chioms bw
Chioma Ifeoma Nnoli
  • 41 years old
  • Date of birth: May 16, 1974
  • Place of birth:
    Lagos, Nigeria
  • Date of passing: Sep 23, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Lagos, Nigeria
"Those we love, we never lose. For always they will be Loved, Remembered and Treasured.. Forever in Our Hearts" Chioms! Smiley!! Chioms r us!!! Chioms Oroms

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chioma Nnoli, 41, born on May 16, 1974 and passed away on September 23, 2015. We will remember her forever.
It is a place for family and friends to share pictures, videos, heartwarming memories, read uplifting stories and leave tributes to Chioma.

The Families of Nnoli & Ofomata would like to express our sincere appreciation for your expression of love and support during this difficult time.

God bless you all for your acts of kindness through your prayers, presence, messages and gifts; it has been a comforting blessing to our family.

We particularly appreciate the prayers that were said on her behalf during the period of her illness and pray that the Lord will reward you all for your support.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Funmi Ajao on 23rd September 2017

"Still missing you Chums...  Till we meet again.."

This tribute was added by Mma Nnoli on 23rd September 2017

"My anxiety starts building up days leading up to your birthday or anniversary, and I snap at anyone that crosses my path. I am still angry you had to leave so soon. This wasn't the plan. We were meant to live till we were old and raggedy, but God had his plans for you. Continue to rest in peace my dear friend. You are surely missed."

This tribute was added by Ogo ofomata on 23rd September 2017

"Chioms. Odiegwu o. Ufua ka di. Mana enwerem nchekwube na o ga  ebenata. Nodu nke oma. Chineke si na onye nwuru n'ime ya n'alaru ula. Laru n'udo nwanne m."

This tribute was added by Nkem Nnoli on 23rd September 2017

"Smiley, it's 2 years today. Gone but never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Mma Nnoli on 16th May 2017

"Happy birthday day fine Aunty Chuums. Continue to Rest In Peace dear friend"

This tribute was added by Biola Kufile - Okonji on 16th May 2017

"Hello Chioma, second birthday you are  celebrating with your mum. Hope you are smiling down at the Gboko's angels and having a blast at quarrel  and makeup session."

This tribute was added by Ogo ofomata on 16th May 2017

"Chioms Oroms....Happy 2nd Birthday in heaven. Rock on with the angels nwanne m. As we laid the wreath today on your tombstone, I could just hear you say "Sugo, E buzi kwa onye ocha o : you bought me flowers??" Always and forever, you will be remembered."

This tribute was added by Uju Aderemi on 16th May 2017

"Chioma, yesterday Foluwa said "my favourite Aunty Chioma" out of the blues. I actually forgot today was your birthday. Was he seeing you with the angels? Only God knows.
It's hard to believe we can laugh now when we remember you. I guess it's real you are not coming back on this side of eternity and we have made peace with it. But girl, as troublesome as you were, we still miss you. I do! Some of your stuff is still all over the house. Once in a while Lekan will start hailing Foluwa 'Mr. Folu!"...but the tears are not so quick to fall anymore. Rather, a smile here and there and sometimes outright laughter when we remember your antics!

I shall not be posting on Facebook but today as usual but I will look through your pictures and smile and yes, maybe shed a few tears.... Continue to rest in peace o Nne."

This tribute was added by Nkem Nnoli on 16th May 2017


It's your birthday today. It still hurts so much. You will forever live on my heart."

This tribute was added by Oyinade Adegite on 23rd September 2016

"Chioms!! 1 whole year already. I think of you every time I drive past your street.

Continue to rest in perfect peace, my dear friend. You are always in our hearts . . . . .Love, Oyinade"

This tribute was added by Ogo ofomata on 23rd September 2016

"Chioms, we may never understand...I cannot believe it's been a year already....Continue to rest in peace...We miss you. We will always miss you."

This tribute was added by Nekolchi Obaweiki on 23rd September 2016

"Chioma, never knew you but am sure you are doing fine. Just fine in heaven."

This tribute was added by aijay anuforo on 23rd September 2016

"Chioma, you must have settled into heaven nicely now. We remember you fondly on earth. Rest well."

This tribute was added by Uju Aderemi on 17th May 2016

"Chioms - your first birthday in heaven! I wonder what you are up to."

This tribute was added by Olaide Nweze on 16th May 2016

"Hey Chioma,

You are always fondly remembered especially today on your birthday. I sometimes used to mix up your birthday dates and thankfully you never used it as a test of our friendship. Love you always and continue to rest in peace my dear friend."

This tribute was added by Uchenna Ukaegbu on 16th May 2016

"Chioms!! Nne u celebrate with the angels in heaven..i pray you continue to rest eternally in peace. Happy birthday dear....#hardtoforget"

This tribute was added by Isimkah Ibuakah on 16th May 2016

"The month of May is a special month for me, as it has a number of people who are special to me born in this of these special people is 'Chi-baby'. I remember my friend today, on her birthday, knowing she is resting in peace though feeling the void as this year was the first in a long time in which I did not receive a birthday call from Chioma teasing me, in her signature style..... However, the fond memories slowly overtake the pain with each passing day. Always in our hearts...."

This tribute was added by Ogo ofomata on 16th May 2016

"Happy birthday in heaven Chioms Oroms. I trust you are having a big bash with the angels!! Now everyone knows how old you were ☺"

This tribute was added by Nekolchi Obaweiki on 6th November 2015

"If the kind words on this page could bring you back, you would have been here with your loved ones. The words showed you had a kind heart that was cherished.

Find peace in the hands of God."

This tribute was added by Chichi O on 5th November 2015

"Peace at last..."

This tribute was added by Chioma Nwangwu on 24th October 2015

"Chioms!! Chioms!!! Kedu obodo i no? This was always Chioma Nnoli's first  question anytime we spoke.
It was with great shock I received the phone call announcing your departure. It was so unexpected.
Chioma was more than a friend to me. From F.G.G.C.Gboko to Unilag and beyond. We kept in touch and never missed our birthdays. She visited anytime she was in Abuja and gave me wise counsel. She had an answer to every question and always had something to say even when not asked.
Chioma was a woman of great virtue, very wise, thoughtful, smart, vibrant , strong,  courageous, intelligent and straight to the point kind of person. There was never a dull moment with her. She so much valued relationship.  Above all, she was a disciplined christian.
When I learnt of her ailment,  I kept praying for her, little did I know that she would go so soon.
But I have no doubt in  my mind that she is with the Lord, for we do not mourn as if we have no hope,  for by grace we have faith that she is with the Lord.
Chioms, your loving memories will be evergreen in my heart. Indeed, you will be forever missed.
My earnest prayer is that your funeral would be  an occasion  to bring glory to God and souls won to the kingdom. Indeed it was.
Chioms my dear friend, be well situated in the Lord where there is no pain and vitamins to take.
Adieu my dear friend
Adieu Gboko Angel
Adieu great Akokite
Adieu nwa Jesus"

This tribute was added by Ifesi Anyamene on 23rd October 2015

Rest in peace! May God console all those left to mourn you.
This is such a sad loss!"

This tribute was added by Nkiru Olumide-Ojo on 22nd October 2015

"Met Chioma at Bobby's salon many years ago..we were both regulars. Her originality wasn't difficult to see, no lagos airs, often the first to flash a smile( and educate any random visitor on any topic). Saw her frequently at vidas shows, randomly in church...and then on Vida's bbm display picture with the horrible rip message. Awesome testimonies I've read here, enough to make me feel like I've known her much closer, for much longer. May her memory be for a blessing always and may our gracious lord wrap his hands of comfort around her family, friends....."

This tribute was added by Nkiru Olumide-Ojo on 22nd October 2015

"Met Chioma at Bobby's salon many years ago..we were both regulars. Her originality wasn't difficult to see, no lagos airs, often the first to flash a smile( and educate any random visitor on any topic). Saw her frequently at vidas shows, randomly in church...and then on Vida's bbm display picture with the horrible rip message. Awesome testimonies I've read here, enough to make me feel like I've known her much closer, for much longer. May her memory be for a blessing always and may our gracious lord wrap his hands of comfort around her family, friends....."

This tribute was added by Joelle B on 22nd October 2015

"To the friends and family of Chioma,

Please accept my sincere condolences for the passing of your dear loved one. I hope you will find comfort in this scripture.. "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out" (John 5:28,28)

With sincerity,

This tribute was added by Joy Ugorji on 21st October 2015

"It is sad and my heart aches. I  remember Chioma Nnoli. If only we could turn the hands of time, I would have made your hair as often as you wanted in Gboko. I remember we fell out when after eating your corn flakes and milk, I still refused to make your hair, pretending to have chest pain.  You got so mad at me and we fell out big time. Thank God we made up after I got another corn flakes and milk from you and made your hair. You were very strong and daring. Adieu Chioma. You will always be remembered."

This tribute was added by Nkay Chukwu on 21st October 2015

"Chioma, rest on dear..."

This tribute was added by Ngozi Kalu on 21st October 2015

"I took note of you way back in sovereign army fellowship unilag, then city of david. We always said hi to each other with a smile. I didn't even take note of your name and I doubt if you knew mine. But one thing I took note of and I admired was your great faith in God and intensed love for Him. Your prayers were effectual and fervent. I felt it each time you came in and took a seat on the same roll at the back where hospitality members would normally sit in of david, especially during thanksgiving service...the last dance. I know with all assurance that you are with God, our father. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Bolanle Opeyokun on 19th October 2015


Getting ready for your funeral services. Hmmm

Woman of faith, very strong willed. When you wanted something, you made the demand.

A mixture of fashion/style and spiritual strength. I remember driving to your salon to fix your curly hair, and discussing the sermon and the last prayer meeting.

I remember the cravings, the online shopping to get the house ready. Your presence at the inauguration. Hmm

You never gave up. You lighted up when we prayed. Didn't accept defeat. The thanksgiving service you planned still comes to mind. "Bolanle Situate me o" you would say. Get Nathaniel Bassey, I want him to play.

Angels are playing now, voices like the sounds of many waters. Thank your God face to face now. You earned it. Sing to your hearts desire

You will be missed"

This tribute was added by Oyinade Adegite on 18th October 2015

"Chioms! strong spirited, witty and full of life....... How can someone so full of life not be a part of life again! Fine Aunty Chioma to all the little ones you always showed so much love. You were courageous and full of faith through everything and you inspired everyone around you.

I remember how I used to look forward to your daily updates about life at Resourcery, you were so full of life!

You loved God and so I know that you are resting with God. I wish so many things but God knows best.

Rest in peace my dear friend..........."

This tribute was added by Nefertiti Chukwujekwu on 18th October 2015


I'm so sorry to hear this news. I remember Chioma clearly from University School (who doesn't?) and from the tributes of those who knew her later in life, she didn't even attempt to change. That sharp perception and quick wit that sliced through pretensions... what a gift!

I was looking through some old pictures at home during Easter and I saw one of a birthday party (we must have been about 4 or 5 years old then) and there was Chioma right in front, looking like a doll-sized version of the pictures I just scrolled through. My goodness, she really didn't change much. Chances are she is giving God an earful right now....

Ogo, biko ndo my dear!"

This tribute was added by Gashau Mangga on 16th October 2015

"Chioma, a very active member of Mt.Zion house fellowship when you were with us. I recall your testimonies, amazing testimonies ( I guess I still have records of some), the last that comes to memory was the one of getting a house in Lekki and the landlord not only conceded to your terms but also asked the colour(s) you wanted for the house, bye, see you at the table when the feast shall begin in heaven.

May the Good Lord grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss in Jesus name."

This tribute was added by audrey cutts on 15th October 2015

"My sweet friend Angel Chioma, I am still in denial. Rest in Peace and may your beautiful light continue to shine. My sincere condolence to your friends, family and all the million lives you touched. I am so happy you met Denzel! It's hard to write, Thank you for your love, smiles, care and your presence. I even went with you to your church. I really wished I knew though. It saddens me to hear you went through so much pain. I know you are in a better place, rest well. I miss you so much. I still can't believe when I visit Naija, you will not be there. Sweet hugs and kisses."

This tribute was added by Peli Woods on 15th October 2015

"To the family and friends of Chioma,
Please let me extend my condolences to you.  It is unnatural to lose a loved one in death.  When we read the account of Lazarus, it teaches us that the resurrection is a reality.  Jesus taught that someday "all those in the memorial tombs" will be resurrected. (John 5:28,29)  Not only will Chioma be resurrected to life on earth but she will have an opportunity to live forever on this earth in peaceful and happy conditions. (Ps. 37:11, 29)  I hope that these expressions from the Bible help to bring you some comfort and hope."

This tribute was added by Nkem Nnoli on 15th October 2015

Smiley, I don’t know how to write this, because this wasn’t the plan.  You kept telling me that the enemy was wasting his time, and that you would testify.  I remember how we used to fight all the time, but thank God we were there for each other when it mattered most.

I remember the day I got in from Nigeria and went to the hospital.  The next morning, you wrote down a long list of the food items you wanted from the African Store because you said the cheese in your stomach from eating “Oyibo food” could make Seven (7) big Pizzas.  We would crack jokes that the nurses would think we were homeless ladies that checked into the hospital because every day I had to go to the African Store to restock.

We would heat up Asaro, Bread and Sardine with Akara, Fried Yam & Stew, Beans & Plantain and have a good laugh when the Nurses came in to check on you and perceive the foul fish smell from our room.  You will quickly offer them the food and tell them the nutritional benefits.

You would always clown and speak Igbo to the Doctors till the day they said they were going to call a Psychiatrist to evaluate you and you quickly told them your full name, insurance policy no., employer name, date of birth in English and we all had a good laugh.  You knew the names of all the Doctors/Nurses and would take time to ask after their families whenever they came into the room.

You would wake me up at 3:00am and demand for Holy Communion.  You would tell me to lay it out properly and respect the body of Christ.  After which you will take your time to recite the communion passages and expect my full participation so early in the morning.  You would then say “what an awesome privilege it would be to sit with the Father and share the communion”.

Anugs - that was what you called Anugo.  “Come and give fine Auntie Chioma a “messade” (massage) mimicking Anugo’s pronunciation.  You preferred his hands to mine and would always say to me “Bon Di, these your hands are not situated at all”

Anugo prayed “Jesus, please make Auntie Chioma well, let her not need a nurse again, let her drive her car herself and let her hair grow back”. You recorded a video for him to show him that God had answered his prayers and also took him for a ride in your car.

"Grandma na-ese okwu, Grandma na eti eti (as you fondly called my neighbour) Biko, I want vegetable soup".  She would bring the soup and both of you will start singing “Chukwu ihe nile E kere di mma, O di mma”  your  favourite song.  

With you, there was never a pity party.  Very courageous, witty and full of faith.  Always had a Bible passage for any situation, prayed very bold prayers and spoke with so much authority.  No wonder you ended up “taking all our friends” because they said you were more spiritual than us.  The few times I saw you cry, you told me they were tears of joy, because God has been so good to you.

I have no doubt that you are at peace now because the expression on your face that Wednesday morning said it all.  Adieu Smiley, my Fashionista Sister.  I know you have been well situated in heaven.  Please say hello to our Mum whom we both never knew"

This tribute was added by Aiyeniko Rita on 14th October 2015

"Chioma.............Words fail me. I still can't believe that you are no more. Ani eligo nwa oma. It is deepest condolences to your siblings and Dad. And most especially your Bossom friend Ogo..i still remember you trios in 41 Norman Williams (we at Healthgate thought you were actually sisters ...Hmmmmmmmmm how sad.... Ada Biali ije ...Sleep well ooooo....."

This tribute was added by Hope Osuya on 14th October 2015

"Its really sad to see young people die, it hurts more when the person has beautiful soul,i remember you going with me to pray with my dad when he was in the hospital just before he passed on, Chioma, you are an encourager, we became close a few years ago and you acted like a big sis,you loved God and was always beautifully dressed, I know you are with the angels and in a better place, i will miss your encouraging words, God knows best we cannot question his decisions may God give your family the fortitude to bear this loss, sleep on dear"

This tribute was added by Godfrey Ofomata on 13th October 2015


Chioma, is it right that I should be writing a tribute to mark your untimely exit from this mortal life? I know that if you had the opportunity, your response would be: “No ‘Daddy’; that cannot be".

But it has come to be and, indeed, is. That is why I am engaged in this painful exercise of penning a tribute to acknowledge the irretrievable reality of your sudden departure from this mortal stage to “the great beyond" - without a goodbye! Only God knows why!
We miss you, Chioma, but the Good Lord will bring soothing comfort and succour to all of us who miss you dearly. Rest in perfect peace as we commit you into the hands of Almighty God – Who knows everything!
“Daddy” G.E.K. Ofomata.
05 October, 2015."

This tribute was added by Quantavons Eichelberger on 13th October 2015

"i am so sorry for ur lose may god conticue to bless u and ur family"

This tribute was added by Chiazor Ikedife-Ileka on 12th October 2015

"Chums, friend, my sister, my counselor, my prayer warrior. I first met you in  2000 when you came to Abuja to visit your sister Nkem, and over the years we developed tight sisterhood.

Its so hard and surreal to think that you have departed from this earth, that I will never have the opportunity of doing the many different things we did together. With you, there was NEVER a dull moment, we gisted, laughed, prayed and of course fought a lot.

Chums, my friend, you were a rare gem, extremely intelligent ,witty and a bit mischievous. A no- nonsense lady, with you, it was either black or white and cant be any shades in between. You often said there was no excuse for bad behavior.............sometimes it was frustrating dealing with you.

Chums, my pastor and prayer warrior, you loved God and His word  passionately that you rarely made a statement without a quote from the Bible, your all time favorite book.......often I wished I could inherit that passion from you.

Chums, my sister and counsellor, you were the person I usually called and went to  in my difficult times and you ALWAYS had time to listen, advise, counsel and subsequently check up on me to ensure I was doing well.......the amazing thing is that you were like that  to so many other friends and family.

Chums, the fashionista extraordinaire, you loved fashion and always turned out looking like a million bucks without breaking the banks ......often I called you vain.

During the last few months, despite all that you were going through, you still encouraged me to pursue some dreams I had shared with you in the past. At the end of each of my visits, you will ask me "Chizzy, what are you taking away from this visit"...I would say in my mind "Chioma a biakwa", but will smile and enumerate the things I  learnt  from the discuss of the day.  

Chums, now the angel, you fought the good fight and held on to your faith till the very you have earned your crown and WELL SITUATED  among the angels.

You achieved a lot in life and even much more in death.
Naa n' udo nwanyi will forever live in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Chioma Okonkwo-Akinyele on 11th October 2015

"Dear Chioma my namesake.... it's really hard to believe you are gone but God knows best. I knew you to be a lover of Christ; May He reward you bountifully as you served Him excellently. You shall surely be missed but our Lord knows best. Rest well beautiful daughter of the Most High! May the Holy Spirit our Comforter grant your family & loved ones the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss"

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Achike-Osegbue on 8th October 2015

"Rest in peace Chioma(FGGC Gboko sista). Very strict, but always full of smiles n very friendly. D God of all Comfort, Comfort n strengthen ur loved ones in Jesus name, Amen. It is well."

This tribute was added by Bukky Adekola on 8th October 2015

"Chioms... Hmmmm words fail me right now.. RIP my friend."

This tribute was added by UCHE Uzoebo on 8th October 2015

"Chioma! ...hmmmmmmmm! it is well....Heaven Gained...Rest in peace Smiley..Ogo and Nkem , Ndo nu ooooo..."

This tribute was added by terngu chirkpi Abur on 8th October 2015

"Gone too soon. It is well in Jesus name.
Rest on Gboko Angel till we all meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Amaka Nweze-Nwosu on 8th October 2015

"Gone too soon........Chioma, my dear, your passing was a great shock to me. The last time I saw you when you came to my house in America. You were so vibrant and full of life. Little did I know that the end was so near. You are such a wonderful person, warm and pleasant, always smiling.

Chioma we will miss you greatly but who are we to question God. May God give your family and your friend the heart to bear this painful loss. May your good soul rest in perfect peace.


This tribute was added by Ejay Ofomata on 8th October 2015

"My darling sister Chioma, As tears trickle down my face, I try to find the right words to describe how I feel. Images of you, your smile, the sound of your laughter and your voice are constantly on my mind. It had all been surreal to me until I read your burial announcement today, then it suddenly hit me, Chioma is gone!!!! This has to be one of the hardest things I've done in my life. Words fail me at this moment but I know that you are in a better place. I thank the Lord for having blessed us with you as a cousin and sister. You are truly a unique soul, an adventurous and cheerful person, with a loving and caring heart. I remember growing up and being jealous that Ogo had a twin to do everything with but as I was older I finally got into the mix yaaaay. Our last conversation will constantly be a reminder of your awesome persona. Thank you for your faith in God which kept us all strong even when you were hurting, and even at your lowest point, you always held onto God's promises. This is not goodbye sis, cos you will always be in our hearts. Your contagious smile will remain alive in the hearts of all the people you touched, for nothing loved is ever lost; and you Chioms, my dear sister, you are very much loved. I will really miss you my darling sweet cousin, you are truly special. I love you so much but God loves you more!!!!  May your soul rest in peace nwa nne m, jee nke oma!!! Rest in the Lord's bossom, may the Heavens welcome you with open arms as you watch over us in perfect peace. Your smile has left a permanent stamp in us and you will forever live in our hearts"

This tribute was added by Ugonna Osuji - Okoye on 8th October 2015

"Chioma, my eyes filled up with tears as I saw the news unfold. I found myself wishing that it wasn't real. Every time I think about it, pain is all I can feel. I can't imagine what your family is going through. I can barely see because tears are flowing from my eyes as I am writing this tribute. But I know you will always be with us.  I am sure you are now living in a perfect land where there is nothing like pain nor tears.
You will always be remembered by all of us.
Fare well my sister and friend..."

This tribute was added by STELLA DURU on 8th October 2015

"Hmmmmmm! Chioma…

Laide asked me yesterday if I left you a tribute and I said, "not yet"… Because in truth, I am one whose glands (tear glands) are always on overdrive….and I can almost hear you saying "STELLA (you always sounded so authoritative), WHY ARE YOU CRYING… CLEAN YOUR EYES MY FRIEND…

I met you through my darling friend, who is now like my sister, Layooo and I just loved your spirit… although I always said to Layo… this your Chioma friend sha… too too funny and strict… my thoughts anytime we jammed was "I wish I could speak igbo like Chioma and still flow in english (even though your accent gives you away so many times…) … you were so unashamedly igbo (and I loved that about you), yet like me, (undiluted igbo), you still surrounded yourself with "ndi ala", (as we often refer to the yorubas…) as most of our friends are yoruba…

Now I asked Layoo out of the blues earlier this year that I have not seen Chioma in a while… you know how you just remember that beam of laughter and fun, who you have not heard about in a bit… and i was just "checking" on you… I just casually asked how you were doing… and she told me you had been ill and I said a prayer that you will be fine…

Interestingly, Tolo (Tola Olashore) who I cannot remember having a "gig", to celebrate her birthday  for sometime now (unless of course, i was not invited … lol), extended an invitation for some of her friends to stop by her house on her birthday. Now for a week day, "busy busy Stella" may have been unable to make it… But God must have wanted me to say my final goodbye to you… Tolo, thank you, for you created  the opportunity to see Chioma one last time and to speak with her.

I didn't recognise you, Chioma, at Tola's but then, when you woke up, looked at me, smiled and in your usual "Chioma" fashion, you said "STELLA… Is that you Stella…and then you proceeded to hail me…I cannot for the life of me remember if it was my hairstyle or my bag or my shoes... (being the fashionista ( i used to shadow your baff from afar ooo) that you are…, I am sure it was my bag)… but your words that day were "Stella, gee them... gee them… kill them … lagos is in look nice stella…"

Even with tears as I write, I can still smile at the memory of that day and I recall thinking as you hailed me,  "she is clearly so weak, yet she is thinking to make me smile… and laugh…"

I cannot attest to knowing you that well but I knew that anytime i jammed you with Layoo… I couldn't help but leave there… (wherever it was) with smiles and laughs about "that Layoo's crazy friend"...  

You may not know it and I wished I had the opportunity to tell you thank you… but you awakened in me that day at Tolo's, the strength to smile and praise God and thank Him, no matter what I face…

Thank you Chioma… Rest Well. God Bless your memory!!!"

This tribute was added by Olaide Nweze on 8th October 2015

"Dear Chioms,

It has proven extremely hard for me to write this tribute, probably thinking that if I don't write it, then it cannot be true. It hasn’t truly sunk in yet that you are actually gone! You were so full of life and could be mischievous. I often wondered what was going on in that head of yours sometimes.

Our friendship started back at the University and you made it clear at the beginning that "you had been warned about all these Yoruba people..." It so happened that quite a number of your good friends did turn out to be Yoruba and we still laugh about that remark of yours.

We had such great times at school and afterwards that our families had no choice but to become well acquainted.

You were always a fashionista even from our University days. Thanks to Ogonna and Nkem's baffs you used to fap then.

You were fun to be around because you were so witty and had such a great sense of humor. I will often laugh and ask - "how do you come up with all these things"? I could also count on you to be forthright and I knew it came from a good place.

I smile when I recall how you showed up at my wedding even though you were supposed to be out of town at the time on one of your many trips to America. It was such a pleasant surprise!

How can I talk about Chioma without mentioning her "can do" spirit and strength? You were not one to be easily intimidated by any situation or anyone. We were all proud of you when you achieved your goal of becoming a Certified Project Manager and boy, you loved your profession!

Emeka is speechless...Akaolisa and Olisadinobi or Dinobs (like you used to call him) do not believe that their fine Aunty Chioms has gone to be with the Lord. My mum is in shock!

You loved GOD and believed in His word till the very end. It was your upbeat spirit that gave me faith that all will be well.

Rest in the Lord's bosom "ore mi atata"- The Chioms!"

This tribute was added by Catherine Abagun on 7th October 2015

"Chiomsy! Chiomsy!!
It's so hard to believe you've gone. My hilarious, witty, intelligent friend. Your sense of humor was so amazing I always wondered why you didn't considered a career in comedy. You will always find something funny out of every seemingly difficult situations.

My greatest joy was your unwavering commitment to your faith till the very last minute. I didn't bother to pray when last we saw because I could see clearly you were ready to go home. You were at peace with your Maker.  You fought a good fight of faith my dear and I'm glad you are in a better place. Sleep on dear till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Weruche Okonkwo on 7th October 2015

"Chioms chioma!! My beautiful, brilliant, fabulous friend!! It's been 2 weeks now since your passing and I guess I finally have to accept it and start letting you go. I never knew thatthe thought of Chioms not walking the face of this earth will hit me like this. Sooooooo many wonderful memories, from sharing a 6 spring bed in Moremi hall during our first year in Unilag to sharing the air bed at Mma's last June. All our escapades, You were the leader of our tag team. I followed you and you didn't mislead me,babes we had so much fun!!I will truly miss you! My heart is so broke and I will never forget you. I will remember you whenever I enjoy a good meal,whenever I smell a beautiful fragrance, whenever I see 'Lucky' magazine, whenever I have to stand up for myself, whenever I need to strengthen my faith , whenever I have to be more confident and whenever I have to overcome a challenge. You were the wittiest most humorous girl I know.Babes I will alway love you but God loves you more, He probably needs you to come run the spa section in heaven. You are very well situated!!Jee nnudo nwannem!!!"

This tribute was added by Nemi Okujagu on 7th October 2015

"Fine Aunty Chioms…so good to know I wasn’t the only one forced to call you that☺. When I first met you in UniLag, I thought this girl is too strict for me oh, but I succumbed to the power of your friendship. Your yaps couldn’t keep me away, but they certainly gave me something to think about. I always had to check myself when you were coming round, make sure I was in order….you kept me on my toes.

One of those many weekends I stayed with you, Donnie McClurkin’s Great is Your Mercy was on repeat in your car, it drove me crazy. For the longest time after that, it was the first worship song that came to my lips during my morning devotion. Two years ago you took me to your new place of worship, Dominion City. I came back to Abuja and started attending the parish here, my life has never been the same. I know as the angels present your rewards to you in heaven, God has approved a second mansion for you to accommodate it all.

Sometimes I sit and remember your humour; and I laugh, then I cry. There will never be another Fine Aunty Chioms to ask what my outfit is all about or ask me if all the salons in Abuja have closed down. Nobody to harass my life when I don’t call back in 5 minutes.

You have fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. Now you’ve gone to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Pray with us here, that we too will one day make that everlasting journey to remain in the presence of Jehovah."

This tribute was added by Candy Agu on 5th October 2015

"Dear Chioms,

Its soooo hard to write this cos I don't know where to start.....

You were such a ray of sunshine. Onye Lecha (smiles). You were always so put together. i soooo loved your sense of fashion.

What endeared me to you was your brutal honesty and sharp wit. That brutal honesty was also what I found exasperating about you (smiles). But with you, one always knew where one stood. You didn't have a deceptive bone in you.

I remember the last time I saw you in June. We spent the day together and went on a shopping spree. I remember how many times we quarreled that day (laughs). I just couldn't get how it was that you were trying to just be normal in spite of all you were going through. I remember the ride back home,  you talked about marriage, kids and your up coming 5 states trip to the US. And I remember thinking but didn't voice it out that you should focus on getting well. That was how strong you were. And indeed you went on your US trip.

You are the one person I can boldly say LOVES GOD. You always had a way of weaving the scriptures into every conversation with you.That was who you were plus being a fighter, a strong woman, a goal getter and one who in the face of any adversity believes in the best.

Your faith in God was unwavering and you believed he was going to see you through it all.... Alas he had other plans. He wanted you more.

Kachifo Nwayiocha...."

This tribute was added by Yetunde Ebosele on 5th October 2015

"Chioma, dearest Gboko sister, may your sweet and funny soul find everlasting rest with The Lord our maker. Earth's loss is surely Heaven's gain. Rest on dearest. May Almighty God console the family you left behind."

This tribute was added by nnadozie emezie on 4th October 2015

"Nne m, so sad to learn you are gone. I still remember our days in Nsukka. Seems like yesterday.
Rest in peace my dear. All is as God wills it, so it is well."

This tribute was added by Chimebere Makasi on 3rd October 2015

Forgive me for not knowing what you were going through.
I do now what I didn't do when you were with us, I pray for you.
That your sweet soul may be at peace and with our Saviour.
Hope you've been given an ensuite room in His mansion ooo!!
Feel free to reserve mine as well, a room with a view please!!!!
Till we meet again. Chimebere.
Reservation details: 61 years from now.✌"

This tribute was added by Abiodun Omonijo on 2nd October 2015

"Your loss brought much memories and such pain, its bitter yet sweet so sad, too sad.....sad for us who remain alive as aluta continua, freedom at last for you who has arrived at your final destination. RIP.........dear gurl!"

This tribute was added by Olukemi Morakinyo on 1st October 2015

"I met Chioma through my sister summer of 2010  in New Jersey and I was told of her 'condition'. We prayed in my bedroom and we remained friends since then. She called me sis Kemo. She was so much loved by my entire family, from my parents to the baby and enjoyed by my church family too. One thing that resonates throughout some of the tributes I've had the pleasure of reading about my Chioma is her infectious personality. This summer, we spent time together shopping, fellowshiping one with another and eating that it's hard for me to wrap it around my mind that she's gone. I did not know it would be the last time I would see her. My dad always repeats something  Chioma says after having a good African meal, no burger or American food for her. She'll say 'I'm well situated!'. I guess now she is indeed well situated with Lord. God has decided to perfect her healing in heaven. 'Chukwu ihe nine E kere dinma' and 'ire mi wo le de' were two of her favorite songs that we must sing and dance to after hugging each other. I took her to the mall one afternoon in July and before leaving the house I told her she looked beautiful and the smile she gave was the Chioma that I knew. Really? she asked me and I said really really pretty. I'm glad I got to know you this short 5 years. Still don't know how to tell my parents. Having said all these let me say that we all need to live our lives as though it is the last to the fullest for the Lord. Chioma had 10 good years to prepare for her eternal home. Are you?
But God is faithful......"

This tribute was added by Olukemi Adenuga on 1st October 2015

"Chioms!! Through that drive to Ebano supermarket you spoke with so much energy, How you miss the office and coming back to work soon. I am so lost for words,to think I have clicked on this page severally yet d words fail me . Sleep well in Gods bosom my dear friend."

This tribute was added by Ife Oma on 30th September 2015

"Rest In Peace Chioma. It is well with Ur Soul. So Sad.
My Condolences To Ogo, Nkem, Mawe, all ur other  Siblings & Cousins.
Adieu My UNN Sister. Heaven has gained an angel. Jee nke oma ♡♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by Onyekachi Nnaji on 30th September 2015

"RIP Chioma."

This tribute was added by Onyekachi Nnaji on 30th September 2015

"RIP Chioma."

This tribute was added by Ameena Musa on 29th September 2015

"Chioma, I was really trying to get your face when I saw the news of your passing on our alumni page (FGGC Gboko) and yes I remember you and your smiles. It's been ages but I  remember. I asked myself what could have happened to this young pretty girl God. Why.....and so young.... life is just starting for many questions but no response. Who are we to ask the supreme God why!!! Chioma it's well with your soul. May you find perfect peace with God. is well...sleep on dear with a smile on your face.....adieu"

This tribute was added by Toochi Uchendu on 29th September 2015

Words fail me! Nya dibazia! Ijeoma! RIP!"

This tribute was added by Ifeoma Ibe on 29th September 2015

"Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Ifeoma Ibe on 29th September 2015

"Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Uju Ezejiofor on 29th September 2015

"I confess I have been living in my selfish bubble, trying to pretend everything is ok. I tried so hard to act like I didn't hear anything after I heard the news of your passing. Writing makes your demise so real to me. I was just content looking through pictures and seeing you smile, that is how I want to remember you.  Chioma! I  miss you. I miss you harassing me that I should stop answering you with 'that my flat voice'. I miss you always praying for me. I miss your moi moi, I miss your very sharp mouth. You were and will continue to be a blessing to my household and to me. So many things I want to say.....Chioma, your life is for a testimony and lessons. I am honored to have known you and to share in the lessons and testimony. I know you are smiling and telling some good jokes up there in heaven. I love you!"

This tribute was added by Chizzy Emeter Hbc-Ogboko on 29th September 2015

"Oh this is so sad. I remember how vibrant you were back then in University Primary School. God surely knows the best for you. Chioma, Je Nke oma.
Ogochukwu Oformata please take heart for it is well!!!"

This tribute was added by Cassandra Lewis on 29th September 2015

"My dearest Chioma,

How sad I am to read about your passing . . . you enriched my life so much during my 7 years living in Nigeria. . . I can never repay you for the kindness you showed to me.  I will miss you so!  May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace!"

This tribute was added by Gloria Higgwe on 29th September 2015

"Yes, as I think of Chioma, I think of Ogochukwu Ofomata. I remember the assertive, influential and well spoken Chioma Nnoli. What a life! I salute your memory. You've found the Lord, you've got it all. Farewell Chioma."

This tribute was added by Mma Nnoli on 29th September 2015

"Chioma, Chuums, Fine Aunty Chioma. Ibiliachi be Nnoli and you would answer " o mmooo" with you nnewi dialect. Our story together has finally come to an end. Chioma we started as far back as I can remember, primary 2 I believe up till your passing. Chioma the jester, small but mighty, full of mischief. People were waiting in line to fight you after school. Ogochukwu had to fight so many kids on your behalf. In adulthood you were a no nonsense kind of would not hesitate to put someone in check. I remember your usual comment " Biko biko oro ihe bialu ime. Ana  kali ife akali". You loved God so much that compromising your faith was not optional. You loved and wanted to be loved back, you cared and wanted others to care right back. Our friendship stood the test of time. I've tried to play back this nightmare in my head several times. If only I could turn back the hand of the clock, I would go back to that day.... God had brought us together for a reason and I was given an opportunity to fulfill my role in your life. It was not easy . I practically cried every night. Your were scared and overwhelmed,I was scared and overwhelmed too but had to hide my fears. I remember you telling me you were aware we all thought you were so stubborn but I should remember that your faith in God was all you have left and you weren't going to let go of that. You prayed for healing, we all prayed but God had bigger plans for you. I knew things were bad but I hoped for a miracle. I made sure to take your calls as much as I could. You always said you liked calling me because I answered the phone like everything was okay. I would ball my eyes out after I hang up. I've saved every voicemail you left me since you went back to naija.
Chuums it's been hard. You were my big sis, my friend, my cheerleader, my mc extraordinaire. My heart is broken. I will forever miss you.  Goodbye Fine Aunty Chioma. Heaven watch out, the latest comedian is in town. You have truly been situated and Ogochukwu she is of course singing her favorite song " Chukwu ihe nine i kere di mma, o di mma, o di mma""

This tribute was added by Mary Odogwu Halim on 28th September 2015

"I am still speechless Chioma! i cried like a baby when my sister told me you have gone to be with the lord. i remember all our chats via facebook inbox. i prayed with you but God knows what is best for you by taking you at this young age. May the angels of God take you to paradise. Adieu beautiful, till we meet to part no more"

This tribute was added by Ada Phil-Ugochukwu on 28th September 2015

"Fine Auntie Chioma! Chiomsy.!.My Besto!. Prayer warrior/ Intercessor!
You fought an enviable fight of Faith and I never expected any less. You never asked why me? Rather,you said why not me?
I am extremely comforted knowing that you are among the Saints worshiping at the LORD's feet.I bet that you are asking the Angels loads of questions and demanding answers! I hope you are 'situated' now.
Chioms who will I discuss deep spiritual issues with? Who will call me ADA-NNA? Where can I ever find a another friend like you?
You were indeed an original work of God and will forever remain so in my heart.  Rest in the bosom of the Lord my dearest."

This tribute was added by Ndubisi Akwiwu on 28th September 2015

"Chumms !!!! Og !Og Anu Ana agba Egbe ona ata bubble gum, Amakam Ife na nnewi. " You were such a great kid ,intelligent caring to fault ," love me not my money" your jokes were simply epic. I write with smiles on my face knowing you are in heaven . Your love for God was exemplary ,your loyalty to your friends unequalled .layo,ada,nemi,Ogo,mege,tony ,Uchechi,vida, always concerned about other people. A friend called me and confessed how you tried to. Get them a job and still gave them money to hang in there . Gc Nnolie as I have your number stored and you will always ask why with a smile knowing my uncle called your dad that when he first met you  . I thank God I was with you in your last days . Thanks for giving me the priviledge to cater to Your foodie cravings. They don't make them your type  anymore . You're simply the virtuous woman in the bible . Now you have victory over death . Rest on Chumms!! Proud daughter of umudim Nnewi. I will miss you"

This tribute was added by aijay anuforo on 28th September 2015

"Chim ooh! It is actually Chioma. I saw you last in 1989 before I left Gboko for Owerri. We never crossed paths again but somehow, I always had friends and cousins who were your friends. I thought meeting you again was just a matter of time. I wish I had made a little effort to talk to you and yab you about your sweaty palms. I am glad you lived a full life and pray that God grants those of us left behind the wisdom to enjoy friends and family as much as we can. Rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord you loved and served- Aijay Nwanunobi Anuforo."

This tribute was added by Uwem Akai on 28th September 2015

"Chy-o-ma..!!!  Utterly unbelievable!! Just stumbled on this news quite by accident on Facebook.  I can't forget your lively and bubbly personality, as we worked together on a project at GTBank in 2005/6.  Challenging work it was, but you livened it up with humour.  That was how I knew you were an Alumnus of FGGC Gboko too.  I only just mentioned you to a friend last week, not knowing you were gone.  May your beautiful soul rest in the bosom of our Lord.  Keep smiling....."

This tribute was added by Tope Ojo on 28th September 2015

"Uhmmmmm.... Chioma gone??? What a loss.... what a life..."

This tribute was added by sarah okereke on 28th September 2015

"Chioma an epitome of God's Glory. Hmmmmm. I am only excited because i know u r resting in the new Jerusalem. U wer full of life even at the point of dying. Ur faith in Christ Jesus is so amazing. U wer beautiful all round.  Indeed a gift to humanity.Pray for us still alive to hold on till the very end. I can cee ur smiles in my spirit. We miss u till eternity.I cherish u. I pray that God will grant your family and friends the strength of your temporal detachment cos i will cee u in heaven. Live on angel"

This tribute was added by Ayeni Joseph on 28th September 2015

"Dear Chioma. We will always miss you. you will always remain in our hearts. your time with us was memorable. your smiles, and encouragement. Rest on in the Lord until we meet to part no more!!!"

This tribute was added by Hatem DRIDI on 28th September 2015

"Dear Chioma, rest well in peace, my sincere condolences to your all family and friends...we will miss you......We will remenber your smile, Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Deola K. on 28th September 2015

"Adieu Chioma!!! May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace... Still in shock... Such a vibrant spirit... God knows best..."

This tribute was added by Werner Terblans on 28th September 2015

"Death brings pain that time can only heal, no words could ease what we truly feel; But with God, her joy is eternally sealed, And cherish her memories that death can't even steal. My Condolences."

This tribute was added by Abdelaziz Saidu on 28th September 2015

"Rest well Chioma.We surely gonna miss you."

This tribute was added by Uchenna Ukaegbu on 27th September 2015

""Oooooch!" thats was your standard greeting for me, even when you were tired and weak from it all, your voice still had that energy in it that forced me to smile even when i wanted to cry. I never forget the one night you called me from Nigeria and I was so sad, but by the end of the call we had had so many laughs to last a long while. Chioms! I have never seen a faith in God like yours. I have never seen someone so resilient like you. I have never seen someone so in-love with God like you. I have no doubt in me that heaven gained an angel the day you left this earth. I have no doubt in me that you are resting in your makers arms. Although we mourn your painful exit here on earth, we bless God because we know you are at peace with Him. I am thankful to have known you, to have shared persona memories with you, memories that will forever be cherished. Nne m, we were supposed to have a thanksgiving party remember? But God knows best. Jeee nke oma, ezi enyi m. Please watch over those you left behind. Rest on till we meet again. Love you loads."

This tribute was added by Josy Okonkwo on 27th September 2015

"Chioma,Your radiant smile illuminated any room you walked into and your kindness softened the hardest of hearts.Your family and friends love you dearly but God loves you even more that is why he called you early to be with him.Your spirit will always live on with us.Adieu!"

This tribute was added by Ogechi Shadamoro on 27th September 2015

"Chiomy Chiomy,It was a great shock for me to hear that you have left us so soon to answer the call of our almighty God in heaven.I remember all your great sense of humour,and a heart made of gold.You were like a sister and a friend to me.You were always filled with happiness and joy.Even though it is so sad to see that you have left us,i know that you are up there with God in heaven.Adieu my friend,May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace,Amen!"

This tribute was added by Abiodun Ijaware on 27th September 2015

"It's still a shock hearing about your transition. My sincere condolence to your family.... thank you for leaving good memories behind, working and learning from you while we were colleagues. You still found time when you left the Bank to find out how the projects were running. You were also a demanding customer once you left the Bank; why did my card not work? Why can't I transfer this amount? Thank you for being you, rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Lanre Aluko on 27th September 2015

"I can't believe that I'll be writing a tribute to you at such a young age!! Chioma my memories of you are filed with lots of laughs and jokes while we caught up at your cousin Ogochukwu's place in Ikoyi. Those were many years ago but your humour and kindness and down to earth attitude left a lasting memory. May your beautiful soul rest in peace as you are now home safe in the Lords bosom. My heartfelt condolence to your family and loved ones. RIP!!!"

This tribute was added by Shaban Nabulsi on 27th September 2015

"I sadly express my sincere condolence to the family and friends of Chioms.  May the blessings of God be upon her soul.  
Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Morakinyo Salami on 27th September 2015

"I was shocked when I heard the news. Very Sad indeed. I still remember then when we were in Resourcery and I was always looking at you and thinking how chic and pretty you were and then we coincidentally ended up working together again in Cisco. Your jokes, smiles, laughs and beautiful self will always remain in my heart. Rest in Peace dear."

This tribute was added by Salim Rizk on 27th September 2015

"I lost my only sister two years ago to cancer after fighting it fearlessly for 7 years. Unfortunately, I know how the family feels. It is the cycle of life. Good memories will stay forever.
Chioma, rest in peace. Sincere condolences to the family."

This tribute was added by sotee george on 26th September 2015

"Rest well my sister.. miss you dearly… remember how you gracefully Mcd Mmas wedding… how we went for that other wedding in Delaware… u remember the small incident?? lol… Adieu Sis"

This tribute was added by Vicky Reloaded on 26th September 2015

"Chyo-o-ma,  Chioma,  hmmmm...... This is hard. You were in my thoughts two days before your passing.  I never knew why.  I thought i would run into you a few days later.  It's hard to reconcile someone like you with death.  I remember you vividly just like yesterday.  I remember you as a witty,  funny,  i-no-send classmate,  always cracking jokes,  making fun even when classes are on and teachers are in front of us.  And when it was the end of the term you'd be one of those organizing group dances.  How can i forget? You were one of the clowns we had in our set. Though we haven't seen each other after Gboko, i was ok knowing you were somewhere.  But to hear you left so soon is hard to take.  I must say you were brave and courageous.  You lived life to the full,  gave everyone a smile and in the end, you fought and won.  Death has no more power you.  You conquered it.  Rest well dear!"

This tribute was added by Tayo Adelabu on 26th September 2015

"Dear Chioma, my Project Manager - blunt and outspoken, chic and elegant. You always spoke your mind which is refreshing in our subterfuge-like environment. Rest well in the bosom of the Lord whom you served."

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Esemudje on 26th September 2015

"Wow! Chioma, I am still in shock at the news of your passing. I'm tempted to ask why? I still remember our first meeting 9 years ago during our induction in Ibadan. You were the life of the class, very lively and extremely mischievous. Always had a trick or two up your sleeves and ready to play pranks on all of us. This is sad but I guess God knows best. No doubt you are in a better place my more pain & suffering. May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace Chioma and may the good Lord grant your loved ones the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. It is well."

This tribute was added by oge ukaga on 26th September 2015

"What a classmate!!! Full of life and mischief! 6 years at FGGC Gboko. A wonderful experience! The last time I saw Chioma was in 1992. I was hoping to meet with Chioma somewhere,somehow again to have fun, laugh and play as she always loved to but our Creator has called you to eternal rest. My prayer is that you rest in the Blossom of the Lord!!!! Dear Chioms, jee nke oma!!!!! We love you and you shall be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Adiba Onuma on 26th September 2015

"From what I remember of you, Chioma. .you were a force to reckon with...vibrant, witty with a very sharp mouth that I do not mind confessing that l was afraid of back then... memories . May your soul rest in perfect peace as l remind myself that in the midst of life we are in death. You have just gone ahead of us in the inevitable journey all humanity must make.
Adieu, my Gboko sister."

This tribute was added by Vanessa Nzekwu on 26th September 2015

"I am still in shock Chioma ...... you will always be remembered dear in our hearts.. its not a're in a better place. adieu my dear."

This tribute was added by ileka chidi on 26th September 2015

"One thing I know is that you are in a better place,adieu ,to the family and loved one God will give us all the fortitude to bear this great loss.goodnite Chioma"

This tribute was added by Nkem Nwaegbe on 26th September 2015

"Waow Chioma!!!! Dazed!!!! I always remember us playing oga in front of primary 3C ( University Primary School UNN).  You look so "undieable" in these pictures. Death you are the loser. RIP  dear till we meet again.

Ogo Ofomata please take heart."

This tribute was added by Omale Hajarat on 26th September 2015

"I remember just like yesterday when I was sober trying to adjust to secondary school life and sulking you cheered me up and said that was how all seniors started too l smiled. Your sweet cool memories is all l remember. Truly life is but a walking shadow. May God grant your family,  loved ones and friends the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss You remain cherished in our heart."

This tribute was added by Ijeamaka Woko on 26th September 2015

"One word stands out when you think of Chioma- FUNNY. She had a gift. Whenever she posted on my birthday or in our intermittent chats, it was always something witty. She will be terribly missed. Comfort and peace to all her loved ones at this time! Kachifo!"

This tribute was added by Daniel Opolo on 25th September 2015

"On my birthday chioma??? #notfunny

But it is fitting that I remember u everytime I celebrate going fwd, u blessed me once with the most reassuring of words and it is a privilege to pay back that kindness.

Thinking. What is beautiful chioms up to this instant. Standing at pearly gates, St Peter saying come fwd child who are u? And u reply in ibo, what do u mean who am i? Is that not my name in gold in ur big book? I am chioma Nnoli. Where is Jesus?

Take it easy child  he says. You need your wings first.
No need, I came with mine from earth.

I am almost smiling. U lived a beautiful life, thanks for sharing with us.
Rest in peace dear friend."

This tribute was added by Chinwendu Fortune-Uchendu on 25th September 2015

"Rest on dear Chioma. We can't help asking questions as humans but God knows best. La n'udo nwanyioma"

This tribute was added by Remy Oluremi on 25th September 2015

"I still can't find the right words...chioma, I know you're at a better place. May the Lord forgive you for all your sins. Although I only knew you for over a year at FGGC Gboko but it was remarkable. You were one of those who stuck to my heart for some reason. I like the fact that you seemed to have enjoyed yourself for a while and i choose to remember those pictures of you smiling cos i know you're smiling up there too. Continue to rest in peace. ..."

This tribute was added by Nkiruka Ukonu Ucheya on 25th September 2015

"Chioms Orooms......De Chioms De Orooms..Hahaha....I laugh at death because sickness couldn't even steal your great sense of humor...I pity the angels in heaven....they are in for it...a  classy, smart, beautiful, fashionable, humorous, intelligent, full of life, extremely vibrant  angel just checked into heaven.

I am happy because from our last knew exactly where you were going...heaven! My Chioms, in heaven, you will feel no more pain, no more sorrow, no more heart breaks and disappointment.

My only sadness is that no one will ever "hail" me in your very special way -Nki Beube! My dear Chioms, the beautiful times we spent together will be forever cherished. Sleep well my nke oma..."

This tribute was added by uchenna Nwokedi on 25th September 2015

"Chioma is well. I am still in shock, speechless and confused.... Still trying to come to terms with the reality of your passing on... The news of your passing on got me thinking deeply about Eternity..Even though our paths never crossed ever since we left FGGC Gboko but the sweet memories are still fresh on my mind. My sister sleep on ....Nnodu Nma...."

This tribute was added by ezinwanne ubezonu on 25th September 2015

"Still hard to believe that you are no more here. May your soul Rest in Perfect Pesce....Amen!"

This tribute was added by Chinenye Ikenma on 25th September 2015


This tribute was added by Franca Atokolo on 25th September 2015

"Chioma I'm so glad our paths crossed here on earth. Though we hadn't seen after we left Gboko,I can't forget that you were so full of life and fun. You came,you saw and you conquered! Sleep on in the bosom of the Lord and see you on resurrection morning. May the Lord Comfort and strengthen all you left behind."

This tribute was added by Collette Uwadia on 25th September 2015

"Chioma! Although I am asking questions, it really does not matter because in my heart, I see your broad smile. I have that engraved and I can live with that until I see you again. Good night beautiful!"

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Dike-Young on 25th September 2015

"Chioma, my Gboko sister, my Nsukka sister! There has been a dark cloud hanging over my head since I heard about your departure.  Even though we have not been in touch for years, this has shaken me so much.  I'm shedding tears...  My dear, you were so funny, so vibrant, so strong...fearless...your mouth could find trouble sometimes :).  I remember our days on the basketball team! :) you made it so much fun! All your funny sayings...wish I could remember them now.  Chioma, you certainly made a deep impression on all who knew you and that's why we are all so shaken.  Such a loss!! Sleep well Chioma."

This tribute was added by Akunna Young on 25th September 2015

"Still speechless! Chioma! will be terribly missed. Just remembered our days in F.G.G.C Gboko.....Life is totally such tender age. Farewell my dear friend and may your soul rest in God's blossom. Adieux!"

This tribute was added by Akunna Osuji on 25th September 2015

"This is terrible news, there seems to be a lot of it about at the moment. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by kathy Okoronkwo on 25th September 2015

"Still speechless! The first time I met Chioma was through my friend Nkiruka. We all hung out in Lagos. Chioma was a born comedian,
who could effortlessly have many in stitches with easy jokes. She was vibrant and the life of a party. We met again over here through Mma, still the same Chioma. My beautiful Chioma, We are grateful for the opportunity of having crossed your path. We wish you strength as you journey on into the finer realms of Creation."

This tribute was added by Ebii Nzewi on 25th September 2015

"Chioms!  It is so sad that I speak to you in death and not in life. Times and seasons have passed yet it seems like yesterday that we all walked the trails of the Nsukka campus town. Ur death remains a shock to me. Nwanyibekee sleep on. I pray the good Lord will console your family and keep you in His embrace. Na n'udo ezi nwanyi."

This tribute was added by Memoor Ihemelandu on 25th September 2015

"Sleep well Chioma!!!, you ran a good and worthy race. I console myself with the fact that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord, and that we would see again on the resurrection morning. Adieu my sister and friend!!!"

This tribute was added by Uju Aderemi on 25th September 2015

"Your names, Chioma and Ifeoma mean "Good God" and "Good thing". Indeed you were a 'good thing' made by a 'good God'. Your faith in your God was admirable! Your courage in this battle was enlightening. Your faith unwavering - not even once during your weakest times. You were confident that we would see His goodness.  Your faith helped our faith.

Ube, one of your names growing up as you were very quick to turn on the tear works. You were also so stubborn. I still remember you with Prof alone at the dinning table in UNN when you refused to eat your breakfast - quaker oats. Last year at my house, imagine my shock when you brought out quaker oats to eat - with no one breathing down your neck! All in a bid to eat healthy.

Where do I start? You were so much younger but you gave me wise counsel on so many occasions! You encouraged me - constantly but the one constant I should always try to remember is "Uju, your God is good to you."

You loved to 'yap' and your mouth was sharp! You gave as good as you got and sometimes more!

When you moved into Norman Williams after your brief sojourn in the US, you just moved into my room and refused to move out and I had no choice but to live with it - it was like growing up in UNN all over again!

When we went to Barbados, you would think it was you getting married! You arrived long before and left with us as part of the 'advance' party. No part of it was going to pass you by.

Nwa nlecha - my fashionista sister! You liked yourself well well and so confident in who God had made you. wasn't meant to end like this! It wasn't at all! 'm not sure when it's going to dawn on us but for sure, you will never be forgotten. It's so hard right now!"

This tribute was added by Nneka Emuwa Ukachukwu on 25th September 2015

"Mmmmmmnh! Where do I say? Where do I start? This mixed emotions are so difficult to process. Thoughts of you make me smile and the thought that you are gone makes me cry. My fellow sweaty-hands prefect (see, that makes me smile), then when I remember you are going I want to cry.

We met briefly just once a year or two after school at Ebeano in Lekki phase 1 and you were your vibrant self, I had no idea till your passing that you went through something as harrowing as cancer.

I wondered why you weren't at my 40th surprise birthday party secretly planned by my husband and Ogochukwu, you weren't there, you had travelled. Thought we will see again during Ogo's 40th birthday celebration, but you weren't around either. Little did I know that these must have been trying times for you.

Chioma my dear, I know you have gone to rest where there is no sickness, pain, sorrow....... So many people miss you, we miss you but I pray that God will give your loved ones all it takes to bear this irreplaceable loss.


This tribute was added by Kolia Obi-Anazodo on 25th September 2015

"Chi, Na waa oooo! No word at all you just slipped away. Well, I cannot question your maker.You will be missed but your memories will forever live on. Sleep on dear!"

This tribute was added by Funmi Ajao on 25th September 2015

"My dear friend, Chioms…  
For the last 2 days I have not slept, because all I kept thinking was I should have made one last visit, but then again who would have thought it would be my last visit, so I kept praying you will get better..

Since we both left secondary school 23 years ago, you & I have still stayed friends, I even saw you about a month ago before you passed away.

I remember clearly when I lived in the States that you would always call me and come to visit, we would catch up for hours, laugh and joke and I remember you would visit the US at least 2-3 times a year.  
Chioms, you were always on point about everything in life, with God, with Friends, with Family, with your Career, with Fashion, with New trends, with your sense of humor, there was never a dull moment with Chioms. Oh yes! Chioms you were a correct babe, you were a babe and a half…

Now that you are gone, who will invite me to the next GTB Event at Eko Hotel with front row VIP seating? Chioms you had the connections.
Who will invite me to the next play at Muson Centre?
Who will tell me where to get fuel when no one else could find any?
Oh yes! Chioms was that resourceful.  She knew everything.

Chioms was my Ms. Google in Lagos when I moved back, whenever I have my doubts with any kind of information, I would call Chioms because I know she would always have the most reliable answer for me.

By the way, Chioms, this should make you chuckle while in heaven.
On just day 1 after that you were gone from earth, I want to know you still have toasters o!  
A nice guy saw your picture on my profile and thought you were celebrating your birthday, he asked who is the fine babe?  
But sadly, I had to break the news to him that you were gone. He was in shock and has now just joined the rest of us still in shock.

Chioms I will miss you dearly, As tears flow down from my eyes, please know that I love you to the moon and back..  

Funmi Ajao
New Jersey & Lagos"

This tribute was added by Chukwudi Chukwumah on 25th September 2015

"Chioma. I know we went to Deo Gratias together, and then there was the University of Nigeria staff school, where most of us cemented our friendship. What I now term, dormant-friendship. We possess the ability to seamlessly start off were we stopped. Whenever we meet or connect. I learnt you were sick, I heard you fought a good fight. Rest in the Lord!"

This tribute was added by chineze odogwu on 25th September 2015

"What can I say unto my Lord,all I have 2 say thank u Lord,chioma I will forever give God thanks 4 having made me no u and ur wonderful cousin like a sister 2 u Ogochukwu ofomata,life was filled with fun and interesting way back in Gboko,we all we close u loved me and my sisters mary ad martha, last we spoke was after my wedding u were so curious to know my reaction as a newly wedded bride cudnt say much,but not only u spoke 2 me like a mum,but also like a godly woman,u advised I shud always put God first ad can still figure ur beautiful smile lastly u told me not to disappoint u all,chioms nwanne m,am still in shock and speechless but who am I 2 question ur maker,Ada Jesus I believe ur in heaven looking at us and smiling, saying only if we no how peaceful u r now with our Lord, sis may ur soul rest in perfect peace!"

This tribute was added by Martha Odogwu Nwosisi on 25th September 2015

"Ohhhhhh onwu; death has come to steal a very dear one to our hearts. Chioma, my diligent, dependable, committed & very intelligent then prefect in FGGC Gboko, when I saw your picture put up by Ogochukwu, I kept staring at it till I summoned d courage to tell Ogochukwu to send my love to you cos its really been a while we saw but like a "Thunderbolt" Ogo broke d news of your  demise to me. I couldn't control my tears but one thing I am very sure of is dat d dogged fighter I know wouldn't have allowed death take her away but God that knows best who wants you to forever be in His bosom put a STOP to your long fought battle . You will be  dearly missed. May d Angels of God receive you in Paradise till we meet to part no more. Ijeoma our darling angel. Naa na udo."

This tribute was added by chioma odum on 25th September 2015

"Very sad to hear of your passing. I remember the last time we saw during Nna's birthday at Araba, your infectious smile. I also remember seeing you at your office and the call you made to those asset managers and all the gist you made us all asking for more in Nnewi. You were very hard working and put your best in everything. I overhead my mum and Aunt Oby on the phone and she just said thank God you were getting better, I just quietly said thank God. God's will prevailed in your life and I believe you have found peace in the arms of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Emeka Ikenze on 25th September 2015

"Nwannem Nwanyi, I believe that you have found peace, that there is no more pain where you are now, that your faith has seen you through, that we will see you again someday... I took it for granted that we will all live to see 95 but here we are... I now will cherish the memories of you as an elder sister in Nsukka... You are sorely missed.. Rest in peace Chioma."

This tribute was added by Ihuaku Njemanze-Anadu on 25th September 2015

"Chai....Nwanyi Oma, how I wanted to just whisper "it's well" but never got a chance to. I said prayers for you the minute I heard, I wondered how such things happened to people like you but whom am I to question God. Our table Echu's wedding rocked, the last time I saw you. Even though for a few hours, I'm happy we sat together and had fun!
Rest on Chioma Nwanyi Oma.....
You will be truly missed"

This tribute was added by Tolulope Osundolire on 25th September 2015

"Hummmm Chioma, it's true our path never crossed after we left Gboko but you still said goodbye in your own way. When you crossed my thoughts the night before I saw the post saying you had gone. I recalled that night I smiled. The picture of you I recollected was the smiling Chioma ready to drink ijebu garri that had little vegetable oil in it. I remember that day our meal was beans and you said Tonia I need some ijebu garri. I told you the vegetable oil mum put my fried meat in mistakenly poured on the garri. That didn't stop you from sharing my ijebu-oil garri. Yea my Gboko angel you have fought the good fight, your crown awaits you dear. Goodnight Chioma."

This tribute was added by kamso Atueyi on 25th September 2015

"The very first time i met you in nsukka, 1994 in prof G.E.K's house. you were so such a very vibrant young chic, lived your life like it was golden. Adieu chioma."

This tribute was added by Bunmi Teru on 25th September 2015

"Choms!!! How shock has taken over me since 2days now. How do I begin to talk about my success story without you. You were my first female boss and friend. You told me how difficult to rise up the ladder in a male dominated world. How do I talk about resourcery, and not talk about you. Then over to NNLG helpdesk, hmmmm sweet memories. And how after I got married and u told me it wasn't an excuse to slack in your own words. How I needed to be so relevant in my field...... Now a Program Manager all these attributed to u..... an achiever, a fighter with both words and achievements. Hmmm God knows best...kai my Drama queen is gone..... You had all sorts of drama skills!!!!. How death has taken away people who matter most to us early... You taught me igba, u wished I was ur ill igbo sister.... to always say ke Kwanu to...... even the angels would know someone just stepped in..... taking Solace in God that you are in a better place."

This tribute was added by Biola Kufile - Okonji on 25th September 2015

"Chioma, Rest in the bossom of the lord, where there is no more sorrow or pains. Hmmm saw picture on Bunmi Afinni and Chioma Njemanze Dps and assumed it was your birthday until Chioma pinged me to say you were dead. My gboko angel, though I never saw you after our secondary school, I still remember your smile and your brilliance. From Ogo's message you attended Unilag and our path never crossed though in the same Unilag. You have thought me a vital lesson:  keep in touch with people, Love while alive, spare some time to find out about others and above all pray for people we know. Thank you for being part of my 6 years experience in F.G.G.C. Gboko. Rest in peace my gboko Angel."

This tribute was added by olabunmi afinnih on 25th September 2015

"Up in the skies with the stars,a million million miles away,still always near:forever in our hearts.Chioma,words elude me.I know ure resting in God's bossom.You unknowingly taught me how to speak Igbo back in Gboko days...So each time I speak an Igbo word,I'll light a candle in my heart for u.Rest well Gboko Angel...Smile on!"

This tribute was added by Ogo ofomata on 25th September 2015

"Chioms! Have you been situated by the angels? Are you speaking Igbo to God? Are you singing "Chukwu ihe nine E kere dimma" to Him? Are you troubling the angels?? At Deo Gratias nursery school, I kinda wondered how we were same age but not twins. My primary school memories were filled with cries of " Ogochukwu, come oh, someone wants to beat Chioma". In Gboko, ahh Gboko...same thing then basket ball team, drama club, travelling across Naija. Then you went to ajebo UniLag saying pls these UNN people read too much. Chioms Oroms....obu ka isi jee??? Then there was 41 Norman Williams...Lord..."

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