Chris was a father, son, brother, friend, veteran and Niner Faithful. He left us too soon but will always live on in our hearts!
  • 30 years old
  • Born on September 27, 1983 in Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on May 18, 2014 in Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chris Starcovic, who went to rest in paradise on May 18, 2014.

Chris is already greatly missed by the NINER EMPIRE. Because the Faithful are spread far & wide, many are unable to attend his memorial service in Arizona. This is a place to remember him & share your thoughts with his family and other loved ones. 

Save us a good seat up there, brother! #N4L  

Also, for those interested in donating to Chris' children, please visit: Thank you!


Posted by Lori Burrola on 27th September 2014
There isn't a day that goes by that you don't cross my mind. I miss you. Happy Birthday Chris!! Wish you were still here to tell you instead of leaving this knowing you will never see it :(
Posted by Tammy Bailey on 26th June 2014
i really dont know what to say i just found out yesterday and was shocked only thing to say is R.I.P god bless you and your family
Posted by Lori Burrola on 27th May 2014
Chris I miss you sooo much. I miss the fun conversations we had..all the things we shared in common...the way you made me laugh..the way you made me feel :( my heart is so heavy knowing I will never hear your voice again :( I am thankful for the time I had you in my life. .that I had you as a friend. Forever Niners baby. I'm heartbroken that you are gone :( I will miss your sarcasm and the laughter we shared and the love we shared for our beloved Niners and our love for and spaghetti. I wish I had had the chance to make some for you :(. This next season will be dedicated to you. Listening to FFDP will never be the same for me..but will always think of you when I do. :( I will cherish the pics you sent me and the early morning conversations. I pray for your boys..I know how much they meant to you. I'm so sorry about our last conversation..I would give anything to take back some things that were said. I forgive you for some of things you said to me and wish that you were still here so I could tell you and how much I did care about you!! You will be in my heart forever Chris!! I will miss you always. Some day I hope that we will see each other again. I hope that you can see the love that people had for you many people truly cared for you and how your leaving us has impacted all of us!! Thank you for being in my life Chris...I miss you sooooo very much...but feel ok knowing you're up there looking out!! May God Bless you. RIP baby :(....
Posted by Lori Burrola on 25th May 2014
I miss you so much Chris!
Posted by Brandan Kelly on 23rd May 2014
Chris you will be missed. You were always so positive and a very cool dude. This football season is dedicated to you!! We will get this sixth ring this season. And your spirt will always be with us
Posted by Charles Montano on 23rd May 2014
"Well it was great knowing you, even though I never meet you in person it felt like I knew you forever!!, going to miss our funny conversations we had!! I'll go have some hot wings for you my friend! Going to miss you homie,save me a seat!!!!"
Posted by Rich Despres on 22nd May 2014
You'll never be forgotten my friend. I'm so very thankful I knew you for the time I did. The world is going to be less of a place without you in it man. Be sure and tell the boys up top the rest of us will be there in time, and we can all listen to stories from Bill Walsh and the gang, then chat with Carroll Shelby about his glorious Mustangs. And from now on when I see ghost peppers, and energy drinks, I'll be reminded of the guy that enjoyed them most, you, good sir.
Posted by Cynthia Niner Faithful on 22nd May 2014
Still sad live your life to the fullest cause you never know when our time will come you ALLWAY talked about you dog:( your kids you were so happy to see then you finish your tattoo you're a die-hard Niner fan and you love your girl and your rock stars you will be missed but will never be forgotten much love bro :(
Posted by David Boland on 22nd May 2014
I always loved you like a brother, you will always be in my heart... no matter what I will never forget you.
Posted by Sonia Niner on 22nd May 2014
Chris, a lot of us knew you from facebook & it was a pleasure to e-meet such an outgoing, funny Niner Faithful. You always seemed to have a positive attitude & outlook on life. We're grateful to have had you for the time we did (now we're left here to suffer through the Arizona summer. thanks! lol). Stay reppin the Niners from above. :)
Posted by Cara Grady on 22nd May 2014
Wow just cant believe you are gone. You always had a great sense of humor and such a positive outlook on life. Thank you so much for the advice you gave me on some problems l was having and your willingness to help someone out no matter what. Never met you in person and that is one regret l will always have because l would thank you in person for listening and being so understanding. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family through this difficult time and if l wasnt planning on moving l would be at the service. I will wear my CK7 jersey next Friday in your honor and order a huge a×× chinese plate that between you and my boyfriend have me addicted to. Rest in peace up in Heaven and be sure to give Bill Walsh some grief for us. ♡you and really going to miss you my friend♡♡♡
Posted by Stephanie Poteet on 22nd May 2014
I posted a bunch of pics of me taping San Francisco with Niner duct tape I will always love you, I can't believe you are gone. I'll be taping the city up in your memory, I know you would approve. Maybe I'll get a jersey , but you know I'm a Oakland fan!!! The 15 years I've known you has passed to soon. Thankyou for that call last Thursday. Never say goodbye.. Only I'll see you on the flip side. <3 love you. I know you are watching over us.

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