, 6th February 1954. It was a big occasion which was fully attended by senior boys and men in uniform shirt dress known as “aso ebi”. The graduation party was fully sponsored by ABE himself. Music was supplied by Pa Emman Okunuga’s new senior HMV Gramophone.

HOLY SPIRIT’s 2nd Visit

The Almighty God spoke to Pa Abram in Genesis 2: 1-3 to leave his father’s house to the land that HE, God, will show him, and he was blessed as he obeyed. So also, God spoke to ABE on December 20, 1954, to leave Ijebu-Ode for Lagos, and he too was blessed as he obeyed.


His desire to become a Master Printer grew unabated as he started working and planning towards the realization of his dream. ABE left Ijebu-Ode for Lagos on Monday January 10, 1955, to pursue his Printing career. His father gave him one of his best “Awo” Caps. As he bade his father goodbye, the father felt and looked sad because he did not want to part ways with young ABE due to his unbeatable services to him and ABE’s understanding of his father’s personality. He worked in many local Printing Houses as a journey man. He worked briefly at Daily Times in 1956 as a compositor for six months, and later moved to Tika-Tore Press Ltd. from where he resigned on 30th Sept. 1958, to establish his own Printing Press named Eruobodo Memorial Press on 1st October 1958.

He had many customers too numerous to mention, including the Lagos State Governor (1970-72), through Chief Adeyemi Bero, the Secretary to the Lagos State Governor. His major client was Guinness Nigeria Plc., Ikeja, where he handled most of their printing jobs from 1959-97 (38 good years). 

ABE retired from printing in the year 2000. He was very famous, successful and prosperous.


Chief ABE developed interest in buying and selling of Company Shares on the Nigeria Stock Exchange Market from 1976 till his death.


Chief ABE was a strong Community Developer.

From 1982 through 1985, he was the pioneer PTA Chairman of Modupe Primary School, Femi Adebule Street, Somolu.

He was the prime founder of Modupe Neighbourhood Welfare Association (MONEWA) on 7th August 1984, a non-commercial home owners’ association. To give the Association a credible standard, ABE carried 3 major portfolios of the Executive - the Secretary, Financial Secretary and the Treasurer, from the inception for three years. He performed these services simply to infuse accountability, transparency and honesty, which do not usually exist in other similar associations. Today, because of the Association’s unbeatable security network, lot of people wants to live on Modupe Street, Somolu.

Chief ABE was the first General Secretary of Somolu Baales & Titled Chiefs from Jan 2000 to his death under HRH Oba Habib Adekunle Kassim-Bashua, (Odu 1) Oba of Somolu.

He was the 2nd Vice Chairman of Area “H” Command PCRC, Ogudu, Lagos from year 2002.

Chief ABE was a member of Obanta Social Club of Ijebu-Ode from 1981 to his death.


Due to his unflinching services to the people of Somolu, ABE was honoured with the Chieftaincy Title of Maiyegun of Bajulaiye, Somolu on Saturday, 4th February 1984, by Alhaji Chief Y. A. Rahaman, Baale Bajulaiye, Somolu. It was a big occasion.

He received another Chieftaincy title of Taiyese of Somolu on Saturday, 19th September 1987, from HRH Oba Tiyamiu Akanni Jimoh, Jagunmolu II Oba of Somolu District.


In Lagos, Chief ABE worshipped at All Saints’ Anglican Church, Yaba. He loved the 7am Holy Communion Service.

At Ijebu-Ode he was a member of Egbe Ifelodun of the Cathedral Church of Our Saviour, Ijasi, Ijebu-Ode.


Chief ABE was intelligent and a hard worker. He loved mankind and was ready to help anybody to the best of his ability.  He did his best to better the lives of his family members, relations and friends.

He will always be remembered for his social services, simplicity, frankness and unparallel honesty.

He is survived by his children, grand-children, brothers and sisters.

May his soul rest in peace.

Biography written by ABE on January 28, 2003.