My remembrance of my father...

Shared by Jude Owumi on November 12, 2011

Looking back now at all those years I spent under your roof.

I thank God for giving me a father that help define my identity, forge my character, build my manhood, and implant a strong sense of work in me.

Children learn from what they see. I learn to be a Man, a Strong Alpha Male, by watching you.

I tell my sons today that they can never survive 10% of what I went through with my father.  He was tough... He was hard... He was strict... He was no nonsense...

My most defining moment of him as my father was when I was a teenager in 1984 when he showed up at the right time as my hero to rescue me when a local librarian in Ughelli was trying to victimize me mainly because of my last name "Owumi".  I was so proud that day to be an "Owumi" and to have him as my father.  I will never forget that day.

As a father today, I remember the lessons you taught me and I am using them to be a better father to my children.

Thank you for those lifetime and priceless gifts.

Thank you for remaining constant in your character.

Thank you for giving me life. Rest in Peace.

My love and my honor always, for all times!


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