This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chief Dr. Joe Nnabuchi Nwodo, the Agadagbachiriuzo1 of Ukehe aged 77 years. 
Dr. Nwodo completed his earthly race on the 10th of March, 2021, at a hospital in the United Kingdom after a protracted illness which he battled indefatigably.  He lived a very fulfilled life.
He was one of the most notable politicians to emanate from Nsukka cultural zone also known as Enugu Senatorial zones, and indeed Nigeria.
He was once a Presidential aspirant of the defunct National Republican Convention, NRC, when he showcased a political style and flair that was second to none. He was a social phenomenon.
A man who wrote the most brilliant and sesquipedalian speeches. Gigantesque in size and in intellect. Many referred to his intellectual and literary ability as “a gift,” inborn”, “a knack”, “a talent”.
One thing was certain, Joe Nwodo operated on a literary frequency higher than most, one that could only be compared to a supernatural being, “god-like”.
He was indeed a rare breed. A mastermind, and genius of our time.   He was a lover of the poor. “Ochendo umu-ogbenyi”.
His love and ambitions for the great people of Nsukka was unfathomable as it was immeasurable.    
He is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and the great people of Nsukka who remained embedded deeply in his heart, mind and lips even at the point of death.    
Farewell to the incomparable legacy, the Enigma, the Legend, that is Joe Nwodo, Ochendo, Agadagbachiriuzo 1 of Ukehe. 
Ochendo lives on!
*** Burial details will be communicated by the family in due course ***
1. London Farewell Mass & Tributes - May 1st 2021
2. Night of Tributes Abuja - May 30th 2021
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Posted by Marika Sherwood on March 10, 2022
Looking at all the photographs and memoirs warm my ancient heart. The welcome I received from ALL the Nwodo family when I visited all those years ago! Their patience with this ignorant Hungarian-Brit! You taught me so much, you took me into a new world - a world that has stayed with me. THANK YOU.
Posted by Ann Okolo on March 10, 2022
Your one year in the bossom of the Lord to us looks like just a day you left us with your ever smiling face and caring for all that associated with you while your sojourn on Earth. Continue to enjoy the company of God and all the saints. You are forever in our hearts , Agadagbachili Uzo
Posted by Ann Okolo on March 10, 2022
You are forever in the hearts of your loved ones. Happy posthumous birthday as you now celebrate with our Heavenly Father and Blessed mother Mary.
Posted by Odi Nwodo on March 10, 2022
One year on.
Feels like yesterday.

Rest in peace and power daddy <3
Posted by Hrh prince emeka Ezeani on January 19, 2022
AGADA HAPPY BIRTHDAY continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Odi Nwodo on January 19, 2022
Happy Birthday Daddy! I struggle with the term 'posthumous', I don't think it's necessary.

You are forever and ever in our hearts 
So many people have sent in special wishes for you today. In death, you are still everyone’s friend!

I Love you always and,
I'll bake your favourite cake
Posted by Osmond Uzochukwu Orokoh on June 2, 2021


When I received the sad news of passing away to eternal glory of 'nwa emu', a man of supreme heroism, a legal luminary, an orator extraordinaire, a political idol and trailblazer, Chief Dr. Joe N. Nwodo, who initiated the struggle for the political emancipation of Nsukka people in particular and, by extension, people of Enugu State, I dissolved into mourning; the news came to me as a huge shock as he was such a royal and political personage whom I admire so much and even my late lamented father, H.R.H Igwe Fidelis Orokoh, was extremely fond of that he would sometimes say to me, 'Can't you see Dr. Joe Nwodo and his brothers? You know and hear about them; they are Nsukka; you have to take your education seriously'.

I once, on the sidelines, listened to Barrister Dr. Joe Nwodo speak in my father's palace and, as such, I saw a wonderful dynamite who was full of unwavering courage; I listened to a man who loved his people ( Nsukka people), who had passion for the growth and development of Nsukka and spoke same with missionary zeal; I listened to a dynamic leader who had vision and mission for Enugu people in particular and Nigeria in general; I listened to the best president Nigeria never had; I listened to an artist in words whose oratorical power had driving force that could move everyone into action; that was Chief Dr. Joe Nwodo. In fact, Ana-egbu Achara, was an inspiration to us, Enugu North people and perhaps anyone who had come in contact with him.

So, the demise of Dr Joe Nwodo no doubt has created a huge void in great Nwodo dynasty, Enugu North, Enugu State, Nigeria and beyond; oh! Death has denied us of one of our sources of pride who gave voice to good people of Enugu North and whose political struggle and likeability helped give birth to the emergence of his lovely younger brother, His Excellency Dr. Okwy Nwodo, as executive governor of Enugu State, a first for a son of Enugu North. we will miss him forever; however, let's take solace in the fact that he lived a life worthy of commendation and emulation; he was really a man in the arena.

At this juncture, I pray God to grant Nwodo family the fortitude to bear the bereavement; my thoughts and my prayers are with Nwodos; please accept my heartfelt sympathy and may the soul of Chief Dr. Joe Nwodo and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of Almighty God, rest in peace. Amen!
Adiue Agadagbachiriuzo1!
Posted by Okey Ugwu on June 2, 2021
I never knew or met Dr Joe Nwodo in person but i have come to read so much about him. He was one of the finest that came out from Nsukka. May God rest his soul
Posted by Onuwa E on May 30, 2021
Today, our hearts are filled with sorrow of a departed pillar of our family, our society and our nation… a sorrow so deep and personal to us all.

Chief Dr Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo silently closed the door of life and departed from us all… He departed but not without brightening our lives with his personality, values, generosity and Africanness.

Albert Einstein once said, “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive”….. Chief Nwodo was a true example of that quote.

For us at Nigeria National Biofuel Production Company Limited, this is a huge loss as Chief Nwodo was a dear friend to us all.

Chief Nwodo was fired up by the belief that the key to the salvation of our dear nation, Nigeria lies in its immense and untapped agricultural wealth and potentials…

Chief Dr Joseph Nwodo was a thoroughbred Nigerian, a great family man, a perfect gentlemen, principled to the core, a strategic thinker with unparalleled intellect, a visionary and brilliant personality, generous and yet humble, receiving all with open arms and genuine care.

Chief Nwodo was deeply concerned about the social and economic stagnation in Nigeria and was highly committed and motivated to transforming things for good which was what endeared him to us all as a close friend.

By his death, all the people who knew him will miss a highly intelligent, vibrant individual with a rare friendliness and charm of personality.

To the immediate family, our hearts and prayers are with you…
Chief (Dr.) Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo lived a great and exemplary life…We will badly miss him.

Emmanuel Ehiemua
Managing Director
Oracle Limited
Posted by Odi Nwodo on May 28, 2021

Dr. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo, a dad I met. He adopted me as a son. He said, you are too intelligent to be allowed to waste.  His second name ought to be "Onodu Ugo adighi Egbe nma na anya". Wherever Joe, as he is popularly known was, his adversaries sink and shiver. 

Joe, the love of his mother. His father thought he was too soft until the Lion devoured his political opponents.  His hug to his mother to say goodbye, as he was leaving for London School of Economics to study Law, was infectious. His mother kept the picture and reminded everyone that Joe will be back to lead the league of leaders. 

Daddy Joe, the atakata agbuo! "Ike gwu ize, ekpiri buri lue." The gatekeeper of third Republic democratic actions in Nigeria. Julius Nyerere said and Joe referenced it to apply to Nsukka, Nigeria and Africa; "Our unity may not lead to our socio-economic and political advancements such as Europe and North America. However, it will protect us from undue exploitation." Let us unite, as Daddy Joe prescribed!

Dr. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo died. He died where he preferred to die, -, London! He died where he obtained his Law degrees- London! He died where he wrote the best of his papers in corporate law and governance- London! He died where he drove his first personally purchased car - London! He died where he got the first lefthand driver's license- London! He died! He died!! He died!!!

He died where he nursed the liberation idea of Nsukka, Enugu State, Igboland and Nigeria at large - London! Joe died! Joe died!! Joe died!!! 

He died where he composed an essay on African Unity and liberty- London! He died where socio-economic and industrial safety of Africa was his watchword- London! He died where he sought for the financial liberty of the black race through agricultural revolution, industrialization and productivity- London! He died where he made poverty and wealth reconcile to put smiles on the faces of the poor black people - London! He died where he starved to save for us, the poor, in order to help educate us - London! 

He died where he spoke and the wind blew the sands of wealth of youths and women to embrace socio-economic and political equilibrium. Dr Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo died. Joe died on the 10th of March, 2021 in London where he preferred to die. Where he died should be a bit of consolation.

However, Joe's death wounded us. It wounded me. It wounded him. It wounded her. It wounded them. All that knew Joes plans for Nigeria. It wounded all that listened to Dr Joe Nnabuchi Nwodo in Port Harcourt National Republican convention. It wounded and left a hole in each of his socio-economic and political disciples. It wounded his plans for Nigeria and Africa, at large. It wounded the global youths and women. It wounded the poor all over the world. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo's death left us with a balloon of academics and intellectualism that may be waiting to be punctured if we refuse to unite for socio-economic and political wisdom. 

Universities sought to have Dr. Joe Nnabuchi Nwodo in their classrooms as a lecturer. He had more urgent assignments. Institutions came for him and his intellectual properties. He had more focused urgent assignments.  Political parties sought for Dr. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo in 1988 or thereabouts, for an equivalency of Moses' let my people go. Dr Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo succumbed to pressures from friends and associates. Providence refused, for Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo was too pure and spiritual than that institution - political exigencies. Enugu State, Igboland, Nigeria and Africa harvested from Dr Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo's oilwell of intellectualism but could not have Joe at the most anticipated podium of leaderships.

Our solace again! Books shall be written. Institutions established, named and renamed in honor of Dr. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo. Lectures shall be organized and Foundations laid and established to immortalize Dr. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo, Agu na eche ibe! Joe's social, economic, religious, industrial and ecumenical politics are inexhaustible.  All of those that shall be catalogued as Dr. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo's wife, children, siblings, friends and associates are lucky and should find moments to thank God that we were worthy to be part of Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo in whichever way. We are Joe's universities too. Just like universities, we should unite our diversities for Joe's ideological digitalization in Nsukka, Enugu, Igboland, Nigeria and Africa in order to liquidate global poverty. 

The above was Joe's ambition. We lost an oilwell of intellectualism and ideas but what we lost is what Joe challenged us through those losses to continue to pursue until those intellectualism and ideas are realized. Agada ala a a a! Aga deeje!! İ nwagò!!! Daddy Joe Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!

Written by Onyeke Alphaeus Onyeke.  A former honourable member, Old Enugu State House of Assembly and a Professor of Entrepreneurship. Zonal Coordinator, South East, Committee on Rehabilitation of People Living with Disabilities. Office of Senior Special Assistant to the President on Disability Matters.
Posted by Odi Nwodo on May 22, 2021

You became my In-law while I was still a student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the fated meeting ground between you and your beloved wife, my dear sister with whom you were blessed with six children and four grandchildren and still counting.

I still fondly remember those days I would look forward to the annual long vacations so I could visit. Those were really great years for me put simply and I believe very few minds could succinctly recapture the impact of a real encounter with you. Your life undoubtedly had many parts. Your kindness and generosity were real and enduring and it really hurts to think that with your demise, a definite part of what made those years great for me has vanished.

I have tried to imagine life for my sister, your dear wife of 45 years without you. She is dazed by your demise and I can only imagine how she must feel especially as I consider how I feel.

I also think about your amazing children. When I look at them, I see promise all over. You lived for them and that is exactly the reason they all turned out to be first class children, not just in words, but in deed. What parent would not be proud of their children posting first class in their various callings? For many, it is a prayer but for you, it is a reality – an additional feather to your already decorated cap.

As I ponder the meaning of your exit, I get reassured by your philosophy of life. You personified your traditional title Ochendo. Life for you is best when lived for others. It was just very easy and natural to you carrying other people’s burdens and feeling other people’s pain. As I look around, I see scores of men and women whose lives were affected by your kindness. I have long thought that I would be accomplished as a man the day I acquire your sense of philanthropy.

I have told my sister and your children to take heart because God knows best. I have also told them that it won’t be long before today’s pains will be replaced by fond memories that will endure till we meet to part no more.

Adieu My Great In-law!

Adieu Ochendo!


Ifeanyichukwu Onugu

Posted by Odi Nwodo on May 22, 2021

Tribute - Prince Nnamdi Chukwuemelie Nwokedi

Uthoko Royal Palace

Your Excellency Sir, please accept my deepest condolences on behalf of the HRH Charles Okechukwu Nwokedi family, on the passing of the venerable and illustrious Dr. Joe Nwodo. Ochendo was a great man, a man of letters and a man of utter integrity. My late father was very fond of him and indeed, he was like an older brother to me whom i completely cherished and admired. I shall never forget the many pleasant times i spent together with him at his colonial mansion in Surulere, nor also in Abuja. I shall always remember, with fond memories, his ebullience, forthrightness, high intelligence and love for life. He was a true aristocrat and a superb gentleman. A man who carried his aristocratic mein with effortless class and true humility. Indeed, i will always cherish the memories of my privileged association with him. My one true regret is that i was never able to spend enough time with him and i know precious few whose brilliance and good naturedness inspire me like he did.

I salute his lovely wife who cared for him and took care of him with such concern. I also feel for aunty Grace who loved Agada so dearly.

May his lovely soul rest in perfect peace. May the Lord console his lovely children and esteemed family and grant you all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Glory.

Posted by Odi Nwodo on May 22, 2021
Tribute - Nick Hayes

My dear brothers and sisters,
Sunday greetings and I trust that you are all doing great and keeping safe with your individual families.

Yesterday, I got the very sad news of the departure of your dear dad, however, with *joy* Yes, *joy* Joy because, he has finally been set free to go and be with his maker. No more that tortous confinement in excruciating pains; add horrendous mental and emotional tortures.
In truth, none of you will wish that he continued in that state longer. Seeing him in that state was enough to suffer continous breakdown. We therefore, glorify God for the life he lived while on planet earth.

Now that he has physically gone, what next?
1. You must continue to uphold his gentle soul in prayers; that he finds eternal rest in the Lord.
2. Continue to uphold those his excellent virtues that endeared him to people while he lived. That is one grand way of keeping his memory.
3. Please brothers and sisters, never cease to rally round our mother; a woman of *undiluted* beauty who in all challenging situations and circumstances, has remained *virtous*. Let us always keep in real focus, what she has been through over the years. Let us always remember how like the "mother hen", she has remained selflessly ever caring; never tired of spreading her wings of protection to take us in and keep us away from the challenges of living in this troubled world.

Emeka and Nnabuchi my brothers, you have now fully taken up the role of being her 'husband' and the ladies, her sister. Please, reward her endlessly for all she has done (and is still doing) for you all.
4. Always remember that you are the sons and daughters of *Ochendo* He truly lived a large life in his useful days...that name must continue to live even after him.

May we all be consoled at his physical exit as his gentle soul finds eternal rest in the Lord.

May God continue to bless and protect you all.

Mr. Nick Hayes
Posted by CATHERINE OWELLE on May 18, 2021

Dr. Catherine Owelle (Agada’s younger sister) and myself were deeply touched and saddened when we received the news of Dr. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo’s (Agadagbachili Uzo 1 of Ukehe) graceful transition on to glory.

Agada – the man of the people was endowed with many virtues too numerous to mention. As a father you were most loving, caring, kind hearted and supportive to your nuclear and extended family. You ensured your children were raised with love and fear of God and attended choice schools in Nigeria and Abroad hence two of your children graduated with First Class honors degree in their respective universities. A testimony of your investment in their education.

As our patriarch and leader you were the web that united all your siblings and most extended relations. As an inspiring erudite professional you had unending stamina for hard work, thirst for knowledge acquisition, alongside uncommon brilliance embellished with great gift of oratory.

As a peace loving politician you delivered your manifesto on socio -economic and political agenda in a most convincing style that endeared your teaming supporters to believe in you hence their unflinching support, commitment and royalty to your political course.

Agada, in life you were a friend to all. You had exceptional compassion to liberate the poor masses from the shackles’ of poverty through educational emancipation and agricultural developmental projects hence together with your siblings you founded the Igwe John Nwodo Educational endowment fund which has since funded education of many graduates from our town. Your giant strides in attracting agricultural projects to engage and empower our unemployed youths just before the cruel hands of death struck cannot be over looked and shall be greatly remembered.

Agada your death broke our heart but you did not go alone a part of us went with you. If tears could build a stairway and the heartaches make a lane, we’ll like to make our way to heaven and bring you back again.
Adieu our benevolent in-law and brother. Adieu the great man of brevity with integrity, a talented and gifted researcher whose knowledge can be likened to an encyclopedia. Adieu great man of peace who demonstrated an all inclusive leadership style. Adieu our great patriot and bridge builder. You will be greatly missed by all including your political colleagues.

We always loved you.
We will never forget you.
We shall forever miss you but will be remembered by your legacies.
May your gentle and loving soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Sir Joe & Dr. Catherine Owelle
Ide Nsugbe (Inlaw)
Posted by FABIAN NWIGBO on May 13, 2021
10th May, 2021

The leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Enugu State Council, and in deed the entire workers of Enugu State, sincerely, express our condolences to you and your family on the death of your elder brother Chief (DR.) Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo Agadagbachiriuzo 1 of Ukehe.
Late Dr. Joe Nwodo was a great son of Enugu State and in several occasions have contributed to the welfare of the good people of Enugu State. His good works when he was alive and genuine effort to ensure that we have a better Enugu State can never be over emphasized and we know that posterity will judge him aright.
We are consoled by the fact that late Dr. Joe NWodo lived a good Christian life and touched the lives of many. He came, he saw and he conquered. Our prayers therefore is that God grant him eternal rest in his holy place and grant the family the grace to bear the irreplaceable loss and the willpower to continue in his stead in Jesus name Amen.

Comrade Virginus Nwobodo (JP) Comrade Barr. Fabian Nwigbo
Chairman.     Secretary.
Posted by Jude Ikechukwu Agujiobi on May 11, 2021

Ref: CANC/TBT/21/003               Date: 7th May, 2021

The family of Late Chief (Dr.) Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo
Uwelle - Amokofia,
Igbo – Etiti LGA,
Enugu State.


With pains in our hearts, we commiserate with the entire family on the painful loss of our great and beloved friend, Late Chief (Dr.) Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo.

Agadagbachiriuzo 1 of Ukehe, was a gentle man of honour, peace lover and leader per excellence. We pray that the good lord will comfort you and the whole family at this time.

We also pray that the Almighty God will grant him eternal rest and let the perpetual light shine upon him.

Accept our heartfelt condolences.

Engr. Jude Ikechukwu Agujiobi
For: The family.
Posted by Chief Emeka Ngige, SAN on May 9, 2021
Monday 3rd May 2021
The Nwodo Family of Ukehe
℅ Dr Okwesileze Nwodo, CON
Ukehe, Igbo-Etiti LGA
Enugu State
Thru Dr. Valerie Azinge, SAN

Your Excellency ,

I write to convey my sincere condolences to the entire Nwodo dynasty on the passage of your patriarch, Dr Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo, the Agadagbachiliuzo of Ukehe.
I first came into contact with Agadagbachiliuzo sometime in 1986 when I joined the law firm of GN Uwechue & Co. He was a regular visitor to our Principal, Chief George Uwechue, Owelle of Ogwashi Uku, then practising at Bank Chambers, No 27/29 Martins Street Lagos. His visits were mainly to consult with Chief Uwechue on laundry legal issues. It was in the course of these visits that I learnt that Ochendo was a pioneer associate counsel in our law firm when he returned from England in the mid seventies.

Agadagbachiliuzo was a well organised legal practitioner concentrating on commercial practice. His law firm at Western House was among the earliest law firms in Lagos to embrace computer technology. I believe that Agadagbachiliuzo chose the line of commercial practice because of the notorious delays associated with court administration in Nigeria.

Ochendo was a man of sartorial elegance and with a fantastic gift of the garb. It was not a surprise that he decided to follow your dad’s footsteps by venturing into the murky waters of Nigerian politics. As a politician he deployed his oratorial skills in attracting large followership of party faithfuls and national popularity. He was set to become the first civilian Governor of Enugu State in 1991 when the military junta unjustifiably disqualified him along with his arch-rival, Rev Hyde Onuaguluchi both of National Republican Convention. The disqualification did not dampen his morale as he quickly tipped the Director-General of his campaign organisation which happened to be your humble self as a replacement aspirant for the governorship ticket. The ticket was clinched and the rest, as they say, became history. A lesson from that episode which has now became a reference point in family relationships captured in the Igbo adage -“Onye aghana nwanneya” (Don’t forsake your brother). The love, cooperation, camaraderie and mutual assistance which the trio of Agadagbachiliuzo, your humble self and Dr Nnia Nwodo along with your sisters exhibited during those trying times, during the governorship period and thereafter is a true model of sibling relationship which many families should emulate.

Agadagbachiliuzo’s death is a huge blow not only to the Nwodo family but to the Igbo nation and Nigeria as a whole. It is also a personal loss to some of us who passed through the same law firm of G.N Uwechue & Co.
It is my fervent prayer that God Almighty in His Infinite Mercies will grant the entire Nwodo family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
May the gentle soul of Dr Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo and the souls of other faithful departed rest in the Bosom of Our Lord ! Amen!

Yours sincerely

Chief Emeka Ngige, SAN
(Ikemba N’Alor)
(Chairman, Council of Legal Education)
Posted by Ngozi Carol Opara on May 1, 2021
I remember Odinaka's father to be a very kind man.

He is in a better place now although he shall truly be missed.

I have heard of how heaven is described in the bible trust me it is far better than planet earth and that is where your father and father are now.

They're resting in eternal peace where they will not know pain or sorrow simply happiness.

Your father and my father shared things in common which was that they were proud Ibgo men , responsible fathers and family men.

Not only where they great family men but they were also great friends to their friends, they were benevolent, generous , they loved and served their community. ❤

They've done the best they could do in their capacity. ‍♂️

Your father was a great man for sure just look at the way you all turned out to be.

You and I should celebrate our fathers rather than be sad because they were great people.

It is easier said than done but it should be the way we should remember them.

My sincere condolences to the entire family.

What a loss!

We're keeping your family in our prayers .❤

Posted by Obiageli Nwodo on April 30, 2021

BY: Prof Charles U Ilegbune, OON, SAN.

The demise of my lifelong friend, Joe (as I fondly called him) - the Agadagbachiliuzo I of Ukehe - is a devastitating thunderbolt to his pre-eminent Nwodo Family and to all of us friends, as well as to 
organisations within and outside Nigeria that had encountered and interacted with him during his bustling and dignified journey through life. His life span covers an active and exuberant period of prolific educational, political, traditional, and social enterprises that can never die or be forgotten.

Going personal, I must state that Joe and I hilariously encountered each other during our postgraduate student years at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in the 1970’s. He was then doing his PhD in Law and I was just coming in after the Nigerian civil war to embark on my LLM/PHD programmes which were so kindly and heroically sponsored in full by my Alma Mater, the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, to rehabilitate me from the civil war. Joe welcomed me with great joy, and embraced me and my wife in a tender friendship that rapidly blossomed into a lifelong charm of intimate and faithful relationship. Joe shepherded me at LSE and frequently visited me and my wife and convivially socialised with us at any time. The relationship remained the same, even warmer,
when we all returned to Nigeria, and over time spread to all other scions of Nwodo - male and female.

Dr Joe’s large and intimidating
physical size as a person vividly symbolised his life’s enterprises, achievements and impacts. He stood and spanned like an iroko in anything he did. He was a trailblazer, a workaholic, a nationalist to the core, a fighter for justice and right, a unwaivering loyalist in any assignment he accepted, a fiery Africanist, and a totally detribalised Nigerian.

My sympathy and that of my family go to Dr Joe’s nuclear family; to the entire Nwodo Family; to Ukehe Community; to Enugu State; to our dear country, Nigeria; and to all
others in the global community who have had the fortune of associating with Dr Joe Nnabuchi Nwodo. May our Good Lord grant Joe’s soul eternal rest in paradise, Amen.

- Prof Charles U Ilegbune, OON, SAN.
Posted by Obiageli Nwodo on April 30, 2021

BY: Chief Ferdinand O. Orbih,SAN, FCArb

Oh Lord Jesus! What a loss. 

This was the noblest Ndigbo of them all.
An Iroko tree has fallen and all the trees in the forest are shivering.

What a man. He was an intellectual, orator, politician per excellence and philanthropist. In fact in the words of William Shakespeare, “the elements mixed so well in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, ‘This was a man’.”

Eternal Rest grant him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his Soul and the souls of all the faithful departed Rest In Peace. Amen.
May the Almighty God grant the great Nwodo family of Nsukka the fortitude to bare this irreparable loss. Amen

Chief Ferdinand O. Orbih,SAN, FCArb
Posted by Hrh prince emeka Ezeani on April 29, 2021
Rip great man nigeria have lost rare germ igbo land will miss you and eziora ozubulu your friends udojis and nwezes will miss you.May God grant your soul.
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 21, 2021

Please accept our sincere condolences on the call to eternal rest of your Husband, Father, Grand father, brother and patriarch Chief Dr Joseph N Nwodo (Ochendo).
  He was indeed a colossus whose values travelled far and espoused actions and thought provoking dialogues encompassing peace, progress and development, his intellect was undebatably captivating. he was the light for many as his benevolence was an umbrella which gave succour to the needy.
  The race must continue and the baton must not be left for obscurity. 
May GOD Bless comfort and keep you Amen.

Senator Anietie and Lady Arita Okon.

Posted by Ehia Akhabue on April 18, 2021
May your soul rest in Peace. Leaving at this time was not the best for Nigeria; but we cannot query our God, who knows better than all of us. May God comfort his brothers, sisters, wife, children and friends he left behind.
Posted by Faidat Ojemeni on April 15, 2021
Chinenye's dad was one of the nicest people I ever met. I remember meeting him for the first time when I was 10/11 years old. He was so wise and had a great sense of humor. He was jovial, kind, and attentive. I could tell that he was a great father whose kids meant the world to him.

He was a wonderful man and will be deeply missed. Our condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with the Nwodo family during this time. May God, the Divine Comforter, comfort you all.

May your soul rest in perfect peace, Sir. Amen.
Posted by Chinenye Ifunanya Chinny on April 15, 2021
Emeka, the demise of Ochendo is a great loss and vacum to all African Patriots. He was rigorously schooled in the norms and doctrines of Rule of Law and Good Governance. He introduced new concepts and ideas for the actual practice of Democracy. His unique manifestoe for the Presidency of Nigeria was the first of it's kind since the history of Nigeria. He possibly replaces The Position of The Best President Nigeria never had. His Agricultural Revolution Program still remains the fountain of the future mainstay of Nigerian Political Economy. We shall detail some of Ochendo s novel ideas about African Economic Emancipation, in the tributes and texts we shall churn out later. An intellectual Colossus of our time, has exited to our utter dismay and disbelief. The great Ochendo oo. God knows the best. Emeka, please accept my sympathy and condolences. Sincerely yours OZO Ferdinand Anikwe PhD KSJI JP Ndoo
Posted by Obiageli Nwodo on April 15, 2021

BY: Prof Ofili Ugwudioha

God has taken away one of the greatest leaders of our time. Dr Joe Nwodo was an icon, a role model and a father, not only to his immediate children but to many of us. His advice was motivating, pivotal and immeasurable. His intellectual and literary ability were inspirational, unequalled and worthy of emulation.
 At national political scene, he created a land mark in Nigerian political arena when he contested for the presidential ticket of National Republican Convention (NRC). He was visionary, democratic with a political flair which was second to none. Had Joe Nwodo been given the opportunity to rule, he would have transformed Nigeria to a better nation.
He also made an indelible mark in Enugu state politics where he contested and almost won the governorship election which would have ushered him in as the first Executive Governor of Enugu State but that election was cancelled, while he and his opponent were disqualified. Because of his political style, he then encouraged his junior brother (Dr. Okwesileze Nwodo) to pick the ticket of the same party.  It could be recalled that it was his campaign that helped his junior brother (Dr. Okwesileze Nwodo) to win the state governorship election as there was no time for Okwesileze to campaign when he emerged as the candidate.
While he was in sick bed, his mind and plans were on how to alleviate poverty in his area through agriculture. He prayed that God should extend his life so as to enable him to actualize his dream of empowering his people through agriculture. He then assembled some of us (the professionals) to prepare feasibility studies and production plans for the company (Adada Holding Ltd) for rice, cassava and live-stock productions. The company collaborated with foreign investors and acquired 30,000 hectares of Land in Enugu and Ebonyi states. Unfortunately, this establishment was still at embryo stage when he joined his ancestors. Ochendo told me that even if he dies that I and other members of Adada Holding should ensure that this vision does not die. Ochendo, we promise you that we shall continue from where you stopped and your vision will not die.
You were the best mentor I ever had, as you were always there for me any time of my need. You have left an indelible legacy that most of us are working hard to emulate.
May the almighty God grant the immediate family the fortitude to bear this great loss and may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace!

Prof Ofili Ugwudioha
Posted by Wordshot Amaechi Ugwele on April 14, 2021

I still remember the white NRC conference bag I got from the National Republican Convention delegates conference in Port Harcourt. I was not a delegate but was in good terms with some young Turks working in the political office of Rufus Ada George who eventually got elected as the governor of Rivers State where the convention held. Then, as a year one student of the University of Port Harcourt who was being led into activism and politics by the troika of Hippolytus Onah, Ibuchukwu Ezike and Chris Ezugwu, all my well respected seniors, such gatherings held endless appeals to me.

I was so proud to carry it around the campus then singularly because of the stellar performance of Dr. Nwodo at that convention. He was so eloquent that he had sent the delegates, well respected men and women, all screaming and at the edge of their seats like a bunch of youths under the spell of a rockstar in a well delivered concert.

Dr. Joe Nwodo was phenomenal. Some of us from our part of the state had barely known who he was until he emerged. And when he came, he had come like a ruffle. But before one could form any impression of what he was like, he had built up into a gale force wind that soon swept out his boastful but very strong opponent, Dr. Hyde Onuaguluchi, like paper in a tornado. Dr. Joe Nwodo made Hyde to hide, although after a fierce and very blistering intra party contest.

I still remember when he visited Ohodo on a campaign stop over from his trail. I had not yet encountered him at the Port Harcourt convention. I was just a lad who was privileged to have been assigned to serve them at the high table. I remember I wore a white long sleeved shirts with a tie that was particularly long, as it was the fashion then. I had flipped it over my back as I bent to pick up the bowl of kola nut to pass round. It suddenly came lose and dropped into the kola nut.

I froze in embarrassment. Dr. Nwodo looked at me, smiled and gently said, "young man don't worry. I think your tie is both clean and beautiful! Just pass it round." I still remember that reassuring, gentle nods of his head as he looked through his dark rimmed thick specks as our eyes briefly met. Of course, he wore that his characteristic dark safari suit, with the diagonal white strip across the shoulder. He looked exactly as he appeared on his campaign posters, if not better.

Apart from being struck by his huge frame, I had also found his flawless skin and well groomed hair very appealing. He looked aristocratic, healthy, very trustworthy and charismatic that when he addressed the people, charm just issued forth. He spoke the Ukehe dialect with perfect local cadences that rendered his oratorical prowess very much wholesome to our ears. His few English language sentences of course gave me some quotable quotes I had in my bag for years.

The other event that I will never forget was the day of the NRC gubernatorial primary elections. I was visiting an uncle at 9th Mile Corner. He had won. And as his victory party drove down from Enugu to Ukehe House, I excitedly jumped onto one of the open vans that conveyed supporters. As the long line of supporters got to Unity Hospital, along the old road, he ordered it to a stop. He came down and went in to see two young men on admission there. They had been attacked by Dr. Onuaguluchi supporters during a campaign visit to Achi a few days back.

He offered his words of comfort to them and also expressed his appreciation for their sacrifices and support, pledging these would never be in vain. As I watched from the window where I had crept up with a handful of others, to look at his huge figure protectively loomed over the boys on the beds, I somehow wished I had been one of them!

Well, we saw how it all ended, in the grossest deprivation and violation of one's political rights as was carried out against him and some other Nigerians by the military junta of General Ibrahim Babangida. However, one of the most beautiful moments of the time was seeing Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo, his younger brother, rising from the ashes of the premature termination of his quest to find his true calling in politics. It was like Joe had given him some breath of life, in addition to the campaign dress he wore to everyone's admiration and sentimental attraction.

Dr. Okwi, like from nowhere, became the Governor of Enugu State. But before then, he was able to most effectively upon replacing his brother, sell himself to Enugu people as he was recognised to also possess the legendary Nwodo political savviness and oratorical prowess with which he had smothered Gbazuagu Nweke Gbazuagu on all the debates they had. We have come to see how Okwi's political trajectory would go on to curve even higher up, leading to his occupying many more high profile positions in his career that has remained active to this day.

So, as Dr. Joe Nwodo's heartbreaking disqualification had fortuitously opened the door of success to his younger sibling to become a governor, he also made our people in Enugu North to know that, yes, we can do it. A lot of our people who are today doing well for themselves in politics are of that generation whose Dr. Joe Nwodo's emergence into the scene had inspired to discover and nurture themselves into different leadership positions.

Rest in peace Agadagbachriuzo! Adieu the gentle giant who was a trail blazer!

By Wordshot Amaechi Ugwele
Posted by Chinenye Ifunanya Chinny on April 14, 2021
Joe, the Cicero of our time. He lit up the political space then, with his infectious passion and an unusual alchemy of gravitas and charisma. He compelled people to look his way when he entered a room and made them listen when he spoke. He was one of a kind. As you rightly said, a light of extraordinary brilliance is forever dimmed. May his soul Rest In Peace
Dr Chimaroke Edeoga
Posted by Chinenye Ifunanya Chinny on April 14, 2021
Today I mourn and grief for a friend, the Joe I knew and remember as a man mountain, literally. Dr. Joe Nwodo was a giant in academics, letters and the law that shaped a needy society.

Dr. Joe had a large heart, and was magnanimous in his thinking, ideas and creativity. He knew how to live and actually enjoyed the good things of life.

He will be missed by many who came in his contact and within his sociopolitical influence. He would be fondly remembered as the Agada Gbachiluzo, Eze Onyimonyi, Ana EgbuAchala Achala Ana Efu, Atakata Agbuo, Ojii MpuAtu Aghu Mmanya, etc. and so many titles and aliases too numerous to recount.

I miss and grief for the Joe I travelled with, for thousands of kilometers, seated side by side in a single vehicle, through thick and thin and the vagaries of Nigerian politics.

I miss and grief for Joe, who as we fought our political battles, in the attempt to win the war, we together traversed most of the 545 wards in the old Anambra state (Formerly Enugu and Anambra States combined), and beyond to Akwa Ibom, Jos Plateau, Damaturu Yobe, Bauchi Bauchi, Umuahia Abia, Owerri Imo, PH Rivers etc. During some of those trips, Agada and I shared the privacy of his ancestral Ukeh family home, staying up very late, till the wee hours of the morning, talking and strategizing endlessly, and he would breakout dancing that late. He was full of life and a joy to be with, as I recall his unique dance steps.

I miss and grief for Onyimonyi, a great man of sensible and mesmerizing grandiloquence, he spoke in very clear and digestible terms that garnered devoted and loyal followership. He was charismatic, kind, and a man of tremendous and limitless enriching ideas, an admirable development plan he expounsed for the economic and social emancipation of the poor and least in society.

I miss and grief for a good friend who given the opportunity could have done more for our society and left indelible people-centered legacy and opportunities, although his familial, professional and personal achievements are remarkable and significant.

Adios Dr. Joe, to be loved is not to die and fade away! God gives and God takes, therefore So long and Goodbye to the greater glory, Dr. Joseph Nnabuchi Nwodo.

May the immediate and greater Nwodo family find solace in God’s glory as you rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord. RIP!
Afam Nwandu
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 13, 2021
*Mgbo na Nshi Egbe*...

We all sat around his footstool & imbibed strategic lessons in political engagement, leadership, sacrifice, empathy, sincerity, humility, empowerment and perseverance.

He lectured us on the virtues of politics without rancour & bitterness.

He showed us that intelligence and intellect was better than bravado, showing us the footpath to greatness...!
And we excelled...
All of us... !

He was larger than life, but humble; gregarious yet with a spirit of conviviality & strong convictions. We were his followers, disciples & apostles !

*We have come of age & we are mourning* !

*We shall meet again, in the after life* !

by Emeka Odenigwe
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 13, 2021






by Mr Chidi Nwachukwu
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 13, 2021
The pain of his loss will linger for a long time. He was ebullient. He was humanistic. Above all, He was a man of the people. May God give him a befitting place in His heavenly kingdom.

Prof Mark Anikpo.
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 13, 2021

By Justice A. N. Nwankwo CON, FCIArb

Rt. Cheif Judge of Ebonyi State

Dr Joe Nwodo was a quintessential leader and an uncommon politician whose politicking was devoid of bitterness and rancour.

He was very principled and was as pragmatic as he was dynamic with a rare capacity of converting any unfavourable situation to an advantage culminating in his epitomizing the banning,unbanning and banning syndrome of the IBB transition era.

He was and remained a loyal party man even as he was shortchanged in his presidential bid in the the NRC.

Aside politics which he was enmeshed in,he remained a courtroom titan and a great businessman.

His love and commitment to his Ukehe nay ,Nsukka people was legendary as he not only enjoyed the company of folks from as bantered and discussed everything under sky in their local drawl.Indeed there was really nothing within his powers he would hesitate doing for the Nsukka man and had remain the vanguard for quest for the creation of Adada state.

Joe was an embodiment of uncommon kindness and humane disposition spewing out charity to one and all,he wasn't one to stay aloof when another was agonizing.Way back in 1980s days,one of his close associates,now deceased, was being hunted and harangued by then Awote panel for an alleged misappropriated sum of about a quarter of a million,Joe had on hearing this, despatched a cheque in that sum in lieu of the money and by so got that his friend the hook

Joe,a good Christian had lived an inimitable virtuous life as most of  his associates and those who had tasted his milk human kindness will readily attest to,and this guarantee him repose in the blossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Adieu Agadagbachiliuzo 1 of Ukehe

Adieu Ochendo Nigeria.

Justice A. N. Nwankwo CON, FCIArb 

Rtd CJ of Ebonyi State
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
The news of the demise of Dr Joe Nwodo of the great Nwodo dynasty was a rude shock. My family and I condole the Nwodos especially my worthy brother, Nnia (ksji).His death certainly is a great loss to sane politicians, and a greater asset in heaven where he'll assist his likes to sanitize the African political sphere,especially Nigeria. Rest in the great Agadagbachiri uzo na Ukehe.

Hon.Sir Barr. Ray Akanwa
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
May God grant him eternal rest, amen. We spoke on phone severally in the last two years.

Mike Ozekhome
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
The most sincere Political Iroko has fallen in the South East and Nigeria. The most sincere, humble, the best orator and legal luminary has gone. Uncle I was with u b4 u left for London but u never came bk again. May Almighty God receive ur soul and RIP in Jesus Mighty name Amen.

Willy Ezugwu
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
The ICONOCLASTIC, AGBOGIDI, AGADAGBACHILIUZO! Dr Joe Nwodo was a man after the hearts of many. A great man of excellent words and deeds. He epitomizes humanity as he loves all. His oratory was descriptive of physical reality. He examplified leadership erudition that endeared the Prince intimately to his people. He was a leader, mentor and a teacher. The faith that kept us in the political doldrums was the originator faith that was merciless which prevented him from becoming the pioneer Governor of old Enugu State and perhaps the leadership of Nigeria. He was the hope and indeed the faith in living even in the worst of times. Meet him any time and he would be smiling and eagerly enlivening his environment. Father, Father! Uncle Joe we shall miss you dearly and for a long long time. Ka Omesie!

Cheif Ezeanyanwu
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
Dr Joe Nwodo was a household name when he ran for Governorship Primaries under the platform of National Republican Convention (NRC) in old Enugu State. He was disqualified by the Military Government of IBB in a very undemocratic manner. His smartness and dexterity was aptly demonstrated as he put the very shirt (a black safari with white design) which he used in his campaign poster on his younger brother - Dr Okwesilieze Nwodo, who later became the governor of old Enugu State. Joe was a good friend to my dad - HRH Eze Chibueze Agbo and they understood each other political. We saw him as the back borne and father of the Nwodo family. He was a role model. Very calm but forceful and strong. He presented the best manifesto and speech when he ran for the presidential primaries also in the defunct NRC. Ndigbo and indeed Nigeria has lost a colossus. May God grant his soul eternal rest.

Prince Chibueze Agbo
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
Agada gbachiliuzo, Dr. Joe Nwodo was a very impressive figure. A man of great intellect, an orator, a man of the people, gregarious and engaging. He was not someone you easily forget after meeting him. May the Almighty Lord welcome him to peaceful rest.

Bart Nnaji
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
One body, one mind, one spirit and we took the first Enugu State by storm and produced the 1st elected Governor. God bless the twin brothers of new Enugu and Ebonyi states.May the good Lord console the Nwodo Dynasty in a special way. God bless the soul of Agada Gbachiriuzo whom He used to make that great achievement leading the old Enugu State possible by a team of vibrant youths. May the soul of this great founding father of Enugu State rest in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen.

Dr Steve Ikengwu
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
May his gentle soul rest in peace. I first met him at his western house Lagos office in 1980s. I was the head of chemical marketing at unipetrol Nigeria limited at Saint Nicholas House Lagos. He was thinking of industrial chemical business and had invited me over to discuss the prospects of chemical business venture. He was an intelligent man.

Sir/Chief William Ngene.
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
A gargantuan iroko had fallen.
A scion of the ancient Odo Nwokolo-Owegu kingdom of Igbo Etiti and the Patriarch of Nwodo Dynasty has joined his ancestors.
A great son of Nsukka land, a recognized citizen of the world, an acknowledged man of many parts.
A legal luminary, an orator, highly cerebral politician, a celebrate humanist, a man of candour very eminently endowed with great traits of charity and a businessman.
I join the world to mourn his passage. And I pray the lord Almighty to grant his gentle soul a peaceful repose.

Chief Ralph Ugwu Kpakpando Nsukka.
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
TRIBUTE MESSAGE TO LATE DR, JOE NWODO (Agada-gbachiriuzo 1 of Ukehe)

We, the entire family of late CHIEF J, C, ODOH (Oforbuike 1 of EHA-Amufu) love you but OUR ALMIGHTY GOD loves you most, HIS eternal life being prepared for us in heaven has become truely a sign of peaceful place of eternal life of our dear DADDY, Good-bye our political icon, a founder of a ruling political party (National Republican Convention) under the military regime of PRESIDENT IBRAHIM BADAMASI BABANGIDA between 1989 and 1993.
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
Learned comrade Nwabueze Ugwu thanks for this great idea of yours,creating this platform. The news of the demise of Dr Joe Nwodo of the great Nwodo dynasty was a rude shock. My family and I condole the Nwodos especially my worthy brother, Nnia (ksji).His death certainly is a great loss to sane politicians, and a greater asset in heaven where he'll assist his likes to sanitize the African political sphere,especially Nigeria. Rest in the great Agadagbachiri uzo na Ukehe.

Hon.Sir Barr. Ray Akanwa
Posted by Odi Nwodo on April 11, 2021
_The Hon Nwabueze Ugwu (member-emeritus, Enugu State House of Assembly)_

It was a devastating thunderbolt whose direct and ripple effects had turned the lush greenery into a vast wasteland, manifesting a desertification - one that is in disagreement with the forces of nature. Rightly so, natural disasters are usually occasioned by climatic fluctuations. However, conventional torrents follow the due signals: in human life as in the vegetation and weather around us, some persons are so created and positioned to give essence to human conviviality and advancement; call them leaders if you will, this genre of persons, who are in the minority, dot the social environment. Their visions drive the community where they are located; to the eldorado or to the precipice of disintegration and extinction. As a matter of fact, their actions and antecedents situate them on the social spectrum, either as leaders or as villains, and it caterpaults them further, if not into the political space, then to the dungeons of history. 

The foregoing captures vividly and in a positive light the life and times of Dr Joe Nwodo, the Agadagbachir'uzo of Ukehe, the Ochendo of the _hoi polloi_ , scion and patriarch of the royal Nwodo family of Ukehe, Igbo Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State. He shares paternity with the former governor of old Enugu State who also became the National Chairman of People’s Democratic Party, PDP, from where he took a bow a decade ago, Dr Emmanuel Okwesilieze Nwodo; and the mercurial two time Minister of the Federal Republic, who just handed over as President-General of Ohan'eze Ndigbo, and now holds office as President-General of Southern Nigeria and the middle belt, Chief John Nnia Nwodo Jnr, as well as a sister technocrat, Mrs Grace Obayi. Ochendo, as indeed all his siblings, were real chips of the old block, initiated by their illustrious sire, HRH John Nwodo Snr, erstwhile Minister of the defunct Eastern Nigeria.

Dr. Joe Nwodo, the Agadagbachir’uzo of Ukehe, was a wordsmith, whose forthrightness and debt of Knowledge of the problems of the Nigerian state earned him the sobriquet, “Ochendo”. He was later to take it as a chieftaincy title. During the hey days of the self-styled military president of the country, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, he did introduce into our governmental lexicon, a political formula that goes thus: banning, un-banning and banning again. It became the lot of Dr. Joe Nwodo, but he had actually conquered the governorship stool of the old Enugu State. And like Prof Abidoye Babaola described the strength of the elephant in his poem, “Salute to the Elephant”, published in “A Selection of African Poetry”, edited by K.E Senanu, where the professor described the elephant as, “a _demon who snaps tree branches into many pieces and moves on to the forest farm_ ”, Dr Nwodo, after he had got the governorship firmly loaded into his jumper pocket, simply pulled off his jumper, put it on his younger brother, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo, and moved inches to the Presidential seat of Nigeria via Port Harcourt where he dissected the problems and solutions of our country, ostensibly for the Presidential party nomination through the same political vehicle as that of the governorship, the National Republican convention(NRC), one of the two political parties decreed into existence by the AFRC (Armed Forces Ruling Council), with Babangida in the cockpit. History records that Dr. Joe Nwodo, a grammarian, so much dwarfed his main contender that if the delegates owned their votes, they surely would have given it, _en masse,_ to him.

In the wake of the scramble for Africa, our colonial masters developed chloroquine which turned the continent of Africa from “ _the white man’s grave_ ” that it had become, to _“the_ _white man’s paradise”_ that it has remained. However, the cash crops that they came with, supposedly to “enrich” our dietary menu, also implanted in our soil, certain diseases that has no cure, one of which is Diabetes – a dreaded disease. As Dr. Joe Nwodo is soon to be gathered to his fathers, I simply say, juxtaposing the words of Mark Anthony in his funeral oration at the graveside of Caesar in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, _“I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him_ .”

Perhaps two phrases stand out in the description of Dr Joe Nwodo: “humility”, and “his deftness for converting every single occasion into speech making exercise”.

Welcome to the Whatsapp platform that warehouses the views of some personages in Nigeria who want to air their vista on the life and times of Dr. Joe Nnabuchi Nwodo. I salute you brethren. I welcome you.

Hon. Nwabueze Ugwu (Member-emeritus, Enugu State House of Assembly).
Posted by Ann Okolo on April 9, 2021
    What a shocking news about the demise of Dr Joseph Nwodo, Agadagbachiru Uzo, Ochendo from the Royal family ol late His Royal Majesty & Lolo John U Nwodo of Ukehe, Igbo Etiti Local Government of Enugu State. You were a great man who struggled to print a memorable foot prints on the sand of time. You fought gallantly to live on but God says you must come back to Him our creator. I join the numerous friends of of the Royal family ol the Nwodos say farewell to our late Jewel. Thanks be to God for the British life you lived. Farewell as your gentle smile alone will remain in the minds of those who interact with you and your lovely family in particular and the Royal family in general. May all the Angels welcome you as arrive happily in right hand of God.

Posted by Ann Okolo on April 9, 2021
    What a shocking news about the demise of Dr Joseph Nwodo, Agadagbachiru Uzo, Ochendo from the Royal family ol late His Royal Majesty & Lolo John U Nwodo of Ukehe, Igbo Etiti Local Government of Enugu State. You were a great man who struggled to print a memorable foot prints on the sand of time. You fought gallantly to live on but God says you must come back to Him our creator. I join the numerous friends of of the Royal family ol the Nwodos say farewell to our late Jewel. Thanks be to God for the British life you lived. Farewell as your gentle smile alone will remain in the minds of those who interact with you and your lovely family in particular and the Royal family in general. May all the Angels welcome you as arrive happily in right hand of God.

Posted by Emeka Nwodo on April 8, 2021
Tribute to Chief Dr. Joe Nwodo.

By: Ambassador & Mrs Maurice. B. Ekpang.

It is with deep sorrow and sadness that we received the devastating news of the passing to eternal life and glory of our dear in law, Chief Dr. Joe Nwodo.

Dr Nwodo was a man for all seasons decked in all the colors of the rainbow.
An orator, an intellect, a jolly man, full of life, filled with exciting, interesting and captivating stories to narrate. He had a lofty stature that beamed with benevolence.

Great men of history close eras and epochs; they do not inaugurate them. He left a huge vacuum, which will be hard to fill. Dr Nwodo was a genius - well ahead of his time and remains the President Nigeria never had. He was born before his time and remains a Jewel in the Crown of the Nation. A great man indeed!

He found out the real message he had to convey to his community and did so without equivocation, even if it meant coining new words in his adopted language. The people loved it..they enjoyed it..they applauded him!

The root of his art of integrity is firmly planted in his own soil and that soil had given him everything - he may have gained the whole world, but he did not lose his soul because of his Christian values, his humanity and love of humankind.

It is not surprising that he passed on peacefully in a London hospital surrounded by his loving & caring family members spread over the world - thanks to the advance in technology and to providence.

He will be sorely missed; and I recall with fondness our insightful conversations from his sick bed.

May the Lord grant the entire family the fortitude to bear the pain and irreplaceable loss of a great son of Nigeria.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace in the bossom of our Lord God.

Ambassador & Mrs Maurice. B. Ekpang.

For the Family.
Posted by Anthony Nkemakolam on April 4, 2021
A tribute to Dr Joe Nwodo.

It is terribly sad that we did not physically meet, notwithstanding we acknowledge your kind and gentle nature.
As the Lord has called you home, you will be leaving a great and mighty legacy to all those that knew you and beyond.

We pray that your soul will rest in eternal peace and that God will fill the empty void left behind.

You will be forever missed and remembered.


Mr & Mrs Anthony Nkemakolam and family.
Posted by emmanuel bolade on April 3, 2021
Rest on Sir.

I didn't have the opportunity to meet you but knew your children. Their excellence in all areas of life fully represent your values and principles.

Thank you for creating an awesome legacy
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Posted by Marika Sherwood on March 10, 2022
Looking at all the photographs and memoirs warm my ancient heart. The welcome I received from ALL the Nwodo family when I visited all those years ago! Their patience with this ignorant Hungarian-Brit! You taught me so much, you took me into a new world - a world that has stayed with me. THANK YOU.
Posted by Ann Okolo on March 10, 2022
Your one year in the bossom of the Lord to us looks like just a day you left us with your ever smiling face and caring for all that associated with you while your sojourn on Earth. Continue to enjoy the company of God and all the saints. You are forever in our hearts , Agadagbachili Uzo
Posted by Ann Okolo on March 10, 2022
You are forever in the hearts of your loved ones. Happy posthumous birthday as you now celebrate with our Heavenly Father and Blessed mother Mary.
his Life


       Former Deputy Governor - Enugu State


        Inspector General of Police (Rtd)


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Shared by Marika Sherwood on January 20, 2022
How can one share memories? Mine go back to when Joe was a student  and lived in the spare room in my flat in North London. He was the first Nigerian I met. My ignorance was profound - but he was so patient with me! So I learned, learned. A new, very exciting world - that I visited in 1988! In my diary for 16 July, in I think his writing: 'Dr & Mrs J.N Nwodo, no.3, Anifowoshe Close, off Adebola Street, Surulere'. My first, and wonderful experience staying with an African family!  Again my diary: 5 August: 'John Nwodo 33B Imoke St, Enugu'. Next day: 'to Nsukka with Tina'. I was welcomed by the whole family! Returned in 1994 and have two wonderfully coloured drawings by Oby and one made especially for 'Aunty Marica' by Oby, Buchi and Chinenye,I shall never forget. Nor will I stop saying THANK YOU for welcoming me, for educating me - and for your patience with this ignorant Hungarian-Brit. It was at least partly all I learned from you that led me to do the historical research that has consumed my life.

Tribute - Nsukka General Assembly

Shared by Odi Nwodo on June 2, 2021

Tribute - Senator Dr. Sam Egwu

Shared by Odi Nwodo on June 1, 2021