Let the memory of Christopher be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on January 19, 1966 in San Diego, California, United States.
  • Passed away on December 31, 2011 in Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Christopher Schmidt 45 years old , born on January 19, 1966 and passed away on December 31, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 27th February 2019
It’s been awhile dad and don’t think I have forgotten about you. It’s been really rough and I just wish you were here so I can talk with you. You are very missed and it kills me. You are the best dad and I will continue to be strong. I think I like jumping out of planes because it gets me that much closer to you! I love you dad and I really wish you where here
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 1st January 2019
Hey Chris, It's been a while since I've written but I think about you all the time. Savannah was close by on holiday with a friend not too far from here Just before Christmas. I was able to go and get her and brought her to Fallon. I enjoyed my limited time with her. She is such a wonderful and sweet young lady. She spent the night with Nana and Jon. You would be so proud of her, I know I am. Jake is a very handsome and amazing young man. He spent the holidays with Mary's parents in Sierra Vista. I'm glad they have accepted Jake into their family. I just miss him and Owen so much!!! I wish they would come and spend time with us! Owen is turning 4 on the 4th. He looks so handsome. I'm hoping Jake will bring him out to visit this summer. Miss you tons big bro!! Love you!!! Lil Sis
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 16th September 2018
Just leaving a quick message for you Dad. Life hasn’t been so easy lately. Who said it was going to be easy, right? It’s more that depression and other feelings I can’t even describe have been hitting me hard. I’m seeking help because it’s making my career suffer. I think a lot has to do with what I have been through. I really miss you dad! It has been to long! And it’s only going to get harder. I think of the days where I was so worried for you I ditched school just to come hang out with you. I really wish I could have done something. I knew you weren’t okay and I just let it happen. I’m so happy that I was the only one who really saw your pain. You will always be my hero no matter what mistakes you made, we are only human. Your children, Savannah, Jon and me will always forgive you. We just wish you where here to fill our hearts with life again.... Your grandchild, Owen would have loved you and your hobbies! I try my best to be just like you but change a little bit of things. I want to learn about cars so I can teach my son about them like you did well as much as you could. You did so much and I honor that. One day I’ll equal to that. I’m only learning right now. I love my job right now. I work on power generators in the Army. Current status is an Specialist (E4) . I want to learn more than just my main job. We have a lot to catch up on Dad. It just shocks me how long you have been gone. Will it ever get easy??? I doubt it. Anyways pops, I love you man. It still feels like the days where I have to leave you to go back to aunt Becky’s. Worse days of my life. I still remember the day where we all went to court for me. That situation was terrible and I know it crushed you! You deserved so much better from your own sister. She should have had your back no matter what, I know my sister would. Just know I am not disappointed in you. We both made mistakes and we learned. I love you so much and no one will change that. Just watch over your mom, children and your grandchild. We all miss you oh so much. If you can do me favor, please watch over nana. She’s what we have left of you and nana gives use comfort. Please dad! After that it’s just us kids. I love you pops forever and always. Schmidt out.
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 19th January 2018
Hey Pops, Man has it been a long time! Never have i ever forgot about you! Just have been really busy. Soon here i will be going to field training. Your strength is always with me. Owen is 3 now, he turned three Jan 3, 2018. Some days are hard and I know it's because of your passing but I have Owen and Mary to help me. Don't ever forget your my hero. I have always looked up to you. We have all made some bad choices and we can only accept them and move on. To this day I wish I never left you in AZ. I WAS SO SELFISH! I know you wanted me to leave but I should have fought to stay by your side. Ill start posting pictures of the Schmidt family over here in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I really wish Owen could have met you. Today is a very special day to me, do you know why? Well its your 52 birthday. HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING BIRTHDAY ! Cheers Pops. I'll take a Schmidt shot just for you! Try to not age to much up there, ill see you when its my time. I LOVE YOU! STUD
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 31st December 2017
Hi Chris, It's been six years! Six years I wished not! I wish you were still being your pain in my XXX!!! LOL Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and miss you very much!! Jon and nana are now living with us. Jon talks about you all the time. When Jake, Owen, and his family comes down next Christmas, we are going to redo the picture of you Jon, and Jake. Jon wants to have Devon in your spot and we are going to hold your picture when we take the picture. We are also going to have a celebration of life for you on your birthday. Just something small. Can you do me a big favor? Jake is being deployed soon to Korea. Can you, daddy, grandpa, and everyone please watch over him? Please keep Jake safe? We're all so nervous about this deployment. We love him very much and do not want anything to happen to him. I know you'll do the best you can. Love and miss you!! Little sis
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 29th December 2017
Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you. We had a good Christmas. Savannah came to visit just before. We took her to Tahoe and Reno and had a family picture with Santa. Just wished that Jake, Owen and Mary could have joined us. We miss them dearly!!! Sending my love! Becky
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 19th January 2017
Hey Chris, Just wanted to let you know I was thinking if you today on your birthday. Miss you very much. Your picture popped up on my phone today. It was one of you holding a birthday cake Savannah made for you. I love that picture if you. Jake, Jon, and Savannah are doing good. They miss you tons! So does mom, and me too. Check in on them when you can. I hope you are having fun with Daddy and Jeremiah. Say hi to everyone. Love and miss you! Little Sis. Xo
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 5th January 2017
Wow Chris, I can't believe you have been gone now for 5 years. Still think of you daily and miss you very much! You would be so proud of Jake and Savannah. Savannah graduated high school and started college. At the end of the first semester she had a 3.4 GPA. An amazing job. Jake is now in the Army. His finished basic in October and is in school to become an electrician working on generators. He takes so much after Dad. Owen just turned 2. He's as cute as ever! Jon is as sweet as always. He's taking care of mom. I've moved to NV if you can believe that. It snowed 6 inches today. Oh, Demarus is pregnant. A little boy. We're excited! Love and miss you so much Chris! Your little sis.
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 22nd January 2016
Hi Chris, Just wanted to send you a note today. Have been thinking of you often. Especially on your birthday. I wasn't able to go to Owen's 1st birthday party but heard it was good. Joel and Devon did make it. I hope you are showing Ed the ropes. Mom is having a rough time with Ed gone. If you can please check in on her. Give her your guiding hands. She still blames herself for you not being here. We finalized the adoption with Zackary. Finally we both have the same number of kids.... lol. I wish Atticus, Zackary, Owen, and Jazmine was able to meet you. You would of had a blast with them!! Love and miss you tons!! Hugs, Little sis
Posted by Steven Hulse on 21st January 2016
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. We both turn 50 this year. I think of you alot Chris. Love you man.
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 20th September 2015
Hey Dad. A angel just made his journey towards you this past week. He left us so early just like you. but yet so young. Please show him the way to the other side. Today was his service. I only had a short 8 months with him but he impacted me very hard. He taught me to enjoy the company you have, and forget about whatever else is going on. He was a true inspiration. I love you as a brother Zachery Marvin Helms. We will meet up on the other side G. You Let Me Know - Zach H. R. I . P And I know you are with me right now helping me. I miss and love you dad, nothing can change that. Just waiting for you to scare the shit outta me(:
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 29th August 2015
Hey Bro, Just wanted to check in. It's been crazy down here. As you know Jeremiah is up with you now. I know I don't have to ask but take care of him. He is missed so much down here. I bet you, Dad, Grandpa, and Grandpa Schmidt are having a blast with him. I can just see all of you in my dreams having fun, being outside, doing "guy" things. It's a daily struggle for me learning to cope with his loss. I really do not understand why he was taken from us at such a young age. But I do believe he knew he was deeply loved so much and knew how to love so deeply that he was called back to be our guardian angle. I also deeply appreciate how Jeremiah was sent to us in a form of a butterfly when we first arrived at the command center on June 18th. I knew when I saw that butterfly it was something special. Thank you for helping him. I truly believe Jeremiah comes around to check in on us as a butterfly. It's not every time I see a butterfly but when the butterfly purposely stays around me for a period of time. I know he was with us during his little's sister to be, Jasmine's, baby shower. There were so many big and beautiful butterflies there!! I'm glad Jasmine and Jeremiah were able to meet before she comes down next month. Please watch over her and protect her as I know you will. Thank you, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandpa Schmidt, Nana, Grandma Kinkaid, and everyone for guiding Devon during that horrible day and giving him the strength to endure the flood and hold on. I don't know what I would have done if I lost both of them. Also PLEASE continue to watch over Devon. I know he's struggling with this. He's always believe he could do anything and that he was invincible. He survived but wasn't able to save the most important person to him. I worry that he may not be able to deal with this. Please guide him and help him as he starts to allow himself to heal. Help him realize it wasn't his fault. I love you Chris. I miss you and wish you were here. Big Hugs and kisses! Sis
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 1st June 2015
Hey big bro, Just wanted to you know I've been thinking of you. A lot is going on at home, as you may know. But just always know you are never out of my thoughts. I love you and miss you!!! You would be so proud of Jakob. He graduated from high school last week. He looked so proud!!! Owen, Mary, and her mom was there as well as Joel, the kids, and I. It was wonderful to watch him walk the stage. I know you were their in spirit!!! Love you, Little sis
Posted by Steven Hulse on 17th May 2015
Chris, my best friend and the best man at my wedding, I've been looking for you and today I found you. I can't believe you are gone. I can't stop crying. We've got a lot of catching up to do, my friend. I got a wife two daughters and a cat, lol. My oldest is 24 and a nurse and my youngest is 22 and just received her associates of art degree. She wants to be a social worker. Oh, guess what? I got a 72 dodge dart with a 451 stroker in it. It's BAD ASS!! Feel free to come for a ride anytime buddy. Oh and i have a 71 dodge charger also. Gee imagine that. I'll never forget your laugh. It was so infectious. Steve
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 19th January 2015
Hi Chris, Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!!! Miss you ton's!!! I know you are having a blast up in heaven celebrating your birthday today with daddy and hopey!! Big hugs!!! Love you, little sis
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 5th January 2015
Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know your grandson was born yesterday evening, Owen Gregory Schmidt. He is so cute!! He came in at 8.9 lbs and 21.5 inches. A big baby just like his grandpa. You would be so proud or I should say are so proud of him. Thank you for helping Mary have a good delivery! When you get a chance look in on Jake. He is so proud to be a Daddy!! I know he is going to be a great Daddy!! Always thinking of you! Love your little sis!! PS ~ You don't have to worry, Owen is going to be treated as if he is my own grandson!!
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 31st December 2014
Hi Chris, It's been 3 years now. You are still in my heart and thought of everyday!! Jakob is going to be a Daddy soon. The baby is due today. It's supposed to be a boy. If it's born today, they will name him after you. If not, then his name will be Owen Gregory Schmidt. You would be so proud of Jakob. He has almost finished his high school diploma. He should be finished in May. He is also working two jobs!! He's going to be such a great father. I hope you can see all that he has done!! Joel and I adopted a son this past July, Atticus. He reminds me of you in many ways, especially his eyes. I look at your baby pictures and compare him to yours.... He is just a smaller, thinner version of you with blonde hair. You would love him so much!! We are also going to find out in January if we get to adopt his brother. I'm sure you know we also have twins who turned 1 today. If you have any pull with the man up there, please put a good word in for us to be able to adopt all three!!! I love and miss you so very much!! You will always be a part of me and my life. Don't worry, Jakob is doing great and I will always be there for him, Jon, and Savannah. Love you! Your little Sis! xxoo
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 19th January 2014
Hi Chris, Today would have been your 48th birthday. I sure do miss you. I was in SD over the weekend for Grandma's K funeral and was able to spend time with Mom, Jon, Savannah, and Jake. Before I left to come home today, Jon and I sang you Happy Birthday. I know you were with us listening. Jon kept talking about you and reminding us it's your Birthday today. Love you and miss you lots! Always, Your little sis
Posted by Cathy Pendergrass on 31st December 2013
Hello my sweet baby boy, I miss you just as much as I did 2 yrs. ago. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. My heart aches for you. I want to talk, hold, kisses and just be with you. I still feel so guilty I was not with you when you left us. I want you back, so I can try to make things good for you and your family. I just can't take not being able to talk to you and hear your voice, or hold you. Please try to watch over Jakob, he is having a very hard time. La La won't talk to me. I wish their was some way you could show her I was not trying to hurt her, and I did not lie to her. Please watch over them, and help them. Jon is having a hard time as well, but Im doing my best to make is life as good as it can be with out you. He cries almost every night. I hope you are happy up there, and out of pain. Some day we will be together again. I love you with all my heart forever. You are always in my heart and mind. Love, your mother forever XXXXXXX OOOOOO
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 31st December 2013
Hi Big Bro!, I can't believe it's been two years. It just doesn't seem like you have been gone that long. I think about you all the time. I miss you so very much. I think about the good times we shared, great memories! When you can, pop in and watch over your kids. They are still struggling with you being gone. Let them know you are there and watching They are working to find their way but are struggling. I love and miss you so very much! With all my love, Little Sis xoxoxo
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 26th August 2013
Hi Chris, I was just thinking about you. Mom and I were talking about Jon, Jake, and Lala. I know you are watching over them. Please help them make the correct decisions and encourage Jake to do the best he can in school and life. He has so much potential. He's trying hard but misses you!
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 25th August 2013
Hey Dad. I miss you so much. I can't believe it's been this long. We all think of you ALL the time. I will be strong for you <3 I love you dad! Everyday is ruined because I can't see you. I wish things could different :( I still think back to the day we joked around. I feel like when I lost you, I changed and I don't like it. Ur in my heart <3
Posted by Cathy Pendergrass on 27th February 2013
Hi Sweetheart, just wanted to say I love you so much. I just want to hear your voice one more time, and see you, i have so much to tell you. I want to hold you, and kiss you, my beautiful baby boy!!!!!! Please watch over Jake,Jon,and LaLa, they miss and need you so much.They are so young, it breaks my heart what they are going threw. love and miss you always. xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooo
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 26th February 2013
I try to have motivation everyday but knowing I won't see you or hear your humor kills. You, Dad, Won't ever leave my heart. I love and miss you terribly and I will make you proud :) I miss coming home and knowing I can walk right into your room and sit with you. I miss the days we would go ride. God had put me here for a reason but I can't figure y
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 17th February 2013
I love you dad!
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 10th February 2013
Oh dad 3 I miss you! I don't like this anymore. I want you here! It isn't fair , but i know your resting easy in paradise. Having you gone makes me feel like I'm just away from home. My one and only dad, I LOVE YOU! <3 Please keep the family safe.
Posted by Jon Schmidt on 10th February 2013
Posted by Jon Schmidt on 21st January 2013
Posted by Cathy Pendergrass on 19th January 2013
My Wonderful Son! Happy Birthday to you Chris. Iam staying up until 1:19 to blow you a hug and kiss on your birth time. I still can't believe your not with us. I miss you so much I can hardly stand it. You will always be my beautiful baby Boy! Happy Birthday my Angel, my wonderful son!! I will always love you, and you will be in my heart, FOREVER! x
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 19th January 2013
Happy Birthday Dad! I love and miss you a lot! Never will i forget.
Posted by Savannah Brandi on 19th January 2013
Happy birthday daddy!!! I miss you sooo much!!! I cant believe its been a year since you passed. I'm doing really good in school :) I have all A's and one B. I'm trying to get straight A's and make the honor roll. This week is finals week and im really nervous because i have 4 exams that are all worth a lot of points. Wish me luck!! I love with all of my heart <3 R.I.P big pillow
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 19th January 2013
Hey Bro, Just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I love and miss you so very much. I can't believe you've been gone a year now. I think about you often and the things we use to do. Love you, Your little sis!
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 31st December 2012
Hi Chris, Just finishing up the day and getting ready to bring in 2013. I wish you were with us here in person but I know you are in spirit!!!!! Keep looking down on us and Jake, Jon, and Savannah. They still need your guidance. Love you, Becky
Posted by Teresa Johnson on 31st December 2012
Hey Chris we just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you & there isnt a day that goes by that we miss you.All the summer fun alicia christian had with savannah jon & jacob.Great memories in our hearts forever.Rest in paradise.Love Teresa,John,Christian & Alicia
Posted by Jenny Holloway on 31st December 2012
Chris, I know how much your family misses you. Just wanted to let you know that I miss you too. I hope you are at peace. Love, Jenny, Jason, and family
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 31st December 2012
Hey Big Bro, I can't believe it's been a year that you have been gone. I think about you all the time. I love and miss you so very much! I know you are at peace. Jake is doing well. You would be (are) pround of him. He misses you so very much as do I! You will always be remembered. I love you. Your little sis. xxxoooo
Posted by Cathy Pendergrass on 28th December 2012
Chris, I can't believe it has been almost a year. I wanted to be with you so badly. I love and miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that i don't think of you. I hope you realize how much i want to be with you and hold you and make everything alright. Oh my beautiful baby boy, I want to give you kisses and hugs. Iam running out of space, so good bye my sweet boy. I LOVE U!
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 27th December 2012
Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you lots. I can't believe it's been almost a year you have been gone. Love and miss you tons!!!!!! Love, Little Sis
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 22nd December 2012
Well dad, tomorrow i leave for San Diego and i know you will be watching family traveling. In 9 days it will be a year and we miss you dearly. I know your here and i need to keep that in my mind because i feel like i have nothing to live for but on the other side i know i do, our family needs to continue. It sucks, im missing a part of me and thats you. I felt you on my Birthday. LoveUdad
Posted by Jon Schmidt on 16th December 2012
LION KING CIRCLE OF LIFE 1993-2011 soing
Posted by Jon Schmidt on 1st December 2012
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 29th November 2012
Hey Chris, Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. I can't believe it has been almost a year. Just know you of thought of everyday. Not just by me but our family. Take care, Love your Little Sis
Posted by Savannah Brandi on 5th November 2012
Hey daddy, Gosh i miss you so much. I wish i could see you again or hear your voice, or your jokes. I love you so much! I miss hugging you and us watching movies together. I could tell you anything. You were my best friend, my hero, my dad! I'm doing really good in highschool. Its for us. I want to make you proud. I love and miss you!! Lala xoxo
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 22nd October 2012
I just want you to know dad, KC is on his way. Take care of him, he didn't deserve the way he went. I miss you guys both. Love you guys. R.I.P
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 10th September 2012
Dear Dad/Hero/Everything a dad can be I miss you so much! Not a day goes by where i dont think of you. Its getting real hard knowing you cant help me. But yet again your in a better place and know your watching me. I could use your jokes right about now. R.I.P Papa <3
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 13th July 2012
Hey Chris, Just been thinking about you. Miss you tons. Jake is doing very well. At times has your attitude. He is totally your son!! Love him tons. You would be so pround of him!!! Love ya, Little Sis
Posted by Jakob Schmidt on 10th July 2012
God gave you a better life and me. I'm getting high school done and going to join the military. I feel like that's what i need to do for you and me. You have made 3 great children that i will change the world(: I always think if things would be different if i didnt make dumb choices... You deserve to be free. I love you dad and will always know your right with me on every step i take (:
Posted by Savannah Brandi on 7th July 2012
Hey daddy. Today is my birthday and I wish you were here to celebrate my birthday with me. I really love and miss you so much. I hope you are relaxing in heaven with everyone. Love you big pillow, lala xoxoxo :)
Posted by Cathy Pendergrass on 6th July 2012
Sweartheart, my heart is aching, i miss you so much! I still can't believe it. I am having a had time putting feelings into word. It is hard for me to understand WHY!!!!!!! REST IN PEACE SWEETIE I LOVE YOU MOM XXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Posted by Rebecca Mayer on 10th June 2012
Hi Chris, Just want to let you know I have been thinking of u. I also just wanted to let you know how proud you would be of Jake. He's been working very hard in school. If he continues on the his current path he should graduate on time w/his class. This is huge for Jake. Continue to keep an eye out on him as well as Jon and Lala. Luv u, y'r sis

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