Shared by Miriam Okabie on May 20, 2021
Just last week I told you how I miss you and you replied you miss me too. I told you the hospital bed isn't for you that you should come back home fast, you told me you were getting better. I was hoping to see you soon, didn't know you were going to treat us this way. Chika you gave me a deep cut, I'm still hoping it's a dream cause I still hear your voice in my head. You might be gone but you live forever in my heart. Love you sis!!!!

Forever Missed

Shared by Effiwatt Joy on May 20, 2021
Hey sis, as I fondly call you. You told us you were getting better, is this the definition of better? Chika you left without a word, who will make us laugh, every morning I wake up to your post, who will send those funny words? Who did you live your mum and kachi for? Ah!! This is so heavy for us to bear, you took sleep from my eyes, your death crept in so scary. Its so sad to type RIP, I didn't bargain this. But who am I? Rest in the Bossom of our Lord till we meet to part no more. Love you

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