Our beloved father passed at an early age of 62. This site is a small gesture to always remember his light in this world.

His final resting place is at Rose Hills Memorial Park and Mortuary (click for more info here)

Dad's last slideshow


Chin-fu Chen was a loving husband, father, grandfather, co-worker, brother, and friend. He passed peacefully at a young age of 62, surrounded by his loving wife, Shang-ling, their children, and dear friends. He was born in Changhua, Taiwan and met Shang-ling in their elementary class.  He sat behind Shang-ling and constantly kicked her chair to get her attention.  Finally, he got it together and learned how to impress a woman; he moved to the United States to pursue his PhD in electrical engineering, got a dream job with Honeywell and asked for mom’s hand in marriage.

 He gleamed pride for his family through his big smile (his grand-children are lucky they got his dimples) but taught them to be humble.  He is survived by his loving wife of 38 years, Shang-ling, his children and their spouses, Cynthia, Alex, Brian, Sunny, Christopher and Hannah, and his six beautiful grandchildren, Nolan, Katelyn, Lucas, Eli, Audrey, and Colin.

He approached life with a dedication to hard work but always stopped to appreciate the beauty in life. This may be hard to believe for some, but he was a foodie before his vegetarian days and he taught his children how to be ambitious eaters.  We remember going out for Korean food for his favorite dishes: Black cod and seafood pancakes or getting Dim Sum giggling while we watched him eat chicken feet.  Even recently, he would sneak out for Taiwanese breakfast, indulging in guilty pleasures such as Fan Tuan or Luo Buo Gao.  But usually, you would find the couple happily gardening and enjoying “Fresh organic veggies, home grown with love” as Dad would say, as he put a huge pile of yam leaves on the table.  Just being a member of one choir wasn’t enough for Dad, he sang and was dedicated to three.  He was also an avid hiker, biker and practiced Tai Chi every Sunday for 5 years.

He was also a compassionate man that loved to read, think and connect deeply with others.  His office shelf holds titles from  “Managing Martians” and “Outliers” to “Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work.”  He was a selfless and generous man in all aspects of his life, but he was selfish in just one thing: quality time.  Dad actually demanded our family time and tried to spend one-one time with every one of his children.  We didn’t understand the tireless demands for our time then, but his last words to Chris, “Life is precious” has new meaning to us now and is no longer just cliche.  

Dad, Our time with you was cut short but we can’t wait for you to greet us in heaven and spend forever with you.

 A special thank you to his choir families: Irvine Chinese Choir and his temple choirs well as his Integral Tai Chi group: Compassionate Service Society, Pao Fa Temple and Hsi Lai Temple and last but not least, the Qualcomm family.  We are forever grateful to the Cedar’s Sinai ICU staff for their loving care.  We ask that instead of sending money, please spend some extra quality time with your loved ones and think of our beloved father.

Posted by Bey Gonzales on March 1, 2022
Hi Chin-fu. I still remember you, your intelligence, and most of all, your kindness. I hope you are content wherever you may be. 

My wife, Gigi, passed away in 2019, from cancer. I realize death is a part of life, but it doesn't necessarily make it easier to know. 

Life is short, We survivors must go on and live it to the fullest. 

I don't know if there's a next life, but if there is, I hope to see you again.

Your friend,
Posted by Antony Ng on February 26, 2021
Dear Chen Family.

I knew Chin-Fu from way back in 1988 when I was his Intern at Bell Labs. Having lost touch since then, it is only now that I chance upon this memorial. I remember him as a good and kind man. I have learnt much from his guidance and mentorship. Even though it is been a few years since his passing, his smile is indelibly etched in my mind and I will always have fond memories of our short encounter.
Posted by Christopher Chen on March 1, 2020
Happy birthday dad, you would be 66 today. The family misses you very much. Audrey asks for you still, because she still remembers. Until then, love you.
Posted by Chi-Yuan Lo on March 1, 2020
ChinFu and family,

In Oct 2018, I published a book in Chinese. It is a collection of 91 articles I wrote and published in the World Journal, a Chinese newspaper.

In 2020, the ebook version is being sold, among other places, in
If Chin-Fu is still around, he would have enjoyed reading this book.
Posted by Christopher Chen on July 23, 2019
Dad, not a day goes by that I wish you were still here so I could tell you about my day and receive some wisdom from you. The family is great, we love and miss you very much.
Posted by Piyush Mehrotra on July 24, 2017
Dear Chen Family,

A short note to remember fondly Chin-Fu on this first year anniversary of his passing. May he rest in peace.

I have often remembered him this past year and missed his cheerful smile greatly.

Posted by Vic Kulkarni on August 18, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

Please accept my deepest condolences for this tragic and untimely loss! May God continue to give you the strength to move forward.

I have known Chin-Fu for over 15 years and we grew our relationship from customer-vendor to friends. I am also an alum of University of Cincinnati and we bonded on that level as well. His broad smile was infectious!

Just recently we had a great chat at DAC in Austin and we both agreed on how blessed we are to be part of this wonderful high-tech ecosystem.

Goodbye, my friend! We will miss you....

Vic Kulkarni
ANSYS, San Jose.
Posted by Rakesh Chadha on August 6, 2016
Dear Chen family:

I had not seen Chin-Fu for many years but have very pleasant memories of during his days in Bell Labs Murray Hill - he was my Manager. He always lead with his ever pleasant smile, and high energy and dedication - and fun to work with. Very sorry to know about his untimely demise and please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Posted by Mark Lewis on August 5, 2016
Dear Chen family,

The slideshow is a wonderful tribute to Chin-Fu - the images capture who he was, a humble, proud, family man, who was ageless, and had an infectious laugh! We lost Chin-Fu far too early in life, may all those wonderful memories the pictures represent carry you through this difficult time.

Good bye Chin-Fu. It was a pleasure to know you for so many years.

Posted by jeff sobieraj on August 5, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

I worked very closely with your Father as a vendor while he was at Conexant, Mindspeed and Qualcomm. He was a very astute business professional, but more so, he was passionate about his family, and the pride he had in the accomplishments of his children. May God bless and comfort your family at this difficult time.

Jeff Sobieraj, Synopsys
Posted by John Dyer on August 4, 2016
To Chin-Fu's family,

It was with tremendous sadness that I learned of Chin-Fu's passing. He always spoke proudly and fondly of all of you. I will definitely miss him.
Posted by HAMED EMAMI on August 3, 2016
Dear Chen Family.

I met Chin-Fu over 20 years ago and had the opportunity to work with him off and on over the years. Often sitting across the table from him it was always good to know where each party stood. Shocked and very sorry for your loss. His big smile will be missed. Wishing you my deepest condolences.

Posted by Koen Lampaert on August 3, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

I worked with Chin-Fu when he was with Conexant and Mindspeed. He was a skilled manager and talented engineer. Above all, he was a great person that cared about his colleagues. I will miss him,

Posted by Piyush Mehrotra on August 2, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

Deeply saddened to hear this shocking news. I was your Father's colleague and have uploaded a picture at a Holiday lunch few years ago, where we are standing together and he has his hand over my shoulder. I had the fortune of taking a couple of lunch time walks with your Dad around the office campus in San Diego, where we exchanged news of our children's educational progress and life in general. In a humble way he was very proud of your achievements. My last walk with him was in early June where he was in remarkable good spirits. I will always remember our lunch time walks and conversations fondly.

Posted by J Lim on August 2, 2016
To the Chen Family,

I heard about Chin-Fu Chen's passing from our Tai chi teacher Audrey Doan. I don't know him personally since I am a new student and with the Kaiser group but I might have caught a glimpse of him at the farewell picnic for one of the Tai chi instructors two months ago.

I know how hard it is to cope with a parent's sudden death. My mom passed away recently and unexpectedly. It is truly hard to comprehend and accept when things like this happen in your life. No words can take away your pain and sorrow. I am deeply sorry for your loss. My prayers and condolences to your family.
Posted by Fares Mubarak on August 2, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

My sincere condolences for the sudden loss of Chin-Fu. I have known Chin-Fu professionally for a short two years. His intelligence, passion, willingness to help, demanding yet fair nature, and his gracious smile will be thoroughly missed by all the people he touched. May your beautiful memories with him comfort you through these difficult times.

Fares Mubarak
Posted by Bharat Gohil on August 1, 2016
I worked with Chin-Fu back in 2000/2001 time-frame where he negotiated contracts with us as a Services company working for Mojy Chian and his team. His smiling face is still in my memory. We lost one of our young employee (Bryan Yeh) on 7/18 due to flu related complications and Surinderjit Dhaliwal of Intel (ex-Mindspeed) mentioned to me the week of 7/18 that Chin-Fu is in the hospital with similar symptoms. Hearing about his passing way was a total shock! May his soul rest in peace and I pray God gives the strength to his family to go through these tough times.

-Bharat Gohil (President & CEO, Sintegra Inc.)
Posted by Steve Bernsen on August 1, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

The memorial for Chin-Fu yesterday was very beautiful and touching. I was fortunate to have Chin-Fu as a customer for the past 8+ years. He was brilliant, focused, dedicated and extremely professional in all our interactions. He would go out of his way to share his insights (very illuminating and well thought-out) with me and my company. His goal was always the betterment of solutions, business models, and results. I greatly appreciated how he took the time to get to know me and what I was focused on both professionally and personally. 
Please know that he touched so many of us through our Qualcomm interactions and he left an indelible mark on us all through his compassion, humility, and brilliance. 
I wish peace for your family and hope you can take some small comfort in the great impact your husband, father, and grandfather had on so many of us. We will miss him and his wisdom and disarming smile very much.
Posted by Surinder Dhaliwal on July 31, 2016
I worked with Chinfu during our time at Conexnt and Mindspeed. Through some great times and some difficult times. He was always supportive and positive and hard working. Looked to balance the needs of the company and its engineers. He was so proud of his children and their achievements. He will be missed by all that he came into contact. He was truly a gentleman. Chinfu you will be missed by us. God bless you.
Posted by Sorin Dobre on July 30, 2016
Dear Chen Family,
   I worked with Chin-Fu for more than 10 years. He was always looking to enable the most innovative and valuable solutions for the Qualcomm design community and in the same time to create a framework of fairness and sustainability for the EDA companies which were developing these solutions. We have lost a great man, a father, husband and grandfather, a colleague and a friend, a reference personality in the Microelectronics and EDA industry. I will miss his friendship, inquisitive spirit, great sense of humor, his technical and business depth. It is a big loss for Qualcomm, for the Engineering and EDA community. 
   My deepest condolences,
Posted by Ajoy Bose on July 30, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

My sincere condolences for your loss. I had the good fortune to know Chin-Fu for many years - as a colleague from our early years at Bell Labs to a recent customer at Qualcomm. It was a long shared journey with very pleasant memories,  I will miss him dearly. 

Posted by Vijay Chidambaram on July 30, 2016
Dear Chen Family

Think of the great times you had with Chin-Fu and cherish the memories.

We exchanged lot of life's little learning lessons over the fence.
He always ended conversations with infectious smile.

We would keep your Dad in our prayers.

Vijay, Bineetha Chidambaram
( Your Backyard neighbors, Irvine )
Posted by Karim Arabi on July 30, 2016
Dear Chen family,

I worked closely with Chin-Fu for several years. He was distinguished by his big smile, warm heart, gentle character and amiable manner. Chin-Fu was working through close partnership and friendship. He was pushing the boundaries but he was always fair and focused on a win-win outcome. He cared passionately, worked hard and was always ready to help. We often exchanged career and life advices and I always benefited from his insight and wisdom. 

Chin-Fu is truly missed. With condolences to the family and friends! 

Posted by Lawrence Noronha on July 30, 2016
Dear Chen family,

I met Chin-fu for the first time in December 1983 when I joined BLDA in Murray Hill, NJ. I remember him as always having a beaming smiling face, unless he was discussing something technical when he'd get this intense smiling look. I remember in departmental review meetings Hao Nham would tell Chin-fu he had five minutes to talk, and Chin-fu could never talk for just five minutes... :-) I'll miss you Chin-fu.

Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end...

- Larry
Posted by cuc NGUYEN on July 30, 2016
Dear Chen Family
Our sympathy, prayers, love and light sending to your family and to your Father...
SD prayer's group
Posted by Terry Zanella on July 30, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

I was sad to hear the news about Chin-Fu and grieve with your family in your loss. I had the pleasure of working with Chin-Fu from the time he joined Qualcomm until I left the company several years ago. Chin-Fu was always ready to share a smile and a positive perspective on life. He was a kind, dedicated and honorable man who strived to do his best each and every day. May all of your happy memories comfort you at this difficult time. Although he may be gone, Chin-Fu lives on in our memory. Good bye Chin-Fu.

Posted by Chong Hoc Hao on July 30, 2016
Condolences to Shang-Ling and the Chen Family.

Ann and I are shocked and saddened to learn the passing of Chin-Fu.

I vividly remember those joyful days at Bell Labs when we collaborated very closely on many projects.

After I retired to Southern California, we were able to get together a few times.

I have many good memories of his friendship and his sincere advice.

Take care.

Chong Hoc & Ann
Posted by Craig Shirley on July 30, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

I am so thankful for having known your father and husband for 15 years. His intoxicating laugh, resolute sense of fairness, and delightful personality will always be remembered. He greatly influenced my life. Farewell Chin-Fu.

Posted by Michael Tong on July 29, 2016
My condolences to Shang-ling and her family.

I am fortunate to know Chin-fu since our Bell Labs days.
He was compassionate about his work and well admired for his high standard of work ethics.
Chin-fu treats people with warmth and sincerity, and is always there to encourage others.
Above all, he is a devoted family man who wants nothing but the best for his family.
His warm laughter will be forever missed.

唐文浩&雪珍 鞠躬
Posted by Raymond Tsui on July 29, 2016
Condolences to Shang-Ling & the Chen Family:

”He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain,
for the old order of things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:4)

Chin-Fu and I joined Bell Labs CAD Lab more or less the same time in the early 80's. Although we were not working together in the same department, but our families shared numerous weekend activities in his Edison house and have developed great friendship over the years until he moved to CA. The last time we saw Chin-Fu was in 2013 when he visited NJ.

It was a shocking news to us to hear about Chin-Fu's sudden passing.
He was always health conscious, optimistic, passionate and diligent
in his work. Chin-Fu enjoyed life and his family. We'll all miss his friendly smile and laughter.

Although words cannot begin to ease the sorrow of your loss,
please know that you are in the prayers of so many who care.

Every Leaf must fall, but God will lift you up.
May God grant peace & comfort in your time of sorrow.

In Christ love,
Raymond & Acgla
Posted by Chi-Yuan Lo on July 29, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

ChinFu and I went back to the Bell Lab days in the 80's. Chin-Fu had great enthusiasm on the work and was loved by his colleagues and customers.

After ChinFu left Bell Labs, we continue our friendships with emails.

He is very proud of his children. He has been a great friend to me. We will forever miss him.

This is a very sad moment. Everybody must take care.

Posted by Chia-Jeng Tseng on July 29, 2016
We are very much saddened by Chin-Fu's passing. Chin-Fu always approached his friends with a big smile. He constantly showed his being very energetic, disciplined, and determined. These quality characters had made him very successful in his numerous endeavors. We will miss him. Shang-Ling, Cynthia, Brian, Chris: Please take good care of yourselves at this very difficult time. Chia-Jeng
Posted by p raju on July 29, 2016
To the Chen Family,
I worked with Chin-Fu for many years (OC/SD) and will miss him greatly. He was a great man with wonderful sincerity and the whole team adored and trusted him. May the memories of your Father give you strength during this difficult time. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ajay Daga on July 29, 2016
I am stunned by this news. Chinfu was a mentor and that is saying something because we never worked at the same company. I have never worked with someone responsible for tool procurement that added so much value to our business. Chinfu was respectful and sought out a win-win arrangement even though he was representing a semiconductor behemoth and I was representing a small EDA startup. He counseled me on my business the way a board member would and on life in general the way a family member would. Chinfu will be sorely missed.
Posted by Bey Gonzales on July 29, 2016
I was shocked when I heard about Chin-fu's passing, especially knowing how healthy his lifestyle was. I find it strange to be speaking of him in the past tense and regret that I will not be able to see him again. I consider him my friend, and this loss saddens me greatly.

Chin-fu was great to work with. No matter how difficult work was, he always had a ready smile. He would touch your arm and whisper a joke, then laugh really loud! What a guy! I will miss him terribly. 

He was also very humble. Sometimes I would kid with him and call him Dr. Chen, as befits his PhD status. He would just smile and shake his head.

I was there at the lunch which Cindy Chang mentioned. "... he took the team out for lunch to thank us all for our hard work. I remembered him saying, 'I asked my wife and she said ok!'" I am not sure but I think that lunch was at the Dumpling Inn on Convoy St. in San Diego. It was delicious, and was one of the few times the team got together on a social basis, thanks to Chin-fu. 

Lastly, may I say that Chin-fu lived well. He was compassionate, smart but humble, honest, and competent. He reminds me of a passage from Tao Te Ching:

"In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.
In speech, be true.
In ruling, be just.
In business, be competent."

Chin-fu, if there's a dumpling place on the other side, reserve me a seat at your table. I will always remember you, my friend. 

Posted by kathy h on July 29, 2016
I am deeply saddened to hear of Chin-fu's passing. Both my husband and I have worked with Chin-fu at semiconductor companies in San Diego. He was passionate about his work and always willing to help. He will be missed. Please accept our condolences at this difficult time.
Posted by Steve LoCicero on July 29, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

I am shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of Chin-Fu. I’ve enjoyed working with Chin-Fu for the past eleven years and found him to be incredibly smart, hardworking, friendly, and always carrying a smile. We have held many talks while he is commuting on the train down to San Diego, and I’ve learned quite a bit from him. I’ll miss hearing his laugh and collaborating with him in the office. It’s a very sad day.

Posted by Audrey Doan on July 29, 2016
Dear Shang-Ling, Cynthia, Brian, and Chris

I still remember in 2010 when Chin-Fu and Shang-Ling joined our Integral TaiChi class for the first time at Kaiser Permanente and Rancho Senior Center in Irvine. Many years have passed...
Although his busy work and responsibility, Chin-Fu joyfully made his time to come practice with us for his relaxation. He was full of energy, very friendly and pleasant to cooperate.
Chin-Fu was also a very caring person to his family: cherished his wife, and had pride on his children and grand children. His kindness and compassionate heart touch everyone of us who interact with him.
Since my last visit to him on July 16 at Cedars Sinai with the Taichi team, I kept praying for him for a quick recovery...
It's a deep sadness to think that Chin-Fu already left us...

"Live our life with the highest principles, lot of kindness and full of joy" he used to share with us ...

Good-Bye Chin-Fu and Rest in peace. You will be dearly missed.

My Sincere Sympathy and Condolences to Chen Family.
Posted by Charles Hsu on July 29, 2016
Dear Ching-Fu families,

聽到Ching-Fu 過世的消息,感到非常非常難過與震驚! 在去年他和太太回台時,我們兩對夫妻還在我家促膝夜談,分享孩子們的近況,看到Ching-Fu 談到他的小孩們,臉上露出很滿足的笑容,他非常以他的小孩為榮!他也分享他如何當小孩們的mentor 給我們知道,我認為他是一個
Perfect father, 在一旁的Ching-Fu 太太總是追隨著先生,幾次Ching-Fu 來台、去大陸,夫人總是隨行,互相照顧,那天也分享了她照顧先生的一些心得,我心想這對夫婦感情怎麼這麼好,真是perfect couple !

這幾年Ching-Fu 常回台,因為他常惦念著在台灣的老母!他曾告訴我他想回台灣工作,照顧老母的念頭!他非常的孝順!



Ching-Fu, 感謝您為世人作的一切,您的仁慈,您的愛心,您的理念會繼續留在人間,我們永遠懷念您!

Charles, Teresa, and Felix
Posted by Hao Nham on July 29, 2016
Dear Shen-Ling, Cynthia, Brian and Chris,

We are shocked and share your deep sadness about Chin Fu’s loss.

Such vivid and joyful memories of an always energetic, passionate, caring, diligent and competent Chin Fu from the days of his first interviewing trip at Bell labs, to a long and distinguished career at Bell Labs Design Automation, to many joyful moments of setting in New Jersey and bringing up our families, to Chin Fu being a devoted principal of Murray Hill Chinese School on a volunteer basis.

His smiles, his devotion and his caring and our dear friendship will be long lasting in all our hearts.

Please accept our deepest condolences.

Hao and Luck
Posted by Rajiv Bhateja on July 28, 2016
A great leader, industry titan and wonderful human being who touched so many lives. Humbled by his many contributions.

With condolences to the family and friends.

Posted by Walid Abuhadba on July 28, 2016
Dear Chen Family
My condolences to your family for this great loss. Chin-Fu will be truly missed, he was great gentelaman.
Posted by Cristian Amitroaie on July 28, 2016
I worked with Chin-Fu as a vendor since 2009. What looked like a tough guy at the beginning, proved to be an honest long term partner, always smiling, and always interested in how I am doing and what are my future plans. Even if I am based in Romania, it never seemed far away. We built a strong relationship, that didn't need many words, just a smile and a serious attitude. I really appreciated his confidence and his perseverance. I will miss his smile and support. May his soul be at peace.
Posted by peter shis on July 28, 2016
Dear Shen_Ling, Cynthia, Brian and Chris,

It was a shock to us, Jack, David and myself.   Please accept our condolences. He was a great guy, a big person in my book. I shall remember his unbounded love to you, his family, and his generosity to us.   

To cherish the memory of your father, carry his torch and move on. Fulfill the dreams of life. He will then be smiling from up there " that's my kinds of kids"  

Posted by John Kretz on July 28, 2016
To the Chen Family,
I worked with Chin-Fu for many years and will miss him greatly. He was a great man with wonderful sincerity, honesty, caring, and a unique smile and laugh with sparkling eyes. His daily commute by train from OC to SD always amazed me, such dedication to his job and his family. I am sure he goes to a better place. Good bye my friend Chin-Fu
Posted by Jess Chen on July 28, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

I am so sorry for your loss. I only occasionally worked with your father over the last few years but I always enjoyed it and learned a lot from him. We were about the same age. The last time I saw him we talked about how much we enjoy our grandchildren. I shall miss him.

-Jess Chen
Posted by Sittampalam Yoganathan on July 28, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

I had a privilege of knowing Chin-Fu for the last 20 years. Always considered him as one of my mentors. It is rare to come across a person as positive, encouraging and thoughtful. He will be truly missed. My prayers are with all of you.

Posted by Rich Liu on July 28, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

We haven't seen Chin-Fu for a long time, since he moved to LA, but it felt just like yesterday when he was still with us at Murray Hill Chinese School, as well as a great personal friend. His last words "Life is precious" reflects so well about his love of life even 20 years ago. He left us so soon and so unexpectedly it is hard to find words to express the shock. Yet it is logical to believe that Chin-Fu will always live in everyone's memory. Please accept our deepest condolence and may his always positive attitude continue to influence everyone he knew.

Huihsing and Rich
Posted by Judi Poler on July 27, 2016
To the Chen Family-

Your Father and I go back to the beginning of his time here at Qualcomm. He was my friend, my colleague, and my mentor. We talked about each and everyone of you, your careers, your children, and how proud he was of all of you.  You blessed him.  May you continue to heal during this difficult time and remember there is strength found in sharing this path together. Good bye my "Veggie Friend".

Posted by Michael Nguyen on July 27, 2016
Dear Chen Family,

My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. I have the opportunity to practice Integral Taichi with Chin-Fu for several years and get to know him personally. He always has a positive attitude, consistency, and a good sense of humor. In June he was so kind to come to say goodbye to me at the picnic, while on his way to the airport. I would never image that would be the last goodbye from him. I know that it is hard to bear right now, but remember that death is only the end of the physical life and the beginning of an eternal life. May my friendship and prayers ease you through this difficult time.

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Posted by Bey Gonzales on March 1, 2022
Hi Chin-fu. I still remember you, your intelligence, and most of all, your kindness. I hope you are content wherever you may be. 

My wife, Gigi, passed away in 2019, from cancer. I realize death is a part of life, but it doesn't necessarily make it easier to know. 

Life is short, We survivors must go on and live it to the fullest. 

I don't know if there's a next life, but if there is, I hope to see you again.

Your friend,
Posted by Antony Ng on February 26, 2021
Dear Chen Family.

I knew Chin-Fu from way back in 1988 when I was his Intern at Bell Labs. Having lost touch since then, it is only now that I chance upon this memorial. I remember him as a good and kind man. I have learnt much from his guidance and mentorship. Even though it is been a few years since his passing, his smile is indelibly etched in my mind and I will always have fond memories of our short encounter.
Posted by Christopher Chen on March 1, 2020
Happy birthday dad, you would be 66 today. The family misses you very much. Audrey asks for you still, because she still remembers. Until then, love you.
Recent stories

Happy soul

Shared by Nicole Ballou on August 7, 2016

Dear Chen family,

I am saddened to learn of Chin-Fu passing. My deepest condolences to your family.   His love and spirit will forever live in your hearts. 

I am privileged to know him through tai chi class at Irvine Kaiser. He always had a smile on his face every time he comes to class. I will always miss his smile and cheerful personality. As I can tell he really lived his life to the fullest and his love to you all will forever shine. 

Take care!  Life is precious! Be as cheerful and kind as he was. 

Nicole Ballou

Always Cheerful

Shared by Wally Rhines on August 4, 2016

For over twenty years, I met regularly with Chin-Fu.  He was very forceful, always working to do the best he could for his company. And he was always quick to point out where we had fallen short of his needs. But mostly I remember his smile, his energy and enthusiasm.  If he needed our help, he was quick to let us know but he always did so with a smile and encouragement. Our years together helped me to understand what our customers really needed and what a boost that a smile can provide. I will miss him.

Wally Rhines

a Good Heart

Shared by Corey Fleischer on July 31, 2016

I've known Chin-Fu for more than 20 years.  We met through business and became friends.  When there was doubt in my life, he was there to offer me great advice.  Through the years he became a mentor of mine and friend where I am so proud to say he knew me and I knew him.  I will always remember one particular moment where during our business dealings he turned to me and said 'Corey, you have a good heart' which gave me great pause and then adoration for him.  Why?  Because in order to truly say that another has a good heart, one must also truly have the same.  If there is one thing that I can say about Chin-Fu is that he left this realm a wealthy man because of the beautiful family he created and his fellowship of love.  I will miss him too...

Corey Fleischer