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Miss u macchha

Shared by Kiran Vijay on October 9, 2021

Your friendship was a blessing,
And I will miss you so.
We shared so many secrets.
You brightened up my days.
You brought me so much happiness
With your kind and loving way
Through all the ups and downs of life
The good times and the sad.
The best friend I ever had.
I love you, and forever
You will live within my heart.

Miss him..

Shared by Nagaraja Dasharathappa on October 9, 2021
Playing with Him Lagori, Bennguri aata is always Memorable in my high school days. Every time before going to my native I used to visit his house to get Rose saplings/branches from him to plant them in my native. One of our active member during Kargil fund raising in my 8th standard. He used to be one among us every time we visit Lakkanalli dam, gaaredindu, 70 kanve setve. Miss you brother. 

A fun memory forever

Shared by Pavan HK on October 9, 2021
Death is an obvious end for everyone. What they cherished during lifetime matters. I always remember Laxman Raidu for one thing.  It was our 8th standard, when Laxman Raidu had fought with one of our  classmate for kiddish reason. It was stinking once in class and teacher came in and asked everyone to remove their shoes. Teacher wanted to find out, who is wearing that socks which is stinking hard. Laman Raidu understood that, the guy who he has fought, is the culprit . Forgetting his fight, he went ahead and asked that guy to wear the sock on flip side so that it smells less. Such was his character, fight and forgive. By the way, the other guy told to Raidu, "He is already wearing sock on flip side but still it is smelling" 


Shared by Hari Katragadda on October 8, 2021
Always he is naughty and in love with animals. If he is in velidpadu or ponukumadu he always loves to play with chickens or calfs. He is always so playful and loves to hang out with family. We miss you chinnu
Love you ra
Hari annayya

Always with me

Shared by vivek gotti on October 9, 2021
Bava, that's how I called him. My true friend and a brother. Always confident and full of life. One person who is always by you to help and advice. Such lovely years spent with you my brother. I never regret anything we did together. Your presence will be missed and life won't be the same again but I know you are "Always with me".

Love you Raidu....Bava

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