We miss your kind heart, your sweet spirit of love and service, the way you looked at the world with an eye for beauty and detail, and the love you generously gave to your family and friends.

You live forever in our hearts sweet friend.

We will celebrate Chris’s life on 

Saturday, August 18th, at 2:00 PM

at Unity Church of the Hills

9905 Anderson Mill Rd. Austin (look for the big arch)

We hope you will join us.

In lieu of flowers contributions can be made to-



Please share photographs and memories of Chris as we join together to honor the special ways she lives in our hearts.

Posted by Friends Of Chris on 18th August 2018
My sister, my friend, I miss you dearly. We were close in age 2 yrs apart. I was your older brother , remember Halloween, you dressed up as a nurse, and I as a marine! We trick or treated together, even then we looked after one another. We played in leaf piles that were gigantic, and snow piles, and sand dunes, till the sun set on our fun! You always wanted to explore the fun in anything we ventured to do. And carried that thru your life, sick or not. Then came the teenage years ,along with the divorce of our parents, and uncertain future ahead of us. Like most teens we were rebellious, and always in trouble, I don't know how mom put up with us , you ran away from home and hitchhiked to Ohio with a friend, Mom and a friend drove there to get you back, she was worried to death about you, and Dad painted a full size painting of you both hitchhiking. You joined the army! I remember the day the recruiter came to pick you up, I watched you leave from our living room window, and remembered thinking that nothing would be the same again, the first of our many goodbyes. I picked you up at the barracks the day you left the army, as we stepped into the barracks to get your duffle bag, you announced at the top of your voice "Ten Hup Ladies there's a Man in the house". I was so proud of you, I could burst. That was a nice "Hello". I believe it was The summer of 73, that mom let me take her new matador across the country, as long as I took Chris, Matt, and Dennis with me, she told us it would be something we would remember for the rest of our lives! She was so right, we learned so much about each other, and how important it was to care for one another. Cooking on the habachi , sleeping in a tent , and good music all across this great country, it was the best of times we ever had! Thank God you were there, you looked over all of us, and you had fun doing it! You married Declan, and he was a good man, but after 4 years it just didn't work out, you worked some jobs for a while and decided to move to Texas after traveling through it with Michael. And so it began, Mom helped you set up your first place near Travis lake, she advised you to figure things out for yourself, and you did. After that it seemed as if our lives were a series of hellos and goodbyes, I always used to pick you up at the airport around the holidays and drop you off, cause it wouldn't be the same if I didn't. You always had that loving smile when saying goodbye! Even at the end. I miss you so much. I never realized that you were so lonely, please forgive me. God willing we will say hello again, and that sweet smile will light up our hearts once again. Love Forever, Your brother, Kev.
Posted by Ann Tiberi on 17th August 2018
To my dear soul sister Chris, You are deeply missed my friend. I have so many memories of walks, soul-searching talks, jobs, dances, celebrations, tears, fears and so much love and laughter, all beginning in the early 90's. You will forever live in my heart sister. I know someday I will see you on the other side. With all my love.
Posted by Marion Coneys on 5th August 2018
Christine, Gone too soon, my friend. Miss you. Thought we had so much more time. We will never forget you and times we had! Oh, the times we had. Love, Mar
Posted by Patti Gagne on 26th July 2018
I will always remember your great sense of humor making me laugh and bringing a smile to my face.
Posted by Kathie Hamman on 22nd July 2018
Chris I used to worry about you falling - I thought about it when I would get up in the middle of the night for a few minutes, several times each night. And now.... well that has changed into me feeling you gently reminding me to go slowly and watch out for the bookcase and the sliding door. Several times each night the worry transmuted to a blessing and felt presence. I miss you in the day time, though. We had sweet experiences with Two Way Prayer and EFT and Chakra Healing, my open minded, strong spirited, soft front, wild hearted SOSter, Christine. To me and to my girls, you were a bohemian princess artist. Our family will never forget you.
Posted by Michael Burns on 15th July 2018
Hey Chris, Mikey here. My time with you in Texas was so magical. Driving all through the hill country and coming across that gigantic harvest moon. Looked bigger than the earth we were on. Then you showed me Llano Texas and I got some lanite (used in the Austin Capitol bldg.) Then I think the same night as the moon we met that massive owl standing on the centerline of the road as if to say "you can't go any further." I wish we were closer as I wish I had some intimacy with all my family but it's not allowed from my damaged past. Sorry. I don't really accept you're gone, but you do enforce my belief that the good (meaning burning with life) do die young. Smiles and softness from my heart to yours.
Posted by Nina Phelan on 12th July 2018
Chris, my friend, I cannot imagine life without you. My heart hurts—I have cried a river these past few weeks. We walked through so much together; we were there for each other through good times and bad. We laughed a lot, and helped each other grow. You were part of our family and we all loved you very much. I’m sorry you had to struggle so much these past few years. When I look at all the pictures of you, I again realize the courage and fortitude you demonstrated as you walked your walk with Parkinson’s. I admire your strength of spirit and your willingness to learn and grow. I watched as you searched for, and found some peace and comfort in God’s love, as well as in your friends’ and family’s love. I trust that you now feel God’s Infinite Embrace and the Tremendous Love we all feel for you. I will miss you dearly, my friend…
Posted by Mary Black on 12th July 2018
My treasured writing friend...how I miss our writing circle. Gina, you, and I shared our stories and we always loved your strong, unique voice. Oh what tales you told! We laughed and we cried together. Our last conversation was about how you wanted to write about your experiences the last few months and how you would tell me the story and I'd write it. Now I mourn that never happened, just as I mourn the loss of your laugh and your strong sense of self.
Posted by Sue LaDriere on 9th July 2018
My Dear Friend, Where do I begin... there has been so much I am grateful for with you in my life for the last 18 years. Not only have you been my sponsor but a true friend. Your simple but profound solutions will truly be missed. I believe one of the greatest things I am grateful for is your open spirituality and you teaching/guiding me to find a higher power that is personal to me. I miss you very much Chris. I miss our morning gratitude lists, yours always made me smile/laugh. You will always be in my heart. I love you Chris and miss you but know you will always be with me in spirit. Love Sue
Posted by Kenny Young on 8th July 2018
at a time when my spirituality was deeply in question and as usual I was so certain about my beliefs. I shared something openly about how I felt God would react. It sounded really good in my head immediately after Chris mentioned something adamantly different and it rang so very true in my heart and I knew that I had been living from the wrong place my entire life. She was instrumental in the change from my head to my heart and I will be forever and eternally thankful I miss you Chris
Posted by Rebecca Wooten on 7th July 2018
My Sweet Sister Chris B. You always walked with such grace but when needed, you put me in my place. I will never forget the day you welcomed me in, I was broken & hopeless but willing!! Your arms were open and loving as you offered me a cup of coffee that was: "stronger than hell"!! Right there I knew we were going to be friends. Little did I know it turned out to be much more. A few things I wish I had told you.. Thank you for your friendship, your love, for never giving up on me from afar, for your encouragement, for sitting with me for hours and hours teaching and guiding me with God's wisdom. You played a huge part in who I am today and I love you so much. You will always be a warm, loving memory to so many. Thank You, God, for Blessing us with Chris. She was a blessing to so many people. She helped save so many lives, such a huge asset... To her family...God, you must have really needed Chris she was one of the great ones...You will be missed Chris! I love you! -Rebecca Wooten, A friend of Bill's
Posted by Robert- Palmer on 7th July 2018
My friend Chis will be missed physically in the circle on Sunday morning. But her spirit will always live in the circle on Sunday morning. Love and Peace.......A Friend of Bill
Posted by Jan Owen on 7th July 2018
My darling friend...I miss your sweet voice, your warm presence and your gentle humor. You were my first friend when we moved to Cedar Park and you warmly greeted me and included me in your life. I will be forever grateful for having had you in my life and I will carry you in my heart until we meet again. I love you.

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