Christopher M Schroeder
  • 31 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 13, 1981
  • Place of birth:
    Racine, Wisconsin, United States
  • Date of passing: Jul 27, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Let the memory of Chrisopher be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Christopher Schroeder, 31, born on December 13, 1981 and passed away on July 27, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 27th July 2017

"Hey I miss you ...I miss ur laughter and ur humor
I miss going to the river with you to go fishing
Soon I am going to go and I hope you join me so we can catch
that 50+ pounder..love you buddy
Thanks for being my friend.."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 27th July 2017

"Happy 4th Angel Anniversary. I miss you as much today as I did on that day... I'm not going to lie, this is a hard journey for me... I  miss you so very much... Mom"

This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 13th December 2016

"Happy Birthday Chris"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 29th September 2016

"Sometimes I still think all this is a big dream and then I wake up and remember it isn't. So hard to not think of you.... You were always the first person I could talk to about my day and what was going on in my life... God took a special person away from me.... You gave me advise not only from a Son but from a Man.... I need you sometimes and your not there..."

This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 28th July 2016

"Just want to say I have not forgotten you..You are in my thoughts often and I miss you..sometimes I swear I hear your voice or your laugh with your silly remarks..hope your still going fishing and catching the big cats..til that day....you were and still my best friend..your crind Scott"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 27th July 2016

"Today is the 3 year anniversary of you not being with us. Of all the greatest things in life was to have been blessed with a wonderful Son like you... I will hold you in my heart and dreams forever..."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 4th March 2016

"I love and miss you so much Chris. Your niece Adelyn could use a great Uncle right now.... I know you are looking down and taking care of her and wishing you could be here to step in to help her..."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 21st February 2016

"Yesterday we all got together and Made a fairy garden in memory of you. All the kids were so excited to do that... They miss you so much  but have such happy memories of a great Uncle
Chris... I miss you so much .."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 13th December 2015

"Happy 34th Birthday Chris Of all the special gifts in life however great or small to have you as my Son was the greatest gift of all. You were my best friend and that makes it even harder. I know you want me to go on with life and I am trying so very hard. Tonight I will light a candle at 7 p.m. and I will think of all the joy and happy times we had in life... I love you now and forever... Mom"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 29th November 2015

"Another Thanksgiving come and go and it never gets easier... I miss you so much.... Life will never be right again.... I know they say you can't rest till you know that I'm ok down here but I can't be ok... How can I be ok?"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 27th July 2015

"Chris,   Today is your 2nd anniversary of the day that I lost you and for a time I felt that my life had ended too. We walked this life together a Mother and a Son. We talked, we laughed,we loved but all to soon it ended.  To some you are forgotten, to others just the past but to lost of us who loved you and lost you your memory will always last. Your death has taught me many things. Time- you never know how much you have left. That sometimes the ones you need the most will sometimes walk away. Though I'm full of sadness that you are no longer here, your love still guides me and I still feel you near. The rears I've cried could fill the earth but I know your've wiped each one away. I live for your brother Robert and your niece Adelyn now and thats what keeps me going on this journey called life.. You will always be a Son, a Brother, A Uncle and a friend now and forever....  Mom"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 7th July 2015

"I can't believe just 2 years ago we were having fun together enjoying life not knowing in a few weeks you would be gone.  Those 6 days I watched you in a coma were the hardest in my life. Your memory will live forever in my heart."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 13th December 2014

"Happy 33rd birthday Chris. I ,miss you as much as I did the day you died. Still doesn't seem real. I will never get over it and people just don't understand that time doesn't make the hurt go away. You were the best Son a Mother could ask for. Never forgetting any of my birthdays of Mothers Day... I wish I would of known the demons you were fighting...... Love you till I see you again.  Mom"

This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 13th December 2014

"Hey' Chris,I want to wish u a HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY..It is warm and beautiful here I would most likely try to take u out fishing if u were here..Merry christmas until that day I see you take care and I keep u close in my heart and mind I never forget u...I am glad I met u and thank you for  being my best friend"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 1st November 2014

"Oh Chris how I miss you..... Keeping your memory alive no matter what people say.... I love you and miss you so very much. Your favorite time of the year has passed again. So much has changed since you left us here on earth but I know you know cause you are watching and keeping us safe. You just want people to be happy. I know that for sure because you have a heart of gold for everyone..... I"m not scared of dying anymore because I won't have to worry about leaving you behind and I will see you when I get up there. PEACE>>>"

This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 31st October 2014

"Hey, I just want to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN...I know this is ur favorite day..I remember hanging out by skippys or at the rhino...sometimes even out by the river trying to fish and getting rained on...THIS SONG UR MOM HAS ON UR SITE MAKES ME CRY EVER TIME I VISIT THIS SITE SO YOU KNOW I CALL HER AND CHECK IN ON HER...I LOVE YOU....I AM GLAD I GOT TO SEE U IN JULY BEFORE YOU ENDED UP IN THE HOSPITAL..I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN..FIND US A GOOD FISHING HOLE AND BE READY TO DO SOME SERIOUS CATCHING UP AND FISHING TOO..TIL THEN LATER.."

This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 21st July 2014

"Kelly..I am so sorry I know ur annivesary is coming up...I know u two were really happy..he was and still is a great guy..He is still with u in spirit don't ever forget that and no one can take away what u two had"

This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 21st July 2014

"As the days get closer to his day of passing it hurts because I have a special spot were I would love to take him catfishing were we could catch 50 pounders..I wish I had my best friend around to see and talk to..I hate that he left so young and he left a little girl who adored him and I know he felt the same towards her ...Know in spirit he is still around but it is not the same.it is so tragic...I love u chris u were the best friend anybody could have asked for"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 19th July 2014

"For Chris's 1 yr. Anniversary in Heaven: I always took for granted that as a parent that I would be first, but in our family lifes order got reversed. Not only have a lost a son, I've lost my best friend to. For a long time it was just the 2 of us. We stumbled and we laughed but at the end of the day I wouldn't of wanted it any other way. My heart is still broken but you will never be forgotten. As long as I m living I will carry you with me. A picture of you in my mind, a memory of you in my soul. I will love you and talk about you till I take my last breath on this earth. Your light will always shine, a glowing ember never stilled throughtout the end of time. No matter what the future brings or what lies ahead, I know that you will walk aside of me along the path I tread. So rest my angel be at peace and let your soul fly free. Ond day I'll join you on your glorious flight for all eternity.    Love MOM"

This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 10th July 2014

"Well my birthday just passed and I remember how we use to go on our fishing adventures and stay til we caught something...our best trip wash to Beaver Damn our first trip September 9th 2004 we bought our Catfish uglystick poles and our reels I will never forget we took the scenic route it took 2hours to get there and we caught some pretty big catfish that night..
Now it is hard to go fishing have only went once and it was akward I didnt have u with me or meet me by the river I hope someday we meet at the river again to catch those record size catfish.."

This tribute was added by Scott Nohsey on 10th July 2014

"Chris I miss you so much..I can't even put in word the shock that you are gone is still hard to believe..I missed u on your birthday I thought of you and from time to time I tried to call just to say hello then I remember ur not here anymore..I miss u so much YOU WERE THE ONE PERSON I CONSIDERED MY BEST FRIEND"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 24th May 2014

"Chris, People just don't understand how much I miss you and can't get over it. It was just a shock . One I never got prepared for. I just can't function in life anymore. I'm losing everyone but I figure they just aren't worth keeping anyway..."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 10th May 2014

"I writting this a day early because tormorrow I might now be able to.. My 1st Mothers Day without you.Without your smile and kind soul who was the best son a Mother could ever ask for., I know you living the life now with no pain, no worries and no judgement. God took you for a reason but my heart is still so broken. The biggest hurt I have ever had is the day you left us all.I just wish I knew what you were thinking that night and how that day all played out maybe I could get some sort of closure but I will never know. I just hope you didn't suffer those last few moments. I go on with my life down here for your brother Robert and everyone else that misses you so very much. I know some day I'll see you again and I will be so happy. I love you forever and I will miss you forever.  MOM"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 20th April 2014

"Happy 1st Easter without you Chris.... I'm trying.... I miss you so much. Some people don't get it and never will. A part of me is gone forever. I',m missing a part of my heart....Love you"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 27th March 2014

"Happy 8th month anniversary Chris. This is also your Grandfathers birthday... Oh how he would of loved you.... Hope you have the chance to meet him up in the heavens. Love you and will be missing you every minute, day and forever."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 23rd February 2014

"Chris, on your 7 month anniversary I will have been to Best Friends. The place I have longed to go since forever. I will be thinking about you on my trip and will be searching for some peace while I walk the grounds.. They say its like having angels by your side.....I'll let you know. Watch over me while I'm away...Mom"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 14th February 2014

"Happy Valentines Day Chris.... Missing you more and more every day. :Love Mom..."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 27th January 2014

"Its hard to believe that just 6 months ago you left us. Feels like forever for Kelly and I. Our lives have changed so much since you been gone. No more Wednesday breakfast in winter that we all enjoyed. In less you walked our shoes don't judge. I used to think why people couldn't get on with their lives after losing a child and now I know. You carry them for 9 months and they are your world forever because you are their Mother. You would give your live for theirs in a heartbeat. Walk in front of a truck to save them. Its just the Mother instinst we have in us . It will get better in time but right now life is standing still. I remember the very last picture I have of you. The day your niece Adelyn was born. How she got cheated out of a great Uncle. She will never know the real Chris and the kind soul and love you had for children. Always wishing you had one of your own. Always missing the one you would of had yrs ago..... God has a plan but I don't know what it is yet . I'm watching over Kelly and Lena for you., I know you would want that. In happy times and sad times I know that you loved her with all your heart. Missing you to the moon and back son..............."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 13th January 2014

"If I knew it was the last time I would of seen you I would of gave you a hug and kiss and called you back for just one more. If I knew it was the last time I would of had breakfast with you I would of ordered 2 more times just to make it last....... Oh, how I must our times.... Mom"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 11th January 2014

"Chris, I thought about you today and remembered what a great son you always were to me and how no matter what life through at us we always made it through things together. I miss that... You were with me for most of your life before you met Kelly. I wish I could have a sign from you what you want me to do.... I'm lost and I need you so very much. My life is in trouble again and I need you so much. Sometimes I feel I can't go on. That life just gets so hard sometimes that it isn't worth going on sometimes.... You were my rock and now I don't have one. People have come and gone but they have their own lives to live and my is just standing still. I know you would want me to go on but its so very hard. We always had some much fun, you, me, Kelly and Lena. Kelly is so much like me that's why we got along so good. She reminds me of me when your Dad was gone and I had to take on Mom and Dad but I didn't do the best job. I wish I would of known the darkness you must of felt to get in so deep.... Take care my precious... Love you from here to the moon and back..."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 25th December 2013

"Merry Christmas Chris as you celebrate with our Father Jesus Christ. Today you are an angel looking down on us. Watching over all of us. Robert, Kim, Adelyn, Kelly, Lena, Josh, Nicole and your favorite little nieces and nephews who miss you so very much. We were all so very blessed to have you in our lives even for only 31 yrs. You left a lot of happy memories especially to the children whose lives you touched just by being you, As they open their gifts up today they will know you are still there watching over us. Guilding them. I love and miss you so very much.... Mom"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 13th December 2013

"Happy Birthday Chris as you celebrate your 1st birthday in heaven. To the world I am ok but when I'm alone I am the real me,. A Mother that is so very heartbroken and misses you so much. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The day you took your last breath in front of me. I'll continue on this journey called life but it won't be easy but how could it be, you were a big part of my life and big part of my heart. People don't understand and I pray they never will. A loss of a child is a loss like no other.  MOM"

This tribute was added by Kelly Befus-schroeder on 9th December 2013

"Chris I cannot even begin to tell you how much I miss you. People say that it gets easier with time,but I dont see how that is true. With every day that passes my heart hurts and misses you even more. You were my soul mate and my best friend.  As your birthday approaches it breaks my heart to know that all you talked about for months with helena is how you wanted a ps4 for the two of you to play. Helena is planning a birthday party for you and getting your favorite ice cream cakw.i want you to know that I wake up and fall asleep everyday with you on my mind. I love you and miss you every day. I know you are here with me and lena cuz I feel you here with us. I just ask that you watch over and keep our baby girl safe. I love you baby."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 2nd December 2013

"The first Thanksgiving without you and yes it was hard. Last year you and Kelly were here and enjoying the day and we took pictures. Who would of thought that would of been the last Thanksgiving without you. My heart aches every day and yes it will forever. You were my son and I will never get over it. Your brother is missing you so much. Kelly and Lena and the rest of the family. Always wishing we would of done more. God has a plan and if I can save just one person because of you then I know that you have made a difference in this life.   God bless you. Mom"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 22nd November 2013

"I miss you so much Chris... Especially today. Life is hard on me. Always trying to please everyone and never getting anywhere. You were the best son a Mother could ask for. You never talked back to me, you loved me through everything and you showed it. The holidays are coming and its going to be super hard without you. You were so caring to me."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 12th November 2013

"I don't know how I'm going to make it Chris without you here at Thanksgiving and Xmas.... This still doesn't seem real all of this. So unfair. I will never get over you and this. Pray and watch over me that I make it through ok. MOM"

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 26th October 2013

"I miss you so much. With each passing day... I remember the last time I seen you, the last phone call we had, the last breakfast ( always in winter) Such a ache in my heart. I like to look at this but then I start missing you all over again... The if onlys we all have...."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 15th October 2013

"I look at this every night before I go to bed and cry. I miss you so much.. Just 3 yrs ago we were planning your wedding and I was hoping you would thrive and be happy the rest of your life with Kelly and Lena. How things have changed."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 15th October 2013

"This website was created by me his Mother. Feel free to add tributes to it and tell me how Chris was felt in your heart as a friend, etc. This is not intended to step on anyones toes just a tribute to Chris...."

This tribute was added by Sandy Salas on 12th October 2013

"I'll be missing you from now and till forever.... My life isn't the same here without you but I have to trust that God had a plan for you. I will have to use my faith now to get through this...."

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