In a moment.... all can change and we are left with only blessed memories of you Chris, C-Marie, Mom, Salma .........

You're in the arms of an Angel, may you find some comfort here...
Angel, by Sarah McLachlan
  • 63 years old
  • Born on January 24, 1956 .
  • Passed away on October 20, 2019 .
Dear Family and Friends,

Our dearest Christine Marie “Chris” Mungo, has passed…suddenly and unexpectedly. She was a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt or friend to us. In a moment, a death can change our lives irrevocably and we are left with only our memories. Please post stories or upload pictures for us all to share. 

She was born and raised in 1956 in Whittier CA, spent a year in Oregon after high school before moving to Tucson, AZ where she received her degree in Early Childhood Education before marrying and moving to Naperville, IL, a suburb of Chicago, where she lived most of her adult life with her two children, John Paul and Allison. She moved back to Tucson a few years ago to be close to her parents and family. She is survived by her children, John Paul and Allison Mungo;  grandsons, Ryder, Leo, Troy and AJ;  Mother, Frances Swanson;  brother, Larry Swanson and assorted relatives. 

Chris had the most infectious laugh. There was no way you could hear it and not feel lifted. She was incredibly bright and studied any number of subjects, including homeopathy, alternative therapies such as color therapy and aromatherapy and most recently, astrology.

Goodbye dear Chris. May God and the blessed Virgen de Guadalupe, to whom you held in such high esteem, bless you and keep you. May They shine a light on your beautiful face. May you rest in eternal peace…

A funeral mass will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, at St. Ann's Parish beginning 2 pm preceded with a rosary at 1:30, 11 Calle Iglesia, Tubac, Arizona 85646. A Celebration of Life will follow.

There will be a another funeral Mass for Chris Mungo at 10am on Wednesday, 11/27 at Ascension of Our Lord Church. The Mass will be followed by a brunch at Butterfield CC.
Ascension is located at 1S314 Summit Ave Oakbrook Terrace, ILL.
Please notify anyone you feel would like to attend and memorialize Chris.
Posted by Diane Ellis on November 7, 2019
Yesterday, we celebrated your life and it was magic. Thanks to all for coming. Larry spoke beautifully about your certainty of Miracles and you sent us one this morning, 11/7/19, a beautiful rainbow around the sun with a special turquoise star that you can see in the Gallery page. Thanks for the love and we'll meet up one day again..... 
Posted by Diane Ellis on November 2, 2019
Chris loved this quote.
“ Cease, cows, life is short.”
― Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude


Also in this book... a prophecy....
José Arcadio Buendía was not as crazy as the family said, but that he was the only one who had enough lucidity to sense the truth of the fact that time also stumbled and had accidents and could therefore splinter and leave an eternalized fragment in a room.”
― Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude
Posted by Debbi-Lee Irwin on November 1, 2019
Chris was beautiful, inside and out. The "Four Chairs" will never be the same. It seems like we just got her back and now she is gone. I see her face everyday. I realized after Diane called to tell me the sad news, that there was something I never said to Chris so I would like to say it now.
At one of our reunions Chris did my colors and the 2 of us talked for about an hour. Chris was a healer at heart. For first time I was able to let go of some family issues that had plagued me for years. It was a gift that I will never forget.
I will miss you Dear Friend and will never forget your compassion or your contagious laugh.
Posted by William Dupuy on November 1, 2019
Missing you and your one in a million laughter big time. Such a beautiful old soul who always had a good word for everyone, regardless of any issue. We, the Dupuy family, always garnered a bigger smile when C-Marie entered the room. I vividly recall my pops ‘Joe’ calling out “Here comes Butchy baby!” In announcing her presence which made me and everyone around happy. It was almost like a toast which my dad loved to bestow upon all visiting family members. Everyone hugged, kissed, and smiled like real FAMILIA, the way it should be and ought to be. The party was on and usually lasted till the wee hours of the night. Several great memories come to mind thinking about Chris, including an impromptu family trip to the beach in Mexico, a crazy midnight summer run to the Colorado River, her wow factor wedding, and a trip to visit her in Chicago at a time when I was going through a breakup relationship. She consoled me and assured me that better days were ahead, and she was right! Thank you C-Marie! Our recent get-to-see-each-other-gatherings were equally as fun and loaded with hugs, music, games and laughter. We also shared a liking for a song by a group called the ‘Outlaws’ ‘Green grass and high tides’ which I hope guides her through her journey to Heaven. For whatever reason, God’s plan had cousin Chris going much sooner than we, the family, expected. I love you and God bless you sweet C-Marie. Rest now and be at peace!
Posted by Diane Ellis on November 1, 2019
Dear Christine,
   They say that one never dies if someone still holds you in their heart. You will never die for me. I will cherish and nurture that part of my heart that fills me with the memory of you. 
   You were a part of my life since infancy, having been born 3 months apart to 2 sisters in a close family. We played and fought as children, we bloomed into womanhood together, we had our babies together and even when you distanced yourself with your grief of adulthood, you came back. “WE” were better, stronger. Even though we were half expecting the usual flareups, we no longer felt the need to scrap.
   It was enough, infinitely more than enough, just to be together and in together, we could LAUGH! Oh, how we laughed, more and harder together than with anyone, except when we had our college roommate reunions. What better lifetime gift can you share with someone than that?  Part of it was your unique ability to laugh from the deepest recesses of your being. Melanie called it your “Cackle!” and it was positively infectious. You could find humor in the most random of occurrences and bring us along with your often twisted point of view. I guess this is because you often lived by the beat of another drummer and we loved banging that drum for comic relief before going back to the mundane. 
   We could talk about anything without fear of judgement or reprisal and in later years, I let you ramble about the lost years that you kept so much to yourself. Among our ramblings we hashed out our life’s exit plan wishes. No doubt Sistah  (you loved when I called you that), no doubt Sistah, your exit was exactly as you would have wanted, no drama, quick and painless. As you have always been on the scatterbrained side, that characteristic, like your nose and ears, was growing with age and you asked me to catch you when you were behaving too much like Aunt Clara, the ultimate scatterbrained old lady from a 60’s sitcom. 
   I am glad for you but, greedily, I wish we could have had more time………… But alas… you keep coming back to me like a fairy on the tip of a crescent moon. When I was picking out pictures, I listened to you on those you most definitely did not want, we did argue about a couple to which you gave into and, of course, we laughed about many……
   No Sistah, you will never die for me. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the friendship. Thanks for the laughter. Thanks for the love. Rest in peace but come often, sit on your moon and tell me something that will make me laugh……
Posted by Melanie Boulanger on October 30, 2019
Chris was the gentlest person I've ever known. She, and my other college roommates, (shout out to Diane Ellis and DL) have been my best friends for over 40 years. I really can't think of anything that we wouldn't do for each other. C had an incredible, wicked sense of humor. She could be outlandish, absurd, hysterical, and was the best listener. To say Chris was a free spirit doesn't really even come close. I have a million memories of her, but one is standing out. It was my wedding day. After getting my hair done, I drove straight to the church where my bridesmaids were waiting. I hated the ratted out bun on top of my head, but believed the hairdresser ("Marvelous"!). Christine took one look, said "Your hair is hideous" and put my head under water in the church bathroom sink. It was 1978; no-one owned a blow dryer. They tried to blow it out with the bathroom's hand still looked pretty bad, and damp, but better than the hated bun. She was right. God, I love her.
Posted by Ron Wilkinson on October 30, 2019
Chris was a great cousin and person. I have so many great memories of her. One that stands out, of course I don't remember but she would tell the story often, is when I was a baby. Apparently a favorite past time of hers, and Diane's, was to make me swallow string and then pull it out.

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