Posted by Chinasa Onyia on June 11, 2021
Sleep peacefully dear Chika. I saw you last more than twenty years ago but it’s hard to forget your cheerful, lively and accommodating disposition. I usually looked forward to our little chit chat whenever I visited to see Ngozi, you were older but you had absolutely no airs. Your family and everyone that knew you can never forget you. May God give your parents and your sisters the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
In God’s arms may you gently rest. Amen 

Posted by Emmanuella Onah on June 11, 2021
My dearest Sis

The organizer herself.mother hen ,you always asked after me and took care of me even when I dont call often .
The first person to call me on my birthday since we met .
Words fail me .Good night till we meet on resurrection morning .

Miss you sis
Posted by James Ekwunoh on June 11, 2021
Shakespeare parlance say " Life is a walking shadow, it is a poor player that frets and trots it's hour upon the stage and he is seen no more. It is a tale full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
May your gentle soul rest in peace in Jesus name Amen. Adieu Chika
Posted by Vanessa Anibueze on June 9, 2021
Chikason Mon Pally!!! Mum Chuck!!!

I put this off for a while because words fail me each time I want to start.

I look back on the events on the day you passed, wishing I could turn back the hands of time. What if the call was made to us earlier that things have gotten worse after you spoke to Ngozi the night before? What if the news was not kept from us from hours unending and we had channeled our prayers differently? What if...?

Did we not have big plans for July or December this year? Were we not planning to thank God for loads of things we were grateful for? We even had plans for that Ash Wednesday?

Who will call me 'Chy-Chy'? Who will call Lora 'manma'? Who will I call to 'organize' for me? Why did I not stay longer than an hour the last time we spoke? Why can't I wake up from this dream? Why?!!!!!!

I could go on with the questions but I know God has His reasons and my consolation is that your are resting now.

You left us to give us life and we gladly embrace its manifestation.

Because your will always be in our hearts, we will continually pray that God grants you the peace you deserve in His kingdom.

We are blessed to have had you in our lives.

Jee nke oma my dearest sister until we meet again.
Posted by Vanessa Anibueze on June 9, 2021
From Tony Onwuakpa

Chika! Death is not the end of life; but it is the beginning of an eternal journey. Also, there are no happy endings. Yours is the saddest part. I honestly believe that I, Tony Onwuakpa and your entire family will miss you dearly. We will surely meet again to part no more. Take care, my Sister.
Posted by Vanessa Anibueze on June 9, 2021
From Pearl Daniels

Earth lost an angel, ever excited, cheerful, caring, down to earth, always on the go, Chika was my definition of a strong woman with a heart of gold. Never a dull moment always with a word of encouragement to give. Chika you touched lives in the most beautiful ways that Heaven ordained, Aunty Chika like the children will fondly call you rest well while we hold on to the beautiful memories you left us .RIP.
Posted by Pamela Ndidi on June 9, 2021
hmmm, Chika, I have been unable to construct the words to drop here in tribute to you. It's still feels untrue that you are no more. Still looking forward to seeing you at New Haven... habaah, who'll be my gist partner? Na you be my No1 hype-master nau, sis...

you were the heart of the family, fun all the way...

Well, we keep consoling ourselves that you are with the Lord our creator... He giveth, He taketh. Except He took so soon.

May your sweet soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
It's Love you, till we meet again.
Posted by Maxwell Emir on June 9, 2021
Chika your passing was a great shock to me. I remember those days I used to visit your home .you have been like an older sister to me. I still don't believe this news. May you continue to rest in peace. I pray that your family will find the comfort they need to bear this loss.
Posted by bigkach ejiofor on June 9, 2021
Too many things I planned to write but words fail me.
You were loved by all and your sudden exit hit me really hard because we spoke a few days earlier.
You are in a better place, reserve a spot for me.
Memories of you will keep me smiling.

Keep resting in peace Chika..I miss you

Posted by Adaora Egwuonwu on June 5, 2021
Oh-Chika, strong, agile and unstoppable. Your cakes were more of art works than snacks and your heart, as large & accommodating as the world.

It is my belief that we never really lose our loved ones cos they continue to live in our hearts and on that note I say, "REST PEACEFULLY WITH THE ANGELS"
Posted by Udo Anyaehie on June 4, 2021
Chi girl... sweet and wise one. Ever ready to lend a helping hand and yet unwilling to burden anyone. Can't forget the birthday cake you gifted me that was so lovely it appeared a crime to eat. You remain indelible in our hearts. I imagine you smiling down from heaven... Indeed you conquered.
Posted by Julie Onujiogu on June 2, 2021
Chika was a jolly good fellow from our childhood. Though it’s been awhile since I saw her but I still have good memories of her joking around and always trying cheer people on and give words of encouragement when needed. Always cheerful, playful and kind. You will surely be missed. We love you but God loves you more. Farewell my dear till we meet to depart no more. God’s got you now!!

Julie Asaije
Posted by Chinwe Ajumobi Izundu on May 30, 2021
Chika! You fought hard to be yourself and be the best you can to make the next person beside you happy. Indeed! You had a heart of Gold, although we were apart for decades after secondary school but when we spoke on phone, especially when my mom died, your words of encouragements never faded on my mind... How I wished I had done same for you especially on your sick bed but God knows best... Goodbye to a place of eternal rest and peace. Adieu! My friend! My classmate!
Posted by Chinwe Amadi on May 30, 2021
Chika you were always cheerful, never upset a very pleasant personality. I will always remember your smile, I always see that smile...
Posted by Victor Okwesa on May 30, 2021
If..... I just can't find the words to start with. What I shared with you, what you meant to me. I can't believe that you've gone. I spoke to you a few weeks before then.when I meet you over 15years ago, nothing worries you. Your smile, your laughter. You will be missed. I will miss you. Chika, you know..... Thanks so much for being part of my life. You touched life's, you could give far and beyond. Rest on my friend. I know that you've gone to be with the Lord. The angels must have welcomed you with a great song. There must have been a great light to light your part way. You're an angel. Sleep well.
Posted by Muna Ejiofor on May 27, 2021
Sister Chika,
I still can’t believe you have left us, but I believe you are in a better place.

Keep resting in the Lord...
Posted by Vanessa A on May 26, 2021
From Engr. Okey Oti


I honestly do not have words to adequately express my grief at the passing of my friend. Chika was very accommodating and would go extra mile to make my stay exciting and worthwhile anytime I visited her. She was straightforward and truthful with statements she made either concerning other people or situations. She was simply reliable and dependable. Even as I mourn that she has gone too soon,we are most grateful that she lived a fulfilled christian life worthy of emulation given the lives she touched in her immediate environment. In total submission to the will of the Almighty God, we pray for the repose of her peaceful soul.
Adieu Chika Benedicta!
Nne Jee nke oma oooo!!

Engr.and Mrs.Okechukwu Peter Oti
Posted by Obinne Obiefuna on May 23, 2021
Chikis.Daddy's girl awesome, friendly, witty, generous wonderful personality. All the way back from Ekulu your friendliness and popularity shone through; you participated extra curricular activities like match past where you performed wonderfully. We reconnected years later at the gym. Your tenacity, determination and ability to withstand the discomforts of sculpting our bodies put some of us to shame. The army instructors marveled at your fitness and used your tenacity to scold the unserious ones( that is your can- do - attitude. My darling ) You were proud of my calling you daddys girl for he always waited for you to take you home after the gym sessions. You baked the best cakes ever and Christmas was not the same without a bite of your cake. You were especially devoted to your mum and dad and was immensely proud of your sisters achievement. You were the best aunt to your sister's kids and didnt hesitate to show them off whenever we got together. May your memory linger eternally and may God comfort your family especially mum , dad, Chinwe and Sister please be consoled. We dont mourn unceasingly as Christians but we believe you are in heaven interceding for us. So long sis. Our loss is heaven's gain.
Posted by Chinyelu Onochie on May 22, 2021
Chika - Nwanne mmadu!

Nwanne mmadu! That is what we all call you. That is exactly what you demonstrated throughout your life as you interacted with each and every one of us, your cousins.

Nwanne mmadu! You were interested in everyone’s life and always eager and available to offer a helping hand. Our weddings, our children - your second cousin’s- birthday parties, all other family events including Ike’s funeral rites, were so personal to you as you showed up fully immersing yourself in all activities to ensure the events were successful. You never missed our birthdays and always reached out with a warm and energetic birthday shout-out regardless of distance and location.

Nwanne mmadu! Positivity and resilience were your life principles, and that is why you inspired us. You made a difference in every life you touched. We can never express how lucky and blessed we are to call you one of our favorite cousins.
Now you have gone to rest in the bosom of our Lord. We are consoled by the knowledge of having 2 Guardian Angels, you and Ike Okolo watching over us and interceding for us.

You will be forever in our hearts until we meet again.

Rest on Chika! Nwanne mmadu! Iyoriyo!
Your cousins: Ngo, Edo, Chi, Ken and Emmy.
Posted by Stephanie Ocheoha on May 20, 2021
Dear Chika,
I remember the last time I saw you, when you came to Uzommiri to collect an invite for the Christmas Concert. It was nice seeing you after so many years. You have weathered many storms and my prayer for you is that God grants you eternal rest in his bosom.
Adieu Dear Chika. Till we meet to part no more.
Posted by muna akilo on May 20, 2021
I was stunned to hear you were gone barely three weeks after we last spoke. You sounded strong and full of life as you always did.

Alas! There is a season and time for everything; a time to be born and a time to die. Earth has lost but heaven has gained. Fare thee well sister, till the resurrection morning.
Posted by Ezeako Chimelogo on May 19, 2021
I will forever missed a loving, caring and kindhearted sister from another mother. My Chikaa, may your soul continue to rest in the blossom of our Lord Almighty, AMEN!!! Your sister Essy
Posted by Tessy Ewuzie on May 19, 2021
Oh Chika, it's hard! You were very determined, cheerful... Purposeful.... You have won all battles .. Rest in Peace lovely soul. I remember when I first met you during my Uni days. It is well. May God strengthen every at this time amen.
Posted by Tony Chukwuma on May 19, 2021
In memory of CHIKA BENEDICTA ANIBUEZE whom God's wish was on February, 17, 2021, a daughter, a priceless and precious sister and a friend that's indelible and ineradicable in my soul.
CHIKASON as I call whenever I need something from you, the reality that the Almighty has invited you to His bosom for a saintly life forever is dawn on me now.
I unceasingly admonish you each moment I call to talk with you alongside Mum and Dad especially on your last birthday.
Now CHIKA, I commend you to God and to that gracious word of His (Almighty) that has given you the inheritance among all who are consecrated in the LORD. The words are many but I will stop because of the cloud of rain in my eyes now. Rest with the LORD CHIKASON my sister.
Sir Anthony Chukwumah (Ksm)
on behalf of my family.
Posted by Leo Onyebadi on May 19, 2021
Chika, my very good friend and sister, she is Beautiful, Big, Bold with a Big heart. My first close contact with her was in the church during mass, when she beckoned on me requesting that I should allow her to sing, even though she was not yet a member of the band. I just couldn't resist her beautiful eyes engolf with clear desires and I called her up and handover a microphone to her and she WOWed the church with Ron kenoly song "it is such fun to see Satan lose . Jesus is the winner man". That was how she became a key member of the band.
The last time I met with her in person was in 2019 when she called me to let me know she is in Lagos for health reasons, I quickly made out time to see her, only for me to meet a very lively Chika, who took me to the market to buy things for food before going back to where she was residing, it was fun and laughter as usual. After wish we have spoken on phone severally.
Chika is someone that loves deeply, her love is shown in actions not just in words. she is also someone that appreciates every little thing even when she has given even more. Chika knows how to keep a friend.
I am going to me my friend.

Posted by CHIDINMA IROANYA on May 19, 2021
Chikason as I used to call you. You were a sister, friend, classmate and gisting mate.
It still seems like a film to me. But we cannot question God, He takes the righteous, and we do not ask why!

My sister, keep resting in peace with our God, till we meet, never to part again. You will forever be remembered.
Posted by Vanessa Anibueze on May 19, 2021
From Bro Uche and Sis Amaka Manu and Family

Ada Chief Anibueze as I fondly called you...

We come to terms with reality that you have gone back to your Creator the ALMIGHTY GOD.

Our prayers is that God whom you served grants you eternal rest as Perpetual Light shines upon you in the name of JESUS CHRIST...
We Miss you but God loves you Most
Adieu Benedicta...
Adieu Amiable Chorister
May d LORD console your family and us

Bro Uche and Sis Amaka Manu and Family
Posted by SoNneka - on May 19, 2021
What can I say, God gave and He has deemed it fit to have you back HOME!!. It is still a shock, and I ask God to wake me up from this dream each day but then the reality is that you are gone and The Heavens gained an Angel!!! Yes, Chika is undoubtedly with God seating at Abrahams blossom.

Darling Sister, You ran Your race and You are wearing Your crown. You spared nothing in your love for God and you left with all who met you, an unexplainable warmth, peace and joy. The encounter was always refreshing.

You may be gone but we are thankful for one thing, the faith in God's word in 1 Thes4:13-15. We will surely see again.

My Sweetest,Peace Loving, Adorable,Energetic, Christ Loving sister who always lite the room with so much joy no matter what, you are forever in our hearts. Your light will shine!! I will share your lifes testimony wherever and whenever I have the opportunity.

You will be forever missed!!✝️ Rest On Big Sis, Rest On Ada Nnam✝️✝️
Posted by Emmanuel Okoye on May 19, 2021
Sister Chika, you ran the race and braced the tape. You played your part and now you have been called home for the promised reward. I am glad to see comments and prayers coming from a lot of people whose paths crossed with yours and none is to the contrary of what I knew about you Sis. Chika Anibueze. Voice of people is voice of God as we know.
May God bless and grant your soul peaceful rest. During our years as students in the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu where I met you as a very active member of the Christ the Life Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCRN) Prayer group, you never failed to bring down the presence and glory of God with your voice whenever you climb the stage to sing with the Praise and Worship ministry in which you belong. May God whom you worshiped with your beautiful voice, console the entire family of Chief and Mrs. Anibueze and strenghten their faith in Him. May your soul and souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Samuel Danison on May 19, 2021
Chika, good thing, they say, don't last.
You are evidential to that belief because, I was dreaming of the day and time to give you a surprise visit when, like a flash, was struck with the news of your departing to Glory.

I couldn't lament long but to celebrate your exit because you left on a Special Day in History - ASH WEDNESDAY - simply and doubly reminding us that 'Dust We came and to Dust We shall return.'

I shall always remember your last words: "Thank you, Jesus!"

May Your Gentle and Kind Soul Find Peace and Rest in the Lord.

Adieu My Sister and Friend.
Posted by Justina wenah-Emmanuel on May 19, 2021
Sis Chika, You are a kind hearted Person, always assisting others to succeed, always there as a source of encouragement and a joyful motivator. You will truly be missed. I believe the heaven got your back having made it to that faithful Ash Wednesday. May God grant your soul eternal rest Amen.
Posted by Zikanald Anibueze on May 18, 2021
My sweet sister, I still can't believe that you're no more. I keep thinking that you will call me. I keep thinking that you will answer my calls. I keep thinking that you will reply my text messages. Each day I am faced with the reality that you are no more with us. My heart is broken, my heart bleeds. But, I am consoled that you are in a better place and we will surely meet again. Thank you for being a wonderful big sister 'Ada Anibueze.'

Godspeed, Chika. You will forever be missed. May our benevolent Father grant eternal rest to your beautiful soul and may your memory continue to be a blessing!                                  

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