Posted by Nyema Akaninwa on May 19, 2022
I miss you Chika.....Keep sleeping with the angels
Posted by Sele May on June 7, 2021
Chixy Waya! Evangelist of the most high! Chika, thoughts of you leave me smiling and has got me living in denial of your demise.

You didn’t just Leave a little sparkle wherever you went! Chika, you left more than a sparkle.

I remember the days you make a post and just one comment from me will earn new a call from you that would last for hours and witness us reeling out our life’s experiences. Or is it the days you are venting and you’d call to vent more, just to feel good and laugh it all out.

You were humour filled, positive, humble, “ginger-filled” and had a way of making whoever came across your posts laugh out loud.

I never bothered snooping trending topics as your page always brought it to me.

I woke up each day visiting Facebook to be greeted by your first post which was always to glorify God for a new day.

I can practically hear your husky voice calling me fine legs, sweet voice Ah! It hurts so bad!

Chika, though broken, I choose to remember you for your vibrant, contented, positive, lively and God fearing self.

My boubou fabric plug, Chixy Fabrics❤️

Rest till we meet to part no more

Posted by Evelyn Nkem on May 21, 2021
   Oh death where is thy sting.

You took away one person with a golden heart now an angel in our minst have been unexpectedly taken away from us; oh sis chika where is the warmth in ur body that represent life in u, now u lay cold all alone , where is the lively,energetic you once full of life and light.How i wish tears can bring u back, thanks for bieng there for me when i needed you on two ocassions, I miss you dearly oh Lord accept her soul cus she's a sweet soul that deserves ur heavenly glory. Continue to sleep in the lord sis but honestly it's still like a dream to me.
Posted by Lovely ofigho on May 21, 2021
It's still so surreal and so hard to believe or accept. Met you just once and it felt enough to understand the good you exude. God knows! We will forever cherish your beautiful memories sis. You are deserving. Rest on Chika, it's so hard!!!!!
Posted by Ajayi Queen on May 21, 2021
Few days before your demise you ask that I should run your smile mom group you opened last year for single mother's never knew you would leave us well who are we to question God Almighty I believe you are in a better place I pray God watch over kachi and your mom keep resting beautiful chixy
Posted by La Pweety on May 21, 2021
Why you Chika David Oparaodu
Why now Chika David Oparaodu
Why this way
Not even a clue
Who will make our day with your funny post
This is too much to bear
I'm yet to accept this
Someone pls wake me up from this nightmare.
Posted by Kourage Egerue on May 20, 2021
Chika David Oparaodu why you? How could you just go without giving us a little sign at least. You were such a free spirited and sweet soul, your demise has left everyone in shock, oh no Chika not you I can't even hold back my tears, can someone please wake me up from this dream? Our one and only Celebrity Evangelist, Emem waya waya.. May your sweet soul find rest in the LORD. You shall always remain loved in my heart now and always.. Rest on dear one❤❤
Posted by Sarah Rah-rah on May 20, 2021
My dear sis...your dismiss gave me sleepless night, I was damn scared to close my eyes as you were in my thoughts all night....this was not our plan at all...just when I thought I would call you for advise only to see wrong post about you..., I'm so sorry, please rest on sis...u know I will always love you and forever u will live in my heart ❤️!! God knows best
Posted by Baba Jay on May 20, 2021
You demise choked everyone, You demanded for our prayers, we responded but you didn't say goodbye?.
Why?, How do we cope with this big vacuum?, Who will tease us again?,
We are left with the posts you made as our Evangelist,
Well, who are we to question God?, You came and did your bit. Goodbye till we meet to part no more, sleep on Chika. R.I.P.
Posted by Loveth Owhor on May 19, 2021
Hmmm, I'm so pained Chika. Your friendship was a blessing, many thanks for all the joy and laughter you brought during your stay here. No matter what was happening, you knew just what to do to make everyone happy especially on Facebook (our Evangelist). Your posts gave hope through all the ups and downs many faced. Even if we may not agree now, we know that God only takes the best and you were the best. You'd be missed greatly, Rest on Wenem.
Posted by Tom-George Annie on May 19, 2021
Rest in Power my dearest sister....may God grant those you left behind the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.

It is well!
Posted by Ale Rith on May 19, 2021
Oh Death, where is thy sting? You succeeded in snatching away a wonderful personality.

One who is blunt to a fault. A Celebrity Evangelist with plenty sense of humor.

One who never joined in bring him/her down syndrome rather, you were a socially intelligent Chixy Waya.

You kept this space agog for all and sundry. A big sister that was true to anyone she calls friend.

I never made a post without you calling me a SMOR BRESS and FOAM BRESS and you end with HOHA.

Who did you leave Kachi, your dearly beloved SON whom you are well pleased, for? Na wa o!!!

My Special Aunty Chika David Oparaodu whom I learnt a lot from in this space.
Celebrity Evangelist
Emem Marcus
Helen Nkume
Apprentice Dwadwa
Chixy Waya, when will this tears dry up.

YOUR BELOVED SON Kachi Oparaodu, BEST FRIEND Emy Onunwor AND YAB GENG: Baba Jay, Obinna Victor Omasirichi, Miriam Okabie, Alero Aleruchi, Ann Chimenem Steve, Paul Udoma, Joy Obiwali, Ale Rith, Nyema Wobo etc. Will forever miss you.

This one pain o!!!

Truly, you will only be remembered by all you've done on Planet Earth (memories).

Posted by Marvin Chinda on May 19, 2021
The news of your death was shocking, the reality of it is heart breaking. Chika, I spoke with you on the 16th of April and we had a successful deal and one month after you are no more on Planet Earth.


I don't even know what else to say, but GOD knows best. Your plenty and loving memory will always be there, especially your unique way of smiling.

Adieu my sister.
Posted by Reginald Igirigba on May 19, 2021
The best memory to leave behind is how good you were with all men. You made social media interesting to me. Your timeline created created amusement in time of despair. You'll be grateful missed. Wenem, Rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by George Chinda on May 19, 2021

The run up to 2015 general elections, electioneering campaigns, the election itself and post-election saw political activities widely reported via the new media otherwise known as "social media or citizen's journalism".

It also improved people's social rating as the platform brought people from diverse background together to form what will continue to remain an ever increasing social circle.

We had just formed a Political pressure group which we named "Volunteer 4 Wike" around September or October of 2014 after Daniel Ogolo called me and a few others where we discussed the possibility of setting up the group. Eventually, we met at Mr. Sweet by CFC where our inaugural meeting was held and resolution reached. From thenceforth, we fathomed operationality of the group and motions were put in place with tasks and responsibilities assigned to members. That group became known even before Wike clinched the party's ticket in December 2014.

Chika David Oparaodu who had been on a solo political reportage in support of Wike had been seeing our activities. She became convinced to joining us when she and almost everyone that turned up for Wike's Obio/Akpor tour at the Civic Centre, Rumueme in which our colorful outfit emblazoned with Wike's picture added an effective colour to the occasion to the admiration of Wike himself who prior to that outing never envisaged or engaged anyone to set up such an enviable team. He was visibly happy that he called us for a handshake and photoshoot. Thereafter, formal contact was made.

My first physical sighting of her was a day after the Obio/Akpor Tour when we visited CSS, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, venue for Phalga's tour. Whilst we mounted our guard of honor, I noticed Chika smiling on members of the group. She was in the company of Sydney Ogolo and Rt. Hon. Austin Opara. It was Sydney who blew the lid on Chika's interests on the group by saying to her "you no go join them now. No be after now, you go dey worry person say you like them and wan join". Chika, noticing we heard Sydney, blushed. That spurring by Sydney made her to contact us there and eventually, she was registered as a V4W member.

Her membership of V4W drew her closer to other members. She socialized well. She didn't discriminate on other members irrespective of age, tribe or one's sex. She was dedicated to the cause and eventually, attended nearly every programs outlined even when it was inconveniencing for her. She contributed her quota in almost every meeting. Sometimes, her motherly attributes would be handy to resolve what appeared intractable disagreements amongst members at the time. She saw members of the group as her inner circle of friends. She invited and treated members respectfully to her 2015 birthday celebration at her home. We dined and wined and danced and wished her many happy returns.

Chika also wrote very well. She became a household name on this space with her posts on relationship, fashion, politics and even "aproko" trailed with reactions and commentaries running into hundreds for every posts. She indeed, influenced this space and became known in many quarters even off here. Sometimes, both of us ran into loggerheads disagreeing on political issues especially after I left the PDP and joined the APC but, we did still reach out to each other reminding ourselves of where we were coming from and how we shouldn't allow minor disagreements to break us.

She was a wonderful lady who respected people. She never looked down on people. She joked so much that if you don't know her, you would misconstrue her position especially when she and Emy Onunwor and the others were bantering.

News filtered into town last night of her demise. I knew she was a bit sick which she even posted on Facebook. Unknown to me that I wouldn't see my dear friend and sister again. It's shocking to say the least losing her at this time in her bid to excel in life's endeavors. I feel sad even as I key in these words in describing her. My heart goes out to the Oparaodus for having to contend with two deaths within two months. Father and daughter! To Kachi, her son whom she's always proud of, I pray God to grant him the fortitude to bear the irreparable and irreplaceable loss. This loss is a very huge one.

Chika my dear friend and sister, I pray for the repose of your soul. Long ago have I known that death is the inevitable ways of all mortals. Last night, you breathed your last. We that had the rare privilege to be graced by your elegance, mien, carriage, finesse are the ones most hit by your untimely demise. Whilst we mourn your passing, we are not unmindful that someday, we shall all meet in the great beyond to part no more. Adieu great woman. La n'udo. Leru anya
Posted by Miebaka Fiberesima on May 19, 2021
Friendship is a connection that does not weaken in death but instead grows stronger for those who remember.
Chika, dien na mu.
Posted by Bernard Odike on May 19, 2021
It's well

God is God and in control. We've lost a sister and friend forever. We won't see her again but memories of her times and activities would be here with us. That's one reality of life. Life goes on...

God bless Chika David Oparaodu's evergreen good memories and always comfort her family especially her so much cherished son, Kachi, friends and associates, in Jesus name, Amen ✝️

Posted by DC Amadi on May 19, 2021
Celebrity Evangelist Chixy Waya as you chose to be addressed lately, the news of your sudden demise brought shivers to my soul.
I can't lie, you were the reason I would always come to Facebook because I knew on your wall I would always get succor, I knew on your wall I will find laughter and I knew on your wall I will find something to encourage myself.
I am deeply pained because in your lifetime I never got to say thank you for all the joy and encouragement I got on your page.

Big sis. may your soul find favour before your maker.

Arrivederci Chika David-Oparaodu
Posted by Nyeche Joy on May 19, 2021
Mama kachi, our celebrity evagleist aka emem Marcus you where such of vibe ont the zuckerville where it all started and thanks for the fun moments for the good times you brought in there and thanks for all time I had to call you for one thing or the other and you came through not minding we only meet on the social space. You are forever in our heart. Leru anya.
Posted by Nma Jefferson on May 19, 2021
Dearest Chika,

Words have failed me. Saying goodbye is so hard. You were a friend to everyone. So full of life! But who are we to question God? He giveth and he taketh. May He receive your beautiful soul. May he comfort your son, mother, siblings and friends....
Rest in peace dearest Chika.
Posted by Nyema Akaninwa on May 19, 2021
My Alibaby, you were more of a sister than a friend even though we had physically seen each other once. We talked about a lot of things, your Son, his dreams, your dad, mom, brothers and sisters. We even encouraged ourselves with the word of God and you had a way of talking me out of pains. Chika, you did win! Yes you did! You will be forever cherished. Always in our hearts forever.

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